Hezbollah Forces Are On High Combat Readiness To Counter Israeli Threats


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The situation in the Middle East is developing. The expected conflict between the resistance axis, primarily Hezbollah, and the Saudi-Israeli block is the current center of attention.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran wants to deploy its troops in Syria on a permanent basis “with the declared intent of using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel” and threatened that if Tel Aviv fails to receive the international support, it is ready to act “alone.” “Iran will not get nuclear weapons. It will not turn Syria into a military base against Israel,” he said.

Deputy Chairman of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said his group is ready for any military scenario amid indications that Saudi Arabia is pushing the Israeli regime to launch a new military operation against Lebanon. He said “The resistance movement is prepared to confront anything. It is fully capable of securing victories and repelling any aggressor.” Hezbollah troops have been brought to the highest combat-readiness level, according to media reports.

Speaking to the Saudi newspaper Elaph, Israel’s military chief Gen Gadi Eisenkot called Iran the “biggest threat to the region” and said Israel is ready to share intelligence with “moderate” Arab states like Saudi Arabia in order to “deal with” Tehran.

The statement was followed on November 19 by an emergency meeting in Cairo between Saudi Arabia and other Arab foreign ministers, calling for a united front to counter Iran and Hezbollah. The emergency Arab foreign ministers’ meeting was convened at the request of Saudi Arabia with support from the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait to discuss means of confronting Iran. In a declaration after the meeting, the Arab League accused Hezbollah of “supporting terrorism and extremist groups in Arab countries with advanced weapons and ballistic missiles.” It said Arab nations would provide details to the UN Security Council of Tehran’s violations through the arming of Houthi forces in Yemen. The Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that the Iranian missiles are a threat to all Arab capitals: “Iranian threats have gone beyond all limits and pushed the region into a dangerous abyss.”

Since intercepting a ballistic missile fired at Riyadh by Iran-affiliated Houthi rebels in Yemen, the Saudis punched up their anti-Iran rhetoric, even going as far as to say the missile was Iranian-made and declared the attack an act of war by the Iranians.

Reacting to the emergency meeting, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said, “Unfortunately countries like the Saudi regime are pursuing divisions and creating differences, and because of this they don’t see any results other than divisions.”

As if to demonstrate the way the balance of power is going to look in the region, two separate summits on Syria are to be staged soon. With ISIS crushed and the so-called moderate opposition to Bashar al-Assad also in retreat, three key powers in the region – Russia, Iran and Turkey – will meet in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on November 22 to discuss how to wind down hostilities and draw up a political settlement. On the same day but separately, as many as 30 groups opposed to Assad will gather in Riyadh for three days of talks aimed at forming a broad negotiating team before the UN peace talks resume in Geneva on November 28. Russia, which holds a military advantage in Syria, appears to want to focus on a solution drawn up with the regional guarantors, Iran and Turkey. Significantly, ministers discussed the possibility of Kurdish groups being invited to the congress – something to which the Turks were until recently opposed.

These two summits, pretty much mirroring the sides of the conflict concerning Syria’s fate, are the first step towards ultimately establishing a new balance of power in the region. With the Kurdish question still looming, the Middle East without ISIS is about to change considerably.

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  1. Remember that there is a Mens Rei thing going on when a Casuistic Talmudist such as Big Boy Benji talks about Israel. The mental Reservation that he holds is that when he refers to “Israel”, he is alluding to all that land between the Nile and the Euphrates.

    The Truth is that the Khazars adopted the Talmud from the Tribe of Judah (together with the Benjamites and Levites) and Israel was dispersed to the Four Corners of The Earth, including within the Universal Christian Church. Good soldiers like Gordon Duff come from the Tribe of Dan (includes Scots Vikings), prophesied to bring the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse down from their High Horses.

    Poor Old Heinz Kissingers got it wrong when he called soldiers “Dumb Animals” and the Special Ones (Special Ops) are like Adders, waiting at the roadside, ready for the ambush. Better to spring the ambush than to walk in – you just can’t put an old head on young shoulders and you can’t just make this shit up.

  2. Israel has been very helpful to an ignorant Antipodean like myself. I became very confused during the Syrian Conflict as to how to define the term “Moderate” and the International Bankers’ various PR Units like the USA State Department, the BBC, and the CMMM seemed to be concocting and rebranding organisations on a weekly basis. Israel has now helpfully defined “Moderate” with its statement about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and now I know that “Moderate” means “Head Chopper”.

    • We can look forward to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reciprocating by defining their new/old allies as Kiddy F_ _ _ ers (Kiddy FIghters Perhaps?).

  3. Some analysis from VT and/or SouthFront that would be enlightening:

    How is the more open collaboration between Israel and Saudi Arabia playing out in the “Arab Street”, and what blow-back from this can the House of Saud expect?

    Who really are the House of Saud (e.g. are they Dönmeh or not)?

    Do Saudi Arabia and Israel really think that they can win a war against Iran, or are they planning on having the US once again do the real fighting? Or are they crazy/arrogant enough to try a nuclear first strike and then justify it as “preemptive defense”?

  4. The story of the upstart prince is an old one. Eager to advance into military adventures without the proper reasoning results in failure and embarrassment. I-Ching #7, -“The third SIX, divided, shows how the host may, possibly, have many inefficient leaders. There will be evil.” The fifth SIX, divided, shows birds in the fields, which it will be advantageous to seize (and destroy). In that case there will be no error. If the oldest son leads the host, and younger men (idly occupy offices assigned to them), however firm and correct he may be, there will be evil.” and “The topmost SIX, divided, shows the great ruler delivering his charges, (appointing some) to be rulers of states, and others to undertake the headship of clans; but small men should not be employed (in such positions).” Tomorrow is this day. The Turkey coup was attempted and failed on the same day. This whole thing, reeks of immature aggression, and childish power grabbing. Were there to be experienced leaders with proper intentions then things can be fruitful. But with , the large headed, attempting grandiose advance, it is unfortunate.

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