More Catholic Than the Pope?

“We are in the worst crisis in the Church ever because we are getting more near the arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist…”


More Catholic Than the Pope?
By: Eric Gajewski

I am sure many of you faithful Catholics have heard this loose but impotent argument coming from the Novus ordites blindly (or willfully) following Vatican II. Do you think you are more Catholic than the Pope? As if to state that a Pope could not lapse into error or heresy. As if he were some sort of robot without free will. God will protect him (they say)!

Funny, don’t recall reading that infallibly anywhere?

Well, if we take a look at our past we see a good number of examples of fallen away priests and even prelates. Scripture, Tradition and Catholic prophecy (including approved Marian messages) all indicate that there would be an apostasy in the Catholic Church which would ultimately end in the biblical False Prophet and Antichrist. Several Cardinals speaking on the 3rd secret of Fatima said the Apostasy begins AT THE TOP. How many Catholics actually know that? Very few! How many upon hearing this actually believe it? Even FEWER and yet they must in order to remain Catholic (concerning the great falling away). The early Church Father speak to Rome falling away and eventually the Church going underground.

Nay, the path of false obedience has lead the many “identifying” as Catholic out on to a new road called “Apostasy”. I want to discuss this argument of “Do you know better than the Pope and other arguments within”.

Right to resist. The Popes, prelates and priests are not robots. How many times have I heard this general argument. The Church cannot error! Now, on the surface this is true but what about churchmen? The answer is they can error and even lapse into heresy. In fact, during the Great Apostasy soon to come the majority of clergy will lapse into full blown apostasy and become Apostates. Catholics no more once the heresy becomes at least formal (objectively speaking).

Do these people forget that every human being has free will and that they can actually choose false doctrine?

My friends, it is not optional to resist a priest teaching heresy. Not only must they be publicly “called out” they also must be avoided (if obstinate). For where there is “poison” a Catholic cannot be as Archbishop Lefebvre (founder of the SSPX) rightly points out. We are not only dealing with heresy in our times but a diabolical conspiracy to bring about a “New Age Religion’ onto the scene (the majority of the principles are in place now).

The question I will ask in return is “are these priests more Catholic than already defined Tradition!”

We show them their errors (as I have) from what the Church has infallibly taught beforehand and they simply ignore and keep the path of false obedience. They ignore, block and call me names but this just change the reality they are material heretics (in the very least). One priest on facebook actually said to his lemming followers that I need to go to Confession.

And all of heaven rolled their eyes.

I have had more than my share of “dialogue” with these Vatican II priests over the years and it truly boils down to that. Ignorance and or/pride.


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  1. After WW 2 there was a rumor that the Pope told Dr. Konrad Adenauer, the german chancellor at this time. “Mr. Adenauer, I am already catholic”, because Adenauer wants to tell the pope what to think about catholicism. And he was a convertite.

  2. Obviously Vatican II set out to reform God and increase the territory of the dioceses around the world. A high ecclesiastical drama as some theologists would note. There are however many priests under that surface that tragically remain under the local cloaks throughout their lifetimes and cannot use Vatican that much as a platform for ideas and thoughts. People notice this, this incoherence between Church life (church being group of believers rather than the building or close association) and social everyday life. Jesus first Church allthough very small was deeply involved in the social life and all of its ranging problems, especially with politicians, lawmakers and authorities. I believe there is much more to the Catholic church clergy than just playing centennial gratitudes to western societies for removing communism as if the work in the social domain is thus done. But they cannot make the headlines.

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