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by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The Syrian Justice Minister Najam Al-Hamad sat next to Gordon as he gave his bombshell talk

[ Editor’s Note: We frankly get a little lonely being the only ones to write material like this. We are still waiting for our first Congressional thank you, or offers from major think tanks to help us crank things up to make us dangerous, but they don’t seemed very interested in our material.

Fortunately we do have friends, or our operations would have been greatly disturbed by this point. Most of these are old people, and as they die off they are not being replaced by younger ones with full backgrounds as they tend to be firmly in the grip of those who have buttered their bread.

Gordon kicked off presenting the international mob threat at the Damascus Counter-terrorism Conference in 2015, as being behind most all of the current conflicts, with the public cause versions, religion, political disputes, resource competition, etc, were all “chaff” really, behind which the Deep State crowd could operate without ever being targeted themselves.

We have not been trampled under or had our throats cut yet – photo Jim Dean, Beirut National Museum, 2015

His talk struck a nerve there, and were punished for it when three of the four of us got a “soft tap”, E-coli poisoning soon after Gordon’s presentation, a warning tactic used during the Cold War, particular during overseas excursions. It took months to get over, and we had been extremely careful while there.

But we will continue to do what we do as we really see no alternative. We just can’t lay down and let them wipe their feet all over us, even face down. As we look toward 2018 we are working on how to get more impact despite our corporate media blackout.

They must be rattled as we see Google and the social platforms scrambling to screen us out of public view but hiding the effort inside their proprietary algorithms so there is no bread crumb trail to their door. Who knows, this ploy might be the last battle of the media warsJim W. Dean ]

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And we also have to ask whose interests is Congress really looking after, like when they grovel in front of Netanyahu, a political low life, in front of the whole country with no shame whatsoever.

– First published … November 21, 2017

Criminal gangs that run our governments, control our corporations, fabricate our news, invent and reinvent out history and lull us into slavery do so believing humanity to be a form of cattle, no more.  Denying this is insanity.

Their prime methodology is war, this is what gangs do. Ask anyone across the Middle East and they will say war is coming to Lebanon.  However, there is one problem with this, no one is certain who will be fighting whom?

The divided politics of Lebanon, though puzzling to outsiders and a daily concern to the Lebanese themselves are not a factor.  No one in Lebanon wants war.  Only Saudi Arabia and Israel want war, or so we are told.

Stranger still, classified briefings to key American congressional committees, blame Lebanon’s Hezbollah for backing ISIS across Africa and even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, notwithstanding the fact that Hezbollah has up to 20,000 fighters engaged in war against ISIS and its US backed surrogates at this time.

For some strange reason Hezbollah sees a need to defend itself and Lebanon from Israel as best it can

Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran for shooting missiles at them from heavily blockaded Yemen, and even more insane is the unending effort to accuse Syria of use of chemical weapons.

The world was supposed to learn a lesson after Bush 43 and Blair cooked up a war on terror after 9/11, might we well say “conveniently” after 9/11.  Fabricating war crimes, false flag terrorism, staged videos, actors as victims, all of this is not only standard fare, it is and has been the rule of the day.

Thus, we expect the now suspected 60-year marriage of love or marriage of convenience, the jury is out on which applies, between Saudi Arabia and their “besties” in Israel, to garner their assets, their paid-off politicians in America and Europe, their media assets, and their intelligence agencies, long suspected of backing ISIS and al Qaeda.

We can only wait for what they do next, will it be more staged gas attacks or a mass murder somewhere, anywhere, blamed on Iran or Syria or Hezbollah or perhaps Russia?

As American humorist, Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”


Falling man on 911, representing us all being thrown off the cliff

Before assigning blame, usually attributed to the “halls of power,” most often governments or boardrooms, we must take a moment.

Events since 9/11 have identified a flaw in typical causalities normally attributed to events and trends.  Resources, religion or even ethnic feuds are no longer casus belli, nor are identifiable institutions prime movers or participants.

We look across the Middle East in particular but must turn to further reaching areas as well, the Russian-Ukrainian steppes, the Hindu Kush or the Sahel of Africa and we see one thing, a destruction, suffering, populations in upheaval, and behind it all, mysterious supposed “non-state players” at war.  None of it should be taken at face value.


ISIS had no problem smuggling Syrian oil to Turkey, until the Russians came in

There is general agreement that the end of the wars in Syria and Iraq will lead to a wider conflict.  No one admits as to why, no one dares.  Here is what can be told.

War is now a living thing, like a child.  Its parents may well be the “usual suspects” who gave us the Napoleonic Wars, certain the architects of the two great wars of the 20th century and the Bolshevism that violently swept much of the planet in the aftermath, ending in Vietnam and the fall of the Soviet Empire.

The end of ISIS is being mourned like the death of a child.  ISIS will live on, and we will explain why, but its wars of conquest may well never rise to the levels of profitability seen in Iraq and Syria.

The war and ISIS as well is a construct of need, a response to a regime that long ago replaced capitalism or the once imagined free markets or any other economic system.  There are no economic systems, even the “bankster debt slavery” peddled by the IMF and World Bank, no longer serve, not without a backdrop of war.

One hypothesis seems to prove out above all outs, that the last two decades of war indicate a political change in the West, that elected governments have been supplanted by one or more criminal organizations.  It may be further postulated that there may be two kinds of war:

  • War as economic necessity, the real “last stage” of capitalism
  • War is now and may well always have been a natural result of the real natural stages of human development, invariably ending in mob rule

The Methodologies

Who is the Brookings Institute really serving?

Were one to ask experts, government advisors or “cutting edge” think tanks, the world of “minds on the take,” so often used to launder and certify “fake facts” into government policy, you still end up with an unpleasant answer.

Universally, all agree, the United States is “dead in the water” as a world leader without its military engaged around the world, particularly in the Middle East and now Africa.

With America’s European allies “off the table,” now only willing, after the post-9/11 fiasco, of lending token force against helpless foes like the Houthi’s of Yemen, the balance of global power has shifted.

How It Will Play

The Astana meetings are doing the tough work so the UN is left the easy part

The Astana talks on Syria have demonstrated why Washington is seen to require war.  Turkey and Iran, the real military powers of the region, each considerably more “combat sustainable” than Israel or Saudi Arabia, have found a dangerous commonality.

With Pakistan’s Imran Khan ready to move Pakistan closer to China and perhaps Russia as well, America’s adventure in Afghanistan will come to an end.  Khan will likely unite Pakistan’s Pashtun population with Afghanistan, overwhelming the US backed Northern Tribal Alliance.

What may well happen is a restructuring of Pashtun goals, mirroring the Kurdish moves further West, seeking a purely Pashtun state carved out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Has the Taliban always been more of a national liberation front than extremist group?

Khan will torpedo America’s “divide and rule” game in Afghanistan and may well move nuclear Pakistan away from its traditional role as defending of Saudi Arabia and backer of CIA interests. The making of an Islamic “anti-NATO,” which could even include Iran, with Russia and China as guarantors, could change the global balance for the foreseeable future.

What has driven this, of course, is that other narrative, one that identifies the reality of our time, that war itself is the norm, the real engine behind the shadow world economy driven by the real “non-state players.”

The Unpleasant Reality

Whose interests does the Bilderberg Group serve?

As few as 500 individuals govern the planet.  They don’t “rule” anything, however.  Though most are elected officials and a mix of equally corrupt “tin pot” dictators, none have real power.  There are no elections that can’t be rigged, what is going on now in America is proof of that.

Where the proof is, however, points no fingers at Russia.  The proof is how the press, the police agencies, congress, all marching in lock-step, follow totally fake narratives on behalf of, well, on behalf of what or who?

There is one organization in the world that rigs elections and that is the CIA.  It “leverages” press assets around the world, and to any reasonable person inside America as well, it controls voting machines software and has a newfound partnership with quasi-secret organizations like the Federalist Society that controls paper ballot counts and polling place security across America as well.

Both the CIA and “Federalists” work for the same masters, particularly as the CIA was almost entirely privatized after 9/11.  Almost all US security organizations are now privatized or infiltrated or “castrated.”

The pattern is simple, with police across the US “trained” in Israel, where they are indoctrinated or bought off and all Washington based organizations, employing up to 1 million, answer to a chain of command that terminates “offshore,” events that drive America are more theatre than reality.

The proof, more often, is in the coverup than the acts themselves.  When one assumes a “government” serves the electorate, when all evidence supports any other hypothesis, events become predictable.  Mass killings like recent events in Las Vegas or terror attacks such as 9/11 and not some of the others, but most, are simply the “kinetic” end of government sponsored psychological warfare programs.

Terrorism and “Kinetics”

Gordon and marine squad in Vietnam, G is blond guy with hat, center left

This is the term, “kinetics.”  It refers to use of violence by “surrogates” to create sufficient fear and anger, and even more dangerous, the feeling of general despair, that allows totalitarianism to be marketed as “democracy under attack.”

The concept grew up in the late 1960s, initially in Vietnam, when the US decided to implement a policy of mass murder of political opponents under the Phoenix Program.  The targets weren’t just politicians or religious leaders, the US sent assassins after teachers, nurses and journalists, anyone capable of supporting a cohesive society outside of American control.

After Vietnam, Phoenix moved to Central America, run out of the School of the America’s, began running death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, killing numbers no one may even guess.

Gladio never stopped. It just morphed into new forms for new operations

Under Gladio, the supposed NATO guerilla warfare “stay behind” network, intended to operate in a Soviet conquered Europe, terror groups were formed, the Red Brigades and a number of IRA and even “Palestinian” organizations as well, with the aid of Israel’s Mossad and operating from bases in Gaddafi’s Libya.

Gladio staged dozens of bombings across Italy, but according to anonymous CIA sources, the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing and the 1983 Beirut bombings that killed 241 US and 58 French “peacekeepers.”

American Vice President Pence refers to the Beirut attacks, and rightly so, as the “opening salvo” in the War on Terror.  What they may well represent as well is the beginning of a policy of regime change “where desirable” or war “where profitable” justified by “self-induced” terrorism against the United States and its citizens.


The Founding Fathers warned that we could not preserve a republic without always knowing that government was really doing

Though we move to describe and even predict events, the concept of “perception is reality” and the absurdity of what mankind has allowed, never escapes us.  What was once called “mob rule” is now “managed consensus.”

Consensus is managed by control of institutions, education, press, even society itself.  Human interaction is redefined, political life channeled into a Skinner box, perceptions hand fed through false narratives, fake news, fabricated history and an endless flood of disinformation.

Never in human history have so many people known so much that is utterly false.  Had farmers grazed their cattle at the bottom of the sea, a learning process might well have kicked in as evidence of drowning became inexorable. 

Are analogies like this even enough to describe a society that continues to believe what is known to be false, that has been programmed to ignore facts, turn away from the causality learning process infants learn?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Nice way of putting the situation into perspective 👍.

    To answer your question, I’m going to go with b, unfair.

    But, if I wanted to be difficult, I could just as easily argue that it is fair and here’s why. The scenario that you have laid out above is precisely the treatment that Palestinians endure on behalf of the Israeli occupation. That being said, I could argue that since the Israelis are subjecting the Palestinians to this type of treatment, than the Israelis deserve nothing less than to be treated the same way.

  2. Akbar, can you make a single comment without using the weaponized buzzterm “antisemite”?
    Prove to us that you are a Semite. I dare you.

    How would you appreciate being called a kike? I assume you wouldn’t appreciate it and rightfully so. When most people hear the term antisemite, they think of Adolf Hitler. That being said, why do you feel it is appropriate to associate everyone who criticizes Jewish behavior with the most hated man in history? That’s only going to fuel more hatred, but something tells me that is your goal.

    What about all the Jews who are against Zionism and the genocide of the Palestinians? Are they “antisemites” too? What about the Jews who fully acknowledge the chauvinistic, supremacist nature of the Jewish hierarchy? Are they “antisemites” too? As I’ve said in another comment, all the information I’ve obtained regarding Jewish history and behavior comes directly and strictly from Jewish sources. Are the Jews who taught me these things “antisemitic” as well?

    Given the fact that upwards of 80% of the worlds existing Arab population are real Semites, what about the Jews who have indiscriminately killed Arab men, women and children? Are they “antisemites” too, or is that weaponized buzzterm only applicable to those who criticize Jewish behavior?

    Your use of weaponized buzzterms proves you don’t want to debate the subject objectively. Why is that? It’s because you don’t have an objective leg to stand on. All you have is nonsensical character assassinations like “antisemite”.

    • If we use Atzmon’s definition of an antisemite as “someone the Zionists do not like” (IIRC), then we should all be proud to be called antisemites.

    • I hear you, Worker Bee. I am proud to be an opponent of Zionism and Jewish supremacy, or any kind of supremacy for that matter. Even though the weaponized term antisemite has no meaning in the context in which it is generally used today, when people hear this term, they associate it with people who hate all Jews, for no other reason than the fact that they are Jews. This does not describe me at all and that’s why I don’t appreciate being referred to as an antisemite.

      When I meet a Jew on the street, I don’t immediately associate him with parasites like the Rothschilds, or lying, murderous scumbags like Netanyahu. So, I would appreciate the same respect from Jews who are not members are the synagogue of Satan, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Same chapter, different verse. Once you have spent enough time out of CONUS and in a (so-called) third world country, you start to the world in a different light. It is not pleasant to be faced with such a reality. I am drawn more and more to the Audrey/Maturin book series at the time of the Napoleonic wars. They are remarkably insightful and heavily researched. Thus they provide a good perspective. This stuff we are going through now started a very long time ago. Many people can “sense” what is happening. Very few can articulate the facts well. Gordon and Jim are some of the few. For most of us, it is too late to get the F**k out of dodge. Like many others, I thought I would be “gratefully” dead by now so I wouldn’t be around to see this. I am too old and too poor to properly prepare, as are most others. This was by design.

  4. Child abuse, and it matters not who commits it, is criminal. I see a photo ,I don’t hear or see any thing in support or to the contrary in your response. but if you find that your remarks right a wrong then more power to you brother. And oh yes keep with the adhominem format, shows you are serious in dialog..

  5. I asked the President of Business International (a Cynic) and his wife the future President of the International Translators Association (a Skeptic) about the Kike Freemason Conspiracy and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. Neither directly denied those ideas. He said “no, no, it’s more like a big bowl of spaghetti, something that came out of The Middle East” and she said “you’re jealous”, and then asked me; “have you heard of the Commune?”. To which I replied,”the Paris Commune of 1789 or in 1870?”. She is Sorbonne educated and from Septieme Arondissement en Paris. Other very useful insights granted to me included not to believe what one reads in the Corporate Controlled Mainstream Mass Media, which naturally extends to more than several other media avenues of Operation Mockingbird and many other variations of Soft Power and Full Spectrum Domination. Power is most usually exerted against the populace and the enemies internal. External wars are further applications of Fear to move the Masses.

    So lets take the optimistic view. The Wise Guys have prepared a lovely Big Bowl of Spaghetti Stupid, stop getting paranoid, thanks Big Boss. Sounds like a Great Feed for the starving masses. Masticate and swallow. The Pope called for a Jubilee Year, which may be polite talk for the dreaded P_ _ _ _ _ (plunder?). William I instigated the Domesday Book to account for every Tangible and Intangible Asset in the Kingdom. This needs to be done for the Whole Planet Earth. All repositories of wealth including Tax havens need to be opened and examined. Using the Net Assets Accretion Method, the owners need to then account for their wealth. Other measures to be enacted on a co-ordinated world scale would be disbandment of the Privately Controlled Central Banking System and the reinstatement of the Dignity of The Human Person, together with the removal of “Person” Status form Corporates and the Outlawing of Collectives generally.

    The trouble is that the subsequent plea for “Democracy” sounded like the squeal of a Stuck Pig, in a valiant attempt to avoid the permanent tone of irony, but the reality is that people do behave in a selfish and ignorant way. The education system has been dumbed right down with Transformational Marxism and Political Correctness. Human Persons seem to lack the necessary awareness of Logos and the need to act on that, to counter what Queen Elizabeth II called the “Dark Forces” which exert such wide control.

  6. Someone is okay with filming those children writing on those munitions, however this is child abuse. The people who endeavor in these crimes do so under mental mental illness, but this fact does not absolve them what so ever, for there exists a terrible reality. Humans are being destroyed, it matters not that stupid is as stupid does when the right to choose that lifestyle brings forth murder on the scale and mass we have witnessed. So perhaps if those who slumber can be brought round by using analogies, so be it as DC has to be made to see things our way.

    • Remember, these are the same people who brought out their lawn chairs to sit on the hills overlooking Gaza to watch the IDF bomb innocent Palestinian civilians and their infrastructure.

  7. Gladio staged dozens of bombings across Italy, but according to anonymous CIA sources, the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing and the 1983 Beirut bombings that killed 241 US and 58 French “peacekeepers.”

    Should there be “also” before “the 1986…”?

  8. I think the subject of so called “sports”, which we are all forced to listen to 24/7 from the lying media in this country. Whether legal or not, gambling on college and so called “professional” sports events has gone on since the beginning of time. Today online gambling is outside of the jurisdiction of most governments so one can bet on virtually any of these games

    • Enormous amounts of money are involved in sports gambling. Hence the incentive exists for massive corruption. How do you know who really won a “sporting” event even if you attended it? It is a cake walk to fix any sporting event. So called college or professional sports in this country are nothing but fixed entertainment to produce vast amounts of fake winners and losers who don’t know the difference. The whole business is nothing but a massive corrupt money machine to fool the fools in the public. Every sporting event is like a sports false flag. Americans love to be fooled and had especially by their lying government. I did not intend to post the above incomplete comment but some button I hit evidently did. If the gangsters in Israel can fix our Congress, don’t you think they can fix a football or baseball or boxing event too? You bet the can and do every day of the week.

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