Israel, Saudi Arabia & Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran before nuclear deal – John Kerry


…from Russia Today, Moscow

Samantha Powers, UN ambassador on a broomstick

[ Editor’s Note: The gloves came off with John Kerry spilling the beans on how America’s wonderful corrupt allies view us as a “rent-a-bombing” service when they don’t like a country. The word sociopaths was invented for people like this.

I don’t usually get into predicting the future, but I sense a move here by Kerry to maybe run against Trump. I think he would beat him in a paper ballot, but with the voting machines it would be difficult.

But the best revelation is at the end below, Kerry revealing that the Iran missile restrictions were supposed to be out of the JCPOA deal, but Samantha Powers slipped them back in without anyone noticing, and incredible bomb to drop. Somebody really screwed up there.

I can’t want to see if any media folks are banging on her door tomorrow for a comment. Gosh, I wonder who might have gotten to her to pull that stunt, or what little country?  It sounds like an Intel Op to me. Don’t be surprised if Kerry has more juicy disclosures like this in the pipeline.

There has been no word of his lobbying Congress to not to screw up the Iran deal with new sanctions. There should be no reason for him not to if he wanted, as he is still a citizen last I heard. Ain’t it great to live in a free country and be ruled over like you were in an occupied one sometimes Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  November 29, 2017

The leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt all pressured the US to bomb Iran prior to negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal, former US secretary of state John Kerry said. He described the proposition as a “trap in lots of ways” for Washington.

Kerry, who chaired the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee before heading the US diplomatic corps in 2013, recalled how he met Saudi King Abdullah, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his capacity as legislator. All three leaders lobbied him for military action against Iran.

“Each of them said to me: You have to bomb Iran, it’s the only thing they are going to understand,” he said.

“I remember that conversation with President Mubarak. I looked at him and said: It’s easy for you to say. We go bomb them and I bet you’ll be the first guy out there the next day to criticize us for doing it. And he went: ‘Of course, ha-ha-ha-ha!’” Kerry said. “It was a trap in a lot of ways. But more importantly, Prime Minister Netanyahu was genuinely agitating towards action.”

It was not clear when the meetings Kerry mentioned took place. He chaired the committee from 2009. Mubarak was deposed in February 2011, while King Abdullah died in January 2015.

Kerry, who was part of a panel of experts at a nuclear weapons reduction forum at Washington National Cathedral on Tuesday, used the occasion to defend the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which he helped to negotiate.

The deal, in which Russia was also a major negotiator, placed restrictions on the Iranian nuclear industry in exchange for lifting UN, US and EU economic sanctions against Tehran. Kerry said without the deal Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt would likely be developing nuclear weapons of their own today while a military conflict with Iran would be a very likely possibility.

[ Note: I always get a kick over this presentation of anyone new having nukes would be a danger to everyone in the region, but Israel has never come into the equation for some strange reasonJD ]

The former top US diplomat criticized President Donald Trump for trying to undermine the deal. During the election campaign, the Republican nominee repeatedly called the agreement “a bad deal” and threatened to scrap it once elected.

 “That was a blatant over-simplistic political appeal to the American Jewish community. That’s all what it was, because most of those people hadn’t read the agreement,” Kerry said, adding that the rhetoric had “polluted the water” for American diplomacy.

Trump has since refused to recertify the agreement, arguing that the US got disproportionately few benefits from it, and referred the document to US legislators. The move was criticized by other signatory nations, which slammed Washington for compromising the landmark deal, with Kerry subscribing to it during the panel.

Kerry said he was not sure what positive outcome the Trump administration could expect from “giving the nuclear agreement to the Congress to fix,” adding that whatever “fix” was suggested for the deal, it would be perceived in Tehran as “a backdoor effort to kill the deal.”

Kerry suggested that Washington should not make the nuclear agreement hostage to whatever other differences it has with Tehran, be it Iranian missile development, ties with Hezbollah or Houthi rebels in Yemen.

He said that the only reason missile-related sanctions against Iran were not lifted under the deal was that then-US envoy to the UN, Samantha Powers, “very cleverly snuck them in at the last minute… and nobody really noticed it.”

Saudi Arabia has lashed out at Tehran on numerous occasions recently, even comparing Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to Hitler. Tehran hit back by saying that it was Riyadh who causes tensions and “wages war” in the region.

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  1. “Saudi Arabia has lashed out at Tehran on numerous occasions recently, even comparing Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to Hitler. ”

    Wow, that’s original. Comparing people to Hitler has been done so much that it’s gone out of style. Besides, Saudi Arabia is not in any position to be judging anyone. Saudi Arabia might be the worlds leading state sponsor of international terrorism. It is indeed the birthplace and breeding ground of Wahhabism, that barbaric and murderous ideology practiced by Saudi sponsored terrorists masquerading as Muslims. They have tarnished the image of Islam around the world and have supported the Zionist cause as a result.

    How many heads did Saudi Arabia cut off so far in 2017? More than anyone else, no doubt. Certainly more than their proxy armies of terrorist thugs. If Saudi Arabia refused to do US dirty work in the region, or threatened refusal, that supposed royal family would have their corpses at the end of ropes. In other words, the only reason Saudi Arabia is allowed to exist, is because they do terrible things for terrible people. The worst dictators of today’s world look like liberals beside the government of Saudi Arabia. [email protected] hypocrite @ssholes and their intelligence insulting rhetoric…

    • I don’t trust any politician, but I like how the Israeli firsters squirmed when Kerry truthfully stated publicly that Israel could remain a Jewish state, or it could become democracy, but it couldn’t be both. That’s more criticism than most politicians are willing to give Israel.

      The question remains, how can one win an election without the support of the Israel lobby? They would simply pour billions into the competition and use their connections to destroy their opponents in the press. If that didn’t work, they’d hire some Corsican mafia hit men to kill their opponent and blame it on a patsy who is said to be a Russian stooge. Then, they would hire one of their own to kill the patsy and avoid the potential for any real investigation, because dead men cannot make statements in court. Just ask Pope Formosus.

  2. Well, and this is why you have to actually read anything before signing. If what Powers did or whom ever, was after the signatures were done and dry is fraud. What else is new. who else knew, ain’t the English language fun.

  3. How does Samantha Powers cleverly sneak unnegotiated terms into the Iran nuke deal??? Did she do it as the final draft documents were on the way to the printer? Was there only one copy or did she have to “sneak” them into many copies. Were the copies bound? I am a little confused. Answers please.
    And how did we go from Samantha Powers to Nikki Haley? Is there a factory which pumps out irratic, hysterical, bombastic women? I wonder how real dedicated statesmen like Lavrov deal with these creants. Dueling should come back into fashion. It’s so romantic. Don’t you think. As insulting a Nikki Haley has been surely someone has thought of challenging her. But wait! She’s a woman.

  4. It is sad that Egypt follow such pathetic foreign policy, but they are learning from Israel how to behave on an US arms deal tit. Sunni-Shia relations are more pathetic than we could ever imagine. Israel are really profiting over there.

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