Psalms 77:8: “Not Being Thankful Can Lead To Apostasy’


Psalms 77:8: “Not Being Thankful Can Lead To Apostasy’
By: Eric Gajewski
“The “Israelites” didn’t give thanks, complained, and then worshipped a golden calf. Then God struck some dead”

So, we just passed the day when we all are supposed to give thanks and then sadly most go back to their routine of not giving thanks to God. Or even worse we get mad at God when things do not go “our way”. We say thank you for the turkey and mashed potatoes on Thursday then get angry at God because we were “shorted” at burrito at taco bell on Saturday. It is a sin which can get dangerously out of control as you will see. Yea, you know it happens.

Is this one day of the year all for show?

Psalms 77 speaks out against an evil generation whose spirit was not right with God’s. Yes, we can take a look back at analyzing this crisis, in the Church, and see how churchmen were continually pulled towards the “way of the world”, a decade or so, even before the evil Second Vatican Council. We see, generally speaking, how, we go from not being thankful to God and thinking we are self-sufficient to….. all out apostasy.

Boy, are we ever close to the Great Apostasy! Where man will be convinced that he is sufficient in and of himself. Yet, it all goes back to not being habitually thankful unto the true God for everything we are and have. It is a “slippery slope” from not being thankful to a state a full-blown apostasy. Let me discuss further.

Psalms 77:8 “A generation that set not their heart aright: and whose spirit was not faithful to God.” Our hearts are not right when we don’t give thanks unto God daily. The churchmen of the 40’s and 50’s began to be lulled asleep by the false gospel that the world was preaching. It crept into men’s hearts so much so that not too many picked up on the evil doctrines in Vatican II and still for others, many didn’t care. Religion became almost robotic with individuals not being able to recognize errors and heresies.

There were ill hearts following an ill spirit behind the second Vatican council. Then from this “spirit of Vatican II” came false doctrines, not only at Vatican II, but subsequently since then.

It seems like one lie and novelty after another these days doesn’t it?

The laity simply didn’t care too much then and now largely still follow in false obedience. I must do what my Bishop says! Be careful, your bishop, one day, just might take the mark of the beast and you, following along, on the Vatican II, path to hell, will be not too far behind him. It is a reality, in these modern times, that, man and the world, has replaced the true God.

It is no wonder why Vatican II was summarized by Pope Paul the 6th as being representative of the “cult of man’. No more Christ the King just religious liberty this and that. Indifferentism much?

If we are not thankful we are truly not void of self-love. We rely on Gods grace for everything. Literally. And yet so many wont even take two minutes out in humility to thank God for what we have and perhaps thank God for those prayers unanswered. We must make this act of the heart (thanksgiving) habitual. I caught myself several times this week eating before even saying thanks and saying a prayer over the food that He provides for me.

It is not acceptable.

For I am not self- sufficient I need His help every second of the day. If I do not habitually give thanks perhaps I will be one of those who turns to the world, accepts false doctrines and then one day turns my back on Christ like Judas altogether.


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  1. Well it is appropriate to point out, that the Holiday of Thanksgiving was born of the Christian Theology and the manifest destiny philosophy, after the Christian pilgrims massacred the Pequot village and thereafter ordained the Holiday to give thanks to “God” , (specifically the one of suffering and agony and blood and thorny crowns and more blood and a little whipping then dehydration and some more torture) for their great “victory” which was actually a case of a Lynch mob gone bat shit crazy. The added insult of thanking god for the victory should at least be mentioned in any Catholic sermons about the Holiday as apology and plan for setting it right. Instead, this Doctrine of Discovery is alive and well in the church, and the optics are horrible. It is baffling how the church or people who claim to be , churchy, can just walk on by and pretend all is forgiven. It is not. There needs to be recompense. Visible and discernible, not rhetoric.

    • The list of crimes by the church are long and the self evident proof that “the system” or practice or even anything claimed as truth, has born itself out in your product. Segregation, guilt, death, child abuse, whack-a-mole pedophiles, stubbornness, and a complete lack of evidence for any substantial reason for the sucking of funds from the populace. The church is a thief, and a liar. You should spend your time wisely as it grows short. Pack up your own junk and give the funds back to the people, before they come to take it. You damage more souls than you will ever dream to help. I wouldn’t trust you with the spiritual well being of a stone.

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