Will My Diocese Enforce the “Mark of the Beast?”

This a serious question now being asked by the faithful few.


Will My Diocese Enforce the “Mark of the Beast?”
By: Eric Gajewski

What was once an absolutely absurd question to ask publicly is now being asked globally. Will my own diocese demand I take the “mark” and by who? This is more than a fair topic to tackle today considering the local dioceses are now holding “interreligious” events for Luther and even pagans. We live in frightening times when the majority do not see the heresy they hold to and try to persecute those actually still clinging to the Faith.

What can a faithful Catholic do in these times where heresy largely occupies the “mainstream” buildings?

Furthermore, what did Fr. Malachi mean when he said the “churches” will become “null and void”. Without further delay let us jump right into answering these questions.

The push toward a global apostate religion. Recently, Antipope Francis made another “interfaith” appearance and said all religions must have their share in this coexisting new world. For those awake it is quite clear what the modernist’s are trying to do. There is a strong push towards the false unification of man on the natural level alone. The goal of the enemy is to end dogmatism and Christianity in general altogether.

They need mankind to be prepped for the arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist and thus, this is why we are seeing so many interfaith events around the world and perhaps even in your own diocese.

A diocese, which, by the way, you ought be avoiding in this apostasy. People from all “religions” must be first grouped together in order for the arrival of the man of sin to commence. The mark will be a counterfeit baptism which will demonstrate publicly a denouncing of the true Christ. David Spangler, of the United Nations, said, “No man shall enter into the New Age” without taking this allegiance to Lucifer and sadly the majority will (even Catholics!) under “peer pressure”.

The Transition: Vatican II NewChurch to the Apostate Church. Under Antipope Bergoglio there is a transition taking place. There are “conservative” Cardinals being asked to resign and/or simply being reassigned.

Bergoglio must get his ilk in place before the False Prophet arrives.

He is the eight inning “setup” man who will aide the False Prophet to come. I am glad to see so many now recognizing that he is not the true Pope however we should not get complacent in our fight against Vatican II and modernism.

The New Age is very open about their plans to “takeover” Rome.


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  1. The book of Revelations and it’s contents and it’s placement at the end, and with purposeful extension detected at the end, blow its cover. The sole purpose of that book is recruitment. It is the ramblings of an initiate and the world plays along as if it can make sense and it is another crop circle. Everyone who sees it has a different story about it. Ancient military tactics have signatures, and they are ,.. stuff that works really well and any primate can figure it out. Scaring the people, on purpose, can be viewed as non-criminal until someone dies. Scaring is effective. It works today and into the foreseeable future. Pious fraud that results in death, would be considered murder in the US. If a priest told someone to jump and they died, then what is going on ? Placing that book at the end is the amateur hour fail of the thing. It is murder.

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