NEO – Saudi Arabia and Israel replace Syria with Lebanon as their next victim

Support by US rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man ~ Nikita Khrushchev


Support by US rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man ~ Nikita Khrushchev

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The Arab League becomes a Saudi puppet

[ Editor’s Note: This story is moving fast. The Saudis called for an emergency meeting of the Arab League who then notified the UNSC that it wanted to “brief” them on Iran’s alleged destabilization efforts in the Mideast.

The biggest Arab and Muslim hater of all time, Avigdor Lieberman, and Israeli’s military affairs minister, want to form an anti-Iran coalition with Arab-Muslim countries despite some of these Arab countries have contributed largely to the ISIS terrorists fighting in both Syria and Iraq.

So it seems that Israel does not think we poor goyim can remember that one of the foundations of its foreign policy is creating endless conflicts among its Muslim neighbors over any and all issues.

This three ring circus will continue when a completely discredited Prime Minister Saad Hariri returns to Lebanon to raise his political status from the grave on being the most open puppet of another country in modern history. His children will remain behind in Saudi Arabia as hostages, a old tradition it seems that lives onJD ]

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A leadership from a bygone era

– First published … November 19, 2017

Just when you think nothing in Saudi Arabia could get more bizarre, we got the story of Riyadh claiming Hezbollah of declaring war against Saudi Arabia. You just can’t make this stuff up. I had to check to make sure the article was not a spoof piece.

This crazy charge against Hezbollah was timed to dovetail with another bizarre event. Lebanon Prime Minister Hariri read his resignation letter in Saudi Arabia like he was some kind of a Manchurian candidate sleeper agent for the Saudis, which it turns out that he was, or their billionaire sock puppet, which is even worse.

As I write, Hariri will soon be a “guest” of the Saudis for almost two weeks, where is he claiming to return in a few days and might even revoke his resignation. He cited some condition that Hezbollah has to break off all ties with Iran, when without those military support ties, Israel would take South Lebanon whenever it wants. Hariri may become the most debased Prime Minister in modern times.

Sure, the Saudis have poured a lot of money into Lebanon, which sorely needs it, not only for its long time burden with the Palestinian refugees from Israel, but also the new ones from the Syrian war. Infrastructure in Lebanon has been stretched to the max in a country where the poor don’t pay taxes and neither do the rich.

The Saudi-Israeli connection reveals it includes Saad Hariri

Israel wants to lead Muslims against Muslims

I smell the hand of Israel working behind the scenes as usual on this latest threat caper. As the Syrian-ISIS war is winding down, we had expected the Coalition of Warmongers to have a new replacement conflict ready to go.

I mention Israel because it is seething, quietly, at its own stupidity in thinking that by helping to Balkanize Syria, the new puppet government in Damascus would concede Israel’s domination over the Golan Heights officially.

Israeli politicians wanting a piece of the oil and gas drilling there are held up with Israel not having the legal right to do so, which complicates selling the product internationally due to endless litigation by Syria.

There was not a problem in stealing Syria’s oil, where the Erdogan government had a field day buying it all through Turkish dealers after it had been trucked right through Iraqi Kurdish territory where Barzani got his cut in the rape of Syria. Erdogan seems to be “adjusting” whose side he is really on about twice a year now.

The 12,000 trucks involved in this ruthless aiding and abetting of terrorism trade could be seen from the moon with a regular household telescope. But for the US pilots flying over Northern Iraq, no telescope was needed. That’s how Veterans Today first learned about it. The pilots were not allowed to bomb these columns, despite knowing they were funding ISIS. The US Coalition is covered in shame for this.

Hezbollah stronger than ever due to Israeli mistakes

Hezbollah has held the Israelis back

Israel now finds itself looking at a Hezbollah in Syria that is ten times more capable of defending itself from attack due to its vast experience gained in the Syrian war with conventional military tactics fighting ISIS and all the other US coalition proxy terrorists.

Combined with a sulking Saudi leadership that is not only disappointed in the failure to get its oil pipeline route to Europe through northern Syria, but also cannot win its war against Yemen, the poorest Arab country in the region, despite all of the best weaponry that the US, Britain, France and Germany could sell it.

Crown Prince Salman declares war on the Royal Family

The young Crown Prince making many moves

One of the historical traits of despots is they always find someone else to blame for their own failures. We see that trait raising its head in the political purge taking place in Saudi Arabia.

In what was obviously a well-planned event, ministers and princes have been arrested in a corruption jihad in a country where corruption is in their DNA and all real work is shunned as something suitable only for slaves.

I must admit I was shocked to find Saudi Arabia’s most famous and well-known businessmen among them, such as Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men, and who had backed Crown Prince Salman’s economic reforms this Spring.

Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Robert W. Jordan, had the best one-line quote of the event from his Time Magazine interview, “It’s the equivalent of having Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Colin Powell arrested. It is a shocking display of power.”

No one else has said this yet, so I will. The young Crown Prince is instituting a reverse coup upon his own country by eliminating and looting all of his potential Royal opposition. Only time will tell if it was a wise one, but he may have already doomed Saudi Arabia’s long term prospects with this rash act on top of so many others SA has done that NEO readers are well aware of.

President Trump, not one to miss getting a headline, quickly jumped in to support the young Crown Prince’s actions, with the irony that Trump was interfering in a Saudi political dispute when he is already in a major controversy about his own ascent to high office. But president Trump is nothing if not a man of flexible positions.

Iran was dragged out with Hezbollah to be flayed in public in Saad Hariri’s pitiful tirade, reading his Saudi-prepared script claiming Iran once again to be the bogeyman of the Mideast, when we all know the extent Saudi Arabia has used proxy terrorists in the region.

The Saudis who tend to live in their own dream world seem oblivious to how silly this scandal makes them look, and even more so after the Wikileaks revelation that they have been working quietly with the Israelis for many decades. This was well known in all Intelligence circles, but dodged by mainstream press which has historically dealt with Israel with light gloves.

Could the Saudi obsession with Iran destroy the Royal Family?

The JCPOA is still holding against Trump

Europe is standing solid on its support for the JCPOA, and we hear no denouncing of the agreement since the ball has been passed by Trump to a Congress that has its hands full with many problems, including criminal investigations swirling around the Republican White House and calls for impeachment.

So we have to ask ourselves is the US Coalition crazy enough, after the Syrian debacle and its exposure for using proxy terrorism, to get involved with the Saudis and Israel in another regime overthrow in poor Lebanon, who has already paid for its recent period of peace with blood and destruction?

Gordon Duff has reported that the US has been rescuing ISIS and other terrorists during the current Syrian offensive and has an angry army of about 20,000 of them in Jordan, resting up and waiting for new orders. What new crimes against humanity are being planned for them to participate in, in Lebanon maybe?

The Saudis are again blaming Iran for supporting Yemen when it endures a land, air and sea blockade enforced by the Royals and their Western arms dealers. Maybe Iran has a secret stealth fleet of cargo planes flying in old Russia Scud missiles. Meanwhile Trump sells the Saudis $50 billion more in weapons that it can neither afford nor knows how to operate, being dependent on outside contractors to keep the country running.

A more logical appraisal would indicate that Iran is supporting the Yemeni people politically. But the Saudis are now attempting to frame this political support as an act of war against Saudi Arabia.

I fear for the future because warmongers hate a vacuum, fearing that peace might rush in, and there is nothing they hate more than that, as they cannot play all their dastardly manipulation and pillaging games among the chaos and fog of war.

Everyone has the right of self defense

Should NATO get a free pass on aggression?

Syria, Iran and Iraq are going to be creating their own mini version of NATO for their unified defense. Lebanon is in a tough spot being next door to Israel and Jordan, who have shown they will support terror proxies either independently or as part of Team USA.

Lebanon could be the ground zero for a new proxy war against Iran and Hezbollah and an excuse for the Israelis to keep bombing Syria. The Russian position seems to be that they will do nothing to oppose those attacks as long as Russian facilities are left alone.

Iran ran a more honest and successful anti-terrorism campaign in Syria with its partners than the US coalition did, which is why it continues to be smeared with the ridiculous charge of sponsoring regional terrorism.

That cheap line is going to wear thin with Western publics at some point, and we might finally see the political revolt against “fake wars” that is long overdue. But I am not sure Lebanon will be around to enjoy it because, having already been pre-Balkanized, it just needs a slight shove to push it over the cliff.

Long suffering Lebanon does not deserve that, while Saudi Arabia actually does. So we will pray that God intercedes to do justice and deliver to the guilty what they have rightfully earned. Amen.

Note: The best article I have seen on the details of the Royal Families Byzantine internal politics during the current upheavel was done by Petr Lvov here at NEO with his Saudi Arabia Begins System Reform on November 13.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. “19 of the Kamikazes coming straight outta Riyadh.” – MOAB

    The only hijackers on 9/11/2001 were the neo-cons in the US government, and the only thing hijacked was the US Constitution.

  2. I was under the impression that the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Lebanon was a Mossad backed operation.

  3. “So we will pray that God intercedes to do justice and deliver to the guilty what they have rightfully earned. Amen.”

    This prayer alone will be burning coals on the heads of at least three Satanic regimes on the logical and spiritual premise of payback. Yes, God repay them, if it be Your hold will – to do unto them what they have done unto others in the name of Satan. And this we pray in Jesus name. (A sky-high stockpile of well-aimed high caliber missiles will do nicely for starters. The coordinates You hold at Your fingertips. Oh, and Godspeed.

  4. Willing to try anything though the real target Iran gets further away with each stupid move that “shall not bear fruit”. China seems to have the front door covered. So many got chess lessons from the pros. It seems those still playing at Sheldon’s craps tables don’t learn..Those President Putin spoke to might not realize what they have done but rest assured he understands. What ever he may be, he’s doubtlessly more advanced in his thought processes than those who’ve threatened him. they who got a woman to issue a threat on his life if he didn’t leave Syria and tell Iran to take Lebanon with them and go home.

  5. Jim, you ask if the USA is crazy enough to get involved in this mad scheme. The answer is in the mouths of our population, and I think it is a resounding no. However, the powers that be, our corrupt politicians supported by years of Israeli controlled negative media reports about Iran, don’t care what we think. The neocons will go headlong into a jaws of death because it’s not their death. They have set the public stage, and they will use it.
    It is time for China, and Russia to hold hands and say enough is enough. If they do then it won’t happen. Right now Iran must be thinking; “we were crazy to not purzssue nuclear weapons”. This is not lost on NK. It is amazing to think that Putin, and Xi may believe their countries are safe, and aren’t the targets in 20 years. Russia sooner.

  6. Thanks for this interesting article, Mr. Dean. Lord only knows what chaos and destruction is planned for the Middle East now that the Russians have helped Syrians and their allies drive foreign mercenaries from Syria. The UN (Useless Nitwits), apparently has nothing to say about the illegal wars of aggression the USA, KSA, Israel and others are waging on Syria, and soon on Lebanon. I suppose UN leadership is afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism if they criticize Israeli actions, and fear withdrawal of funding if USG actions and plans are challenged. The UN has become little more than a country club for fat cats pulling down large, tax free salaries, and gorging themselves on fine foods charged off to taxpayers.

    Israel still wants the water in the Litani River, so I doubt Israel’s leaders need much in the way of encouragement to conduct another invasion of Lebanon. Those 20,000 IS fighters in Jordan need to earn their keep, and I’m sure the IDF doesn’t want a repeat of their 2006 experience.


      The 2006 drubbing by Hezbollah has put the fear of God into the Israelis who you can now bet are reluctant to commit their own ground forces into Lebanon. However, 20,000 barking monkeys under the banners of ISIS will do nicely, thank you, for a manned, ground attack. Yes, thanks to gazillions in US tax-payer money they can use their air force to pulverize Lebanon in any way they wish and everyone is a target – tarred by that great Israeli war cry: “Damn them all and the Devil take the hindmost.”

      Should this attack on Lebanon die aborning, Lieberman may well wish he aborted his madcap invasion. When the plans all come undone and he is undone himself I can see him reach instinctively and despairingly between his legs in the final reach and recourse of a coward for a lost sense of the mettle or hardihood of mere mortals, let alone genuine heroes it won’t altar the outcome or restore what he never had. He won’t even find in retrospect, a fleeting or fleeing sense of lost manhood in the barrack-room or bar-room bravado he shared with cowards and churls in the Knesset or cozy Tel Aviv retreats. So much about people like Lieberman, amounts to nothing. Maybe he will earn a street sign bearing his name close to a deep concrete bomb shelter in some northern city that shines to an alluring neon yellow during blackouts when sirens scream all too often to an unfolding nightmare of Israel’s own making and its undoing by clowns.

  7. Thanks Cynthia, I actually take the time to always see what has been posted on NEO before beginning a new submission. I am looking for two things, something that no one has covered yet, and the on the bigger stories, and ones that are ongoing, putting some new material on the table. NEO does not want repetitive material, and they don’t want the new regurgitated. They want insight and analysis to help readers get a handle on these very complicated geopolitical issues. These spots are quite competitive, and limited, so if you can’t produce good material they move on to someone who can. We are similarly looking for ways to upgrade VT, finding new sources with the depth and writing skills to keep us fresh.

  8. To maintain control, installation of a set of religions are necessary, so that as time changes, the new religion is already there. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the set of three. They will work more closely together when the noose tightens, because they know they are dependent upon each other. If one falls, they all fall in the house of cards. Lebanon knows this. Judaism is Imox, and I-Ching # 11. Christianity is Iq, and the I-Ching # 12, and Islam is Aqabal, and I-Ching # 13. There is no future set in stone, but there are likelihoods, and attractions. The schedule of attractions is set in stone, but our actions are not. The current attraction is dissolution of excessively centralized power within all sets of activity through justice and diplomacy throughout the family of humanity. Thus, the ability to communicate is enhanced. This frightens those who are not able to change.

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