Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods I

This strange cylinder device generated a tremendous vortex in the etheric field by counter-rotating mercury plasma, though many speculate it was merely an anti-gravity flying device, it seems more likely to have been a primitive attempt to create an artificial ‘wormhole’ portal that could pierce the quarantine barrier. Whatever its use, the Bell project and its designers vanished just before the war’s end

Jack Heart

[ Note: Like I said in parts 2 and 3 of Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, I got into this to sell a book, one book. 2009 I didn’t even know how to type (I’ll bet I can give a stenographer a good run for their money now). Little did I know, in fact I didn’t know anything at all of what I was getting into. Bottom line is I never did sell that book and now, compared to how I lived before I developed this nervous affliction of keyboard pecking, I live in appalling poverty. I promised in my last comment that I would carry on, and I will for as long as I can; however that is not going to be for very much longer without financial backing. Towards that end, we will be moving this blog over to Patreon. Now I’m good for at least another four years of this, but not under the current conditions. We will need proper funding, telling the truth cost a lot of money in lost income. So for now on it will be up to those who read me how long I continue to write… Jack ]


A “Teapot” & the Toroidal Universe by Jack Heart & Orage

“The tall ones, now, the Nordic types, they’re different. More benign. Some say they’ve always been here. Supposedly they come from the Dog Star” – Jack Parsons in the secret History of Twin Peaks, a novel by Mark Frost.1

The Giant or Fireman in Twin Peaks 2017. (Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime)

Die Glocke or the “Nazi Bell” has become the twenty-first century’s answer to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Some writers have made a cottage industry out of it. But like Frankenstein always going back to Mary Shelly, the Nazi Bell stories always go back to Igor Witkowski, a Polish writer who has done extensive historical work on WWII.

Witkowski claims to have been privy to court dispositions and transcripts taken by the NKVD during the interrogation of Jakob Sporrenberg the SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei for Poland and Belarus.

The Polish courts would subsequently hang Sporrenberg at the end of 1952, having found him guilty of war crimes in 1950. According to Sporrenberg Die Glocke, as it was called in German, was a bell shaped casing made out of a hard and heavy metal. It was filled with a mercury-like substance, code-named Xerum 525. The metallic liquid was violet-colored and had to be stored in three-centimeter thick, lead encased receptacles.

Die Glocke

The experiments always took place under a ceramic cover, and involved two cylinders rotating with great centrifugal force in opposite directions. During the experiments, which were about a minute in duration, the bell would glow pale blue in color. 

The chamber the experiments took place in was deep underground and had a thirty square meter floor area. The whole chamber was encased in ceramic bricks overlaid with rubber mats. It was thoroughly flushed with a brine-like liquid after every experiment. The mats were replaced after every few experiments; and after every ten, the whole chamber was replaced with only the Bell remaining.

During testing, personnel were kept 150 to 200 meters away. Electrical equipment within that circumference would inevitably short circuit. The first experiments were performed in late 1944. During those tests, plants and animals placed within the Bell’s sphere of influence all died. A crystalline substance would form within the tissue, and the body fluids gelled and separated, killing the organism. The subjects all exhibited an accelerated rate of decomposition, but were absent of any odors of putrefaction. Within eight to fourteen hours after the experiment, the plants would have the consistency of axel grease.

Five of the seven scientists who originally worked on the Bell died. In the second experiments in early 1945, the mortality rate was reduced to 10 to 15%. Humans would experience disturbances of sleep, unsteadiness on their feet and loss of memory. They were also plagued with a permanent metallic taste in their mouth.

Following the old railroad tracks out of Ludwigsdorf and up into the Sudeten’s foothills, they intersect the now abandoned Wenceslas Mine hidden in a valley. At the far end of the valley, next to a now crumbling facility once capable of burning 1,000 tons of coal per day, a 30-meter wide concrete ring is suspended 10 meters high by 10 concrete pillars.

Strong hooks are built into the ring at the top of each pillar, and on the ground there is a junction for the heavy-duty electric cables that were once powered by the coal burning facility.

Inside of the ring, the ground has been excavated to about a meter and lined with ceramic bricks. During the war, the Wenceslas mine’s underground concrete bunkers had been carefully concealed beneath its buildings and freshly planted trees. The concrete ring had been painted green to camouflage it from planes.

No one goes there anymore, even by foot. The mine shaft has been flooded. Nick Cook, the heavily credentialed author of The Hunt For Zero Point, perhaps following British protocol of presenting the ever evil Germans to history, says that the SS shot all sixty-two scientists involved with the project. Regardless, the Germans considered the Bell to be Kriegsentscheidend or war decisive, their highest security classification. General Hans Kammler, the commanding officer overseeing the bell, melted away like a ghost in the face of the Soviet advance.

There are archived records of Kammler officially denying his desperate Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler’s written request for a “truck.” Truck was an SS code word for the Junkers 390, a state of the art, six-engine monster cargo plane capable of flying to NY and back.

Kammler then just vanished, along with the Bell and one of Germany’s only two prototype 390s. Some stories say he was shot dead in Czechoslovakia, others that he took the Bell to Argentina; and still others the United States. No body, Bell or Junkers 390 has ever been found.

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Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods II – a “Teapot” and the Toroidal Universe


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  1. Well Jack I hope you continue writing gor VT. You’re a welcome change of tenor. Wasn’t the Bell pulled out of the woods somewhere in Pennsylvania. years ago?

    • we’re getting to it Joe, this is only about a third if that of the article and nowhere near the good part, Orage tells me he is publishing the rest tomorrow, don’t worry Kecksbergs in there, that’s Lynch’s dents on his Bell…

  2. I would certainly hope so if I were you Peter. By any objective appraisal the old ones have not been looking out for you, or I should say your souls best interests. But if you are asking me, all that stuff is beside the point. I know that this is a simulation and that everything here including you and I are machines and as Arthur Young will tell you in a few more paragraphs here; every machine has a purpose. Young claimed he was trying to undo some of the harm that science has done by telling you what he could of what they really knew. I’m all for that. Keep reading, but I warn you just like Plato did about leaving cave and Francis Ford Coppola did about leaving the boat, you can never go back.

  3. This subject is personally terrifying and if you are not terrified as Uncle Gordon says you are not paying attention.

    Shall leave the rest to you however, will be supporting you financially as much as I can Jack…

    I wish to live in peace and leave stirring up the hornets nest to better men such as you….


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    • Before you give your problem child a bomb to play with in the house, its always best to have a spare house…

  6. “Humans would experience disturbances of sleep, unsteadiness on their feet and loss of memory. They were also plagued with a permanent metallic taste in their mouth.”

    Typical radiation poisoning symptoms. Be very interesting to know what the admixture to the mercury was.

  7. I hear our comment section is a veritable underground railroad of esoteric information for the internet, that’s not only me their getting it from, although i will tell you its no longer Mike kay givin any out…

  8. No its not ironic nor coincidental petsr, wait to you see what else it resembles, hey when you write program you write it the same way history is written, you write it the way you want it…

  9. Although the piece is done, its 5988 words, I just checked. I can’t wait for people to read this. How did Brando’s colonel Kurtz say it “And then I realized, like I was shot — like I was shot with a diamond.” There’s more coming, lots more,, it’s all coming out in the media too, theres an information dump going on right now for those who have eyes to see it. Go watch Stranger Things on Netflex. According to the New York Post “Netflix’s hit sci-fi series was originally titled “Project Montauk.” Probably thought they might have to give me something. That’s why we’re going to Patreon, see? I wonder where they think they’re all going without me when I got the book and a federal copyright for the real Babylon Working. But Lynch is even better than Stranger Things; he was at this in 89 when it was happening. It’s all in Twin Peaks the Return if you know what you’re looking at, which since I was there for some of it and we have actually been writing about the rest here on VT for four years, I will be explaining…

  10. If you devote your life to telling the truth, you will live poor and die poor. Only the bad guys get rich on this planet.

  11. Interesting article, Jack. There is so much about which we plebs know little or nothing beyond rumors. I was surprised to see comments on a couple of the sites with “Die Glocke” models that expressed astonishment that such a thing existed in 1944-45, but there is quite a lot of documentation available about it, and much of it dates back several decades. Die Glocke has even been featured in video games, including Call of Duty: World at War and one of the Tomb Raider series (III?).

    Die Glocke’s drive mechanism sounds very much like the one found in TR-3Bs: “A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter, surrounds the rotatable crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology.

    Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity. Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion. The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth’s gravitational field upon the mass within the circular accelerator. The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environmental systems, and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%. This causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet constructed–except, of course, those UFOs we did not build.”

    • Actually Die Glocke was able to punch holes in the wave function Carnaptious, it’s a God machine or as Frost alludes too in his book The Secret History of Twin Peaks it is able to manifest ““god” energy.” From what I’ve seen the Germans won the war, they split the timeline long before it. According to Lynch we are living in an artificial reality, created by them whom Frost is euphemistically calling the tall Nordics in his book, because we blew our timeline up just like Fermi predicted we would when we tested his bomb, we’ll be explaining it all in minutiae, a lot of it we already have right here on VT…

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