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Jack Heart

[ Note: Like I said in parts 2 and 3 of Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, I got into this to sell a book, one book. 2009 I didn’t even know how to type (I’ll bet I can give a stenographer a good run for their money now). Little did I know, in fact I didn’t know anything at all of what I was getting into. Now I’m good for at least another four years of this, but not under the current conditions. We will need proper funding – telling the truth cost a lot of money in lost income. So for now on it will be up to those who read me how long I continue to write… Jack ]


A “Teapot” & the Toroidal Universe by Jack Heart & Orage

“Is it… future…, or… is it… past”

Die Glocke is a repetitive and pivotal element in the plot of Hollywood icon David Lynch’s recent tour de force in the return of Twin Peaks showcased on Showtime Networks.

JU 390

Sporrenberg fingered Walter Gerlach as the scientist in charge of the Bell experiments. Since the beginning of 1944 Gerlach, perhaps at the time the world’s most brilliant experimental physicist, had been the plenipotentiary for nuclear physics at the Reich Research Council. After the war, he had been targeted by Alsos for interment and eavesdropping at Farm Hall, along with Werner Heisenberg and a number of other legendary German physicists.

Gerlach had written his doctorate while under the apprenticeship of Friedrich Paschen the discoverer of the Paschen Series, a series of hydrogen spectral lines in the infrared region that he first observed in 1908, the same year the 20-year old Gerlach began his doctoral studies with him. During WWI, Gerlach had worked on wireless communication for the German army under the guidance of the brilliant Max Wien, inexplicably written out of history and only known now for the Wien bridge-oscillator. Wien had collaborated with Paschen by correspondence as early as the summer of 1895.

In the early twenties, although he did all the lab work, Gerlach would share credit for the Stern-Gerlach Experiment which according to academia proves that magnetic fields restrict the spatial orientation of atomic and subatomic “particles.” In 1928 Gerlach would write; “Matter, Electricity, Energy: The Principles of Modern Atomistic and Experimental Results of Atomic Investigations…”

He would be repatriated back to Germany in 1946 and go on to a career as a distinguished professor becoming the first president of the Fraunhofer Society. But he would never again practice experimental physics, at least openly.

Viktor Schauberger

But of all the great German scientists the man whose name comes up most often in connection with die Glocke is Viktor Schauberger. Aleister Crowley may have very well had his day as “the warrior Lord of the Forties”2 and the hopes and dreams of millions would be trampled beneath his thundering chariots but no part of the carnage told a sadder tale for the human race than the story of Viktor Schauberger. Schauberger was an Austrian forestry engineer, a man of awesome genius who dreamed only of building a better world for his fellow man.

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Schauberger was no academic. His teacher was the babbling brooks and swirling rivers of the ancient Teutonic forests. It was while observing a trout effortlessly holding its position against the rushing current of a stream that Schauberger realized the trout was utilizing something other than kinetic energy. Schauberger reasoned that the animal was extracting the energy from the molecules of its own body by “condensing” them with extreme temperature gradients, a phenomenon recently proven to occur but predicted in the mid-twenties by Bose and Einstein and picked up on by Schauberger who was a prodigious reader. He came to the conclusion that this condensing process took place in the motion of a vortex swirling into its own center.

From his observations of naturally occurring tornados, whirlpools and the vortexes formed by galaxies, Schauberger reasoned that this is how energy is released in nature. If he could force matter into this spiraling motion, what he called implosion, by rapidly condensing and spinning it until the particles of the atoms became “unglued,” he could cleanly tap into the power of the stars. In Schauberger’s mind, industrialization with its dams and pollutants had interfered with the natural vortex patterns of water. These patterns are necessary for life to flourish. Water, once the lifeblood of the planet, had now become a pollutant sapping this planet’s vitality.

Schauberger advocated the development of “bio-technical” machinery in his writings and soon came to the attention of Adolph Hitler. In 1934 he was summoned to a meeting with Hitler and Max Planck, the founding father of quantum physics. Schauberger warned Hitler that under the current conditions his thousand-year Reich would not last ten. He proposed to Hitler a brand new world, a world with unlimited free energy, clean energy based on a science in harmony with nature. Hitler, a mystic himself, no doubt was enthralled with Schauberger’s ideas. The meeting went long over the time that was allotted for it. After about two hours Planck, who had been brooding through the whole meeting, scoffed at Schauberger and told him nature and science have nothing to do with each other. A few years later nobody would ever scoff at Viktor Schauberger again.

Patent drawing of Repulsine

In 1940, Schauberger applied for a patent on an energy generator that could be used for either aircraft or submarines. Schauberger described the device as a multistage centrifuge with concentrically juxtaposed pressure chambers. The self-contained centrifugal system only relied on a small starter motor to bring its turbine up to around twenty thousand revolutions per minute, but once there, it supplied its own energy, and when hooked to a gear shaft could act as a generator.

Shortly after that, Schauberger would write to his cousin saying he had invented a new aircraft that didn’t make any noise. At the beginning of 1941, he was at his own expense still looking for a contractor to build a scale model prototype of what he called the ‘Repulsator.’ He planned on using it to investigate “free energy production” and to prove his theory of ‘levitational flight.’ But in the ensuing months, Schauberger would put away his wallet and the SS would give him carte blanche in the Third Reich, swearing him to work only for them in total secrecy and tipping him off that the industrial giant Heinkel had been stealing his patents.

Schauberger became uncharacteristically secretive about what he was doing for the SS for the next couple of years but it is known that he was working around the Sudeten Mountains. During one experiment the Repulsator had actually shot up with such force that it had smashed against the hanger ceiling, severely damaging itself. In June of forty-four, Schauberger was summoned to Breslau ostensibly to be drafted into the SS. But a month earlier he had been ordered to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp to select his own team of technicians from among the inmates to build as many as five different types of machines. It is stated in his archives that the SS wanted him to stop tinkering around with prototypes and begin serious construction work.

In his diaries, Schauberger says the machines were a water purifier, an energy device capable of generating high voltage electricity, a machine for ‘biosynthesizing’ hydrogen fuel from water and another that ‘naturally’ produced intense heat or cold; the fifth was dubbed the Fliegende Scheibe, or flying saucer.

The Fliegende Scheibe was scheduled for its first flight on May 6th, 1945. Schauberger’s team stopped work on May 8th. The German armed forces officially stopped fighting that night. A few days later, Schauberger would be apprehended by American intelligence forces in Leonstein. Almost simultaneously across the country in Vienna, the Russians would enter his apartment, confiscate whatever they could find, then blow the building up just in case they had missed anything. The Americans would intensively debrief Schauberger for the next nine months, releasing him in March of 1946 under the oath that he would never again work on what he called “atomic” technology again.

By 1958, Schauberger was seventy-two years old and suffering from a bad heart and emphysema. Karl Gerchsheimer, a transplanted German acting as an agent for American financier Robert Donner flew to his home in Austria and promised him glory and riches in the United States. Gerchsheimer had prior links to the intelligence community and NASA. Donner was tied into the National Atomic Research Laboratories at the Brookhaven Lab on Long Island…

Viktor Schauberger, in a letter to Walter Schauberger

Schauberger, still dreaming of giving the human race his free energy technology took the bait. Upon his arrival in America, he met with implosion experts from the Brookhaven Lab supposedly to assess the feasibility of his ideas. After dickering with the sick man for months Donner finally got him to sign a document, not even translated into German, turning over to the Donner-Gerchsheimer consortium everything Schauberger ever did with his implosion technology. They swore him to secrecy and put him on a plane back to Austria. Schauberger died five days later…3

Stories of Die Glocke did not surface in the West until the beginning of the twenty-first century with the publication of The Hunt For Zero Point by Nick Cook. Cook is not you’re run of the mill “UFOologist.” He was, in fact, their antithesis in his capacity as the Aviation Editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly all through the nineties, the international defense journal read by everybody who is anybody in the military-industrial complex, East and West. After publication of his wildly popular book written for the layman, Cook stayed on as Aerospace Consultant and contributor to the journal from 2002 to 2008 and has won four journalism awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society…

Cook believed Die Glocke to be an attempt by the Germans at creating an anti-gravity machine but others have speculated that it was a time machine or even a machine that is able to punch holes in the wave function, which is presently being attempted at CERN…

Around about nightfall on December 9, 1965, thousands witnessed an orange fireball streak across the purple sky heading from northern Canada to western Pennsylvania. Over Ohio, witnesses saw it stop still in mid-air, momentarily hover then change course towards Pennsylvania. It would crash into the forest about a mile and half outside of Kecksburg. The military, along with elements of NASA was on hand seemingly within moments and would clamp Kecksburg and the surrounding area under “virtual martial law”4 till the object was removed on a flatbed truck with a tarp over it. Witnesses that saw the object all described it as acorn shaped and remarkably similar to later descriptions of Die Glocke. The only difference being the unidentified inscriptions, perhaps runic considering SS involvement with Die Glocke, around the raised band at the bottom of the Kecksburg Acorn.

According to a 1998 account of the Kecksburg incident, given prior to Cooks book, an alias Myron “worked as a truck driver for a cement factory belonging to his family at Dayton, Ohio. Two days after the incident occurred at Kecksburg, his firm received a large order for specially glazed bricks from the Wright Patterson Air Field. A representative of the base had had a look at the bricks in stock at the factory and finally ordered 6,500 double-glazed processed bricks, which, he said, “were for building a double-walled shield around a recovered radioactive object.”” Myron would get a look at what they had stashed in a hanger at Wright. He described ““the shadowy outlines of a large bell-shaped object….perhaps about 9 feet wide and 12 feet high. Through a small opening in the tent, Myron could see that it was metallic, like some kind of whitish bronze…””5

Special Agent Phillip Jeffries,
Twin Peaks the Return 2017

Die Glocke is a repetitive and pivotal element in the plot of Hollywood icon David Lynch’s recent tour de force in the return of Twin Peaks showcased on Showtime Networks. That a mainstream media –that no longer has any justification for even existing– has made an orchestrated attempt to ignore that fact in their coverage of Lynch’s occult epiphany should surprise no one.

That it has not even been blogged about yet is perhaps symptomatic of the Zombie Apocalypse Hollywood itself has been warning about for years.

Lynch also covers these phenomena in Twin Peaks 2017, among other things. When the Giant or Firemen, who is representative of the tall Nordics in Frost’s book, is depicted with his floor model Bell it is shown with dents on it, presumably from shaving off treetops which were reported by witnesses of the Kecksburg incident. Special Agent Jeffries is touring the multiverse in the seemingly more mobile but less functional Anglo-American edition, typical of German versus American engineering…

Lynch, like all great artists, will never explain his work but even he appears to be growing impatient with his audience’s lack of sophistication in the esoteric. Of Jeffries touring Bell he was recently quoted as saying “I sculpted that part of the machine that has that tea kettle spout thing,” he told Pitchfork, “but I wish I’d just made it straight because everybody thinks it’s a tea kettle. It’s just a machine.”6 He might have wanted to add that his tea kettle was not blowing smoke rings either but a Toroidal Universe…

From Chris Murphy 01634 686 515
No matter whose novelty voice you use on your satellite navigation system, it’s going to need an awful lot more memory to sort this lot out – and this is just part of the universe we know about at the moment.
NASA said: “What does the universe nearby look like? This plot shows nearly 50,000 galaxies in the nearby universe detected by the Two Micron All Sky Survey in infrared light.
“The resulting image is an incredible tapestry of galaxies that provides limits on how the universe formed and evolved. The dark band across the image centre is blocked by dust in the plane of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Away from the Galactic plane, however, each dot represents a galaxy, colour coded to indicate distance. Bluer dots represent the nearer galaxies in the 2MASS survey, while redder dots indicating the more distant survey galaxies that lie at a redshift near 0.1. Named structures are annotated around the edges. Many galaxies are gravitationally bound together to form clusters, which themselves are loosely bound into superclusters, which in turn are sometimes seen to align over even larger scale structures.”
The picture was put together by Thomas H. Jarrett, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology.


What is

The Toroidal Universe was first proposed by Arthur M. Young back in the late fifties.7 Young, philosopher, author and inventor of the Bell Helicopter,” was an occasional stand in as ringmaster for Andrija (Henry) K. Puharich at his estate at 87 Hawkes Avenue in Ossining, New York.” The Puharich estate burned to the ground in 1978 under suspicious circumstances. Prior to that, known to those that knew it as the Turkey Farm, it had been the site of some of the strangest experiments in the West during the twentieth century, many involving children. “In Hudson Hawk, the 1991 mega-budget flop about Alchemy, Secret Societies, the CIA and the Vatican, actor Bruce Willis who plays Hudson Hawk is asked where he got his tattoo of a Hawk from. He answers “in Ossining, New York…”8 Hudson Hawk is what the locals call the cold wind that blows down the Hudson River.

Bell Laboratories was also closely affiliated with Puharich through the fifty-six patents he held on devices he’d invented spanning the gamut from medical electronics, to neurophysiology, to biocybernetics, many with the stated purpose of being hearing aids for the deaf… Bell worked feverishly all through the fifties attempting to solve what they labeled “The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays,” in a 1957 film produced in collusion with famed Hollywood director Frank Capra.9

In 1964, using a supersensitive prototype antennae Bell had originally been using to detect radio waves bounced off Echo balloon satellites, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered a persistent radiation in a wavelength of 7.35 centimeters. They determined the source of that radiation to be outside the galaxy; and in 1978, they were awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of cosmic background radiation. Many believe the Toroidal Universe Theory is the logical conclusion of Bell’s work with cosmic rays.

“I suppose you don’t know that the phone company killed Kennedy because he was trying to break it up and they’ll never let that happen. They control everything…What you say in the mouth piece is never exactly what comes out the other end…” The words are spoken by Cecil a paranoid schizophrenic in the 1989 movie True Believer. He is a key but unusable witness for the defense in the movies murder trial.10

Ma Bell is just a colloquial term, an attempt to humanize a conglomerate that monopolized communications, particularly in America, from the nineteenth century till 1982 when Bell Systems finally agreed to break itself up rather than lose the anti-trust case the Department of Justice had filed against it in 1974. The Bell System Divestiture became effective in 1984, wherein Bell would lose control of the local telephone service in the United States and Canada, but keep its long distance service and retain control of Western Electric along with half of Bell Labs. There were actually four major American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) companies comprising Bell Systems.

Bell System logo

Bell Operating Companies (BOC) provided local exchange telephone services. Upon the effective date of the Bell System Divestiture, January 1, 1984, they were split into seven independent Regional Bell Operating Companies, henceforth to be known as Baby Bells.

Before that, the Western Electric Company was responsible for all devices connected to the AT&T network. All phones connected to it, household and otherwise, had to be leased from BOC’s. Telephones not supplied by the Bell subsidiaries had to first be transferred to the local BOC who leased the phone back to the customer for a monthly charge in addition to a re-wiring fee.

Western Electric deployed a small army of inspectors checking household voltage levels to determine if non-leased phones were being used by consumers. Western Electric was known for being run with military precision and until this day its heyday remains the gold standard to which corporate management aspires. The American Telephone & Telegraph Long Line Company installed and maintained all wire, cable and the microwave radio relays necessary to provide long distance service to customers. Those are their wires prominently featured in Twin Peaks.

AT&T Longlines
Western Montana 1922

Nuclear hyperbole aside, the transistor was the most important invention of the twentieth century. That scientists working out of Bell Laboratories were given the Nobel Prize for inventing it is indicative of Bell’s status as the cutting edge of communication science in the post-WWII western world.

In fact, it was A Mathematical Theory of Communication, a two-part article by Bell mathematician Claude Shannon appearing in the 1948 July and October issues of the Bell System Technical Journal, which spawned Information Theory; a variation of von Neumann’s Game Theory that deals with the quantification, storage, and communication of information. Information Theory is used in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, neuroscience, electrical engineering and black hole calculations…

Perhaps ‘Cecil’ read the beginning of Shannon’s article… “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point.11

In the summer of 1931, Karl Jansky working out of Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey and using a specially built rotating antenna designed to receive radio waves at a frequency of 20.5 MHz detected a faint steady hiss of unknown origin. After a year of scientific scrutiny he determined that the source of the noise was the center of the galaxy. In 1933, lauded by no less than the New York Times in their May 5, 1933 edition, Jansky published his classic paper “Electrical disturbances apparently of extraterrestrial origin.” The paper would give rise to the science of Radio Astronomy and its now widely agreed among the scientific community that he should have won a Nobel Prize for it but inexplicably Bell refused to finance any further research on the subject and transferred Jansky to another project. He would die suddenly at age forty-four of a heart attack…

Since then scientists working out of Bell Laboratories have been awarded a total of eight Nobel Prizes, seven in physics. The first was in 1937 when they shared it for demonstrating the wave nature of matter. In fifty-six three Bell scientists were awarded physics most coveted prize for inventing the transistor even though Germanys Oskar Heil “held several patents for “transistor-like” devices before the war.”12

In seventy-seven, the celebrated prize was shared for improving the understanding of the electronic structure of glass and magnetic materials. Then there was Penzias’ and Wilson’s in seventy-eight. The prize was shared by Steven Chu in 1997 for his development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light. In ninety-eight, the Nobel Prize in physics was again awarded to three Bell scientists, this time for discovering and explaining the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. In 2009 two Bell scientists shared it for their invention of the charge-coupled device; a device that moves an electrical charge, usually from within the device itself, to an area where it can be manipulated. In 2014 it was shared in chemistry.

By the seventies, Bell had established a “worldwide network of scientists, industrialists, writers and philosophers at the cutting edge of new developments in physics, parapsychology, psychology and other fields.” The network, composed of three hundred and fifty experts from twenty countries, was loosely supervised by Ira Einhorn, the man who invented ‘Earth Day’ and history’s most influential hippie. Einhorn was most likely being handled for Bell by Arthur Young, who was a close personal friend of Henry Puharich, MK Ultra’s Söze and Ira Einhorn’s mentor. Bell’s “network was the subject of a study by the Diebold Corporation in 1978, with the grandiose and somewhat impenetrable title of ‘The Emergence of Personal Communication Networks Among People Sharing the New Values and Their Possible Use in Sensitizing Operating Management’, which compared it to the ‘Invisible College’ of seventeenth-century Britain,” now known as the Royale Society…13

Arthur Young – Visionary

If anybody knew just what was really in Ma Bell’s lingerie draw it was Arthur Young. He was arguably Bell’s best scientist; they employed so many great ones. But he was certainly their most visionary. Many looked up to him as their spiritual guide and guru. Guys like Puharich and von Neumann worked for no one. They had their own agendas and the corporate oligarchy of the West literally threw money at them to stay in their loop. Young was not in that league. Outside of the scientists coming out of Germany nobody was. Young had to go to Bell to finance his helicopter project. They didn’t come to him. But what Young had that von Neumann, Puharich and others like them seemed to lack was a strong moral compass. In his later years he would remark “it’s the erosion that science has made in our moral fiber that I’m trying to combat.”14

To Young, everything had a purpose and value and to know them was as essential to understanding the universe as knowledge of time and space. He ridiculed scientists who believed that, because man is a biological machine, his automated state implied that he had no purpose. By their very nature, all machines have a purpose. After he perfected the helicopter Young set about working out a “systematic theory of process, a theory that includes purpose or first cause as a formal ingredient.”15

“Young’s theory of process began when he was an undergraduate in the mathematics department at Princeton.” He would leave Princeton in 1927 two years before von Neumann got there. But he already shared von Neumann’s distaste for the Theory of Relativity and a determinate universe, if not for Einstein himself. “Thirty years later he developed his toroidal or donut-shaped model of the universe, a model which is only now coming into favor to explain problems in fundamental physics.”16

In Young’s own words “the theory of relativity describes the universe in terms of space-time and events, events distributed in space-time. You could think of them like dots on a Christmas tree or dots in space. Only the space includes not just three dimensions but the dimension of time. Events in the future are listed as well as events now. So the whole thing becomes a rather static picture, but to me I’ve been through a very drastic personal experience in 1927 and time could not be represented as structured. Time carried surprise, carried the unexpected. The direction of time was essential. So this led to my calling of the theory of time structure, and then I assumed shifted to a theory of process, but at that time I didn’t have any concept of stages or finite number of stages or especially that the stages should have a distinct character. If structure can be represented, be this fear that everything there fixed in space-time, then this other dimension of folding in on itself which is supplied, which is supplied by the torus deals with the possibility of change, this growingness. Because this growingness is not just a subsidence of an agitation that started with the big bang, it’s a growing from within that the universe does to itself. The universe creates creatures that can grow and move and eventually reflect on the nature of the universe.”17

In a lecture given during the eighties, after pointing out the mathematical problems presented by a spherical universe Young puts his globe prop away and tells his audience “I’m not responsible for that…” He then produces a large white artificial donut as a new prop, saying “but I have an alternative universe.” Young rotates the two-dimensional skin that is the surface of the three-dimensional donut horizontally and it can be seen that there is a black circle drawn on the white skin. As the circle emerges from the hole in the top of the donut, it is expanding; and when it enters the hole on the bottom of the donut it is contracting, “closing in on itself.”

Young tells his audience “in a way this is what’s already recognized by science in what’s known as the Einstein Eddington Hypersphere. But it’s only on the condition that the universe which we now have will eventually close back on itself. The concepts involved in the notion of black holes where you have all things going back into this hole and disappearing, let’s hope coming out the other side as a white hole. But see we have that concept contained here, that the white hole would be when its generating out, expanding. And the black hole when it’s going back in.”18

A toroidal model of the universe

NeuroQuantology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that synthesizes neuroscience with quantum physics.

In a thesis published in the September 2017 issue, Dirk Meijer Emeritus Professor in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Targeting at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and his co-writer Hans Geesink a credited expert in Mineral Nanotechnology postulate that consciousness resides in a “4th spatial dimension” outside of the brain and the three dimensions plus time that are apparent to man. Although phantasmagorical to human senses “ Its functional structure is adequately defined by the geometry of the torus, that is envisioned as a basic unit (operator) of space-time.”

The authors also note in the Abstract that the brain itself appears to “be embedded in a holographic structured field that interacts with resonant sensitive structures in the various cell types in our body.” They propose that the neural system is a receiver, receiving frequencies from standing waves that resonate through the universe and interpreting them into the sensual world it exists in. It is this translation of “wave information into brain tissue, that thereby is instrumental in high speed conscious and sub-conscious information processing” known to take place in the human mind but that neural science alone is unable to account for.19

The authors assert that “the nested torus in modeling fractal aspects of the cognitive process” is essential in gaining a full understanding of neurobiology. They cite among others Karl Pribram famed neuroscientist and the true father of the “fractal-holographic universe” as to why they “prefer to postulate a nested torus modality in modeling cognition.” In figure 3 illustrations of the universe, black holes, a galaxy, the earth’s magnetic field, plant geometry, photon geometry, electromagnetics, and DNA, are given as examples of “rotational geometry at all scales of reality.” Included is a graphic of a torus superimposed over the human body as the theoretical “nested toroidal geometry of the human body, heart and brain.”20

The Torus is the basic unit of time and space, the recursive fractal that is the smallest possible piece of the entire hologram. Every Torus is interconnected in a universal network with every other Torus and every Torus photon contains the information of the whole Torus universe. In fact every Torus can contract into a photon when it enters a black hole and expands into a universe when it is expelled from a white one. It is happening simultaneously and in perpetuity, providing the space in which consciousness floats, ever expanding and ever contracting…

In Minkowski Space, there is no time; “the concept of the “now”, the brief interval that divides the past from the future, is absent in all fundamental mathematical formulations, both in classical physics and in quantum physics.” As noted by Hermann Minkowski himself, the man who added the fourth dimension so his student’s theory of relativity would be mathematically feasible; “our actual universe, being all our moments, past, present and future, coexist, but we can’t directly see or experience that fact. We experience our moments serially, one after the other, such that only the present moment is what’s actual for us.”21

Special Agent Dale Cooper has waited twenty-five years in the Red Room to kill “two birds…with one stone”22 and now the time has come. A gust of air blows the red drapes up revealing an endless black and white chevron floor stretching into darkness. Standing in the middle of the endless black and white wave pattern is a white horse, beyond it the black void. The wind dies down and the Red Room is calm again. The disembodied entity named MIKE reappears across from Cooper and asks “is it…Future…or… is it… past?”23

Must be a donut for Jeffries tea…

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  3. Yes, of course, JHeart.
    The Enter Web is trying to tell me that synarchism means harmonious rule. Obviously, these entities who run this reality machine are screwing the pooch as evidenced by the fact that the NYC FBI field office has the audacity to include options on their cyber crime report page for both Terrorism, (Um hello that would be the guy who signs your paycheck) and Missing and Exploited Children (um hello that includes the guy who signs your paycheck.) So as I believe I argued in one of my entertaining blog comments, language has been hijacked (no pun intended.) It was a passing comment but I was paying attention when I was instructed that words have the power to kill. Thank you for your undying patience.

    • PS
      I advise them to resign their posts and take up the fight against Tyranny. Too bad they don’t give that option on their Web page.

  4. David,
    You are a trip. I underestimated you. You sound a lot like MK but I’ll know him if and when he decides to take up the offer of peace? All I know is that my only child is dying because of their godless war and their fruitless laws. In desperation I found redemption at JackHeart and Friends. This is very serious to me. I owe them.
    I was driven to my knees by grief. Lately, I haven’t gone downtown so to speak. Maybe you have to be a woman to understand the grief I feel when I consider how I’ve been raped both physically and emotionally by this reality. My fury is real. My desire is real. I looked for a man worthy of my submission. I will submit and take his logic over my unbridled murderous emotion. That’s all I’m getting at. I think the wise know better than to be too sure of themselves. The word humility gets a bad rep but it does not mean humiliation. It is the way of strength. I was mentored by the best. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to keep their company. I’ve been doing this for almost a year. At the least, grant me this, it’s a man’s world and if you’re me you gotta act like a man sometimes. I’m not as well read as you are or as they are but it didn’t thwart me. I laid my pride on the butchers block and I’d do it again. That’s just me because sometimes a gal finds herself in the position where there is no way out and no place to go but up. Thank you very much. I welcome your corespondence because when you’re not holding out on me I find you fascinating.

  5. As we continue to be the unauthorized historians of synarchism, let the ripples ripple. Time to remember the dynamic nature of past and future, to shape the present experience. See the dystopia offered to you for what it is, refuse the stage management done by fake mustached Groucho Marx. Enter the blueprint offered, by Norse weltanschauung, among others –of which we only remember fragments currently– in this way, dynamic future and past. A different dream will emerge. For those ready to claim this level of existence, why wouldn’t you?

    • Synarchism means rule by secret society’s, there is nothing secret about Dick Cheesy and his wife’s plans to subjugate the world under their own demented brand of Christian millennialism. I strongly doubt that Tricky Dicky even knows that SS stands for DIE HERREN VOM SCHWARZEN STEIN, let alone what the Black Stone is. Associating his name, a man who never even had a fight in the school yard, with the brave men in the SS who fought so gallantly against an Anglo-American Empire that has spent the last seventy years showing the world just what they are really about is just about as low as it gets; another words a fine days work for the Schlomos who rewrite everything that comes to their attention on Wikipedia…

    • Emma, we document things, events, concepts. The hidden currents and shenanigans. They don’t go away by pretending they don’t exist, that just makes it easier to hide. Just like a (fictional) higher vampire from Witcher 3 said, he prefers modern society, where people don’t believe such beings exist.

    • You also seem to have missed the word unauthorized. Very few of them I would characterize as chatty schoolgirls, and if you wish for the certainty of a young SJW, there are other playgrounds and ideologies. Perhaps a better blueprint with less stage management can be rediscovered and employed. But it helps to know Point A, before setting out for B, in my view.

    • Emma, would you believe there are factions, adversaries even, who may use same structures of organizing? That nationality is a very poor way of looking at things in this realm? What you quoted above, Jack would call the Bohrman deal. Now you could stop there, like most media would cater it for you, the 3rd rails of good taste, the labels and what not. Just get the entertainment value of it, Hollywood loves delivering dark and gritty nowadays. I bet there is a screenwriter mining this article right now. Or with a little discernment, look past stage management and ask any of the following: What are the boundaries of science, magic, and alchemy. What patterns do you see in terms of strange personage, pillars of modern tech life, running contrary to stated rationale? I know this isn’t the first of our articles that you have read. Hope this helps

  6. David,
    “It was a command and a demand” sounds like I submitted. I did. I did that because I don’t bow down to another human being but there are times when I must down to something.
    Human beings are limited by the constraints of the physical reality. By that mechanism it is often necessary for them to bend their knees in “prayer.” The physical action of kneeling is a sign of strength of ones will to transcend the common and base urges that plague the mind and in essence the spirit. The Templars, the warriors for this age, will back me up. They bow to the Goddess. They bow to her because she is the first and the last. She is the embodiment of creation. Anyone who operates in a state of savage defiance creates his own undoing as evidenced by the twisted reality in which I was imprisoned. Paradoxically, defiance when operating in cooperation with natural is fuel for the survival mechanism. Jack Heart and his friends put a key into my hand. He set me loose on this place. It is a constant struggle, although some days are better than others, for me to reign in my ego in favor of creating a condition wherein I may act in a manner which facilitates my highest self. When I call to god I am calling my higher self to guide me. No man who is capable of recognizing that there is a higher power and he ain’t it can be chastised or demeaned by his brother.
    This is my opinion and it is a fact.
    Thank you for your correspondence. I welcome all takers and givers 🙂

    • To be sovereign and whole is not savage defiance. It is, I Am. or acknowledgement and statement of independent thought free from the need of rescue. Contact with the invisible is intoxicating, and if a vein is found then we sometimes want to put that needle in over and over. But here, is the fork in the road to true sovereignty as we learn to confront and question or obey and submit. In our world there are things best left to us, and just as we may not understand spirit, they also do not fully understand us. Therefore, the long long lesson of this ends with communion, and at this, we do not show up to bow or kneel. The honorable gesture of submission and complete devotion to do something, anything at all, to make the world better, accompanied by a recognition that we are incapable without direct input, or that we as humans have not the tools to do it, is a proposal of exchange. The shield, sword, and helmet is not Roman or Hebrew invention. It is ancient, and it is not gender specific. It is when the woman has these, that she is flanked by male guards as she approaches the altar. And she does not kneel, but walks forward and stands, and in a sacred and forthright manner, speaks her position.
      If I approach to submit, or to abandon self responsibility, then that is a different teacher that comes. And the process takes us and grinds submission from our possibilities and brings no reward but chaos and confusion.
      There are exceptions of course, as when an initiate comes and has fire of devotion, the kneeling is not to spirit, but to the children of our own , a gesture from our own body to our spirit. it is not commanded or demanded, and the pledge is not an exchange of commitment for instruction, but a sign of priority and foundation of the journey. In this way, spirit becomes companion and respect is mutual. But our world is ours and the children and the life all around are our personal responsibility.
      And when we act with purpose and heart, sovereignty, dedication and tireless work, and the deed is done and the journey is complete, then maybe the angels bow. The spirit world is as natural as the trees and grass in this world, but it is not their turn and some things we may want is neither their place to give it nor is it healthy. What mother carries her 10 year old healthy son or daughter, when they can and should walk on their own.
      Ask for courage, and frightening things come. Ask for information and puzzles galore. But just do, and the surprises come and go like the wind. There is no higher power worth attention, that seeks submission or favor. Quite the opposite. If you are a rock, then stand up as a mountain. If you hear your name called as if from a little person, then that is enough. They are with you. It is your turn.

  7. David,
    “It was a command and a demand” sounds like I submitted. I did. I did that because I don’t bow down to another human being but I must down to something.
    Human beings are limited by the constraints of this reality. By that mechanism it is often necessary for them to bend their knees in “prayer.” The physical action of kneeling is a sign of strength of ones will to transcend the common and base urges that plague the mind and in essence the spirit. The Templars, the warriors for this age, will back me up. They bow to the Goddess. They bow to her because she is the first and the last. She is the embodiment of creation. Anyone who operates in a state of savage defiance creates his own undoing as evidenced by the twisted reality in which I was imprisoned. Jack Heart and his friends put a key into my hand. He set me loose on this place. It is a constant struggle, although some days are better than others, for me to reign in my ego in favor of creating a condition wherein I may act in a manner which facilitates my highest self. When I call to god I am calling my higher self to guide me. No man who is capable of recognizing that there is a higher power and he ain’t it can be chastised or demeaned by his brother.
    This is my opinion and it is a fact.
    Thank you for your correspondence. I welcome all takers and givers 🙂

  8. Dr. Heart,

    My dear father in law who is in his mid eighties worked for Ma Bell for 41 years and boy you should see how he lives in retirement! He built a huge house after he retired and always has new expensive trucks and he was working class and got promoted to management for the last decade of his career.

    He did all the phone wiring for the presidents when they came to town and was in charge of all the crews and he has pics with himself with like 5 different presidents!

    I will have to get his perspective on his career over those years Jack….


  9. Jack

    Great article!

    Must admit this stuff way above my pay grade however , I always try to avoid “arrogant is as arrogant does” as some do!


    • Nine,
      What’s up? What do you mean? Who’s arrogant? Am I arrogant? Aren’t these facts? They sure look like facts to me but I’m not as smart as they are. I mean it looks pretty tight. It looks like it’s on time? I’m dying to hear what you have to say about the new peice over there on Patreon. I don’t have any friends who I can talk about this stuff. It looks like Big B and MK are MIA. Can you imagine if I told my psychiatrist about this? Oh, yeah doctor by the way this friend of mine in New York is gonna turn off this reality with a magic spell. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll just tell them. I’ll see what they say. You said you have a daughter. It know that you like me. Everyone does. I’m in it to win it with my MK Ultra people as well but I’m still ass out cause everytime I yell at them people look at me like I’m crazy.

  10. Mr. Odell,
    You have missed my point. No one said anything about blowing smoke up the buttocks of the author. You obviously think too much of yourself if you endeavor to convince yourself that I would use any of my precious energy in order to slander you. I’m a cheap date but not that cheap. I was merely pointing out that your sexist nonsense about hysterical women breaking dishes could have been left out of your dubious yet entertaining comments. I gave you a little more rope than I probably would have had you not revealed your ambition to rework the periodic table. Furthermore, my record as a commenter speaks for itself. If you dare, go and read Heart and the others off the chain in those comments but be prepared to have your mind splinted. The commenters over at Heart’s blog including his Partner operate in a different sort of realm. I am new here at VT and my spidey sense tells me that like the song says “It’s a man’s world” or predominantly so. (Easy, Easy, D & D I know your hearts)
    I personally will not be dominanted nor do I wish to dominate. With that said I will not remain silent while WE, meaning us women are caricatured. This vocation, this tasting club, was not a conscious choice on my part. It was a demand and it was a command. I have no choice but to raise my voice. I have nothing left for you. Do your worst and good luck.

    • Good statement of sovereignty. The command and demand thingy sounds like the application does not apply to spirit. If I am told to kneel during ceremony, I do not, nor should you. Refuse and instead apply sovereignty as you have done here. If a group are following guidance and are obedient throughout, then that will grind down into domination. I never advocate for such things. Domination is not something I seek or like to see.
      “This vocation, this tasting club, was not a conscious choice on my part. It was a demand and it was a command.”

  11. Khalid. Choices in the moment prove free will. The artists do it all the time. If I say, “specific ideas come from specific times” I am specifically speaking about external stimuli that are known in frequency and content, that factor in to decisions and in many cases the content also. If you have no control, then what are you doing ?
    Realize our insignificance ? To the contrary, I study work and promote our potential.
    Evolution is happening in front of our eyes. The degree to how this impacts our decisions today is the discussion. There is no decision in the beginning, but there is much to decide about the end. A short visit to the hospital proves this.

  12. Mr. Odell,
    I respectfully disagree with your assessment about being a commenter, Mr. Odell. I agree with your observation that sometimes being a commenter is in fact a vocation spawned from the love of god/goddess. I don’t think that’s what you meant but I’ll have to take it. If you’d really wanted your ego stroked your best bet would have been trying your hand over in the deeper waters on the blog. Every key stroke enters the collective that’s why it’s a good idea to try to set a good example in my opinion. I’m sorry to hear about those poor dishes. Personally, I never bothered breaking dishes only busting balls 😉
    May blessings surround you and yours this season.

    • Tara , Authors write articles, and commenters comment on the articles. I’d rather be an observer than a listener any day. The man mopping a floor at 4 am in Chicago is following god. The commenter is to author as the taster is to the cook. And the person flushing the toilet on the 23rd floor cares not about the man who plumbed the pipes. What good is the taster who lies to the cook ?

  13. Aleister Crowley is off topic here. That is a quote in the text is from his Book of the Law where he “predicted” both WW II and the debasing of everything the Abrahamic religions have ever held dear in the eighties. In Frosts book Crowley is wearing the Twin Peaks ring so I will tell you what I know when I cover it and what I think in the comment section of the piece I cover it in. The topic here, really, is the Toroidal Universe.

  14. Well Peter if you follow the directions in the comments about going back to the Black Sun Rising 5 for the citations, you will find Schauberger’s own memos and patent applications (one reproduced here), among other things (Orage did this for a living in Hollywood), then you would realize we are not giving you our account but Schauberger’s.

  15. Bell is an interesting guy. Big in eugenics crowd. Helped along the idea of compulsory sterilization. I personally do not think he should be attributed the invention of the telephone. I go with Elisha Gray. Looking at some things perhaps others do not, such as the components of time, the anomalies of same day filing for the patent from Gray and Bell, and the curious fact that Bell died on Gray’s birthdate, I find Bell to be a highly suspicious character in many things. The case of the telephone, is a good example why patents should be outlawed.
    Things pertaining to energy, food, and medicine or any essential mechanization should not be allowed to be held captive by individuals. Bells fascination with superiority and exclusivity helped to fuel modern greed and control mechanisms during a time when the opportunity presented itself to shape a different future.

    • Perhaps mans next step in evolution will be to prove that the ideas for invention and useful implements do not come from an individuals brain, but from a collective that actively seeks a vessel at the proper time. Simultaneous invention is part proof of this. Mendeleev got his periodic table in a dream. Law and Academia with religion sprinkled on top, combine to inhibit our progress and hoard the treasure of the universe under the guise of patent. Specific ideas come from specific places in time space, and like now, sometimes burst into reality with such speed and vigor, that we cannot explain it any other way. There is no man or woman who is the originator of idea or invention, but can only claim , they received the call. That’s why most cultures use the term messenger, to describe it. An invention can not be owned any more than the US postal service owns the mail. They are like children, grabbing and screaming , Mine !

    • David, still talking, sometimes you gotta listen, I do, it can be just as rewarding as talking. Bell, which Bell, Alexander graham Bell, Bell’s theorem, the Liberty Bell, Bell systems? Sounds to me like a program put in there by a Bell, maybe the next step in evolution is to realize that we did not evolve at all but are just part of the program.
      They have went as far as they can go with neurobiology David, Pribram was dicing and slicing monkey brains till his hands bled, don’t think they weren’t doing the same with humans in the backrooms of Stamford. They know there is more there than just the biological object, which is why they have married physics to neurology. We will be using this; you are the type of guy who might find it interesting. Your name has come up in our own comment section David, all good at least on my part.

    • Jack, Good article btw, the toroidal donut thingy is central to my revamped periodic table. The 84 primordial elements then fit neatly into 4 quadrants with each quadrant expanding in concert with the Fibonacci sequence. I am a horrible listener and have no aspiration of improving on the dreadful act. No number of dishes thrown by women has turned me, so I am probably set. I am however a decent observer, and I just comment as whatever I am observing tickles. I haven’t read a book in years. If my name came up elsewhere, they either mean someone else with my name or they have too much time on their hands. I’m a commenter, for the love of god, it’s little more than typing practice and ego massage.

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