Uri Avnery – Who is a Fake Jew in Israel?


A Terrible Thought (the original title)

by Uri Avnery,  … with Gush Shalom

Which side is Gabbay really on? Left or Right?

[ Editor’s note: Uri brings us another wonderful internal Israeli politics exposé, which he is so good at doing, as no one knows where all the political skeletons are buried in Israel better than he.

But he exhibits his perennial blindside by ignoring how Zionism itself may be to blame for the political exploitation the country has always endured – never mind the economic exploitation, which he rarely mentions, as it showcases Jews feeding on Jews when there are not better victims to be found.

At first, I was caught off guard with this right wing party founding member, Avi Gabbay not only moving over to the Labor Party, but quickly becoming its leader. “What’s up wid dat?” After reading he was a successful businessman, I thought, “Ah, they want someone to improve their finances.”

But further down the article, Uri shows his shock at the new leader attacking the Labor Party’s principles, even going so far as to challenge its Jewishness; I was no longer confused, but Uri spends the rest of the article searching for why Gabbay could justify doing this.

“My dear Uri, you got sand-bagged here, fella. The Right sent a Trojan Horse into your ranks, with just one guy inside to burn Labor down by making it look like the ship of fools, and one of the last people you would want to turn the country over to.”

Uri has come a long way from his days as a teenage Irgun messenger

Uri never saw this coming, but it is entertaining to see Israeli Jews using “Who is a real Jew?” as a political club to beat on each other. That is the rough-and-tumble of Israeli politics, which has an old “take no prisoners” history.

By that I don’t mean just defeating adversaries, but following up on the urge to eliminate them. The best visual image of this was the photos and video of the Zionists who had brought sofas, wine and picnic food up to the hills overlooking Gaza at twilight to enjoy watching it get bombed by the IDF, with cheers going up when phosphorous shells were used.

I sympathize with Uri’s peace for Palestine and two state solution agenda that he has fought for most of his life, but he still has a glass chin when it comes to getting the Zionist fist smashed into his face. I guess that is better than being a Palestinian living a lifetime of being exploited, and for what…Jewishness maybe? Jim W. Dean ]

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We honor Uri’s long fight to bring peace to Palestine, but the deck is stacked against him

– First published … November 25, 2017

Avi Gabbay is the new leader of the Israeli Labor Party. Until recently, he was a founding member of a moderate right-wing party, Kulanu (“We all”). Without ever being elected to the Knesset, he served as a junior minister.

He resigned when Avigdor Lieberman, considered by many as a semi-fascist (and the “semi” is far from certain), was allowed to join the government as Minister of Defense, the second most important post.

Suddenly, A terrible thought struck me. What if Avi Gabbay really believes what he is saying? Impossible. He cannot really believe all those things. No, no. But if he does? Where does that leave us?

In a bold move, Gabbay left Kulanu and joined the Labor Party (also known as “the Zionist Camp”) and was soon elected its chairman.

However, he did not become the official “Leader of the Opposition”, because he was not a member of the Knesset. (The formal title remained with his predecessor, the very nice but rather insignificant Yitzhak Herzog.)

One of Gabbay’s outstanding qualities is the fact that he is “Oriental”, an Eastern Jew. He is the seventh of eight children in a family that immigrated from Morocco in 1964, just three years before his birth.

This is very important. The Labor Party is decried as “Western” (or Ashkenazi), the party of the social elites, estranged from the mass of the Orientals. It must overcome this characterization if it ever wants to attain power again.

In the Likud Party, the situation is the exact opposite. The mass of Likud voters are Orientals, but Binyamin Netanyahu is as Ashkenazi as you can get. The Orientals adore him, as they have never adored any Oriental leader.

BUT GABBAY’S origin is not his only attribute. From his humble beginnings he climbed the heights of economic success. He became the CEO of one of Israel’s most important corporations, amassing a personal fortune on the way.

He is not a charismatic leader, not a person to arouse the masses. Indeed, his face is easily forgotten. But he took with him from the business world a sound, logical way of thinking. In politics, logic is a rare commodity. It can be obstructive. The question now is: where does logic take him?

DURING HIS few months as leader of the Labor Party, Gabbay has deeply shocked many party members. Shocked them to the core. About once a week, usually on Shabbat, Gabbay lets loose a statement that seemingly contradicts everything the party has stood for during its more than one hundred years of existence.

He once declared that peace does not mean that any of the many dozens of settlements in the occupied territories must be removed. Until then, the party line was that only the “settlement blocs” – located hard on the Green line – could remain, within the framework of an agreed exchange of territories, and that all the others must be removed. Gabbay’s announcement caused quite a stir, since it probably makes the “Two-State solution” impossible.

West bank Zionist settlements

On another occasion, Gabbay announced that he would never set up a coalition with the “United List”, the only Arab list in the Knesset. This list consists of three separate – and very different – Arab parties, which were compelled to unite when Lieberman (the same) raised the minimum electoral threshold in order to eliminate them.

It is very difficult (if not impossible) to put together a leftist majority in the Knesset without the Arab list. The Oslo agreement would never have come into being if the Arab members had not given their unwavering support to Yitzhak Rabin (but without joining his government).

To make matters worse, Gabbay announced that the only Arab member of the Labor Party in Parliament – a popular sports commentator – would not be in the next Knesset. His crime: he criticized the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which promised the Jews a national home in Palestine, which at the time was an Arab land.

THE CLIMAX (so far) came last week, To top it all, Gabbay did something that many Labor members found abhorrent.

There are in Israel tens of thousands of non-Jewish African refugees, especially from Sudan and Eritrea. They have been held for several months in an open semi-detention facility, which is vastly superior to conditions at home.

Israeli policemen and immigration officers arrest African asylum seekers near the Israeli Egyptian border, forcing them back to imprisonment, Negev Desert, June 29, 2014. A group of African asylum seekers settled in a small forest after marching from the Holot detention center, where they were jailed, to the Israel-Egypt border in protest of Israel’s asylum policies, calling on the UN and the Red Cross to intervene. More than 800 Asylum seekers tried to reach to the border fence with Egypt, saying Israeli is not checking their asylum requests and they therefore seek to leave the country.

Others vegetate in the poor quarters of Tel Aviv, doing occasional jobs and competing with poor inhabitants, making them very angry.

Israel claims to be a “Jewish State”. Jews have been persecuted refugees for centuries. But now the government has decided not only to stem the flow, but to pay to dispose of the refugees who are already here: paying the government of Rwanda 5000 dollars for every refugee they accept from us.

The refugees themselves will also get 3500 dollars each if they go voluntarily. If they refuse, they will be put in a real prison indefinitely.

Deported? Imprisoned? In a “Jewish” state? Incredible. And here comes Gabbay and calls upon his party to vote for this atrocity! Aa if all this was not enough, Gabbay said something else incredible. He denounced his party’s stand on Judaism.

Years ago, Netanyahu was caught on camera whispering into the ear of a very old rabbi that “the Labor Party has forgotten what it means to be Jewish”. Incredibly, Gabbay repeated this accusation, announcing that the Labor Party had indeed “forgotten what it means to be Jewish”.

Nothing could be more shocking than that. The party was founded a century ago by convinced atheists, like David Ben-Gurion, who refused to put a kippah on his head even at funerals. (Sometimes even I do so out of courtesy to religious mourners.)

Theodor Herzl

The entire Zionist enterprise started as a rebellion against religion. Almost all the important rabbis of his day condemned Theodor Herzl, the founding father, as a heretic and cursed him in no uncertain terms.

God Himself evicted the Jews from their country because of their sins, and only God could send His Messiah to bring them back there, if and when He pleases.

The Zionist Labor Movement has always been profoundly atheistic, except for minuscule religious elements. What Gabbay was saying now amounted to an ideological revolution. (By the way, gabbay is the Hebrew word for the administrator of a synagogue.)

Nobody is quite sure what “to be Jewish” means nowadays. Does Judaism represent a religion, a nation, or both? Does it only mean that one identifies with Jewish history and tradition, or that one believes in a God who has “chosen us from among the peoples”? And who the hell cares?

SO DOES Gabbay really believe all this stuff, or is it just political propaganda? It may well be the latter. Gabbay is a seasoned businessman. His logic is that of a businessman. It adds numbers.

There are two ways to view the Israeli political landscape. One is the simple one: adding election results. According to this system, the Right now enjoys a clear majority. Apart from the Likud, it consists of two extreme rightist parties, the “Jewish Home” and “Israel is Our Home”, Kulanu and two Orthodox parties.

Gabbay has been gabby

The Left (or “Center-Left” as they like to call themselves these days) consists of Labor, Meretz, Ya’ir Lapid’s “There is a Future” and the Arab list. To change the balance, Labor must win over a considerable number of voters from the moderate Right.

Another way of looking at the picture sees a rightist minority facing a leftist minority, with the great mass of the people in between. The result is the same: the Center-Left must win over enough voters to change the balance.

How? Gabbay’s answer seems logical: steal the clothes that the Right hung out to dry, as Churchill once put it. Meaning in practice: adopt the slogans of the right, look religious, act chauvinistic, make it possible for Rightist voters to vote for you.

That seems to be Gabbay’s tactic. Can it succeed? In political life, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If he can attract enough right-wing voters, he may change the balance. If his party loses voters on the left, no problem. They will vote for Meretz, which makes no difference. And if the Arabs are very angry, that makes no difference either: they have no choice but to support a leftist government “from the outside”.

But what if this approach leads to disaster? Political logic is quite different from business logic. It is not based on a 2 + 2 = 4 equation. In politics the answer may well be 3 or 5. And then it hit me. What if this is not a political tactic at all? What if Gabbay really believes in all this? God save us!



  1. Who is a Jew?

    A Jewish Israeli professor from the University of TelAviv and prolific author, Israel Shahak, provides us with a detailed explanation. He states:

    “According to Israeli law a person is considered ‘Jewish’ if either their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother were Jewesses by religion; or if the person was converted to Judaism in a way satisfactory to the Israeli authorities, and on condition that the person has not converted from Judaism to another religion, in which case Israel ceases to regard them as ‘Jewish’. Of the three conditions, the first represents the Talmudic definition of ‘who is a Jew’, a definition followed by Jewish Orthodoxy.”

    “The Talmud and post-Talmudic rabbinic law also recognise the conversion of a non-Jew to Judaism (as well as the purchase of a non-Jewish slave by a Jew followed by a different kind of conversion) as a method of becoming Jewish, provided that the conversion is performed by authorised rabbis in a proper manner. This ‘proper manner’ entails, for females, their inspection by three rabbis while naked in a ‘bath of purification’, a ritual which, although notorious to all readers of the Hebrew press, is not often mentioned by the English media in spite of its undoubted interest for certain readers.”

    So, if I were a Jewish man and I wanted to marry a goyim woman, but needed her to convert to Judaism first, so our kids would be born of a Jewish mother, my future wife would first have to endure a naked inspection by three perverts? What’s the point? No, thank you.

    Converting to Judaism, or being born to someone who converted to Judaism, does not make you a Hebrew, or a biological descendant of Shem. Therefore, there is no merit to the claim that suggests the criticism of Jewish behavior is “antisemitic”. Nor is there any merit to the claim that suggests the modern state of Israel was a repatriation of a people to the homeland of their ancient biological ancestors. That would be no different than Christians all over the world suggesting that John, or Paul, or even Christ himself was their biological ancestor.

  2. Hypocrisy of the Rabbid

    Is it a joke that God gave the land of Israel back to and through atheist Zionists following the earlier vision of atheist Theodor Herzl? That deception has been on shaky ground ever since leaving the future of Israel in my view, precariously in the balance.

    Consider the question a joke when it was God’s Messiah they killed 2,000 years ago. Why would He send Jesus a second time to receive the same brutal death at the hands of the modern-day Synagogue of Satan. They haven’t changed, only gotten worse. The Rabbis have succeeded in undermining and replacing the Torah with the Talmud which has only made any reconciliation remote at best and downright impossible at worst. And jolting as it sounds I refer to reconciliation with Logos or God.

    This entire Jewish story of being the Chosen People ended back in 70AD with the destruction of the Temple after being hosed by their own so-called Rabbis. What we have in Israel today is a mish-mash of Zionist/Khazarians, atheists, and modern-day Jews eternally deceived by these satanic rabbis keeping them in blissful ignorance. This blissful ignorance being further consolidated by the inclusion of the Talmud to back up their vilification of Christians, Muslims and Goy in general. How prophetic are these words of Yeats in a poem aptly named “The Second Coming” which has to do with the land of Israel referenced by Bethlehem and Moses (the Jews) in ‘the rocking cradle’.

    “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity…
    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming!…
    but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

    The poem was written in January 1919 and i can’t help but feel the Scofield Jewish deception was on Yeat’s mind too as the insanity of pro-Israel Christian Evangelicals resonates through part of the poem too. So much deception … so many lies. Pray for the success of the Messianic Jewish movement against this rising tide of Israeli anarchy.

  3. Silly me . . . I thought “Oriental” was a style of rug, not a descriptor of persons. Now Jews are “Oriental”?!? I wouldn’t call someone for Asia “oriental” . . . it’s insulting!
    So this is the first I heard the Jews in Israel being “Oriental.” OMIGOSH that’s hilarious!
    ———–>The Jews hailing from Northern Africa, Southern Spain are Sephardic <———–
    Are the Sephardic so despised in Israhell by the AshkeNAZI's that they have to create another "branch" of the bullshlt tree?!? Now it's "Oriental" . . . HILARIOUS!
    I don't know who Gabbay is . . . and I don't care. The Likudists are jizzing over a Sephardi?!? Oy vey.
    The fake Jews in Israel are those that contain ZERO Semite ancestry.

  4. “The entire Zionist enterprise started as a rebellion against religion. Almost all the important rabbis of his day condemned Theodor Herzl, the founding father, as a heretic and cursed him in no uncertain terms.

    God Himself evicted the Jews from their country because of their sins, and only God could send His Messiah to bring them back there, if and when He pleases.”

    I wonder if Zionists consider Walter Rothschild to be the Messiah…?

    • It’s his name on the deed to Israel, otherwise known as the Balfour declaration, so I guess their messiah really is the anti-Christ.

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