Confirmed: Las Vegas Shootings a Saudi False Flag


By Gordon Duff with Colonel James Hanke, USA Special Forces (ret)

Veterans Today waited to speak up about Las Vegas.  We have people on the scene and one of the Adamus partners handles casino security.  We waited.  Here is what can be told:

The dead are real.  Some of those spreading the worst of the conspiracy theory have been tasked through “talking points” to do so.  When you read this, you will know who pays their bills and why.

A unnamed Saudi “prince” had rented the entire top floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel the day before the shootings and left the day after.  This is confirmed, inexorable, a proven fact.

The news stories that the Saudi Air Forces rented floors in hotels around the shooting scene are partially correct but are being spun into the usual disinformation.

The “shooter” room had 4000 rounds of ammo left in it.  1100 rounds were fired during the attack.

The shooting, according to high ranking informed sources, was staged as backdrop to an attempted coup against the Saudi crown prince, which was thwarted.  This is NOT proven.

More than two shooters were involved, police have confirmed that but not publicly and police files on the investigation have been sealed, the press has been blocked from any source and nothing is moving forward.

This is a pure coverup, no attempt to hide it.  Local new organizations are attempting to compel a release of information through the courts.  That process has already begun.

That Saudi’s operate this freely in Las Vegas, a town run by a committee of Mafia organizations, Mormon, Kosher Nostra and old line Sicilian, tells a story.  Approval for the killings could have to have been unanimous, meaning tons of Saudi cash went almost everywhere, except a few curious but silenced news organizations.


  1. Not much new news in this article. Everything said here has been out for a while. Goedon did a good job of cobbling it together making one short read. With a photo. I agree with your surmation that there had to be an ok given by certain Vegas property owners.

  2. I’m surprised the Miss Universe pick out line held in Vegas the other day, didn’t have a belly-dancing competition.

  3. Saudi Arabia is a pawn played by others.
    Come on guys do you want to wage war on a nation leading in camel racing while the usual AMERICAN suspects are cleaning out your savings, sovereignty and all American that is left of a Nation which ones was?
    Wage a war on your OWN traitors and a false Reality. The criminals are plentiful and American citizens.
    Start there for a change and not with an clown prince and his sand pit without a future.

    • And they just announced a megacity. Finance has been an integral part of planning to location of sacred objects we can get people to flock to. Big war, now the audacity to advertise tourism, while Yemen suffers from tons of yucky stuff…. sounds like aggressive development to me. Greedy primates.

    • Eduardo… your point is well taken. Having visited KSA twice, I have seen the poverty of the Saudi people. 1400 years ago, Arabia was living in the age of Ignorance where the ruling families had a day of worship for each false god so that every tribe can come spend money for a day while worshipping their god. It was a veritable Disney world of idolatry. We have been warned it will happen again before the crypto jewish zionist Saud family gets their heads chopped. I am not for head chopping, but would opt for a guillotine, to end this satanic lineage.

    • David, ” The 3 work together”
      IF or when the moment comes when America decides to become clean within its own border NOBODY will work together anymore. “ALL 3” are war criminals and none and nobody in these rogue Nations are victims. Suppressed, controlled or dumbed down is only an excuse for lethargy not for innocence and freedom.

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