NEO – Theresa May jumps the Russia bashing band wagon again

How long can she last, inventing enemies in front when she had real ones behind her

by Valeriy Kulikov, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Putin – the “go to” bogeyman when you need one fast

[ Editor’s Note: When administrations are under attack for poor performance or even events beyond their control, it is the job of the executive staff to save their boss any way they can.

The most tried and true method had been the diversion one, where a popular outside adversary will be put front and center that everyone loves to pummel so the embattled leader can wrap themselves in the robe of defender of the country.

This is dangerous ice for the staffs to be on because, if they are unsuccessful, they can find their own careers in the septic tank for not having given the boss the right advice.

Valeriy Kulikov has a wonderful spotlight to shine on Mrs. May trying to pull this off, playing to a British public that has been sheepdipped in Russophobia for years now. But May went over the top in her speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, despite that being a good place to do so. She forgot that the world would be watching with British leaders on view, just like it is with President Tweet’s tweets.

She went after Putin, starting with the claim of it stealing Crimea, with the unsaid that this would be just the first step of the Red Hordes surging westward to reclaim former Soviet States. She left out the part about NATO agreeing to leave Eastern Europe in its own orb – a buffer zone between east and west to permanently eliminate border threats from East and West.

US missile shield base in Romania. The kinetic warhead missiles can be changed over to nuclear cruise missiles in a few hours

It was the West that broke the agreement, and yes I know it was not a treaty. But that broken agreement is carved in stone. We know now the US lied about its missile defense shield proposed for Eastern Europe by targeting a nuclear-armed Iran, but where the JCPOA process exposed that no one in the West had any verification of such an Iran threat.

The missile shield was aimed at Russia, and the NATO coup against Ukraine was done to grab the perfect spot for putting the missile defense shield right on Russia’s border, at a time when Moscow had a $110 billion trade deficit with the EU, and to its delight.

Strangely, Britain is fully onboard the JCPOA, leaving Trump swinging in the breeze – an indication that it may feel Russia is all the bogeyman that it needs to keep its defense companies out of red ink in a stressed economy. You can read May’s speech here. I saw a bit of Trump in it, by just switching Russia for IranJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 16, 2017

Once the UK Conservative Party lost its majority in the House of Commons as a result of the recent parliamentary elections, a fact that can be largely attributed to a string of failed policies pursued by the Conservative government, the Labour Party demanded the sitting Prime Minister Theresa May to resign. Ever since, the head of the British government has been operating in panic mode.

Most British media sources agree that Prime Minister Teresa May will be forced to leave her post no later than by the summer of 2019, citing various sources within parliament. To somehow escape the shameful image of a PM “that is just about to be removed”, in her response to the former chairman of the Conservative Party, Grant Shapps, announced that she had no plans to step down.

This is not the first time that Teresa May has dodged criticism and allegations, as she’s been able to dodge far more serious political blows over the course of her career. For instance, quite recently May was forced to swerve out of the way of a giant ceremonial mace during the procession at the Guildhall. This is not the first time good reaction saved the British prime minister, as she would also dodge Black Rod’s staff last June in a similar fashion.

Today, the situation for Theresa May is obvious – her government is collapsing after proving to be a train wreck from day one, as the Brexit negotiations turned  from bad to worse. In this situation May needed an excuse for a radical overhaul of the policies pursued by her government.

And she provided one at the above mentioned procession at the Guildhall by subjecting Russian authorities to the strongest criticism during her time in office yet. May would go as far as to accuse Moscow of “undermining free societies.” Thus, she decided that Russophobia would be her fallback since a great many other Western political figures have managed to get away with it.

However, if we take a closer look at the history of Great Britain, we would learn that May hasn’t been all that original with this political trick, since throughout its history London has often used but two approaches to saving face in dire situations;  getting involved in some military adventure abroad, or jump onto the Russian bashing bandwagon.

Britain has always been fairly confident that it could not establish global hegemony through the natural and human resources of the British Isles alone, since, for instance, at the beginning of the 18th century, there were only 11 million people inhabiting them, while the kingdom would try to control more than 750 million people across the planet.

To create a colonial empire, London would adopt the policy that was tried and tested in Ancient Rome, known as “divide and conquer”. First, it would sow conflict between neighbors across the globe, then pit states against each other, and once conflict consumed them, the British Empire would simply enslave them.

In order to provoke internal conflicts, London would refuse to occupy conquered territories. Instead, various lands would be patched together into artificial states where ethnic conflicts would be arranged to intentional consume human lives for decades.

Examples of such policies are not hard to find if you take a closer look at the history of various regions.

Just take a look at the Burmese Union that would be later known as Myanmar, where more than 500,000 people perished in the fire of the 70 year long civil war orchestrated by London. This conflict alone produced more than a million refugees.

There is also the British Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 that resulted in the artificial fracturing of the Middle East. The sad consequences of this agreement  is witnessed today by the world as the region is plunged into a perpetual state of war.

However, Eurasia has always been a special attraction for British imperialists, since it not only had greater resources than other regions, but also had a much larger population. As for economic potential, Eurasia has always been far ahead of the rest of the world, since out of a total of the 15 most developed economies, no less that 12 are located in Eurasia.

While being unable to compete in any way with the three main political and economic opponents in this region, namely Russia, China and India, London has been actively engaged in creating conflicts along the borders of BRICS countries. The plan was old and simple: to aggravate existing tension that exists within Eurasia and unleash a whole series of regional wars only to draw Russia, China and India into them.

As for Russophobic manifestations in Britain, it should be recalled that London has not just repeatedly used Russophobia in its policies over the past centuries, but has also waged wars against Russia.

It is enough to recall the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), although there was no direct large scale warfare between the countries.

It is believed that the conspiracy against the Russian Emperor Paul I that resulted in his murder in 1801 was sponsored by the British government while trying to avoid a war against Russia for the control of Malta. According to the testimony of Russian and British sources, the British Ambassador Charles Whitworth was heavily engaged in the staging of a palace coup in Russia.

Britain fought against Russia from 1807 to 1812 during the Russo-British War, and during the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Russia and Britain were rivals in the late 19th century during the Great Game in Central Asia.

After the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, Britain took a direct role in the occupation of Russian territories.

Moreover, as is a well known fact, it was Britain that was behind the creation of the Gladio terrorist network in Western Europe, the main task of which was to organize terrorist attacks in any Western European country threatening to move toward closer ties with the Soviet Union (USSR). It was this network that organized numerous assassinations of leftist activists and politicians who advocated cooperation with the USSR or could come to power as a result of popular support.

So, even a brief glance at the history books shows that it is not Russia, but Britain that is guilty of “undermining free societies”, a fact which Teresa May tries to keep buried beneath the political fever she has found herself promoting.

It should also be remembered that it’s the sitting British government that is trying to play the Russophobe card to draw public attention away from its own utter failure in its social policy,  listing “Russia”as a so-called first-level threat instead.

But given the utter political confusion Therese May is involved in, it is unlikely that her dodging skills will help her get away with either her government’s shortcomings, or the scapegoats she’s using to excuse them.

What will help the British government cure its historical amnesia and its deep-rooted Russophobia?

Valeriy Kulikov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”  


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  1. Jim, I read Theresa May’s speech. She’s nuts. There is no logic in the way she bashes Russia while simultaneously cozying up to China. So I conclude that she is bribed, blackmailed, or both. One small sample from her speech, and keep in mind that both Russia and China are permanent members of the UN Security Council: “I am committed to maintaining the Golden Era of our relationship with China – not just as a vital trading partner but also as a fellow permanent member of the Security Council whose decisions together with ours will shape the world around us.”

  2. Just imagine that some Canadian politician speaks every day and on the news that California or Mexico is not part of North America and that they undermine stability on the continent and you get the picture. That’s how psychotic the Brits are.

  3. I once listened to a lecture from an English botanist and he opened the lecture with something like: “i’m so sorry that Britain is an island, and that all these cool species of plants could not reach our soil..” . That is the only English man I have heard to this day saying we’re sorry we are an island..
    I literally don’t consider Britain part of Europe in any sense of (political, geographical, cultural, pick whatever) and statement escapades like the May’s one only add up to that sense.

  4. Russo-phobia overwhelms the NWO agents. They attack us every single day! And you know, my western colleagues, what is the most disturbing for me? – That we are getting used to it. At first it was outrageous, then it became boring. And now this lulled our vigilance. We are constantly attacked at all broad field: military, economical, financial, historically and now SPORT. For those who doesn’t know – WADA plans to remove Russia from Olympic Games. Well. Putin’s patience deserves respect… But… For how long we will play chess, when they come to us with a hammer in their hands – they don’t wanna play chess and they are weak at it. This is the inner Russian question to be asked to our powers. It is time for it. Our sportsmen are attacked ’cause soon will be Pres.Elections in Russia-another stone in our garden. It is enough to be moderate and polite. Because in front of us the most despicable and vile, cruel and insidious enemy in the history of mankind. Master of dirty games and bribery. Virtuoso intrigue and a bloodthirsty capitalist monster – in the best traditions of the Anglo-Saxons.

    • Thank you, Khalid. Wise comment. I know this, what you have wrote. The analogy is Chinese proverb – if you sit and watch the river waters, someday you will see the bodies of your enemy, flowing in the river. Smth. like that.

    • I have noticed that from WADA and overwhelmingly from number of other institutions. Take for instance the case Maria Sharapova a.k.a the most prominent Russian athlete in the world. It all fits perfectly in timing with McCain’s and Graham’s Congress anti-Russian riot since Obama days and Crimean referendum. Overnight folks like Sharapova literally became drug addicts and longtime doping consumers. Not to mention the ban of the Paraolympics team, that was really what surely turned USA into an Adams family among family of nations.

    • Take heart Andrew – the western leaders are gripped by madness and desperation, it is all provocations. Russia is on an upward trajectory, its economic, social and development fundamentals are sound, its alliance with China a source of strength. Western ones are almost the exact opposite, many economies are in debt slavery, most nations’ unity is in shreds, prevailing attitudes are self-centred preservation and addictions. As Khalid says, time is on your side. The unsustainability of the bankster-based corporate kleptocracy is revealing itself to more people all the time. Stay strong and you will prevail.

    • Thank you, colleagues! I just wouldn’t like to see the betray of the new Russian liberal elites, who keep billions abroad and may become the instrument of NWO tasks. As the father of Alexander the Great (Macedonian) – Philip II once said – even the most fortified stronghold will fall if there will appear a donkey loaded with gold in front of the gates.

  5. Britain, … just put the word Great in front and poof ! My wife’s family came from Hingham and settled Hingham Mass.. When the entire town picked up and moved to the US, it was a shock to England. Our position is growing towards clarity, and historically we must keep in mind, that many came to America to escape the English Monarchy and it’s elitism. But now we see, it has followed us here, and we have never really wriggled out of it’s imperial designs. The Spy Who Loved Me, is actually, The Pompous Arrogant Oligarchs That Would Not let Us Leave Because It Would Damage Their Superiority Complex. We are an ex-girlfriend being stalked and manipulated by our stuffy self-aggrandized elitist ex. We need closure.

    • There is a certain morbid irony to our sex scandals and our relationship with Britain. No matter how many times we tell them, to stop grabbing our leg under the table or peeking up our skirts, they just keep doing it, like a creepy pervert. And we shrug it off, and never report it. Our problem is we never re-married. We should embrace the original people of this land and remind ourselves, that the Iroquois Confederacy structure of government was music to our founders ears in contrast to the British monopolistic Imperialism. That much of the early problems were fomented by British “cowboys” and “skinners”. The same is true today. This denial we choose, is self imposed and we need therapy.

    • Moa, the “skinners” and “cowboys” were British troops that marauded settlers for supplies and used torture in doing so. It was a purposeful British tactic. There may be others called skinners, but that is not what I m speaking of. The French assisted the US as did Russia, and without them we wouldn’t have won the revolution. The French have nothing to do with the Iroquois confederacy,.. you can search Haudenosaunee Confederacy.
      and history of westchester county. Deceit is more of a culture thing than gender.

  6. Blaming Russia for everything that doesn’t go their way seems to be in style these days. Not long ago, if someone choked on a piece of steak, we were told the Muslims were to blame. Now we’re being told it’s Russia’s fault. These losers can blame the failure of their supposed “leadership” on Russia all they want. Their empty words only ring true to those with an IQ that is equivalent to room temperature. Everyone else is sick of the lies. Is Russia to blame for Britain’s shameful and blood soaked history, too?

    May has the disease, just look at her face. She’s got full blown Zionitis. Symptoms include pathological lying, feelings of superiority, uncontrollable urges to invade and bomb sovereign foreign nations, committing atrocities in the name of human rights, and a face that looks like a demon.

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