Pentagon: “The Death of ISIS, to US, is Like One of Our Children Dying”

Duff on Press TV


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  1. The Parasite has looted the host and is moving on. Not just the Middle East and North Africa, but Pump and Dump Trump is doing a good job for his Masters in the USA too. At least one paper advocated that China takes over Policing the ME and Africa and this would fit the logic of a gradually expanding The Power, (“something that came out of the Middle East, more like a Big Bowl of Spaghetti”) that inflates and then collapse Empires in a Millenial Long Strategy. Planned Political Power Structures are already in place for Russia, China and India, so that the International Fixers (Bankers?) have their Game Plan in place. But can they handle the pace of the shortening Cycle of Empire? (see Paul Kennedy). One can only hope not and that the Age Old Cultures of Russia, China and India can shine through against the wave of the Culture Wars that have been and are unleashed against them. We are Cursed with living in Interesting Times.

    • Look at the map. The Balkanisation is a reality and unless Syria can get back the Kurd occupied oil they are finished as a State. They, Syria Iraq KSA Israel Gulf States, were all a construct of Sykes Picot in the first place anyway. Versailles was run by the likes of Bernard Baruch and “Colonel” Howse. Further, as Putin said: “I am not your friend, I am the President of Russia”, so Russia is less likely to attack the Syrian Kurd/USA coalition than to Do Deals. The Russians play a slow game. They are essential to Assad with the Med. Naval Base, so without oil revenue, then Assad is a Russian Puppet. It is, however, easy to see why KSA, Israel and the USA are spewing over the Shia Crescent.

  2. all baloney. many evil people in the USA. amerika the great satan turned out to be more true than anybody could have ever believed.

  3. There is only one reason for the USA to exist It is Israels address for world domination and that is The White House Washington DC who control all of the American politicians Lock stock and smoking barrel I KID YOU NOT

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