YouTube, Jigsaw and Google, Terrorism, Regime Change and Bad Taste


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

YouTube has been “caught” with at least 50 admitted child exploitation, pedophilia channels and advertisers running for the hills.  The truth is a thousand times worse, worse than Google’s involvement in child trafficking or acting as a platform for ISIS though YouTube.

We will cover Google, which is also YouTube and their censorship of what they deem “objectionable” speech, of course we are referring to anything that opposes war, apartheid, human slavery and the current scourge of planetary gangsterism.

Google and Facebook are at the heart of it all, a thousand times more dangerous than anyone guesses.  They don’t stand alone, they, backed by the Rothschild banks including the US Federal Reserve and the controlled and manipulated stock markets, have taken on the task of reshaping mankind into a new form of monkey, ignorant, fearful and violent.

They are doing very very well.


The independent media has been at war with Google and YouTube for years.  First they went after Anthony Lawson.  Lawson died of colon cancer in 2015 and much of his legacy was wiped from YouTube in a war Lawson fought for years.  Lawson exposed Zionist control of many of our institutions and when he got to YouTube, they cut him down.

They did the same to me when I exposed Google/YouTube/Jigsaw as a military contractor working with the White Helmets, Mossad and others staging poison gas attacks inside Syria.  They only cut down my YouTube channel, banning dozens of my dog and kitten videos.  They murdered Detroit born journalist Serena Shimm.

Google Jigsaw/Google Idea Groups hires people fired from Blackwater, Dyncorp and L3 Communications, fired for brutality.  If only I were making this up.

Organizations like Russia Today, Press TV, South Front and anyone who speaks up, all work to host their own material, private servers or DailyMotion as YouTube bans any criticism of Israel or Google’s regime change and highly secretive black ops groups.

For those of you who don’t know, Google, Facebook and a dozen other “control the internet” tech organizations are the Illuminati and NWO.  This is why Mr. Dotcom wants to bypass them.  The idea of Trump pushing for an end to net neutrality is a total joke.  Google has long choked off any freedom.

The Haifa Lie Machine

OK, here is something few know and all need to:

Back in the 1990s, the Mossad and Shin Bet, with USAID funding, hired and trained up to 2000 “West Bank settlers” to work in Haifa.  This is a 4 story  building that VT located through a “slip up” exposing their IP address.

What they did there, back then, was train internet trolls, to write nasty comments, to author endless smears of free speech advocates and to stalk and harass anyone who spoke out on Israeli apartheid.

They began to dominate Wikipedia first, then moved from platform to platform.  Over the years this effort grew to a major industry.  When you go to an website to fix your own washing machine, automobile, motorcycle or anything else, you are likely to find helpful suggestions that end in disaster.

Listen carefully here and start noting this.  Industry lobby groups hire Israel based troll services to “mine” repair based comment boards on behalf of the ripoff service agencies and dealerships.  Israel makes tons of cash misleading poor idiots who want to replace their dryer belt or reprogram the key in their Toyota.  No, we aren’t making this up.

This cash has cross funded a wider program that during the 2016 election showed up in Macedonia.  There, and this is only one instance, 1500 “news” websites were set up to flood rumors across the net.

The Maceonia Lie Machine

Working with them was Google and Facebook, continually highlighting this fake narrative, run by Google Jigsaw on behalf of Israeli and Turkish intelligence and later blamed on Russia.  From Wired, a story not only suppressed, but a story the FBI has been ordered to ignore in their current investigations of Russian interference, allegedly, in the 2016 elections.  This totally disproves Russian involvement:

THE FIRST ARTICLE about Donald Trump that Boris ever published described how, during a campaign rally in North Carolina, the candidate slapped a man in the audience for disagreeing with him. This never happened, of course. Boris had found the article somewhere online, and he needed to feed his web­site, Daily Interesting Things, so he appropriated the text, down to its last mis­begotten comma. He posted the link on Facebook, seeding it within various groups devoted to American politics; to his astonish­ment, it was shared around 800 times. That month—February 2016—Boris made more than $150 off the Google ads on his website. Considering this to be the best possible use of his time, he stopped going to high school.

Boris isn’t his real name. He prefers the anonymity because he doesn’t want to break ranks with the other people in his town of Veles, in the Balkan nation of Macedonia. Nobody here wants to dwell on Trump anymore. Veles has the feel of a small community clamming up out of a suspicion that it’s being talked about for all the wrong reasons.

In the final weeks of the US presidential election, Veles attained a weird infamy in the most powerful nation on earth; stories in The Guardian and on BuzzFeed revealed that the Macedonian town of 55,000 was the registered home of at least 100 pro-Trump websites, many of them filled with sensationalist, utterly fake news. (The imminent criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton was a popular theme; another was the pope’s approval of Trump.) The sites’ ample traffic was rewarded handsomely by automated advertising engines, like Google’s AdSense. An article in The New Yorker described how President Barack Obama himself spent a day in the final week of the campaign talking “almost obsessively” about Veles and its “digital gold rush.”

The Jigsaw Lie Machine

It was VT that busted Jigsaw and did so in NEO.  From the most suppressed article in VT/NEO history, Jigsaw, Beyond Soros and the CIA:

“A worldwide organization exists, backed by the most powerful technology companies in the world, led by Google, Facebook and Microsoft, but backed by the governments of the US and UK and behind them, an alphabet soup of intelligence and security agencies. Curiously, this group is called Alphabet Inc, and at the heart of it, “Jigsaw,” headed by former consultant to the Bush (43) National Security Council, Jared Cohen.

A series of Bad Choices made by some of the Millennials?

Jigsaw and its parent, Alphabet, are at the heart of more than a dozen organizations, formerly tied to Movements.Org, that recruit activists and whistleblowers around the world, funded generously by powerful internet corporations and backed by, now wait for it, the CIA.

Behind this are youth activist groups, recruited from all corners of the world, offered financial help, affiliations with the internet powerhouses of which Google and Facebook are only two of dozens, and what else? 

Behind all the talk about fighting corruption and building democracy are the same old faces, now dead David Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations, the very public face of the US Department of State and the not-so-public face of who is running it all – the CIA.

The plan is simple but the scope enormous, recruiting technically brilliant but ethically crippled millennials, with their jeans and flipflops, let’s not forget their stock options and huge defense contracts also, and set them about building a nightmare Orwell could never have imagined – social engineering data.

Then tie it all up with grass roots groups capable of organizing political movements “on demand.” To make it all work, ally this with intelligence agencies capable of assassinations, car bombs and sarin gas attacks “on demand” as well, and we have created a machine of change that cannot be resisted.”

Busting YouTube

And from Russia Today:

“YouTube is under fire as media reports have revealed that the platform has serious problems moderating user-generated content. A few months ago, some companies already stopped buying ads on YouTube because their videos were shown next to extremist content.

Several major brands, including Mars, Deutsche Bank and Adidas, have suspended  advertising on YouTube following  media reports revealed that their ads were being shown alongside inappropriate content, Bloomberg reported.

According to a recent report by The Times, such companies as Deutsche Bank, Amazon, eBay, Mars, Adidas and dozens of other well-known brands were advertising on YouTube videos where children in disturbing and abusive situations were depicted and attracting inappropriate sexual comments from viewers.

“We take this matter very seriously and suspended the advertising campaign as soon as we became aware of it,” Deutsche Bank said in a statement, adding that it is investigating how the situation arose.

Mars said it will not work with Google until “we have confidence that appropriate safeguards are in place.”

“We are shocked and appalled to see that our adverts have appeared alongside such exploitative and inappropriate content. We have taken the decision to immediately suspend all our online advertising on YouTube and Google globally,” the company said.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed also reported about disturbing and exploitive videos of children on the Google-owned digital platform. Many of those videos have millions of views. The company responded to the report, saying it has been terminating such channels and removing videos bordering on child abuse.

READ MORE: Google Reviews Advertising Policies Amid Extremist YouTube Videos Scandal

The report has added to the criticism of YouTube that its mechanism to moderate user-generated content is insufficient. Earlier this year, some advertisers had already threatened to boycott the platform after finding out that their ads were shown next to jihadist videos.
YouTube said in a statement that the company is working to improve safeguards.”

VT alone is standing against what the public believes to be “misguided” social network platforms that are a bit “out of control.”  We know better and that it is all about “control” and each success, each rigged election, each rumor that leads to each new war makes “them” even more powerful.

Is there a “them?”  Of course there is.  A simply analysis of progress, social, economic, political and technological, shows our entire planetary civilization to be a playground.  The tools are “cardboard lothario” tin pot dictators, yes like Bush 43, Blair, Netanyahu, false flag terrorism, rigged elections, fake news, newly engineered diseases and a relative absence of process based reality.

We are living, trapped inside a vast theatrical production that makes the Matrix films pale in comparison.  Yes, think this far outside the box and you will only begin approaching the extent of how we are being engineered.  As KV used to say, “and so it goes..”g

NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon Witch Hunt begins

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Wow, paid trolls who spread lies and disinformation; I wonder what kind of people would do that? Reminds me of the parable of Caesars face on the coin. It help to keep your sanity by distancing yourself from the scumbags.

  2. The whole Round Table Movement (also known as The Oxford Movement or Milners Kindergarten etc) was based on the fortune that Cecil Rhodes made with Rothschild backing and of his several wills, Lord Rothschild was executor on a number until he was “edited out” from the later ones. The Seminal Work “Tragedy and Hope” from Carroll Quigley and another about the English Aristocracy are more of less required reading to understand the way the world has been run on behalf of financial interests for hundreds of years. The Institutes of the Royal Insititute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the Tavistock Institute dictate Policy and “Education” (Propaganda) respectively through to the likes of the Council of Foreign Relations and directly to the White House and into the various Education Establishments. About 100 Oxford Graduates galloped around India with Dinner Suits in their saddle bags to organise the Raj and The Great Game. Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are both creatures of the MI6 (formerly British naval Intelligence), which in turn has been historically controlled from the City of London. So when AIPAC runs Congress the lines of control go right back there, with some interference when the likes of Big Boy Benji gets too Big For His Boots. Trump has a direct line into Israel, whereas Hillary was more directly beholden to the CFL through her husband. There is infighting between the Original British Aristocracy and Largely Jewish Financial Interest, with The Queen resenting “Dark Forces” that as a Constitutional Monarch she has no direct control over. Both sides of the bargain are mutually intertwinned in a sort of Sick Symbiosis.

    • It is never simple to explain or even understand, given the nature of “Occult”, which means “Secret”. I was told that it was “more like a Big Bowl of Spaghetti, something that came out of the Middle East”. The System has migrated from the Canaanites through Tyre (Phoenecian has a word root in ‘purple’ – hence the Purple Gang and the colours of the hexagon on the flag of the entity known as the”state” of Israel, which is really a Judaic/Zionist construct and the Ten Tribes of Israel dispersed all over the world). The Phoenicains (Venetians?) were likely allied with the Tribe of Dan (Vikings?) and Usury financed waves of empires from Persia to Macedonia to Rome to The Holy Roman Empire to Britain and now to New York. Apparently the British Royal Family came as Black Guelphs – with the original Guelphs one of two parties along with the Ghibellines that had supported the Pope and Holy Roman Emperor respectively in the 12c and 13c. The Khazars joined the band wagon at some stage as the Phoenicians traded through into the Bosphorus and The Crusades were really about control of the Silk Road to China. The sacking of Constantinople has had repercussions right down to the present – plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. How quite that all shook down after the Thirty years War I wouldn’t really know, except that William II arrived in 1688 and the Bank of England was set up in 1694.

  3. Dear Chem trail hunters,
    Study “coal combustion emmissions”.
    Coincidently, the exhaust from coal burning contains the same stuff that falls from the western skies.
    Next, Flat Earthers will show up.
    Diversions seem to be “their” primary tool.
    We need an open source video site, how to finance it?

  4. I was surprised when I went to my California Rifle Playlist to verify that your video with Chet which was deleted from your article was really removed, along with your entire channel, from YouTube.
    Did “they” give a reason? The vineyard tours were slow paced but Mid-West Americana at its best.

  5. I took a good picture of a halo around the sun. You can actually see some different colors in the halo. At the time, I guessed that it was light reflecting off metal particles in the atmosphere. I’ve only noticed a moon halo in winter, so I just assumed it was light reflecting off ice particles in the atmosphere

  6. Akbar palace

    “But if you really want to screw up a child, have them frequent antisemitic websites.”

    Or, have them brought up through Yeshiva, where young children will be indoctrinated in the most morally bankrupt, chauvinistic and tribal supremacist teachings of Judaism’s most historically significant literature, the Babylonian Talmud. That’ll screw them up real bad, especially if they attend this school in Israel, the most “antisemitic” place on earth.

    • That being said, I totally agree with you that it’s important to get children involved with sports and music. If nothing else, sports teaches kids how to work well with others and music helps develop their creativity. Sadly, these programs (sports and art) are the first to be cut from the education system, due to decreased budgets. That’s how it seems to work in North America anyways. I’m not sure if it’s the same in Israel, maybe you (akbar) could answer that? Where I’m from, a lot of families cannot afford to have their children play sports, or a musical instrument. So, without these programs in the education system, a lot of kids will grow up without having the opportunity to play sports, or music.

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