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Israel to work with Saudis to confront Iran

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

Israel’s military chief of staff says the regime is prepared to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to confront Iran.

When did Saudi Arabia sell out the Palestinians?

[Editor’s Note: It was a pleasant surprise, and possibly a big mistake for the Saudis to come out of the closet over their covert relationship with the Israeli Zionists all of this time. The downside is the backlash from the Palestinians for having been played by the Royal Family all of these years, funding them, but in the bad with Israel the whole time.

It reveals that their position as the protector of the Holy Muslim shrines was nothing more than something for them to exploit to control their population and be able to loot the countries wealth as they pleased.

I don’t mean to say the Saudi people have not benefited. It had a small enough population for them all to live well, but just not as a free people. They did not seem to mind. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, the Royals run the country like a mafia in religious robe costumes.

The country use to be a big garbage dump because no Saudi would ever handle garbage. This allowed the first major wave of US company non oil contractors to create the first garbage collection service, with foreign slave workers of course.

Thus began the US first inroads of the plan to balance the oil imports balance of trade with development contracts and of course military equipment. But you can’t get the cart before the horse on the latter. You have to create conditions of fear and insecurity to play the various parties off against each other.

Who defends the Dome now?

The various former colonialists all had their weapons sales inroad with the former colonies, who just happened to be NATO countries so the US was happy to share as it kept those countries arms industry in production all during the cold war.

Higher production runs brought down the “per unit” cost for domestic use, and hence stirring up foreign conflicts became an ongoing dirty business for Western democracies. Even the effective strength of the Soviets was puffed up by the CIA to keep our armaments up.

At the end the Soviets were keeping ships and sub in port most of the time as deployment and training found ships having to be towed back to port and planes grounded with no replacement engines available. Most of the 25,000 tanks could not go 50 miles without a breakdown.

The game is different than from the Cold War days, but the goal has never been to win or lose, but to keep the game going. And we are seeing that going on now at the most sophisticated level in its historyJD ]

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Israelis giving up the ghost as “protectors of the shrines”

– First aired  …  November 16, 2017

I have been traveling all summer dealing with family issues so me interviews have been an on and off process. But I am back in Atlanta now until the Spring and hope to be back on a regular schedule.

My NEO writing volume was also off, as staying on top of the merry-go-round of geopolitics takes a lot of man hours, and one does not dare go on the air unprepared as even alternative media is a very competitive field for interview slots.

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10 Replies to “Israel to work with Saudis to confront Iran

  1. And that’s why they kidnapped what’s his face of Lebanon . . . make the clown prince the King, or Saad El-Din Rafik Al-Harir aka Freddie . . . gets “gold” fingered.
    The sin of politics
    The politics of sin

  2. Iran seems to be the only nation in the world which presently adapts Teddy “Bear” Roosevelt’s “speak softy” stance. I’m glad to read that Israhell backs Saudi and wants to work with them. Is Bibi Inc. sending over an envoy for that proverbial “Il bacio della morte” heard ’round the world? Bend that boy over, and make him bark like a dog. Ya’ll be yelping in a few.
    It’s a Sheik Down, break down, take down . . .
    I wonder what they’re calling this delicate “operation” . . . I’m sure they have some cutesy name for it. Operation Chicago . . . We Had It Coming?
    ——> Il bacio della morte has also been used as a terror tactic to aid in extortion or debt collection by reducing victims to a state of panic where they will commit to anything to save their lives. <——
    If The House of Fraud hasn't figured it out yet, here's a cardinal rule: Israhell works in the best interest of Israhell . . . NOT in the best interest of The House of Fraud, or of the U.S., or of COL. If you want a recent example, Sept. 11, 2001. They don't care how many 'non-chosen' they kill.
    Arabs, no matter what their stripe, are NOT chosen.
    Christians, no matter what their stripe, are NOT chosen.
    Ask Bibi, Inc. We are his GOY TOY.
    I'm glad that Dopey is going to be KING!!
    Couldn't have picked a better pawn, rhymes with spawn.
    Sleep with dogs . . . as that saying goes.

  3. It’s a TOTAL shell game . . .
    Shell Oil . . . LMGAO.
    Israhell gushes all over itself each and every time they fantasize over their hostile take overs. But, in the shell games, there’s always the tough nut to crack.
    Hopefully, the world now understands the shell game . . . and Israhell will be a shell . . . of it’s former self.
    Penn and Teller have a TV show celled “Fool Us” . . . they sit and watch the magick acts on stage. Sometimes, in rare instances, they are unable to decipher “How it’s done” . . . in which case the “CON”testant wins. In most instances, Penn and Teller can tell discern. Without giving up the secrets to the magick act — which is a respectable way of not divulging the routine — P&T will “talk shop” with the contestant about how it was done.
    I sit and watch the CONtestants on the daily show of Fool U.S.
    While not in the magick business, I can discern.
    My comments are:
    Fool me once, shame on me.
    Fool me twice . . . fvck Israhell.

  4. To Echoes:

    Christian Zionist is an oxymoron; reflecting so-called Christians who wilfully yet ignorantly throw themselves to the mercy of wolves in sheeps’ clothing, or the garb of pettifogging pastors. The Scofield delusion is making Benny Hinn, John (Son of a Hag) Hagee, and countless other Bible thumpers very rich and ensuring poor reward of the spirit to their gazillion followers who somehow imagine Christ never accused the Jewish leaders of being ‘The Spawn of Satan’. Nothing has changed in 2,000 years to change the words of Christ though the Scofield Bible through its Jewish finaglers have done their damnedest to not only change but refute the word of Christ. For this Hinn, Hagee et al. will reap their just rewards, but not the rewards of the Just.

  5. Trakkath , IF the Saudi’s are crypto Jews then so are the Christian Zionists . if it walks like a duck and it Quacks like a Duck then it must be a Duck .

  6. @Jim W. Dean this reminds me of the rough state in almost every James Bond Movie and the goldfinger behind it. Seems Ian Flemming was a kind of whistleblower.

  7. It becomes easy to understand the cooperation between israel and saudi arabia when you look the history.

    The hand behind the creation of Saudi Arabia (1949) is the same hand behind the creation of Israel (1948): the house of Rothschild, of London, the most criminal jew family in the human history.

    Saudi Arabia is rulled by al-Saud jew family, that converted to islam many decades to rule that country, that was “unified” through over 100 marriages with daughters of tribal leaders.

  8. “Since when does Israel “work” with non Jewish Nations?” Israel really has no friends, only countries they are using at a particular time and reason. Proof of that is Israel’s long history of what is called in the Intel trade a “wholesaler” of any and all offensive Intel it can get its hands on, meaning they keep to themselves what they choose, and then will sell the rest to whomever for funding for their intel operations, or as a way of getting support for their violations against the Palestinians or telling the UN where it can stick its resolution. As for any international oversight of its weapons of mass destruction, it is even a more crude response, as in go screw yourself. Non one can love such a country or call it a fiend or ally, unless, they have been bought off or compromised.

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