Thoughts, Spoken Words and Creating New Realities


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The Superconsciousness Series.  Chapter excerpts from the book: “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” by Steve Robertson

Since childhood I’ve always wondered and asked myself two big questions: “Why am I here and what is my purpose.”  I grew up obsessed with and succeeding at almost every traditional sport I played until, at age 13,  I got my first motorcycle, a 50cc dirt bike.  My world revolved around riding this bike until I literally wore the engine out on it.  The next bike my father bought me was a larger 125cc motorcycle, an actual racing motocross bike.  I begged my father to let me race.  Eventually he agreed and in my first race I got a third place trophy.  There was no looking back from there.  My father I went to the races almost every weekend after that.   Later  I moved to the 250cc bike class raced in the expert class.  I would win many races before turning pro at age 18.

Then one day, while driving my race bike van, I began to ask inwardly “how could I become a top pro?”  With this question there was an immediate response which spoke clearly from a voice deep within: “Limitations are bound only by the mind, the mind is bound only by our perception of those limitations.”  The words seemed from a very profound and wise place.   I immediately pulled the van to the shoulder of the road and wrote down this message.  From this moment forward I resolved to live my life from this insight which I interpreted to mean:   If I could imagine something I could accomplish it.    From then on I began listening and pay very close attention to the wise insights of this small still voice within.

This Superconsciousness Series represent select chapters from my book “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose.”   This book, my first, reflects my devoted commitment to asking big questions about the meaning of life and taking detailed notes on answers that I received.

Thoughts, Spoken Words and Creating New Realities:

Each moment of the day, nanosecond after nanosecond, we are co-creating a reality from which we are either conscious or unconscious. To the degree we are conscious, lovingly paying attention to the moment, our co-creativity tends to reflect a flow of ease and grace in our experiences. To the degree we are unconscious, we reactively and retrospectively discover the fearful hand that has scripted the dramatic sequences of our existence.

Curiously, we wonder how it is that certain people, places and circumstances show up in our lives. Some of these experiences show up and bring peace and joy into our lives. Others experiences seem to bring sadness and anger. For the most part, these experiences appear as a random series of events over which we seem to have little or no control. As a result, we feel either lucky or like a victim.

Various religious and spiritual texts have for eons pointed toward the reality of how we each can and do co-create our realities. Often, even the most current and evolved of teachers and new thought leaders miss a most critical part in the co-creativity equation… that of how thought, and more importantly, our spoken word, calls into form the reality of our envisioning. In order to understand the power of the spoken word, let us reflect:

“In the beginning was the word,” (the “word” translates into “primary harmony,” according to John the Evangelist of the first century A.D.) “and the word was with God,” says John 1:1. “Then God said, Let there be light,” says Genesis 1:3. Buddhists call the primary harmony “OM.”

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Specifically, the ultimate point to bring awareness to is that every word is made of letters and every letter has its own specific phonetic sound based on whether it is a consonant or a vowel. Therefore, when we combine various letters into words and speak these words, it is analogous to striking several keys on an instrument to form combinations of notes. When such notes combine, they unite into a vibrational musical cord or unified sound. Make sense?

Certain words, by their very definition, have high intension vibrations while others lower. As we bring deeper awareness into our lives, consciousness tends to transition from a passive state of hearing into an active, participatory level of listening and paying attention. As a result, we become more sensitive to how things feel, such as our own thoughts. We begin to pay attention to the words we select to communicate, how they impact people, and we listen to how the communication of other people affects us.

With this new awareness, we suddenly find it paradoxically curious when a friend responds to an invitation to participate in something we thought they would value, by saying “No, I would love to do that,” or “No, that’s a great idea.” Similarly, we begin to feel a drain around a reactive proclaimed goal of “I need to create more money,” or “I should have a better job or career,” or “I have to,” or I must do… (whatever the subject might be).” Occasionally, we feel a sense of joyful empowerment around the excitement of proclaiming “I will create more money,” or “I choose to create a better job or career,” or “I want to,” or “I desire to… (whatever the subject might be).” What’s the difference?

For a moment let us consider the word “need.” When you think of the word “need,” does it feel closer to the definition of abundance or lack? If as most, you conclude that it feels closer to lack, then let us ask next: If the word “need” is closer to lack, does this word feel closer to the definition of love, or fear? If you conclude fear, as do most, then let us ask does the word “fear” feel closer to response or reaction? If again, if you are like most, you will conclude that the word “fear” feels closer to reaction. This process of logical deduction and the granulation of words’ core definitions ultimately empower the understanding that anytime we or someone speaks the word “need” (should, have to, or must) within the context of a core creative command, then we are commanding into form the future possibility from an intent of fear, lack, and/or reactiveness. This paradox becomes frustratingly apparent when we continue to ask for, or command, a more positive future through using these words that are defined by fear, lack and reaction. In essence, the carrot of our desire seems ever out of reach, though we proclaim it more loudly and forcefully.

Now for a moment, let us consider four new command words such as: I will, I choose, I want, or I desire (or, that’s “required”). When you think of using these words to call forth a future possibility, do they feel closer to abundance and empowerment, or lack? If closer to abundance and empowerment, do they feel closer to love or fear? If closer to love, then do they feel closer to response or reactiveness? Choosing command words that reflect the authority of an intent of self-empowerment, reflects conscious awareness and co-creativity.

Choosing command words that are based in fear and lack reflect an unconscious choosing from what someone ultimately does not want to create. It is like the hero who wants to leave the village in pursuit of his or her dream, and yet fails to find the courage to take the first step because of the fear of the unknown. Choosing command words that proclaim self-empowerment and authentic choices reflects the wise intent of creating from the end goal of what one actually does want to create. Ultimately, this clear volition is liken to the hero who does leave the village in pursuit of their dream and as they cross the bridge of no return, they courageously turn to it and burn it to the ground, so there is no form of retreat to the past.

Their singular commitment is to create from the clarity of what they really do want to create, there is only a looking toward and forward to the future.

Humanity appears to be at a pivotal time where we are transitioning from the “persona” — which in Latin means to “pump air through one’s mask” into becoming the “heretic,” which in Latin means “one who knows that they can choose.” If we listen carefully to our truest inner selves and speak with a greater presence, we can empower ourselves to create exciting new possibilities and become a witness to the reality of our heart’s greatest desire come true.

The Power of Your Thoughts and Spoken Words.

Physics of How Power of Your Thoughts and Spoken Words Co-Create Reality: People, Places, Circumstances and other items of the material world.


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  1. well it’s like this: you are here because you are. in that the life thing is evolutionary
    and the good news: there is no why. life is because it can manifest under the right conditions on this planet. And it means nothing. In the Buddhist sense.

  2. More mind over matter stuff. More “you can create your own reality” bulls**t. See that guy with a gun over there? HE determines your reality. See those cops over there? THEY determine your reality. The only choice you have is to know whether to know enough to not be there. Not so easy when all your doing is herding your goats and someone strafes your ass. Or just walking down the street and someone comes up behind and sticks a knife in your ribs, or you are at a concert and get a bullet in your guts. I seriously doubt the author has been in a situation where he has had his life in peril in the real world.

    • Choices: Confront, Flee, Argue, Involve, Go Covert and root out causation, Stand Idly by, and
      comment or not to comment, that is the question,
      the decision is made and reality rolls along with a new flavor

    • Nawlins, from the victim like reality, one where everything happens to the self by random chance and/or by someone who appears to be more powerful ….your options appear very limited and you doom yourself to staying in this level of suffering.

      Have you ever asked yourself what sort of positive reality you would like to create and then act, like an experiment, from that insight and see what sort of outcomes you create.

  3. Bhudda also said, “the thoughts of man are like the blades of grass”, therefore we go immediately to actions, which like thoughts have external origins. Therefore the ancestor of all actions is not determined unless all external origin of thought is discovered and tracked. Thoughts come from many places. The ego will say, they are mine ! This is not correct. The schedule of attractions or shapes or moods or even specific thoughts about what to have for dinner, can be predicted, therefore exist outside the free thinking mind. The key to ensure a sovereign suggestion is of our own origin as an individual, is to know the schedule of thoughts. This is what is meant when the Maya say, “We have learned about time to the point we control time”. Time, is among many things, a schedule of wave forms that shape our thoughts. Tesla was born on the day of “manifestation of electricity”. If the infusion of the knowledge of time is withheld from the populace, but used by Facebook or Religions, then the populace will be guided to the creation of a small group. This is why birthdates are important enough to be precisely recorded and regarded, but astrology or other thoughts about origins of ideas, is forbidden in academia and religion alike. The 20 days is the worlds most comprehensive time knowledge. It is the very foundation and substance of the Bible, which was stolen.

    • The letters of our alphabet are reflections of ancient knowledge of the days. This is not to say, the correlation of a to z is in alignment with the proper order, but subtracting the vowels leaves 20. Vowels can change and often do, but in etymology, we see that consonants generally stay the same while vowels interchange or are added. Each day has a flavor and ingredients. Those flavors on the day of birth combine with other physical “knowns” to make you. A word without consonants. Simply knowing the day, is a critical operating intelligence component to making a sovereign decision. It is critical to intelligence of position also, as to know where you are, is to locate your position in both physical and non-physical spaces. This should be taught to children before anything else. Many lies would evaporate.

    • MO, The evidence that the Bible is stolen is discernible in a myriad of ways. First and foremost, the complete inability for any christian to make heads or tails of it. It is like a crop circle to them and each has a different meaning assigned. Second, would be the violence visited on those who would know. Third, the absolute mess we have spiritually in our communities and the world. How else can so much wisdom be turned to idiocy ? Fourth, the key is known, and the evidence is strewn across the globe in museums, small huts in jungles, mountaintops, and places the soldiers could not go. Do any search for the 20 days, or the Chol’qi, or the Tzolkin, and use all the sources. These correlate with multiple cultures. Index here – For a starter, check Winslow Homers decan and view the image from 500 ce The Hindu images are the best, followed by the Hokusai images , the I-Ching is beyond them all and has many ver batim correlations in the OT. another piece of evidence.

    • I could go on for hours, but a few more pieces of evidence. The four sons of Horus are not sons, they are the four brothers or the four ‘warning” decans. Job and his three friends, Mat Mark Luke and John check the chapters, those with 32 verses are the decans in order, 20 verses are the days, though very romantically embossed. And your thing with MOAb , is cute, and the day it dropped, only one, is the day of feminine violence, the kind where the woman cuts her sons foreskin with a stone and throws it at her husbands feet.
      If Hebrews or Christians could use it as a predictive model, they would be by now. Currently there is indication of attempts, by which it is possible to discern level of knowledge, which is pathetic and immature.

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