China may deploy special forces to Syria

Chinese Special Forces

China may deploy special forces to Syria to counter Turkistan Islamic Party 

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This is what China fears, jihadi mushrooms returning from Syria

[ Editor’s Note: It looks like China might be making an exception for avoiding foreign involvement in military disputes by borrowing a page from Putin’s book.

Putin had stated on the front end of Russia going into Syria that it was better to kill the thousands of Russian and former Soviet Union jihadis in Iraq, as opposed to waiting for them to return home with their combat experience to begin training cadres.

China can’t be blind to the huge increase in combat readiness that all Russian forces have undergone, from rotating all pilots through the conflict so they are combat veterans now, and the testing of its new equipment under real conditions.

The history of warfare and green troops is carved in stone, in terms of the disaster they can create when fighting against veterans. The same can be said for new equipment that has been hyped and only tested under “impossible to fail” conditions.

Uncovering defects, like the Russian did with there helicopters, allowed for fixes to be found and already implemented.

Putin’s military family does not include his grandkids being trained to fight

I remember clearly once when Putin was asked how much the Syrian War was costing the Russian defense budget, he answered dismissively, stating that it was not a big deal, as a lot of it was coming from the training budget. That was his silver bullet.

Having China join the Syrian anti-terrorism coalition to fight the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), I have to ask the age old question of “Why now?” And the first option that pops up in my head is the US’ now stated position of staying in Syria until it sees what the result of the political talks are, where it might find another reason for staying.

So the Chinese might be sending a message to Trump, “See you there”. China has already confirmed that it will help Syria rebuild. That would make its projects into targets for car and suicide bombings, which would be all that was needed to give cause for Chinese military to be deployed to “protect their interests”, the term that the US loves to use Jim W. Dean ]

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Turkistan Islamic Party kids in Syria – Looks like they are planning to stay

– First published … November 29, 2017

Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and media adviser to Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, discussed  the possibility of deploying Chinese Special Forces to Syria with Chinese Army officials during her latest visit to China, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on November 28.

According to Sputnik’s report, the Chinese Army is planning to deploy the Shenyang Military Region Special Forces Unit “Siberian Tiger”, and the Lanzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit “Night Tiger” to Syria in order to counter the threat of the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), which had recruited thousands of Chinese Uyghurs and sent them to Syria during the last few years.

On November 23, Reuters reported that Shaaban only met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during her visit to China. The two sides discussed the political process in Syria and the reconstruction of the country, according to Reuters.

“China hopes the Syrian side can seize the opportunity, display flexibility, and promote dialogue and negotiation to achieve substantive results …The international community should emphasize and actively support Syria’s reconstruction. China will put forth its own effort for this,” Wang said after meeting with Shaaban, according to Reuters.

Lately, the TIP became one of the strongest forces in the Syrian governorate of Idlib. The Asian radical Islamist groups are now supporting a military operation of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

This might have encouraged China to consider a military action against the TIP in Syria before its fighters gain an opportunity to return to eastern Asia.

Some sources speculate that a mysterious Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) strike, which targeted fighters of the TIP in Idlib city on November 17, could be linked to Chinese military activities in Syria, as Turkey and the US didn’t announce their responsibility for the airstrike.

The Chinese Air Force is known to be one of the biggest operators of UCAVs in the world. Moreover, the Russian Special Force had conducted similar limited military operations against radical Chechen fighters in northern Lattakia months before an official start of the Russian military operation in Syria.

The military operation in Syria will not only allow China to counter the TIP threat far away from its territory, but it will also allow the economical giant to secure a place in the Syrian reconstruction process.



  1. Wow, it seems many here are happy to see China becoming more involved. Include me in the club. For the past few years, like many I have been waiting for the Tiger to show up. Russia cannot do it alone. With Iran firmly in Western crosshairs the middlegame continues.
    With China becoming more involved I am sure the West will consider their moves more carefully. Syria is smart to allow the Chineese to begin laying the site work for OBOR. As the country has been destroyed the constructioin engineers begin with a clean slate, so to speak. The work will go much faster, and Syria will end up with new 21st century infrastructure
    When I visit NEO to read the Economy section I notice what is missing are articles having to do with America’a advances in high speed rail, highway, manufacturing, farming, water, stc. There is nothing. I figure well this is because NEO is a Russian site, so I look elsewhere to Western source, and there isn’t much there either. This says much about the direction my country chooses. Forget fair competition, it’s war for the fast bucks, and steeling oil, and other minerals, and rigged markets. Total felony rule.

  2. High speed rails between Syria and China? Russia pledging billions to rebuild and upgrade pipelines while America only promises more death and destruction. This is the last gasp of a dying empire: war and threats of war. That’s all America can do. A nation with most corrupt government in the world. Its people, most of whom have been brain raped into submission, care only for watching sports and mindless television entertainment and going further into debt for the big screen LCD tvs and the latest I Phone.
    The west is failing and a new political and economic sphere is rising to replace it.
    Little did those in Washington, NATO or israel realize that invading Syria would be so destructive, not only to Syria but to their own ends. The loss of Syria by the west has exposed the west to further erosion and self destruction.
    Already rumblings against the E.U are reaching a boiling point.
    Syria will be rebuilt, not with America’s help but with Russian and Chinese aid. Washington, israel and Saudi Arabia threw it all away in a big gamble and lost.
    Time for them to leave the table.

  3. Anyone Who was raised in a Zionist Environment (with Zionist Hidden Social Engineering) and speaks suspicious of Russian & Chinese intent as ” ill ” is Only Speaking out his/her Zionist Programming which the Suffering People have little chance of escaping the Zionist Brainwash of ” that Everyone is an Enemy “

  4. The world is going to change and these are the people” moving to the beat of a different drum”. Russia, Iran, and China have all been worked over badly by the unipolar criminals and it looks as if they aren’t going for anymore of that. World trade,perhaps even without all the sanctions and other related bs, the way it’s suppose to operate, might now have it’s turn. The Swamp Thing with the lo life middle men you notice are working hard at giving the outfit bigger tax breaks leaving the rest bamboozled out of more from less. Which side looks better from this frame of reference..

  5. At one stage one USA based think tank suggested that China take over the policing of the World’s ME oil. A second consideration is that the Chinese Revolution was a Marxist one and that is a Zionist/ Jewish system. Some say the “Princelings” of the “Eight Immortals” have a lot of financial power, a bit like the Oligarchs still have in Russia, and there were Agents of The International Bankers with Mao Tse Tung the whole way through. Maybe this is just signalling the impending shift of the Major World Dialectic to China Russia India with the gradual decline of the USA. The Wise Guys always operate 120 years ahead and the Skull and Bones set their clock 10 minutes fast. If the “Invited” Powers did a drive across the road that runs East West to the North of the Kurdish Occupied Oil Fields, then the USA might be hard pressed to attack them, given their illegal occupation of ground on the East Bank of the Euphrates. The Syrian People have suffered enough, goodness knows, and need the oil to rebuild. Having said that, I watched Madelaine Albright on the video in Jonas’ Article and the Cold Eyed Callousness of dismissing the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi infants due to embargo and starvation, even before the more recent wars, was breathtaking in its sheer soulnessness. The Neocon/Trotskyite controlled USA with Trump as their puppet may be capable of anything.

  6. “This is what China fears, jihadi mushrooms returning from Syria”
    Take no prisoners.
    This is what happens with mercenary rag-tag armies, the shoot ’em up gangs, enlist. And “shoot ’em up” works with those who are strung out on narcotics . . . they’ll pick up a weapon for their next shoot ’em up.
    Sad, but true.
    I think I recall making a comment about how the Iraqi army captured “ISIS” soldiers that spoke no Arabic. Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish, etc. I think that was my comment a few weeks ago on an article about something war is hellish.
    I first heard the term/slang “mushrooms” years ago when my friend, a judge in the L.A. Municipal Court told me about the gang violence in the 70’s / 80’s. It was DURING the gang violence, and not some nostalgia on my part. She told me how the gangs nicknamed the little children that got made dead in the drive-bys, the “mushrooms.” You stomp the ground, and if you happen to step on a mushroom. . . oh well.
    Sad, but true.
    “Teach Your Children Well”

    • Oh, and thank you Israel/Iran Contra “scandal” from the Reagen-era trickle down economics! All that CIA drug running just trickled down into the City of the Angels. It trickled down our legs, and you told us all it was raining!
      Take no prisoners China!
      It’s a sad call . . . nip that shlt at the bud.

  7. Even though deploying Chinese “Tiger” troops to fight their own “terrorists/opposition” in a foreign country sounds good for President Assad and Syria it also suggest that damages and losses will again be paid for with Syrian sovereignty and the further loss of Syrian life’s and what is left of Syrian infrastructure.
    One imagine “the board of chosen ones” with all their satanic plans looking at the globe in total what can and will a Goyim see apart from a cloak of slimy diversions and conflicts and the usual treachery?
    The biggest security of the “chosen ones” is that No Nation of Earth can effectively fight them directly without being suppressed through their own international and national laws. There will be no happy ending for the “useless herd”. Being Arabic, Asian, Eurasian, Latino or African is no protection at all.
    It is the cause of division and conflict not being united to fight the only enemy mankind has got.

    • J.A. Now that’s a thought. That’s how these parasites have done to every other European antion and America.
      A little pay back is over due.

    • Wasn’t our mother from ancient times Jewish and some of us just wandered off on the “wrong path”. So, now we repent, get either circumcised or castrated as our fellow Saudis and Bingo we are part of the Jewish cake.
      Seriously, after the “holocaust” safe-heaven was created all threats to the Kingdom of Judea were suffocated before being able to arise. This is what must change. The rapist of the world only understands his own language. The coward behind a screen of lies is still a coward. A midget in front of a candle pretending to be a giant as his shadow. USA is the candle which momentarily needs to stop shining and the house of illusionary cards will collapse as other Nations will follow the same pursuit.
      Jewish history is based on prophesies. The holocaust in Nazi Germany was only a prophesy of what awaits and the fiction soon will turn Reality.

  8. Permanent US bases in Syria means Syria has already been balkanized, its sovereignty violated. This will not change with the appearance of Chinese troops.

    • The Chinese coming in would broaden the Syrian Coalition, adding a member on good terms with Russia and Iraq, and the Israelis are not running China yet, nor is Saudi Arabia. Remember that China was one of its rare overseas bases in Djibouti, with the US and France already there. And China is already working on ports and rail lines in Iran.

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