Fabricated Hate, the Phony “Jew v. Nazi” Fake Narrative


… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Jim W. Dean Managing Editor

The “Kosher Nostra,” sometimes known as the partnership between the Rothschild banking system, and the Israeli led mobs that run Ukraine and much of Russia, have long partnered with  anti-Zionist or neo-Nazi organizations of their own creation.  Stormfront and Andrew Anglin, have been by our estimation, Israeli controlled.

We believe this organization was created by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, which we long identified as part of spy organizations working against the US, to smear enemies of the Kosher Nostra, a powerful and secretive crime organization now capable of running governments and orchestrating wars.

This is the simple truth, deal with it. The CNN story below and depicted in the video is a very dangerous one.  Yes, it involves something sinister and poisonous at the heart of America.

How can supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom are Jew haters, racists, and criminal trash, utterly back a president whose advisors and cabinet, his friends, make up not only many American Jews but in actuality, the worst of the worst of financial criminals and mobsters who just happen to be Jewish.

Few Jews voted for Trump and fewer still support his politics.  Now for some backstory:

Years ago, Veterans Today made its policies clear.

  • VT supports international law in all forms including opposing the illegal settlements on the West Bank and the apartheid policies of the Tel Aviv government which are in direct controvention with the 4th Geneva Convention.
  • VT supports US policy that has pressured, until now, Israel to comply with International Law.
  • VT also recognizes, as a publication led by intelligence personnel, that Israel has been at odds with the US over security issues in the following ways;
  • a.  Israel, under Pollard and others, sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets in exchange for Jewish Russians allowed to immigrate by the hundreds of thousands to Palestine.
  • b.  The Israel lobby actively uses coercion, blackmail and bribery to influence American policy toward war on nations that financially compete with Israel.
  • c.  Israel, or Israeli led organized crime, which includes what is misnomered the Russian mafia, have orchestrated financial disasters such as the one in 2008, which cost the US $10 trillion dollars.
  • d.  Israel and its secret partner for over 60 years, have staged terror acts including 9/11, the 7/7 London bombings, the Paris Hebdo attacks and endless others to manipulate public opinion and American legislators to support policies favorable to Israeli backed organized crime.
  • We have seen universities controlled, their curriculum turned into pure propaganda, free speech killed not only under political correctness but total censorship and fact blackouts.
  • The current sex scandals, which are rightly cleaning out a very few monsters who have mostly exploited millionaire starlets or others much less vulnerable than those who really need protection, is now being used to silence opponents and cover up the sex blackmail ring of Trump/Epstein that ran an espionage operation on behalf of Russian Mobs for years.

To forward this agenda, elections have been rigged and Russia, most recently, blamed for it. Moreover, the media, now recognized as totally fake, has created a phony narrative blaming Islam for everything.

… from CNN

CNN: “The founder of a popular neo-Nazi website says a “troll storm” he encouraged against a Jewish woman in Montana should be considered protected speech and a lawsuit against him should be dismissed.

Lawyers for Andrew Anglin, the founder and publisher of the Daily Stormer, responded November 30 to a lawsuit filed by realtor Tanya Gersh, saying the dispute between him and Gersh boils down to the First Amendment.

Well-known First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza, who is representing Anglin, told CNN, “The only thing he (Anglin) did was call for people to speak, but people want to draw the line for speech they don’t like.”

An avalanche of hate: How a Montana mom became the target of a neo-Nazi troll storm
Gersh, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing Anglin for “invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violations of Montana’s Anti-Intimidation act.” That suit was filed in April in the US District Court for Montana.

She told CNN earlier this year that her family endured weeks of harassment leading to her physical and emotional deterioration because of Anglin’s actions.

Gersh says Anglin used his website as a platform to encourage his thousands of readers to contact her through email messages, social media, letters and phone calls.

They all centered on two facts: She was Jewish. And Anglin accused her of extortion.
She says there is one man to blame for what happened to her and her family: Andrew Anglin.


  1. Since the peaceful alt Right rally at Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer has been kiked off of 12 web sites and are currently on the 13 web site and still has mega thousands of readers a day. The bigger they get the more other White Nationalist’s jealousy becomes and the more divided they are. If VT had the readership of the Daily Stormer, then they would be a political force to reckon with. It is estimated that half of the readers of DS are teenagers. This is good as it will make them Jew wise at an early age before the kikes get a chance to brainwash them.
    There is not a dimes worth of difference between a Democrat or a neo con and that is why I am through with them and am backing White Nationalist groups. Especially the Daily Stormer.

  2. Excellent Gordon. Many years ago, the late George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party (the real deal, not a creation of the Jews) was invited to give a speech by Louis Farrakhan at a huge black Muslim rally. Rockwell was the only white man there. He struts to the podium and yells into the microphone, “Niggers!” The tension was so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife. It’s a wonder the blacks didn’t rush the stage and rip him limb from limb. He went on; “You hate us for calling you that, but who do you really prefer? The scumbag, hypocritical white liberals who say they love you to your face and behind your backs use all of their power and influence to keep you out of their neighborhoods, schools, churches, and businesses or us, who say the truth to you about how we feel and make no bones about our desire for separation of the races?” At the end of his speech, the black Muslims gave Rockwell a standing ovation.

  3. The rise of fake hate crimes is like the boy crying wolf. It is being done everywhere from churches being set afire by their own parishioners to synagogues being painted with” nazi “slogans to lesbians injuring themselves in order to blame a white male.
    When did it all start? did it start years ago or more recently when a black girl claimed rape and smeared with feces? Only to recant after all the national commotion and the disgusting fawning of the mainstream media. And there in lies another key to the problem: the media. Knowing it take viewers to make up the numbers, the media in America will latch onto anything that it can get the most mileage out of and hate crimes are now among the easiest ways of doing so. Coupled with minorities seeking attention and wanting to see violence flare up, they go to any length to fabricate a fake hate crime. It’s done on college campuses, in malls and churches. Its done in schools and in the work place. It works.
    Fake hate crimes are nothing more than another form of terrorism.

    • As most of us know, terrorism is used to create a set of circumstances by which a government is forced to react to, often creating new laws and or to further attack the rights and liberties of people.
      The use of fake hate crimes is on the rise and the results are ever more restrictions on free speech or what is now acceptable speech. Along with the crazies on campus responsible for the marxist political correctness insanity that has colleges and universities gripped from one end of the country to the other, turning these higher institutions into nothing more than breeding grounds for marxist/ communist agenda along with the creation of such groups as Black Lives matter, ANTIFA and BAMN all using violence to further their own agendas.
      Freedom of speech is under attack and when the right to speak freely without fear of retaliation or being labeled as a criminal is no longer possible, then the true face of tyranny will be exposed.
      This has to stop or there will be no freedom and liberty for anyone.

  4. (Someday… one hopes… that Gordon Duff will fully throw off what was it? His “Communist” father (his words) and I believe his Jewish Step Father.

    If I have the family tree wrong I apologize, but its psychic imprint is obvious, and since I am talking psychology here… the particulars for anyone who reads Gordon… and is perceptive, does not matter and my point Gordon anyway is this:
    You are still reacting and… you and sadly, the more circumspect, Jim Dean… are aligning with prejudices that you can not fully see around.

    VT is a critical element in the National Mass Mind dynamic… the longing for Truth within all of humanity and I often read it and admire both men by the way, where their prejudices have not fogged their judgements, so put that in the context of what I am going to say next and since you Gordon like to clarify thoughts with bullet points, here are mine:

    1. The lacuna of equal criticism for Democratic Party Presidents, largely speaking, is obvious to your readers and at this point ridiculous. Is there any actual evidence that Trump is associated with the pedophile “Lolita Express” as a participant? And yet you conflate him with a Jewish Mossad no doubt agent of blackmailer, Epstein and don’t mention that the husband of the man that you supported irrationally, for President and who was enjoying regular (28 times) oral sex in the Office of the President, by an ‘intern” Mossad agent likely… WAS, on the plane more than once, it is reported.

    2. “How can supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom are Jew haters, racists, and criminal trash…” : that is the core poison and insult that is destroying VT; characterizing this as, “arrogance” will never rile you, but “stupid, blind base prejudice,” may… .

    • This is the prejudice of an operative coming through, the old:
      We… are ‘the chosen,’ but in this case, we are the intelligence agents, we are the educated, we are the select scientific minds, we kill people or arrange their disgrace and downfall amorally, “without prejudice” and ‘YOU don’t know it’ because, we are the suited spooks, we are NOT the unwashed ‘Them’ and by “them” both the WASP banker spook network Calvinistic ‘the select’ clan right from the battlefields of the Reformation and that right from the Talmud (see E. Michael Jones’ book) AND… the Khazar Talmudic world mafia sick monsters… both groups… mean the hated “Goy,” the “Cattle.”

      Your “TRASH” GORDON.
      Look at that paragraph and re-cognize yourself.

      Wake the hell up brother! to your own programed reactions. It is a day of humility when you do AND of freedom.

      Gordon I agree with every other item here especially the sentiment that the Mossad/Talmud plays everyone including itself and that it controls hatred as examples… that enable the Shtetl mind… to endure and rationalize most importantly, a world mob, gold obsessed, mass murdering army of racist psychologically crippled psycho/neurotic sociopathic to humanity, monster cult, whose main tool is USURY and Mass Death reaction in service of domination, that is suppose to end in, the death of everything living in their way, period.

      Sadly, there HAD to be one… to finally throw off that dark image of ourselves.

      You are WAY too found of your importance and like so many insiders… you label as glory your bondage and mistake… your degradation down into the guts of the basest form of real politic and pride yourself ironically on the very thing that the group that you hate and apparently admire too?… has denied you through mind control of which you will never I fear admit: an absence of spiritual context, any, spiritual context.
      Buy a telescope and look up good friend.

    • a moment of truth for you: If you got 5% of the intel i see or had one percent of the access…or the ability to sift truth.

      am I that good? I am the best you have. Only hope I get better. Now, however, I am endlessly better than yo u.

      I also have a HUGE support mechanism.

    • Trump had it right when he said, he could shoot someone in the street and still get elected. He targeted the most gullible base and simply triggered them to action with few sentences and fewer actual points.
      He can steal their retirement right in front of them , and they roll over profess to be blessed.
      It is truly a sad spectacle and I thought it would curb after a few thefts, but nope.

  5. Try reading a novel or watch a movie without seeing the prerequisite Nazi/Holocaust reference. You can’t get published unless you throw one in there somewhere. You can see how they are just thrown in there in a haphazzard fashion, as if they were added in later. Oy Vey.

  6. A small point… You guys mention “Stormfront and Andrew Anglin” right up front. Well, obviously, that should be The Daily Stormer rather than Stormfront. Either way, Anglin is a piece of work, so no wonder he lives in Lagos, Nigeria rather than the U.S. What he and his supporters did to that poor woman in Montana is NOT free speech; it is terrorism. Sounds of gunshots were left on her answering machine, for example. But it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center which helped the woman file the lawsuit. So if SPLC created Anglin’s org., it’s a perfect protection racket for them: Secretly create the crises, and then con the poor victims into letting SPLC save them. SPLC has done this to real black civil rights groups too; they can’t get any oxygen or donations because SPLC sucks it all up.

    • As an example of what I mean, please compare these organizations: SCLC and SPLC. Notice the similarity of the acronyms? I believe that is no coincidence. SCLC was founded in 1957 in Atlanta, GA, and its 1st Pres. was Dr MLK Jr. SPLC, on the other hand, was founded in 1971, in Montgomery, AL, which had been at the epicenter of the black civil rights conflicts. Guess which one gets all the money for black civil rights? You might guess that it would be the one headed up by actual black people, but you would be wrong. Now granted, I don’t know much about the current SCLC since it broke with past precedent and elected a non-minister. Jim Dean would probably know more about the current makeup of the group (since hq is Atlanta) and whether it has stayed on the right path or not. But the SCLC of the past, they did the work that freed black people, and they paid the price for it in blood.

    • Tanya Gersh was and is an extortionist. A non Jew would have been arrested right away. She didn’t get what she deserved which is prison, so she got the next best thing, being trolled…

  7. No truer words have ever been spoken here than than the title of this piece; in fact “the Phony “Jew v. Nazi” Fake Narrative” has far more to do with the situation the human race finds itself in than the made for TV phony left right dialectic…

  8. Targeting anyone is wrong. Doesn’t matter the reason they are targeted. I used to have a friend who was in the Black Panthers. She said “racists” didn’t bother her at all. As long as they were out in the open, she could deal with it. But the ones that hide under a hood, she had problems with. So the guy’s a racist . . . who isn’t in one form or the other . . . these daze. Be racist, but don’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater — it’s not free speech. It’s causing panic. They only thing that should stalk is celery. But the irony is . . . the MSM, Zion controlled, does. It. All. The. Time. They YELL FIRE . . . and cause it. Jewish Lightening anyone?!? And for all we know . . . the neo-nazi trolls are all cointelpro. Astroturfing wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Montana shake down.

    • Andrew Anglin doesn’t live under a hood, he is hiding from the Southern Filthy Rich Law Center and the kike bitch’s law suit.

  9. “sex blackmail ring of Trump/Epstein”

    But Trump lost the tapes so that’s why he isn’t using it to put pressure on some of his opponents??
    Ah well, maybe it’s a good thing, who knows what he’d have pushed through, war with Iran or DPRK?

  10. If one gets to turn hate directed to oneself onto one’s enemy – BINGO, the “Whore of Babylon Mission” is accomplished! The infighting of US citizens and the world population of “unworthy ones” over fake Realities takes up so much time that the “cancer in the bones” of the American/World democratic system can not be cured. Looking at the current whole picture of Jewish world domination one has to wonder about the mocking of the Goy/victims along the way to extinction/reduction. The Elite in charge must really laugh their asses off about their own directed counter actions to stamp out the “problem” – an unworthy and intellectually over or under qualified stupid Goy.

  11. It wouldn’t surprise me if the jew and Nazi are in this together…..oh, wait…..that sounds familiar

    • BS, until the Zionists came to Palestine there were Jews, Christians and Muslims living peacefully together. And the Jews in Iran didn’t accept Bibi’s invitation to come and live in Israel.

    • Reefer Man December 3, 2017 at 7:57 pm

      “BS, until the Zionists came to Palestine there were Jews, Christians and Muslims living peacefully together. And the Jews in Iran didn’t accept Bibi’s invitation to come and live in Israel.”
      In the 20th century, Palestine was flooded with a different type of Jew which was the Eastern European, Khazar Jew. After WWII, Israel was flooded with Polish Jews and there was no more living peacefully together in a racist, apartheid and terrorist State of Israel.
      Remember folks, “With Jews You Lose”.

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