Thanksgiving, Thank You for Your Service – And the War Continues….


We keep loosing the more that we do not acknowledge who and what is behind the war on terror. A new report came out that is pretty significant, ISIS was state-sponsored by US allies, says former government intelligence analyst (EXCLUSIVE). There is a much larger war being fought on the planet regarding off world species that posed a threat to God’s Planet, our planetary Home. Also we need to focus on a successful restoration of the Gold to the Treasury of the United States of America.

So many illegal wars have been fought and too much blood and treasure has been split for wrong causes, including negative individuals who have wanted oil and others who have actually wanted to take over our planet. People go into military service optimistic that you can really make a difference. No matter what, we are here because of your service to our country, Happy Thanksgiving!  America means so much to the world. Our Freedom and Individualism has allowed us to keep our Planet. You have been there and served and at times there has been no way to get the message out about the wars that you were told to fight. There has been little disclosure on other wars that have really and are really being fought.

I have been writing about terrorism and against terrorism completely for many years now. I am an anti-war supporter of our troops with all my heart. I am pro-fighting the terrorists and those who would take our planet from us. It is like it almost takes a civilian on the outside to just fight sometimes for you. I appreciate your and all you do. No one takes the United States of America down.

Few care for our veterans. You can tell a country by how it cares for its soldiers. It is sad what some have done with the treatment of our Veterans. Will the war on terrorism ever end and their wars for oil interests? Why do oil interests run our government at times? We need to do our part and support our troops by working hard to eliminate oil. There are a lot of alternative technologies available. We have the ability to build completely Water Energy Independent Housing, WEIH. American innovation has been key to the World.

I worked on revoking negative agreements at the Core Levels and it has taken so long for us to move into a more positive reality.  We are already Divine.  And this Planet Stays Put in proper alignment with the Sun and Moon.

There is more to it though, America needs to defeat the terrorism internally and externally. We have to work together with the World to insure our Success.  That’s what I have been focused on.

Truthfully I have been dealing with white aliens. There are some negative individuals who would have allowed them to take the whole planet. They use advanced artificial intelligence and shape shifters, that were real. At some point Humanity overcomes this species and several others. They seem to use a white substance, called “Stone Builder’s Serum.” This serum I suspect causes the ground to be infertile and potentially even caused the famine in 1991 in North Korea. This stuff had been sprayed in America, using chemtrails.

stone builders serum

When we think about the holidays, most people are out shopping and having fun. We need Disclosure and Full Disclosure. Happy Thanksgiving! Pretty good eating. Our Sun is Ours and has a Right to heal itself. When you wake up in the morning please say good morning to the Sun and appreciate it more. The Sun, Planet, Moon and Cosmos are all here for us to be thankful for.

Please enjoy some beautiful music this Thanksgiving holiday and today everywhere.

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Cosmos Chart

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  1. I don’t call it Thanksgiving. I call it turkey day, which is much more appropriate. Honoring a group of fundamentalist religious zeolots who were so far out there they got kicked out of england to bring their puritan c**p to america. Those wonderful fundies who gave us the Salem witch hunts, among other things. I didn’t know about the Pequot massacre, but it fits. As for Vietnam, before my number came up we had enough guys coming back all messed up to know how bad it was. Nevertheless I volunteered to fly skinships incountry. They wouldn’t take me (bad eyes), and I wasn’t going to be fooled into being a ground-pounder (sorry Gordon). I saw enough action back home doing fire-rescue. It’s one thing to be picking up dead kids in a far off country, it’s quite another when those kids are your neighbors.

  2. 74 year old Vietnam vet and it makes my skin crawl when someone thanks me for my service. It reminds me I was young dumb and full of rah rah USA all the way. Didn’t know I was being used back in those days until Aug 1967 when as a member of Vietnam veterans against the war, a huge, 1/2 million person protest happened in NYC’s Central Park. All the soldiers wore some piece of uniform and the cops beat the shit out of the veterans and arrested the civilians. Would not look good on the front page of the NY Times to show a picture of veterans being arrested for protesting. This country still has not changed its evil ways.

    • she’s such an airhead. amerika means so much to the world. what a totally erroneous statement on ALL levels. conservative snowflakes.

  3. The Pequot massacre followed a homicide investigation of a white man found in his boat. They slaughtered the village and burned the people alive in the worst act of terrorism at the time on North American soil.
    “The day after the massacre, William Bradford who was also the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, wrote that from that day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanks giving for subduing the Pequots and “For the next 100 years, every Thanksgiving Day ordained by a Governor was in honor of the bloody victory, thanking God that the battle had been won.” Renaming things would be good. Autumnal Feast is appropriate,.

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