Mother of 3 Afghans killed by SAS paid $4,800 in ‘compensation’ – report

The family of three young Afghan brothers, allegedly killed in broad daylight by Britain’s elite SAS soldiers, was paid “compensation” by the British government. The Sunday Times claims that following the incident, the family was paid £3,634 ($4,850).

The victims’ mother, Bebe Hazrata, claims to have seen her three unarmed sons being gunned down by soldiers as they held their hands up in surrender in the courtyard of their home in Rahim, Afghanistan’s Helmand province in 2012, according to The Sunday Times.

The woman reportedly said she saw her sons (Nor Mohammad, 33, Din Mohammad, 30, and Sher Mohammad, 27) being killed after they walked into the courtyard at the center of their house with their hands held up above their heads. The shots were allegedly fired by soldiers on the roof of the building. “As they came out from the rooms they [the SAS] told them to hold up their hands,” she said. “The soldiers were aggressive and shouting but my sons didn’t say a word to them. Then they opened fire and killed them. They have no links with the Taliban.”

Major Chris Green, who served in the area with the British Army as a Captain at the time, told the newspaper that the SAS halted his attempts to probe the incident and refused to show him the “gun tapes” of the mission.

Green was reportedly told by a Special Air Service (SAS) representative that the three Afghan men had drawn weapons on them during the night raid on July 8, 2012.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Defence (MoD) records seen by the newspaper show that just 16 days after the incident, a payment of £3,634 was made for three people having been killed, with the case marked as “settled.”

An MoD source denied to the newspaper that the payment was compensation, calling it an “assistance payment” instead.

According to Green, however, it was clearly an evidence of a special forces mission gone horribly wrong. “To say it’s not compensation to the family is nonsense, really,” he told The Sunday Times. “This is what everybody called it on base, including the officers directly involved in paying the money. I am unaware of any money paid to the families of insurgents.

“I think this is significant evidence and, together with the refusal to share the gun tapes, indicates this mission warrants full investigation.”

Royal Military Police (RMP) have been investigating the mission as part of the Operation Northmoor inquiry since 2014. “Our armed forces served with great courage and professionalism and we proudly hold them to the highest standards,” the Ministry of Defence said in a statement to the newspaper. “The Royal Military Police’s Northmoor investigation has discontinued the vast majority of the allegations made and only a small number of ongoing investigations remain,” adding that it would be “inappropriate to comment further on any ongoing lines of inquiry.

Citing military sources, The Times reported in July that Special Air Service troops executed unarmed civilians during night raids in Afghanistan and doctored after-action reports to shift blame onto their Afghan partners.

A string of killings allegedly took place during the final stages of Britain’s involvement in the Afghan war, the Times reported, citing Operation Northmoor investigation. Part of the RMP inquiry is said to have focused on a particular SAS squadron dubbed a “rogue” unit. Sources said there is “strong evidence” that unarmed Afghan civilians suspected of being Taliban militants were executed during night raids on their homes. Some British army officers told the newspaper they believed the SAS’ night operations were often based on unreliable intelligence. To cover up the reported killings, SAS soldiers allegedly tried to create the false impression that their victims were high-ranked Taliban warlords.

There are currently about 500 British personnel in Afghanistan amid reports that Washington is pressing London to send 85 more troops to the country. The US has 11,000 troops on the ground with 5,000 from NATO and its partners. “The message from the US Secretary of Defense is that he wants more in the fight. Britain benefits from Afghanistan not being a safe haven for terrorists as much as America does,” a source told the Telegraph in October.
Over the course of 14 years, 456 UK troops lost their lives in the conflict – a death rate higher than that of the conflict in Iraq and the Falklands War.


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  2. No wonder UK has no money for the needy, they are paying such a high compensation over $1600 per young man killed by soldiers in broad day light for no reason.
    Oh, they were Afghans, poor Muslims who are probably not producing enough opium as desired by almighty British government. !!!

  3. 1200 a pop. The pom’s have it all worked out. I wonder if that is the same amount the family of an Arabic IS mercenary being employed by MI6 receives after his death on the battle field. There surely must exist a list of which “assets” will be rewarded how much compensation in case of death in the Great United Kingdom of Zionism.
    31million US$ as the payout for Hulk Hogan for having his senile member exposed on video in USA must be a different type of category in the Zionist cast payout system.
    For $1600 one can’t even buy a decent cow in Australia.
    The mental Asylum Earth is alive and well and all inmates are happily sedated ever after!

    • my guess is the ISIS type Terrorists is that this is cheap business you make money till You pillage , you die then the next idiot comes in to carry on the Evil . but payments are always USA Dollars .

    • Best Crazy thing I heard was get 2.5K$ PLUS , get this , ” A Martyr Certificate ” from the Nutters Islamists of Pakistan , true verified fact on the dumb propaganda going around .

  4. Utter bullshlt story.
    No one wants to “stamp out” the production of opium.
    British troops are dying . . . no they aren’t!
    They put a few troops in. The troops kill civilians with impunity. Then VT runs this tripe of a story to rile up the masses . . .
    They WANT Afghanistan to react.
    They WANT Afghanistan to react so . . . they can send in MORE troops.
    Yes, killing unarmed civilians is evil.
    Did the killers of Nor Mohammad, 33, Din Mohammad, 30, and Sher Mohammad, 27 get jail time? Of course not.
    This is also done to rile up the people in Afghanistan.
    They WANT to send in more troops . . . oh, please give the ruling elite a reason. They sell their soul in order to corner that opium poppy market.
    This story is published to elicit emotions.
    Nice job.

    • Exactly. The amoral globalists at work. Their stated intent to eliminate over 90% demonstrated over and over.

  5. Basically this was a British Pounds Payment amounting to About 1200 British Pound per Life . cheap though .
    All Western Soldiers including the SAS are just Lost children Who murder for dirt cheap .

    this isn’t the first Bloomer by the Acclaimed SAS , Back in the start of Iraq War 2 SAS were arrested by Iraqis in Basra , the 2 SAS were arrested disguised as Arabs and Blowing up things to incite violence in Basra Region . the 2 were beaten up & imprisonned till finding out what to do BUT the UK Forces Attacked the Iraqi Jail , destroying it and taking the 2 Terrorist SAS back to UK Forces for Possibly further Terrorist Falseflags to be committed by the two.

    “Westerns ” are totally immoral as they do Dirty Deeds Done Cheap , I wish there were more MEN in the WEST instead of the current Immoral AntiHuman Decay .

  6. $4,850? What actuary table is the UK using? That averages out to $1,616 per man, or numerically 1616.6666666667. If anyone reading this has a knowledge of numerology that can explain this, please do.

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