Pearl Harbor Day false flag alert! War party about to stage “provocation” in Mideast, Korea?

December 6th = 12/6 = 6+6/6 = A perfect day for Antichrist to steal Jerusalem

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I don’t issue false flag alerts very often. But when Donald Trump officially declares that Jerusalem belongs to Antichrist ON THE EVE OF PEARL HARBOR DAY, obviously all of the warning lights are blinking bright red.

Yes, the “Jewish State” of Israel is the Antichrist of the Bible and Dajjal of the Qur’an. How more obvious could it possibly be? Rabbinical Talmudic Jerusalem, the official religion of Israel, holds that Jesus was a bastard and his mother a whore. The Talmud says Jesus is burning eternally in excrement. How much more “anti” to Christ could it possibly get?

This is the official ideology of the Zionist Entity, supposedly representing the world’s fewer than 20 million Jews, that purports to rule the Holy Land of nearly 5 billion Christians and Muslims. Why should a bizarre Christ-hating cult representing fewer than one in 200 Abrahamic monotheists have a monopoly on the Holy Places? Because they are fake Jews and real Satanists, the proverbial Synagogue of Satan, and they will take whatever they can get—the more lies and the more murder it takes to get it, the better.

And the Zionists take it one step further. Unlike the Rabbinical Talmudic Jews (who, as much as they loathe Jesus, at least try to worship “G-d” or a tribal facsimile thereof) the Zionists hate God and are officially in satanic rebellion against Him/Her/It. Their entire ideology is based on invading the Holy Land, perpetrating abominations, and spilling vast amounts of blood, all in service to Satan and in defiance of “G-d” — who explicitly forbade Jews from ever doing such a thing. (For the details, consult the real Jews; that would be Naturei Karta.)

Zionism’s real founder is not Theodor Herzl. It is Shabtai Tsvi, the satanic false messiah. Read up on him, but don’t do it on a full stomach or you may lose your lunch.

The orchestrated human sacrifice of almost 3,000 souls on 9/11, and the subsequent sacrifice of roughly 32 million Muslims in the 9/11 wars, were Satanic-Zionist religious rites. Are we approaching a moment of even bloodier sacrifice?

I repeat, Trump just handed over the Holy City to Antichrist on the Eve of Pearl Harbor Day. Defenders of the Holy Places are rising up all over the world, burning the diabolical images of Trump and the “American” flag that Trump just wiped his ass with when he turned American foreign policy over to Satanyahu. As the chaos spreads, conditions are ripe for a false flag provocation to justify the coming tidal wave of blood.

Will the next world war begin in the Middle East? Quite possibly. Satanyahu wants war on Iran. But he knows he would lose big time unless he can drag the USA into it. Even then, the odds are not very favorable, as The Atlantic discovered when they sponsored a simulation.

Another possibility is that the big feint in Jerusalem is misdirection – the Next Pearl Harbor could involve Korea. A huge war in Korea would take the world’s mind off of Antichrist’s theft of Jerusalem.

Antichrist’s neocon spokesdemons have just called for criminal war of aggression against Korea because “it will only kill 1.4 million people.”

Their lapdog MSM is propagandizing for a “Korea Pearl Harbor.”

A US war on Korea would likely bring in Russia and China and quickly become a nuclear World War III. That would allow Antichrist to finish the genocide of Palestine under the radioactive fog of war. And it would create the biggest State of Emergency in human history. Leaders would grab total dictatorial powers. None more eagerly than megalomaniacal narcissist Trump.

The MSM propaganda machine is working overtime insisting the false flag slaughter of more than 2000 sailors on 12/7/1941 (like the New Pearl Harbor of 9/11) was a good thing

Jeffrey Epstein buddy and child-rapist Trump, a huge fan of child molester Roy Moore, would love nothing more than to become Designated Dictator of Zionist-Occupied North America. A huge false flag could help the Trumpies consolidate total power and lock up their legion of critics in concentration camps. Trump dreams of becoming Satanyahu’s puppet dictator as Antichrist arises over the bloody smoking ruins of the al-Aqsa mosque and the remaining Palestinians – the real descendants of the Biblical Hebrews – get slaughtered and expelled.

But as they (the satanists) plot, God also plots. And God is the best of plotters. Bibi’s and Trump’s dreams would sooner or later turn into hellish nightmares, as the perpetrators’ own evil inevitably rebounds against them.

I hope and pray the above nightmare scenario doesn’t happen.

But if it does, don’t say I didn’t warn you.



    If Trump is not Jewish himself, why is he having a Hanukkah party where he congratulates himself for moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Is it a Christian act to forcibly allow the Jews to prevent the Palestinians or anyone else from occupying Jerusalem? Trump is not a Christian and likely not even an American either. Do not his actions make him more Jewish than anything else? His God appears to be MONEY or DINERO in Spanish. Isn’t he preparing for the day when he departs his current job and needs financial help from the group with the resources to help him out of a financial jam? Who better than his friends and cronies in Israel who control so much MONEY and also love MONEY and the power it gives them over the world. Is he looking out for the interests of America or the selfish interests of a foreign country Israel? Isn’t Trump a traitor to his meaningless oath of office? Why is an American president making religious decisions about a tiny country half way around the world while our Constitution guarantees no religious discrimination? Isn’t he gang raping our Constitution by moving the Embassy in Israel?

  2. While everyone is focused on North Korea waiting for a false flag the real false flag happend about Jerusalem. What better way to think off to ignite a war about his.

  3. The satanic elements are not lost on me. The Ba’al worship/warship has truly been bumped up a notch. From the evangelicals thinking this is a good idea, to the Zionists jizzing on themselves with the image of their $3,000,000 gold-plated menorah . . . CLASSIC.
    Evangelicals: Sadly they have never traveled outside their comfort zones, namely anything beyond their local Chick-Fill’a, or Golden Hardees Barrel of Crackle. On Sunday they’ll praise Jesus, and from Monday through Saturday they are filled with hate, and/or fast food far exceeding the daily allotment of sodium. Talk about turning into a pillar of salt . . . OY VEY! So traveling in a group to the “Holy Land” is similar to all brain-dead pilgrims making their haj. Sure, let’s all go to the big black box, pop goes the weasel. Meanwhile, the very people that control the Jack-in-the-Box are slaughtering other Muslims, funding terrorist organizations, and making hell on earth. What? They’re not?!? Ask the 65,000,000 displaced persons in the world how they feel about it all. The Evangelicals take their trips to the Holy Land, and think they’re the culturally literate of their parish. Perish the thought. The cognitive dissonance is deafening. The very folks that murdered Jesus/Isa they go and visit? WOW. They WANT a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem . . . ? That is U.S. soil in the Holy Land. That’s what they want. I’m sure that some slimy “entreperneur” will put up a Golden Hardees Barrel of Crackle just to feet the herd. They have really lost sight of their Shepard’s voice.

    • Zionists: They are about as “spiritual/religious” as well . . . let’s just say they wouldn’t know the Holy Spirit if it was a snake and bite them on the a$$. Moses gave them the 10 commandments. The first is, no other God before me. They don’t have a clue what that means. Moses didn’t wander around LOST for 40 years in the desert. There were direct trade routes and roads established at that time. But, that’s their “spin” for not finding the promised land. The 10 commandments are clear: You shall not kill. They listened to Moses while he was still among the living, but the minute he died . . . oh, all of a sudden they “found” the Holy Land?!?!?!? Yes, people ARE that stupid to believe that spin. Moses forbade killing, and that meant killing people to take their land. To be clear, there are many Jews that believe Moses lead them out of bondage. But when Moses died . . . they went BACK TO BONDAGE. Dealing in dirt, and stealing in the name of the Lord. Jesus/Isa tried to learn ’em. Look what they did to him!

    • Ba’al needs a sacrifice before their altar. The fires that erupted in So. California are the new “burnt” offering to these satanic Ho-Ho-Ho’s.
      I lived in So. California for my first 30 years. I experienced ravaging fires. Soot so thick in the Valley, it made the traffic stop lights filtered with haze, so the green lights were glowing blue, the red lights blood orange.
      But . . . Santa Ana’s (aka the Devil Winds) were never in December, but rather at the end of summer, into fall. And there was never more than one fire. They never erupted at 5:00 a.m. in the morning from Ventura County, down into Los Angeles county, a swath separated by hundreds of miles, but all engulfed at the same time? For those not knowing the topography, December is not known as “fire season.” And the Santa Ana’s I felt blowing their winds were never at the end of Summer, during the late fall, the “Indian Summers” we had — those were the times of the Santa Ana winds. I remember really strong winds in early Jan., but it was blistering cold. Nothing that would ever be able to sustain the heat necessary in a “naturally” occurring fire. These things just Do. Not. Happen.
      So thank-you chem trail spraying fly boys. You just shoved off all the rain clouds out into the Pacific because you were told to do so. And the evil, mad-zionists climatologists knew the Santa Ana’s were brewing for a rather late Devil Wind. They created this inferno, and now Ba’al has the burnt offering sacrifice, and the proclamation can be made to all the land . . .
      All Hail Ba’al.
      Jeremiah 19:1-7

    • *the Santa Ana’s I felt blowing their winds were {delete:never} at the end of Summer, during the late fall, the “Indian Summers” we had — those were the times of the Santa Ana winds.


      The Santa Ana’s are a well-studied wind pattern. I’m sure the MSM owned Zionist spin doctors will now put out their scripts to all the talking-heads snooze reporters so they can all regurgitate how Santa Ana’s happen in December.

      The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin
      “The author suggests that in the same way as whites have been blinded to both their collective and individual truths, so have Negroes. They have bought into what they have been taught to believe and told they must believe and so are fearful of challenging anything that might disrupt the safe, but toxic, status quo.”

      Zionist worship/warship Ba’al. Ain’t no doubt about it.
      The fires in heavily populated areas of So. California are not “natural” IMHO. They are the fire sacrifice, burnt offering to a vile god, so the Zionists can jizz over their “temple” in Jerusalem. Hey, they used to sacrifice children to Ba’al . . . I guess this is an improvement?!?
      And no one believes this is possible? Okay, don’t believe it.
      Moloch worship? Ring any cow bells?

      The fires set yesterday was the burnt sacrifice offer prior to the proclamation yesterday. This is their burnt offering, the sacrifice to Ba’al, to Moloch to the gods of Babylon. Don’t believe it. I don’t care.

    • I agree with what a lot of what you say but they did find the Holy Land before Moses died. He saw it but he was forbidden by God to enter it.

  4. There are some circles suggesting, without much evidence to back it up, North Korea is a front for the CIA, but that would be the same as North Korea being a front for Israel. This interpretation obviously complicates the unfolding dynamics for war on the Korean peninsula and, as well, Trumps role as defender of the deep state or its nemesis. In any case, now that Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the world has once again slipped into the maelstrom of war and unending cruelty. The true architects of 9-11, the Israel Government, the Zionists and their Sayanim will themselves be victims of this latest folly.

  5. OMIGOSH . . . ordained by GOD?!?!? Which one? The God-Satan, the Babylonian God? The God of the death culture that murdered him in the first place?
    Let’s fact check, shall we. Jesus aka the Prince of PEACE was murdered by a judicial system run by Jews, and the executions were handled by the Romans. Kinda like today. Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. And on the third day he arose, then ascended into Heaven. He’s supposed to “come back” in glory. Not sure if you are aware what GLORY means. If you, or any of your brethren actually knew the true ministry of Jesus/Isa (and you don’t . . . the proof is: You’ll beat me to death with your B-I-B-L-E for my views) you’d understand what glory means. Jesus/Isa is NOT coming back to avenge, revenge, and kill off person, places or things. He’s NOT coming back to usher in end times. B-I-B-L-E quiz time: Recite John 10:10. For extra “points” explain what that means according to Jesus/Isa’s ministry. You do realize that the Book of Revelations was written by John, almost 30 years after Jesus/Isa was murdered. Not ONE QUOTE in the Book of Revelations was made by Jesus/Isa. John was in Greece, off an island, and had congested mushrooms, which the island is known for, replete with hallucination properties. Like Joseph Smith of LDS fame, who buried his head in his hat and “discerned” the two seer stones. Yeah, right. Hats, at that time, were manufactured with mercury. Inhaling mercury would make one as . . . Mad as the HATTER!

  6. and Israel knows this all too well. as do others who would seek to ride the nag, Trump is the latest con man to take full advantage. And it is lapped up readily, for the blind purpose of self justification. It is obscene.

  7. Self fulfilling prophecy by militant christians is among the top three security concerns of the world. Depending on the conditions and changes in leadership, it is number one. Not that the christians themselves are dangerous, but their gullibility is easily ridden like a broken nag. They can be whipped up into a murderous frenzy, with just a few quotes from their precious.

  8. Trump is ordained by God ? This is the kind of distorted bias formulated by repetitious preaching. Interpretation of the Bible text, is most certainly not the forte of christians. Every event they favor, is ordained by God, and every event of violence is (if against them) the devil, and if against their enemies, again ordained by God. Your ordinations and condemnations are according to your own whims, and most often, you are completely wrong. Then to bring this ridiculous nonsense into the halls of public service is only to assert more control and rules to your own favor. I’d rather have the money guys stealing my money than to have militant christians tripping over their tongues and divinating Gods desires according to their favor. You do not know what age it is, or how to determine it. Not even what day it is ! That much is perfectly clear.

  9. All valid predictions.
    An oil shock also accompanies the Republican war party every time they get hold of the White House. Probably a desperate Israel/USA move to drag Iran or North Korea into some sort of violent reaction that could “justify” the hot heads total war in the Pentagon. But the “enemies” of the West now have far better tutors than they had in the ages of Mossadegh or T.E.Lawrence, and Vietnams are to be no more. The words collateral uncontrollable unacceptable damage come to mind. Maybe Kurdistan will also vote for Jerusalem. And Turkey will leave NATO (the last one is a private wish). If NATO collapses after this that would be a positive outcome.

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