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by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s Note: We had a recent Gordon Duff NEO article published that had some hair on it for being critical of Israeli policy, which we don’t view as an ethnic or even a religious construct, but a geopolitical and national security one. And it is becoming understood that Israel has to be closely looked at, all the time.

The recent revelations that Israel has had “relations” with a dozen Arab nations that did not recognize it show that not only were the respective Arab State citizens played by their rulers, but the entire world public is shown a Potemkin village that is presented to us so we are easier lead around by the nose.

We are beginning to see attitudes change on the universal fear of critical reviews of what Israel has been doing and why, which was traditionally a “no go” area for those interested in a comfortable career.

The hardest nut to crack has been our security organizations who depend on politicians to fund their budgets; but the politicians have been compromised by the Zionists to the extent that calling them dancing bears is not an exaggeration. Any cursory review of the video of Netanyahu addressing a Joint Session of Congress will show the dance.

Bibi gets more standing ovations than any American president

VT has always been on the front lines of this fight, the big one, and will remain so. But as 2017 comes to a close, we see a revelation developing like never before that things can not get better until Israeli meddling is dealt with.

As to how best to do that is a work in progress, as the Zionists are “layered up” with cannon fodder buffers that have to be dealt with before they begin to sweat. The next hurdle will be to make it an election issue, which it never has been.

Trying to run for office without having to pledge allegiance to Israel is the key breakthrough to turning things around politically. But from a security perspective, until we see some major Israeli espionage networks taken down on Capitol Hill, the cork will remain in the bottle.

Can this be done when the Trump circus is in town? Probably not. The Justice Department and the FBI have their plates full now. But there is still a lot of work that can be done, like passing Gordon’s article around to those who need to read it, whether they want to or not.

At the end of the day, the public either supports making changes, or it remains compromised. But we will at least give them a chance. We will have a lot of work to doJim W. Dean ]

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What do we really have left from what they gave us? And who really is responsible for what we have lost?

– First published … November 28, 2017

The world knows America is done for. Trump isn’t making America great, he is dancing on the corpse. We could give dates, 9/11; or back in 1913 when America took on an illegal Rothschild central bank. Perhaps it really is 1913; and the America of today is the result of bleeding that began then.

US Treasury Department

It is always about debt. When nations take on a central bank, and all central banks are foreign owned, all controlled by the Rothschild family, their institutions crumble, the family, religion, their government, the courts, their media, all are targeted.

We have seen this time and time again. The reason 9/11 is critical has nothing to do with the endless war sweeping the world that it began, proxy armies, phony terror groups and teeming millions of refugees.

For America it announced the largest robbery in history, $10 trillion in assets, enough to buy the entirety of Europe, simply “disappeared.” Only days before 9/11 it was learned that $2.4 trillion was missing from the US military budget alone, according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

What few know is that the group investigating, in their entirety, were killed on 9/11 during the incident at the Pentagon. We call it an incident because calling it a terror attack or even an airline crash is unsupportable without throwing away any reason whatsoever.

Then we ask, who does such a thing, who would take down America, destroy their government, collapse their economy as in 2008, and allow a nation to be led by a leader known to be clinically insane? Why do we never name the culprits, who are the “usual suspects?”

Let’s look at what happened in America while the world watched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, two wars America has technically lost, beyond lost, each alone makes the debacle of Vietnam stand out as a beacon of reason.

Mountains of cash just disappeared

By the end of 2007, America’s 5 leading investment banks were bankrupt, having “misplaced” trillions in assets. Most major corporations were the same, broke, hopelessly, to the extent that the Down Jones Industrial Average had to be reconfigured as the leading companies in America were no longer viable.

If you track such things as credit card debt or home values, you see a different story. Between 2008 and 2010, unemployment in America rose to over 10%. Personal savings collapsed and personal debt rose to unimaginable levels while key industries like arms, oil and pharmaceuticals, informally known to have immense power over government, made record profits.

With interest rates dropped to almost nothing by Bush 43, millions of America families sought to protect assets through buying homes that would otherwise be unwise, overlarge, unaffordable, sold on the idea of a ballooning real estate market by media pundits.

By 2008 those homes stood empty. Many million dollar homes had the walls and wiring torn out, plumbing destroyed as angry homeowners packed up and moved in with relatives or simply joined the millions of homeless.

Most homes lost 60% of value across America and those forced to sell took on a lifetime of debt. Similarly, retirement savings typically lost 72%. A million dollar 401k that would return $5000 a month for life based on Clinton era rates and market performance was now only worth a little over $200,000 with an income potential of $200 a month. America’s middle class would work into their mid to late 70’s, with skilled and management retirees sentenced to a decade of menial labor on behalf of the banks that organized the crash.

This, of course pushed the younger generation into military service. With available jobs, and there were few of those, paying well under poverty level, military pay was the highest around with a guarantee of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan year after year.

Was this a plan? Was it known that America’s military would exhaust itself, losing its NCO corps, it best officers, it equipment failings exposed to the Cold War era Soviet weapons America herself spent billions on that now are in the hands of terrorists around the world?

Worse still, is the idea of betrayal. When the Syrian War came into focus, something amazing happened. Washington was forced to accept that not only were the terror groups al Qaeda and ISIS being supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but that Israel may have been behind it all.

Worse still, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel, assumed to be a “hate/hate” confrontation, now came into focus as well. Saudi Arabia and Israel, it seems, had been cooperating, not since the 1980s but as early as 1970.

Thus, when Saudi Arabia coordinated the OPEC oil embargo on the US, pushing oil price to stratospheric levels, all based on US aid to Israel during the 1973 War, might this well have been coordinated too?

More recently, it has become known that Saudi Arabia had a major role in 9/11. If they have been close to Israel all along, and were one to review issues of 9/11, such as who benefits, it become clear that everything since that day has not only benefitted Saudi Arabia but Israel as well.

In fact it has become clear that almost all world terrorism, the Paris attacks, Boko Haram in Africa, certainly ISIS, all of it, has benefited Israel and Saudi Arabia as well. Then might well a hypothesis that interests attributed to the Israeli state more benefit the Rothschild family than Israel itself?

If results are an indicator, Israel faces a unified Syria, Iraq and Iran with powerful Pakistan, Turkey and near-Superpower again, Russia, moving rapidly toward forming a regional power alliance?

Israel is far from secure, everything but, however what does exist is endless trillions in debt, the promise of war for another decade or more, chaos, distrust, balkanization around the world, poverty and disease, the signs are clear. This is the business model of the world’s banking system. This is what is meant by “globalism.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



  1. “Thus, when Saudi Arabia coordinated the OPEC oil embargo on the US, pushing oil price to stratospheric levels, all based on US aid to Israel during the 1973 War, might this well have been coordinated too?”

    – When you see what happened to world debt in a single year following that incident, this becomes a rhetorical question. The looting has become a creative art. Question is, do we need a freak storm to take down Empire’s armada so that the Pirates finally take a bath?

  2. It looks like the plan for disabling America has been around for a very long time and it has worked in other countries already. The evil ones waited for the WWII generation to die off and to make sure the Nam Vets were either gone or too old to seriously wage war. Maybe Nam was just a prior experiment in order to see what needed to be done in order to advance to this stage. The programming on most of the American populace looks like it worked. I have tried { unsuccessfully} to open my own brothers eyes on the Dancing Israelis on 9-11 and told him to read Gordons 9-11 update- No reply yet. The more I read and think, the clearer the Whole Picture gets – I don’t understand Americans – never did I guess. Thanks VT.

  3. The worst in America are not the dull, ignorant and uneducated, but the college educated professionals who act as gatekeepers for the Powers that Be by claiming in a superior and condescending tone that they are well informed because they look at a variety of (controlled) mass media sources on both the “left” and “right”, and insult people that actually have an inkling of what is going on by calling them borderline mentally ill Conspiracy Theorists™ and Antisemities™. If the economic hurt could be limited to this group, it would teach them a well deserved lesson.

    • They are also responsible for the Marxist political correctness/SJW rubbish that has taken over nearly every college in the country.
      when parents send their little idiots off to college or university, instead of an education, they get brainwashed. Most come out more stupid than when they went in.

  4. Join the ICC , inform the UN, and file charges against Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Britain for 9/11.
    Cancel all debt payments and freeze all funds we can from those countries.
    The selectivity of who we are willing to break agreements with must change.
    How is it, that we don’t love our neighbors in the western hemisphere ?
    What is a loyalist ?

  5. Looking into histroy for about 150-200 years can give you some pretty good ideas of some underlying fundamental principles about general developments at large.
    It seems to me that most developments that occur to countries may be thought by the people to be only their own efforts, but looking a bit deeper too often reveals that someone had a special interest in helping to a certain point. Then, at the height of a long period of truely positive developments, something happens that caused the begginning of a long time or – in case of a lost war – a short and brutal decline.
    The long runs of societies are not well understood yet, but we have got some profound hints about some mostly overlooked forces behind, that drove both processes.
    What do you think, might have the reasons the Clintons apparently gave massive military secrets to the chinese (not only them, Univerisities uncounted)? Is there something similar in work as it was at the time of the rising 3rd Reich, which now brings China to the cenit?
    What, if this is true, might be the underlying motives by whom? Who is interested in the decline of the US?

    • This universe is based on a duality. Evil wishes to destroy good and good wishes to destroy evil. The seeds of each is in the other. This existance has no eternal repose, only a constant struggle with various alternating degrees of expansion and contraction. Cycle is really all there is and judgement is based on intention not results.

    • Khalid – It is the Darwinian Law : Those species who are good at protecting their kin increase. At the same time those who live by attacking others for food and sustenance, also increase their kind. Two very different processes simultaneously at work, some times reaching a point of equilibrium, but more often than not creating the ups and downs of life and existence.

  6. America’s collapse is already under way. Most cannot or will not take notice. Brick and mortar stores are closing at a rate unheard of. Sears/K Mart is next. Radio Shack….don’t bet on it. Malls becoming ghost towns. Major outlet labels disappearing faster than your IRA account. Car dealers, some have more than 85 day inventory and the number of defaults on auto loans is at an all time high, now driving used car prices down even further.
    How many are now shopping at dollar stores for the basics? Take a look at who’s working there: young kids and elderly women. This latest generation will grow up with lowered expectations of ever living the same standard as their parents did. They cannot buy a home much less a new car, their college debt has the saddled for decades thanks to Clinton. Most millennials are broke, busted unable to take on any more debt, that’s why they live with their parents. Expect to see marriages to decline as well.
    The middle class has been eviscerated like the proverbial fatted calf. The only manufacturing jobs that seem to remain in America is that inside the MIC. America can’t even make new cars anymore. Tesla is a high priced joke, supported by taxpayer’s handouts all the while it posted a record quarterly loss in June of $336 million. It continues to hemorrhage more every day.
    The inflation figures are a deceit, so is the unemployment total. More than 100 million Americans now either underemployed or no longer in the job market.
    America is bankrupt, by design, its industrial might gutted and sent off to China, Mexico or India, leaving Americans with nothing but a massive unpayable debt. One that will crush their children and their grandchildren.

    • JZ… everything you said is true except for one thing. America has everything it needs to build a fine civilization. It has energy, minerals, technology, brain power. It has all factors of production. The only thing it does not have is a equitable business model. A business model based on industry to enrich a few but to also to sustain the many, its workers, its hands, the worker’s hands; and since nothing becomes of value unless a human hand has touched it then these hands should get a decent return on energy expended. We need a paradigm shift from a pure return on investment to one where there is also a return on expended energy. Money is a means of exchange and also a store of energy. We must take the energy concentration from the Rothchilds and the rest of the eergy drainers in order to prevent them from having enough destructive energy to start wars. The move should be on the City of London for starters. No quarter asked, no quarter given.

    • Well said, JohnZ and Khalid Talaat. The comment I was going to make was much as you have written.

      Thanks to Gordon Duff for this great article.

  7. I forgot to mention that life expectancy for people sleeping rough in the UK is 47 for men, 43 for women ; 30 years lower than the average for men, and 38 years lower than the average for women. I can’t imagine the figures would be appreciably better in the US.

  8. A whle back, I read that sociologists had found that the level of stress suffered by the homeless people, living on the street, in cars and camps, etc, was equivalent to that suffered by soldiers ‘in the field’. And it occurred to me what a bitter irony it was that, having had their economic options closed down by the your seditious polity, so that they were driven to ‘take the king’s shilling’, the many homeless vets from among those returned, and now neglected and living rough, had only changed a hot clmate for an often freezing and wet one, in the good old USA – living in the field. Now you make sure you wave that flag boys! More vigorously, goldurn you! You ingrates!

    • PB… you are correct. The studies done on the contemps of the great depression who suffered the most were not the barefoot with a tin roof over their heads, but those who had nothing and moved from relative to relative.
      Also, I was talking to high ranking veteran of a police department and he told me, in his opinion, the people he fears the most are the homeless vets in the event of a societal breakdown. He said: each vet can teach twenty guys military tactics that would out perform police tactics.

    • Very interesting, Khalid. I find it very plausible that not having any kind of a roof over your head would make you feel exceptionally lost and vulnerable.

    • Paul Becke – sociologists had found that the level of stress suffered by the homeless people….
      When traveling the globe I always came in contact with the poorest of the poor. No matter if India or Denmark, homeless people had one thing in common Sociologists never understood – freedom from Authority and a closeness to God, compassion and willingness to help others.
      Life has become a franchise of greed where sharing is forbidden, donations are tax deductible while carrying a heavy burden: Taxes are everywhere – hidden or not – and have become unaffordable to many. This is the stress suffered by many with roofs over their heads living a “normal” life in depression. Pay your Tax before by your food – be a good member of “Society”.
      If the life we are used to slowly fades away we either fade with it or adapt. Many Homeless people have adapted. Sociologists and society will fade with their rules and education.

    • Eduardo… you are right about the poor being the most generous. A Youtube vid showed an experiment of a cleanly dressed man asking passers-by if they could buy him a small meal since he was very hungry and broke. He was ignored. He did not ask for money just food. Then the video creators gave a greatful homeless man a large pizza. A few moments later, the same (hungry) man sat next to the homeless guy and mentioned he was hungry. The homeless guy, without hesitation, put the whole pizza box in his lap. You are right, the homeless depend on God not on Mulloch’s system. Let me remind you of Francis of Assissi, he took a ruined church and it thrived by the donations of the poor, only to be burned by the rich, because the subsidies of the poor dried up in the rich peoples’ church. God is fine and alive, rich man’s conscious is dead. No time for reflection just consumption of one deviancy to another.

    • Francis of Assisi should have been the rock of Christianity. When the Pope met Francis he knew that God was closer to him than the Vatican and all of their sects dwelling in materialism ever will be. IF the pope would have been a decent human and a believer in God he had joined Francis instantly. Unfortunately Innocent III was an ordinary man not worthy being in Almighty’s present and he probably knew himself.

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