Breaking: Assad Tells Putin at Meeting: Syria Was Saved as a State Thanks to Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, who flew to Russain city of Sochi for a working visit. The two leaders discussed the situation in Syria.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Bashar Assad for his success in fighting Islamist militants, saying “Syria is striving in the fight against terrorist groups,” adding “the Syrian people are going through very difficult trials and are gradually approaching the final, unavoidable rout of terrorists.”

“You know, we are actively working with other countries as well, with Iraq, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. And we are in constant contact with this partners,” Putin said at a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Putin expressed hope that the fight against terrorism in Syria will conclude in the very near future.

“Thanks to the Astana process we managed to create de-escalation zones, which served to start a real and deep dialogue with the opposition, pretty much for the first time,” Putin stressed.

“Vladimir Putin also introduced Bashar Assad to the leadership of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, who were present in Sochi for the next round of meetings on the issues of military construction and the State Armaments Program,” as quoted in Tuesday’s statement of the Kremlin press service.

Bashar Assad said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the aerial support provided by the Russian Aerospace Forces had been key to resolving the conflict in Syria through diplomacy: “I am very pleased to meet with you two years and a few weeks after Russia launched the operation, which is very successful… It must be admitted that this operation allowed us to advance the political settlement in Syria.”

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Syria’s President added that Damascus is ready to hold a dialogue with all who are interested in a political settlement in Syria.

Also, Bashar Assad stated that he relies on Russia’s support in ensuring that external players don’t interfere in the political process in Syria.

“Over this period, great success has been achieved, both directly on the battlefield and in political terms. Many areas of Syria have been liberated from terrorists, and Syrians who were forced to leave them earlier could return to these areas,” Assad added.

Vladimir Putin meets with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad
Vladimir Putin meets with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

The meeting between Russian and Syrian leaders took place on Monday in the Russian resort city of Sochi.

The presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey will meet on November 22 at the trilateral summit in Sochi, where they will discuss “the entire Syrian agenda,” according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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  1. Akbar, you want to speak of delusion, how about the delusion that Semite means Jew? This stems from the common misconception that Hebrews and Jews are synonymous, which they are not. The Jewish almanac tells us that very clearly. Is the Jewish almanac “anti Semitic” for telling the world that it is incorrect to refer to a contemporary Jew as a Hebrew, or Israelite? Hebrews were semites. Today, less than 3% of the worlds jewish population are of the Semitic gene pool. That’s been proven by Israeli geneticists, Israeli anthropologists and Israeli historians. Are they all “antisemitic” for telling the truth?

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    Just because you don’t like to hear the truth, doesn’t make me an “antisemite”. Your kind uses that term as a weapon and Shulamit Yaloni admitted it on TV. All of the information I’ve obtained about all things Jewish, has come directly from Jewish sources. So if I’m “anti Semitic” than so are the Jews who taught me these things.

    My problem is not with the Jew who lives next door and loves his country, goes to his middle class job everyday and just wants to provide a decent life for his family.

    • “Anti Semitic”….”sad”…”delusional”…

      Akbar, all I am seeing from you is schoolyard bully tactics. All you have at your disposal is subjective, nonsensical name calling and the hope that those witnessing the argument will be ignorant enough to accept your insults as a valid argument. Do you have any objective information to add to the discussion, or are you just going to waste everyone’s time with your schoolyard bully tactics?

      Israel has gotten away with seven decades of violating international law, stomping on human rights and stealing land by way of ruthless military force, all by crying antisemitism whenever they are accused of anything. If any other nation had committed these atrocities, they would cease to exist, but not Israel.

      Israel can operate a totally illegal nuclear facility and deny mandatory inspections that are demanded of literally everyone else, while harboring hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons. What’s worse, is that Israeli officials like Satanyahu hypocritically point the finger at Iran’s LEGAL nuclear program, which has maintained strict compliance to regulations set forth by the IAEA. So, the world is just supposed to turn a blind eye to Israel’s illegal nuclear program and stockpile of illegal nuclear weapons, but feel threatened by Iran’s LEGAL nuclear program? It’s just one of the many examples of the double standards employed by Israel on a daily basis.

      The world is catching on to Zion’s BS and the time to reap what they’ve sewn is coming. Once a majority of citizens understand what has been happening, all the political figureheads in the world won’t be able to shield the synagogue of Satan from facing justice.

  2. Thanks Khalid, I try 👍. He’s not the first and surely won’t be the last. I’ve dealt with people like that on a number of different sites over the years. You’re absolutely right about the name calling. The libelous anti–semitism card is typically played as a last resort, when there is no objective means of refuting a statement. By nonsensically associating their accusers to the most hated man in history, they hope to stifle debate by dragging their critics away from the topic of discussion and ruining the train of thought.

  3. To Akbar, the Haifa troll in training from the Facebook section: You talk about human rights? Well, the overwhelming majority of Syrian people support Assad, otherwise he and his government could never have survived this six year war. Not against seasoned murderers like the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Britain, Turkey and all their proxy terrorists like Al Qaeda, al Nusra, SDF, FSA, ISIS and all the other scumbags from 100 nations who fought to overthrow the Syrian government. The Syrian war never fit the definition of a “civil war”.

    The fact that Assad remains is a testament to the support he has from his people. The fact that you’re bitter about this tells everyone that you don’t really care about human rights. Why shouldn’t the Syrian people get to have the leader they clearly chose for themselves? You talk about human rights? You use those words as a tool of deception and I would expect nothing less from you. You can be sure that the majority of Syrians who loved Assad before and during the war, love him even more now that it’s in the final stages.

    Also, all this intentional destabilization and destruction of the Middle East on behalf of eretz Israel, is going to quite literally blow up in zions face, one day. After decades of playing one side against the other, it’s only a matter of time until those sides unite to deal with the common enemy and it will be time to pay the piper.

    • Akbar palace, you are obviously here to simply cause $h!t, because nobody would say anything as nonsensical as “…freedom and democracy like what is found in Israel” and believe it. The only people who spread those lies are people who are paid to do so, or trolls who just try to get people worked up. If you want to talk about Israeli democracy, talk to the prisoners held captive in their own land under the most despotic conditions imaginable in Gaza and the West Bank. Holocaust or no holocaust, the Jewish state have become the Nazi’s. Only the master race, or “chosen people” are entitled to enjoy Israeli “democracy”. Israel was deemed the world’s worst human rights violators in March or 2015, and for good reason. The place is and always has been a Rothschild safe haven for dual citizen criminals. The only reason any foreign politician supports Israel is because their career depends on it.

      A “civil war” is literally defined as a war fought between citizens of the same nation. That was never the case in Syria. It is undeniable that all those foreign state sponsored head choppers came from 100 different nations to overthrow the Syrian government. That’s not a civil war and that’s all there is to it. It is also undeniable that both nations, Israel and America have both chanted “Assad must go” publicly and sponsored terrorists to achieve their psychotic goals. I’m sure there are millions of people around the globe who believe Netanyahu and his donkey Trump must go, myself being one of them. Those men are a disgrace to humanity.

      Every action America and Israel has taken in Syria has been in direct violation of international law and against the sovereignty of a UN founding member nation. It would be no different than an American adversary dropping laser guided bombs on New York under the guise of fighting terrorism. Maybe your opinion would change if their bombs were dropping on your city and killing your loved ones?

    • “The civil war in Syria started because unarmmed demonstrators were getting fired on by thugs supporting the Baathist dictator.”

      The war in Syria started not long after Israel publicly suggested that Assad must go, when American and Israeli sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists ruined an unarmed demonstration by shooting 70 police officers dead and injuring or killing 113 civilians. This led to the 4.5 year illegal Al Qaeda occupation of Aleppo. When Al Qaeda was finally run out of town, the Zion controlled western media sympathized with the terrorists

  4. I always think how US and Israel got really lucky with Putin and his administration, regardless of US and Israel giant disinfo and victimisation. There is no such prudence, cooperation or stability squad anywhere on the face of the earth as is today’s Russian administration. Just remember the days of the Aleppo liberation. They are anger-management 101, serve as morphium or Prozac for nutcases and shit-for-brains at Tel Aviv and Pentagon.

  5. John, don’t be so hard on our youth, they are as easily misguided as everyone else. Support and educate them; win them over to the truth. Be a beacon for what is rightious. You are the answer. Illuminate the ignorant with your message. Or watch the world disintergrate around us.

  6. Let us not forget Iran and Hezbollah’s help to the Assad Govt.
    Cameron gone, Obama gone, Assad still in power,, priceless.

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