Omar al-Bashir to Putin: I need your protection against the New World Order

If Al-Bashir and Putin form an alliance, then shall we say the United States will have a tough time implementing diabolical activities in Sudan?


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has surprised some politicians when he approached Vladimir Putin and said that he needed “protection from the aggressive acts of the United States.”[1] He added: “We agreed with the defense minister that Russia will offer assistance” in economic and military endeavors.

Al-Bashir has obviously been watching Russia’s position over the years and has been stunned by what the country has been able to accomplish within a very limited amount of time. The whole world knows by now that Russia helped destroy the New World Order plan in Syria.

One can easily formulate a simple deduction: No Russia, no Assad government. In fact, Putin declared: “He [Assad] told me during our talks…that thanks to the Russian Army, Syria has been saved as a state.”[2] In a similar vein, Assad said: “I would like to underline the effort made by the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the sacrifices they have made.”[3]

Al-Bashir has obviously been taking copious notes about the political situation in Syria. He also saw that Russia, with the help of Iran and the Syrian forces, has largely obliterated terrorist cells in the region. This has certainly left an indelible impression on him. He continued to say:

“We are thankful to Russia for its position in the international arena, including Russia’s position on the protection of Sudan.”

Citing al-Bashir, journalist Peter Korzun writes,

“He expressed concern over the situation in the Red Sea, where he sees the US military presence as a problem, saying ‘we would like to discuss the issue from the point of view of the use of bases in the Red Sea.’ The Sudanese leader believes that the conflict in Syria is the result of US interference. The country would be lost if Russia did not lend a helping hand. The success in Syria boosts Moscow’s reputation and makes other developing countries seek its friendship and cooperation.”[4]

New World Order agents must be in deep trouble because al-Bashir is planning to dump them and shift to another boat. Keep in mind that al-Bashir has not been portrayed as a nice guy by the Zionist Bankster Cult. Whether he is a good guy or not is not part of this article here, and further investigation will ferret out those issues. What is crucial here is that al-Bashir doesn’t want to be part of the New World Order anymore. Korzun continued to say:

“According to President al-Bashir, Sudan could serve as a gateway to Africa for Russia. Khartoum is looking forward to cooperation with Moscow in oil exploration, transport and agriculture. In 2015, Russian company Siberian Mining found large gold deposits in Sudan with only explored reserves standing at 46,000 tons, and signed the biggest investment deal in the country’s history. Large gold deposits were discovered in two provinces – the Red Sea and the River Nile. The market value of the gold amounts to US $298 billion.”[5]

If Al-Bashir and Putin form an alliance, then shall we say the United States will have a tough time implementing diabolical activities in Sudan?

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Maybe Russia can put Sudan back together again. A North, and a S. Sudan is an American trick. Just like North and South Vietnam was, and the Koreas too.
    Corution in the west is all that keeps it afloat.that and the militarized police..

    • traditionally Sudan used to be supplied by Soviet Union loooong ago before falling into the Present USA Chaos

  2. The game is called: get there before the Russians do. Only, the elitists from Potomac have been born on the wrong continent, all the game goes on in Asia. Mackinder must have been really disappointed when he realized that colonizing N.America and Australia was allright but wasn’t the bestest move that could have been done. It remains rather sad that Russians haven’t been able to realign and consolidate so quick after the fall of USSR, because maybe then we wouldn’t have had devastating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on such a scale, and certainly we would have less tragedy and disarray in the entire Middle East, as well as in Eastern Slavic Europe. But still there is hope, and the Sudanese are smart and brave enough to seek it. Wherever a sovereign country in this world has an official name prefix “South” you can bet your ass on it it had something to do with angloamerican rascal politics.

    • youre so correct .

      mind you it was never india or Africa invading britain but quite the reverse . Indonesia never invaded holland but the Dutch did . Algeria or Morroco didnt invade France but the French did .
      I can’t figure out Why Europeons are so Agressive , Is it the ” Jews ” driving You nuts since they arrived ?

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