Opinion: #waronterror is over, no shift east, no cashless


I suspect the Mint Press has been taken over. There was a very untrue article published.

We conducted extensive research on the gas being funneled in from Turkey after the incident and that is what got me attacked with a ruthless fraudulent investigation because I have fought to end the #waronterror for years now.

Remember Serena Shim. People did not want to know who was behind the incident and why. It was illegal gas tied to Erdogan responsible for the Khan Sheikoun incident, terrorists inside Syria received the gas. Putin belongs below. Moon Jae-In has Integrity. The United States of America has Integrity relating to its current investigation into the #waronterror.

We also have no need for techno wars on this planet. We need a green revolution for the planet with Free Energy and Water Energy Independent Homes for Everyone. We need reparations for the Iraqis, chalabi needs to be below for that to happen.

This is a nice product for consideration.  It’s New SIP Structural Insulated Panels Sips.  I have no stake in this company yet.

There is so much opportunity and people seem to be looking away from opportunity.


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