Iranian officials: ISIS and Israel fail miserably

Rouhani’s announcements are certainly pregnant with meaning. If ISIS is defeated, then the Israeli regime will have to find another terrorist cell to support. The regime has been supporting ISIS since the beginning of the Syrian war, and now Iran is telling the regime that its job in Syria is about to be over.


 …by Jonas E. Alexis

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has recently pronounced that the age of ISIS has finally come to an end in Iraq and Syria, thanks to Iran, most particularly the Revolutionary Guards, which is a military force. Rouhani said:

“Today with God’s guidance and the resistance of people in the region we can say that this evil has either been lifted from the head of the people or has been reduced.”[1]

Iran also acknowledged that Hezbollah played a pivotal role in helping destabilize ISIS in the region. Rouhani accused both the United States and Israel of supporting terrorist cells in the region.

Rouhani’s announcements are certainly pregnant with meaning. If ISIS is defeated, then the Israeli regime will have to find another terrorist cell to support. The regime has been supporting ISIS since the beginning of the Syrian war, and now Iran is telling the regime that its job in Syria is about to be over.

Obviously the regime doesn’t like that. That’s one reason why the regime has been siding with Saudi Arabia. They want to defeat Iran because Iran, with the help of Russia and the Syrian government, has been humiliating them in Syria. Netanyahu, of course, has to act, which is another way of saying that he has to conjure colossal hoaxes, complete fabrications, and just plain lies in order to seduce the West once again.

The Middle East, says Netanyahu, “is experiencing the attempt of Iran to conquer the Middle East, to dominate and subjugate it. When Israelis and the Arabs, all the Arabs and the Israelis, agree on one thing, people should pay attention. We should stop this Iranian take over.”[2]

Netanyahu had the audacity to say that Iran aspires, in the words of the Jerusalem Post, to “colonize” Syria, and that “Israel would not let this happen.”[3] How stupid can it get? At the beginning of this month, Netanyahu said:

“They want to leave their army, their airbases and fighter aircraft within seconds of Israel and we are not going to let that happen. We do not say that lightly. We mean what we say and we back it with action.”[4]

But when asked about the Israeli settlements and how the Palestinians are refusing those diabolical projects, the mad man in Tel Aviv responded by saying that the settlements are simply “a side issue.” The major issue, for Netanyahu, is simply this: “the Palestinian refusal to recognize the Jewish right to a homeland.”[5]

What Netanyahu failed to flesh out is that recognizing the Jewish homeland means that the Palestinians will have to continue to be kicked out of their homes and livelihood. If you resist that diabolical and Talmudic enterprise, then you are a vicious anti-Semite.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Neelu Roman of the facebook ,
    You are nothing but a Hasbara deflector , I bet you are paid to whitewash Israel coz nobody would defend the indefensable crimes of the Evil Israel .without any benefits . Neelu Roman youre a pathetic hasbara liar that the world no longer believes . the Jews lies worked till 9/11 , when 9/11 was committed by mossad that raised a few eyebrows and people realised how insane the Jews are for framing 1.7 billion muslims . the usury addicted Evil Israel needs a Regime Chane and a Change to muslim govt because muslims are the major or the popular religion in the area , the filthy Europeon Jews Squatters of Palestine need to be Forced out by the Laws & Force , Neelu You lot are the scum of the Earth and your hate for the Goyims is psychopathic

    • then you dare ask where is Israel in this Iran , hezbullah & the saudis , the answere is that Israel is right in the thick of things , currently Israel is head over heels with the Saudis so as to get saudi arabia to destroy Iran for Israel , Israel is the Evil always creating Wars , Israel would like a clash of civilizations between Christains and Muslims of this Planet , Israel wants to expand from the current shithouse to reach from Euphrates to Nile .Israel has formally supported ISIS and the Alqaeda in Syria , Israel provides weapons and medical treatment to Terrorists because both the parties Israel & terrorists are savage headchoppers .the day the shitstain Israel disappears will be a good day for Humanity because the Filthy Jews Hate all goyim & have developed AntiHuman Policies that are destroying G-d’s good Earth .

    • Hopefully Hezbullah the Freedom fighters will kick Israel’s ass like it did in 2006 , Israel deserves to be kicked off the Planet for its uncivilised arrogant behavior. Hopefully when Israel once again habitually invades Lebanon this time Hezbullah should do double the damage than the 2006 confrontation .

      theres been a tidal change in people regarding Israel , Israeli lies worked till recently but now Everybody realizes that Israel is psychopathic genocider of Palestinians since the inception of the Sick Pariah Estate called Israel . nobody likes Israel or Israelis because of the disease they carry called Zionism , You Israelis are Sick Perverts .

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  2. Jared Kushner has visited SA’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Israel, UAE and Mahmoud Abbas the President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority. Although Kushner is Trump’s front man on peace negotiations these meetings in the current Saudi/Israel (targeting Iran through its proxies Hezbollah & its political host Lebanon) seem to seek this war on even the lowest levels for continuing upheaval and chaos.

    How deep does this plan C or is it D maybe Z go? Very deep! Yes of course as many of the comments suggest, it is all about the Petrol Dollar and panic of an Empire in death throes whose hubris is so insane it does not know or notice the bell tolls for thee.
    The plan hasn’t really changed from A but is continuing of chaos in the ME to acquire Empire’s solvency hence internationally illegal unilateral power.

    As suggested by former Pentagon Security analyst Michael Maloof, we may be seeing the effect of the rejection of Palestine’s co-operation in engineering of an uprising in the 12 Lebanon Refugee Camps in Lebanon against Lebanon aimed at pressuring against Hezbollah (Iran).

    Trump, who has said he wants to strike the “ultimate deal” in negotiating a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians after decades of conflict, now has 90 days to decide if “the Palestinians have entered into direct, meaningful negotiations with Israel,” and perform a U-turn on the decision to close the office. Obviously an ultimatum regarding the US closure of the PLO office in Washington DC. Did this have anything to do with possibly Mahmoud Abbas rejecting the engineering of an uprising in the 12 Lebanon Refugee Camps in Lebanon?

  3. heavy.
    Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    22.11.2017 Author: Petr Lvov
    The Goofy Billionaire Overnight Saudi Prince

    “ … it was the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, who still needs an excuse to provoke Israel into attacking Iranian, Hezbollah’s and Shia militia’s positions in Syria, that was behind this trick with the resignation of Hariri. And that’s just square one of the plan to fulfill the unparalleled ambitions of the not as sane as one would want heir of the Saudi throne. And nobody really doubts his ability to take all power in Saudi Arabia at this point. The transition of power in favor of his son Mohammed, while retaining the title of the “keeper of two sacred places” (Mecca and Medina). The delay is caused by the need to negotiate this transition with two influential clans: the Al-Rashid clan that controls the Republican Guard and intelligence agencies, and the clan of Al-Jiluwi that has been ruling the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, the main oil producing region of the kingdom that is populated by Shiites.
    However, to make his dreams come to fruition Mohammed also needed huge financial resources to sponsor his military adventures that are going to be launched under the banner of combating the “Shia expansion.” And boy did he get those by arresting about 200 members of his fellow royal family members and high-ranking officials under the pretext of fighting corruption. Among them one could find Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, whose estimated fortune exceeded 18 billion dollars. He would suggest then that the detainees, who were kept hostages in the luxury Ritz hotel would surrender 2/3 of their fortune to Mohammed in order to escape the punishment. Due to this, Muhammad received a whopping sum of 800 billion dollars. And through this secured a successful IPO of the state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco for a sum of 2 trillion dollars.
    And who would have thought that the inadequate Mohammed that is still in his 30s would be capable of this? The answer is simple: Jared Kushner was behind this scam,” …

    the message … eat yo organic veggies

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