Planet X: The Perfect “I Don’t Fear God” Remedy

"And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty." [Matthew 24:30]


Planet X: The Perfect “I Don’t Fear God” Remedy
By: Eric Gajewski


There are still many “rolling their eyes” over the question of the possibility of a “Planet X’. Call it what you will. Planet X, Niburu, Nemesis, the Destroyer, the Rogue Planet, the Red Dwarf Star, the BlackStar, etc This space body is most certainly recorded in Scripture, Tradition and it is in approved Catholic prophecy. Yet why do so many resist?

Perhaps the majority of neo-Catholics today are tired of hearing about the Apocalypse or the latest “doom and gloom” news but the fact is Jesus said to “watch and pray”. This is an end time “commandment” of Christ. He didn’t say these endtimes would be easy nor did he say to try and predict the hour of His coming. But He did say to recognize the signs of the times and the season.

He did say, as well, to pray, to escape “those things coming” (not in any fundamentalist “rapture” type of way).

We must ask this question. Why does God have to send Planet X in the first place? Could he not chastise the world in any other fashion? Well, to be short, He already is, to an extent, but the Planet X system, is simply, something that no mere mortal can escape. As Fr. Malachi Martin said “the whole world would interpret this arrival of the Planet X system differently according to each’s belief structure”.

From a Catholic standpoint Planet X is coming, not only, to put the fear of God, back into men, but also to eradicate the Church’s enemies. How often have I heard from the godless in my ministry, “I don’t fear God” or “I can do whatever I want without consequences”. These people are in for a rude awakening.

People in Houston and in the gulf coast laughed at me just weeks before tragedy struck these areas. However, they weren’t laughing during the flooding they were mainly panicking. I had firsthand evidence that this was the case. Perhaps, the people on the east coast received their last warning with the recent earthquake felt in Delaware.

People got a jolt and were alarmed but is it enough to see men repent?

So much sin in the D.C., Tri state area but most will probably not see it as a warning from God at all. Can they be so blind forever? What will it take for these souls to wake up? For as Planet X gets closer the apocalyptic weather and events will only get more profound. Modern man has silenced God and the Planet X system is God’s “restoration” program for the world.

It is more indirectly implied in the real third secret of Fatima especially when speaking of the forthcoming three days of darkness.

Bishop Williamson said in one of his sermons over the past year or so that even He didn’t properly fear God. He said, that, even he, would be shaking in his boots, over what is to come. And does not Scripture record this?

“Men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved…” Luke 21:26

Those wanting to sick their heads in the sand and ignore these signs won’t be able to in the “not so distant future”. Massive quakes, islands sinking, super volcanoes erupting, fireballs streaking across the skies will make national nightly news. How will your mind escape that? It will be impossible to ignore God’s wrath in the days ahead.

This is why the proud and those apart of the New World Order conspiracy will beat their chests and try to run and hide in their underground bunkers/cities. Those who only live for sex and money shall have their lifestyles exposed and the majority will fall into despair.

Their whole world will be turned upside down, pun intended.


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  1. I believe “Judeo-Christianity” has never been anything more than a ploy to gain western support for the apartheid state. In turn, Western Churchianity has further destroyed it’s own reputation through it’s unwavering support for the murderous nation.

  2. Judeo-Christian? If people who call themselves “Christians” would actually read their Bible, without considering the dogmatic interpretations they’ve been fed by that man in the costume, and if they would educate themselves about what “Judaism” is and where it came from, the so called “Christians” would soon learn that there can be no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity”. That is, if Christianity is supposed to represent the teachings of Christ and Judeo is supposed to represent Judaism.

    The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that Judaism traces it’s origin to the Pharisees and that their most important historical literature is the Talmud. Jesus refers to the Pharisees as liars, hypocrites, murders, sons of the devil, the synagogue of Satan, etc, etc. The Jewish Talmud says Christ is in hell, boiling in hot excrement and that he was a blasphemous black magician and son of a woman who played harlot with carpenters. Pretty F’n insulting, right? That’s not even the half of it.

    So, how could there be such a religion as “Judeo-Christianity”, when the Jewish Talmud hates Christ and Christ taught that the ideological forefathers of the “Jews” are the synagogue of Satan? And yet this oxymoronic religion exists!

  3. LS…

    We should not fear the god/pilot of a high tech space vehicle from Niburu who messed with the human DNA to transform them in to slaves. The Creator God we should respect, not fear and that’s all !

  4. I studied Geology at Wisc. St. Univ. and the Polar shift that would have an outside magnetic influence with another Planet as large as X would be so horrific that it’s not even easy to think about . I read Stitchkin in mid 80s and he mixed science with religion , plus knew how to read the Sumerian tablets.. I believe the underground bases and the Empire’s attitude in foreign/domestic policy is a direct result of believing that X – exists. Those that lie,steal and murder will be given a place in those bases – in return. The geologic evidence is getting real close. Thanks VT

    • Garry Compton
      I am a Chemical Engineer and I also studied planet X. In my opinion, yes planet X is somewhere out there and I have an idea where.
      Carlos Munoz Ferrada found planet X in 1940 but no one believe him.
      Orbital time is 13,000 years and during last pass destroy the Atlantis civilization and before the lemurians.
      Also I have collected the paper from Navy research lab on disturbances observed in transneptunian objects orbits and why. The paper show the equations for calculate the exact place of planet X. However some data are necessary. I have collected those data from different sources I believe are real and NON manipulated. The last problem it was the starting point. When was the last time planet X pass in our solar system. I found that answer in Akakor Chronicles.
      Unfortunatelly I have no time for doing the math, I am busy trying to survive. You have time for that ? If you do, look for me at fb. Ivan Castilla. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

  5. I went very much into the minds and stories of those promoting such. I found government connections and psycho fear. Scant evidence of any real phenomenon ,… same thing with crop circles though with the artists there are deeper spiritual and synchronistic things to be observed.
    Monsters and Destroyers and End times, are all personifications of particular cycles of time. We are leaving the worst. 100’s of millions dead and displaced, all from fire from above.

  6. Well sure, let’s look at disaster and try to see if it is God punishing the wicked. The touchdown Jesus statue was struck by lightening and singed like a cartoon. The earthquake of Finale Emilia on the 20 May 2012 knocked down a whole bunch of churches. The Final Imitator north of Bologna. That is the actual name.
    Countless earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and lightening strikes hit churches. Lightening hit the statue of Jesus on the mountain in Brazil and blew off a chunk of his thumb. The bus accidents over the last 6 or 7 years involving christian campers or gatherers is off the charts. The tree just fell in Portugal and killed people going to worship in the annual festival there. There are so many to keep track of. One that stuck out to me, was when the Pope went to speak to the children of Spain, hundreds of thousands in the crowd, and when he got to the microphone the wind and rain shut him up and chased all the people. How many brick churches has Italy lost in the last 5 years ? 200, 300 ?

    • If we personify storms and lightening as God, we open ourselves to very dangerous self judgement. Energy does not transfer according to the faith or lack of it in puny humans. The volcano is on a schedule, and if you build a house on it, then be ready. If you live on the coast and experience a hurricane, after 5 days of warning, you are not a bad person, just stubborn.
      As for prophecy. Constantly leaning on Malachi Martin is tiresome. Of all the priests and “holy men” in the church, is there not one who can stand forward and call the rain and command the wind ? Is there even one who can stand forward, and deliver even a minor prophecy and return when it comes true ? No, because the church does not train priests. They train lawyers. And lawyers help take over land. And together, they oppress the indigenous people wherever they go. Book in one hand and gun in the other.

    • There’s an old favorite, not sure how many years ago, a preacher was whipping up the people and he’s there demanding a sign from God, and the church was struck with lightening and burned right then and there.
      Afterwards they said, well we will have to rebuild the church. that’s stubborn

    • Of all the priests and “holy men” in the church, is there not one who can walk on water? and who can supply independent and statistical replication of a man walking on water?

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