“Dickhead” Flynn Locked Up, not “Corrupt Hillary” as G-d Smiles


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

During the election, sources inside Russia told me that Flynn, and my sources are very high ranking, “spilled his guts” while drunk at a Russia Today funded dinner.  He was “their guy.”

For some years, VT has worked to form, and quite unsuccessfully, a veterans group that would have Russian, Afghani and American vets get together.  A similar group was formed in the 1980s by VT editor Colonel Gene Khrushchev, who was a Soviet airborne commander in Afghanistan.

He came to the US, spoke at the War College and elsewhere, and met with members of congress, or at least this is what I remember.  This was years go.

On a more significant note, sources at Justice who we know, who also interviewed Flynn related to the charges he copped to, say he is a “total dick.”

We prettymuch know that Kushner was the handler for Flynn and that he was being hung out to dry or set up as a fall guy.  Kushner is now facing indictment and Trump may well fire Mueller before Kushner goes down.

This would trigger impeachment but the GOP might work to stall that though the Senate is something else.  We expect that the Dems might get control of the Senate through potential crossovers.

That would change everything.

If Trump starts issuing pardons, the US will come apart, simple as that.

Thus far, by our estimation, Attorney General Sessions and Steve Bannon are next to be indicted.


  1. takes the kind of Dame Madelaine Albright to stand there Ugly as the Devil and claim that About 500,000 Iraqi Babies Died because of American sanctions , She used to be a Christain before ” Suddenly ReDiscover her Jewish roots ” as soon as she had come to Power and during her tenure Israel became her special newly discovered obsession .
    theyre Christains ALL their Lives and Suddenly discover ” Jewish Roots ” the Wolves in Sheeps Clothing .

  2. My guess is that sometimes you hitch your wagon to the group of criminals that you think do the least harm. Kind of like voting. Although I don’t think Jill Stein is very harmful; but you never know, now do you.

  3. Interesting though that Kushner apparently wanted Flynn to intervene with the Russians, not for Russia (or America’s) benefit, but to advance the cause of Israel by stopping or delaying a scheduled UN vote condemning Israel’s illegal settlements in which the Obama administration planned to abstain. I’m shocked!

    See: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=57685

  4. Gordon is too too polite about Hitlery , but i bet she never did him any kind of a favor in any action , a true traitor slut .

  5. Thanks Mr. Duff. Best news I heard all Week. Deckhand is down and he must have hooked Kushner on Mueller’s harpoon to avoid a more stringent charge. God is truly got these crooks by the scruff of the neck and is about to bang their heads together, they just don’t know it yet. The fasten seat belt sign is on folks, it looks like the WWF mud wrestling heats in Washington, thedistrict of criminals are about to start.

    • PS. All you ignorant Trump supporters, shut up if you are thinking of saying would you rather have Hillary? That is not the point and never was deckhands.

    • Khalid, “Poor” Kushner might be the real target. Though it will be a little tricky if everybody involved and investigating lies their heads off. Which bunch of liars will decide what is truth?
      This is becoming the best “Fake Reality” show ever. Ivanka for next US President might be the icing on the comedy’s cake while hubby is in lock up. What a slapstick! Buster Keaton would be envious.

      While the usual vultures start smearing and devouring themselves the official Google Terrorist Corporation will pull a few laid out strings in the background. All their “overseas terrorists” in USA are well trained by now and it might get very hairy (bloody) towards “spend all you have got” X-mas. Distraction is needed more then ever by the two faced colonialists!

    • It is the quickening Eduardo. I am just refusing to trot along to end up breaking into a panic. Bloody times are slated a la Bolshevism are slated for America. Brace for impact. The generation of face book snitches is in place. Fear is all that is left to introduce. It is on the way. We saw it in Russia and I saw it in a live in fast foreward mode in the small country of Somalia in 1968. It was transfered from a democracy into a Bolshevick state overnight. The first thing they did was confiscate guns for general safety and the second was to kill all the clergy for a scientific revolution. I’ve seen that movie before live.

  6. It’s just too bad we can’t include Sarah Palin in this. It was so much fun outing Mrs. Incoherence of Wasilla, Ak.
    New Rules: Flynn cannot make the claim he can see Russia from his house.
    At least Flynn isn’t Bible quoting or having Franklin Graham come to his rescue. Although I hear Ted Hagard is having a little get together with some nice young men for a spiritual meeting of sorts and would like to invite Flynn’s son. Refreshments will be served up and the used the dollar bill can be donated to Ted’s ministry.

  7. A Trump administration that gets taken down by its own corruption is the best outcome we could have realistically hoped for at the start of the 2016 campaign.

    • With Pence in the Offal office, the rest of the world will shudder in fear that religious whack job just might actually decide to something more than lob a few misguided missiles into Syria.
      Those who claim to have God on their side are more dangerous than any atheist. The history of the western world for the past couple millennia is proof.

    • “A Trump administration that gets taken down by its own corruption…”

      I couldn’t help but noticed Trump will soon be recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, so it appears he is finally fulfilling his promise to Sheldon Adelson. Shelly wrote a front page article in Israeli newspapers a while back, wanting to know why Trump hadn’t moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and threatened to retract millions in funding from Trump if action was not taken. The next day, Trump announced he was working on it. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is of no benefit to Americans, whatsoever, and this move will only cause more problems in the rest of the M.E. as well. This move benefits Israel and Trump alone, as Trump promised to do this for Shelly in exchange for campaign support.

      Trump needs to go, that much is certain. But, if he’s destroyed over the non-issue of the fabricated “Russiagate” investigation, I can’t see that serving any good purpose. It will just open the door for the next in line to accept bribes and concessions from those who have been buying the USG for the last 104 years. The so called “intelligence communities” have spent over a year looking under every rug, searching for anyone who may have thought about a Russian during the 2016 elections. Meanwhile a 30 minute search performed by anyone would reveal who the power behind Trump is. It’s the same power behind every president since 1913, with the exception of those presidents who were murdered for not playing the game.

      The impeachment of Trump will be in vain, if not for the reason that he is a total stooge of Zion. Otherwise, only the orange face will change and the policy will remain the same, as usual. Sure, they’ve indicted a handful of people who lied about talking to a Russian during the 2016 election, but what about the list of over 100 Zionist worms who managed and financed Trump’s campaign, and who now hold influential positions in his administration? It’s ok for Trump to collude with these 100+ Israeli agents, but it’s not ok for a couple people in Trump’s admin to talk to a Russian? That’s the impression I’m getting from the so called intelligence communities, who I might ad, have always worked for the international financiers and not the nation they reside in.

      The whole “russiagate” investigation hoax has been nothing more than a very expensive example of building a case around conformation bias. They had their answer from the beginning and then spent a year looking for anything that might prove their conspiracy theory to be correct. Trump might be the most obvious golem president in the history of the US and this russiagate conspiracy theory has people believing that Trump is Putin’s stooge. Those two names do not even belong in the same sentence, unless to suggest that Trump is a paramecium in comparison to Putin. Trump is not smart enough to sit at the same table as Vlad.

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