Forget Russia, Israel Actual Foreign Power Collaborating With Team Trump


…from Sputnik News, Moscow

While no compelling evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 US election has been uncovered so far, the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has brought a different kind of relationship to the spotlight – the one between Washington and Tel Aviv.


US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged connections between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government has entered its seventh month of operation. More than $3.2 million has been spent, yet the investigators struggle to provide proof of Moscow’s interference.

While all eyes were on Moscow, President Trump made a groundbreaking decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, thus dragging a historically close relationship with Tel Aviv to the spotlight.

The ties between Israel and the US President Trump are demonstrably strong, Dr. Cristian Nitoiu, Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow in EU-Russia Relations at the London School of Economics, told Sputnik, noting that “a look at his [Trump’s] business interests in the country, and major donors to his presidential campaign, attest to that.”

“A lot of his ventures in the US are partially funded by capital from firms in Israel,” Dr. Nitoiu told Sputnik.

Israeli Settlements

A flagrant collusion between Trump’s team and the government of Israel, aimed at undermining both US government policy and international law, has been uncovered by Mueller’s investigation.

The skulduggery was exposed on December 1 when Mueller’s investigators unveiled the plea deal offered to Trump’s former national security adviser, retired General Michael Flynn.

“On December 21 2016, Egypt submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council on the issue of Israeli settlements. The UNSC was scheduled to vote on the resolution the following day.

On December 22 2016, a very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team directed Flynn to contact officials from foreign governments to learn where each stood on the resolution and to influence those governments to delay the vote or defeat the resolution,” the statement of offense against Flynn read.

The draft resolution in question condemned Israeli settlement expansion in occupied Palestinian territories as a “flagrant violation under international law” which “dangerously imperiled the viability” of an independent Palestinian state.


The Obama administration indicated it would abstain from the resolution, while nonetheless stating the settlements lacked any legal validity, and the situation was critically threatening the viability of a two-state solution.

The Israeli government has publicly acknowledged its lobbying of the transition team. On December 4, the Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer told Politico magazine Tel Aviv had “obviously” reached out to Trump’s people in December 2016, and asked them to speak to other governments “in order to prevent the vote from happening.”

Business Ties

On top of Trump’s own interests in the country, his son-in-law Jared Kushner — who has been tasked with devising a Middle East peace plan — has longstanding relations with major financial institutions from Israel.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump chat as White House senior advisor Jared Kushner is seen in between them, during their meeting at the King David hotel in Jerusalem May 22, 2017

Kushner Companies share investments with Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services, and two major national banks, under investigation by US authorities for allegedly helping clients evade taxes in the US and elsewhere.

Kushner also has business ties totaling tens of millions of dollars with the Steinmetz family, one of Israel’s richest families.

Still, Dr. Nitoiu makes clear Trump’s close relations with Israel are par for the course for Republican leaders, who have consistently been “strong supporters” of Tel Aviv since the state’s founding in 1947. No US president of either party has previously entertained the notion of siting the country’s Israeli embassy anywhere but Tel Aviv, despite Congress passing a law in 1995 demanding the move.

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  1. “US Jews contribute half of all donations to Democratic Party” and then come back and tell me I’m crazy.”

    Just for the record, I NEVER said you were crazy. Those are your words, not mine.

  2. “Adelson “donated” $150 million to Romney’s campaign… what’s 48% of that”

    It’s roughly the amount that Adelson’s fortune would grow in just 5 weeks, if kept in an account that offered 5% annually.

  3. ” You people in the US”.

    I’m not an American.

    I wasn’t being literal when I said Adelson wipes his arse with 2 million. I was making a point that if he were to put his fortune in an account that offered 5% interest annually, he would make about 2 million in 8 hours while doing absolutely nothing for it.

    The lobbyist who contributes the most gets the most access and control. The personal injury lawyer, or the dentist who contributed less than a few million, will be lucky to receive as much as a phone call from the president. He’s got to fulfill his obligations to the big dogs like Adelson, first. Otherwise, they will use their financial power to destroy him in the press, fund his opponents, or have him assassinated by a “lone nut” gunman.

    “But can the State of Israel write a cheque for half the budget if the democratic party and a similar amount to tge Republicans?

    No they can’t”

    Are you sure about that? Who controls the issuance of US currency? It is the Federal Reserve. All the US currency in circulation is issued by this private (not federal) institution and they have no physical reserves. All currency is invented out of thin air upon request and thrown on the pile of US debt. This institution has been providing the budget for the USG, for 103 years. Here is the consortium of banks that make up the Federal Reserve:

    Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
    Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
     Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
    Lehman Brothers of NY
    Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY–Now Shearson American Express,
    Goldman, Sachs of NY
    National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders)
    Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).

    What do all those banks have in common?? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a j and ends with a w.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, the number of non-jews who have served on the board of governors at the Federal Reserve over the last 103 years, can be counted on one hand. All are zionists and many have been Israeli dual citizens.

    “They get to buy their guy, their friends in the US get to steal some of your taxes, and everything is Kosher”

    Oy Vey! You get no argument from me on that one.

  4. You make an amazing point about dual-citizenship and untouchable offshore accounts in Israel. No extradition either, so criminals like Myer Lansky, or the infamous “dancing Israelis” can wreak all the havoc they want, then flee to Israel and live happily ever after. It’s Rothschild’s safe haven for dual citizen criminals.

  5. Schiff and Warburg didn’t provide financial support to Woodrow Wilson to receive a tax break. They did it so he would pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave them sole authority over the issuance of American currency. Wilson admitted that he unwittingly ruined his country by doing this.

    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Trump’s daughters wedding was arranged specifically to put Kushner in the White House. I’m sure Obama didn’t appoint the orthodox Talmudic Yeshiva educated, Israeli dual citizen and veteran of the IDF, Rahm (Rahmbo) Emanuel, to serve as his Chief of Staff because he’s a Chicago politician, or because he’s a good guy. He was most likely recommended by his ventriloquists.

    IMO, control is the primary motive for thrusting these figureheads into the highest corridors of power, for the ability to direct a nation’s course of action in their favor.

  6. What makes you think people here don’t understand this? Sure, political contributions are tax deductible. In response to your multiple choice question below, I would ask you, what is 2 million dollars to Sheldon Adelson? It’s pocket change to a man with a published net worth of 37+ billion dollars. To put that into perspective, if he put that fortune into an account that offered 5% per year, his fortune would grow by roughly 5.1 million every day! So I ask again, what is 2 million to Sheldon Adelson? It’s less than a half day’s pay, that’s all.

    These parasites contribute large sums of money to control policy in their favor. “I gave you 5 million dollars, so you owe me some favors now. You will appoint the people whom I have recommended to positions of power, and you will provide my company with billions in contracts.” Just for a couple examples.

  7. It is my current understanding that Congress is supposed to be the voice of the American people. The enemy within the gates understood that by purchasing congress through bribes and concessions (lobbying), they could essentially crush the voice of the people. To understand the depth of congressional betrayal, all one has to do is watch the illegal bipartisan speech Netanyahu made to the US congress in 2016, without proper invitation and against the wishes of the president. Netanyahu’s speech was essentially about sending the US to war against Iran and regardless of the fact that he had no right to make this speech to Congress, he received 29 standing ovations from both parties. Can anyone recall the last time any US president received the same showing of support from congress? This was a truly disgusting display of unwavering servitude to a rogue nuclear, apartheid state.

    I once saw a US senator explain how for him to have a chance at getting re-elected, he must raise 18 thousand dollars every day. He said that he could either spend all day everyday calling people and begging for their money, leaving him no time to do anything else, or he could go to one lunch with a mega donor and receive all the necessary funds to run for re-election. Once the congressman accepts millions from the mega donor, he/she has essentially sold his/her integrity, dignity and responsibility to his/her nation to the synagogue of Satan. The system is designed so that government officials are basically forced to approach private and foreign mega-donors to obtain the necessary funds to run for office.

  8. On April 25, Times of Israel mentioned:

    “Adelson, one of the biggest backers of Republican candidates, made history earlier this year by writing a $5 million check to help underwrite Trump’s inauguration festivities, earning himself and his wife a seat on the platform just a few rows behind the president.

    Adelson is also reportedly dismayed over the “state of chaos” in the new administration and that some of those he recommended for administrative positions have not yet been appointed, the sources said, according to the report.

    Trump promised while campaigning to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the American mission there, drawing a fierce rebuke from Palestinian Authority officials and concern from the European Union and others that the move could spark violence.

    In March, US Vice President Mike Pence told the annual gathering of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC that “the president of the United States is giving serious consideration to moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” although he did not provide any further specifics.

    Adelson is known as a major donor to Jewish and Israeli causes, and is seen as a steadfast backer of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has quietly expressed support for the embassy move.”

    The day following this article in the Times of Israel, where republican king maker Shelly Adelson was whining about Trump not yet appointing the stooges he (Shell) recommended and Trump not yet recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the apartheid state, Trump announced announced that his team was working on it.

    • Trump’s disgusting promotional video for Netanyahu that was shot in Israel, the nauseating-butt tonguing speech he made during his campaign at the AIPAC convention, the gut wrenching list of more than 100 ashkeNazi’s, dual citizens and Israeli firsters that managed, sponsored and directed Trump’s campaign, His threatening to defund the U.N. for producing a legal report charging Israel with being an apartheid state, his withdrawal from UNESCO for refusing to recognize Jerusalem as a Jewish historical site, his illegal bombing of a Syrian airbase just one day after receiving a petition signed by 90 rabbis to do exactly that, his Israeli Chabad-Lubavitcher son in law and right hand man, his team of hardline zionists. It would take a book to list all the instances that point to Trump being a total stooge of Zion. His recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital does not benefit anyone except Israeli hardliners who want more chaos in the M.E.

      So, as I’ve said from the very beginning, the supposed intelligence communities have been wasting their time and the public’s money looking for Russians under the bed, because the enemy is within the gates. While they have indicted a couple guys for trying to talk to a Russian, or lying to the fbi about trying to talk to a Russian, Israel has been appointing stooges to high ranking positions in what is essentially the western Knesset under their orange golem, Trump. The cowards on TV have been blasting the population for a year about “Russia gate” and there are a few intellectual midgets that still believe it. None of the made for TV cowards have made a single mention about the depth of Israeli clout in Washupton.

    • D) – Sheldon Adelson wipes his arse with two million dollars and doesn’t give a damn about democracy. He is indeed an organized crime boss and his objective is controlling policy through his puppets. See above reply for further explanation.

  9. Ed, not just federal politicians, some state Governors also under the heel of zionists,look at that zionist whore N Haley, and the Gov of Texas who is demanding pledges before helping with hurricane rebuild..

  10. Distraction of both about the ongoing criminal investigations to derail them. And the whole world fall into their traps.

  11. Frankly this usual secret investigation by lawyers is nothing but a total joke. The investigation which should be conducted is an investigation in to the secret corrupt activities of every member of Congress and the investigation should be totally out in the open with the questions being asked by ordinary citizens and all the corrupt thugs in Congress jailed indefinitely if they refuse to answer the rude questions of why they support a foreign country named Israel over our interests and many others like why they demand new members give a pledge to Israel which former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney rightly refused to do as did a few others. Our country is a shameful disgrace today. Every member of our Corrupt Congress and corrupt president should do us all a favor and voluntarily resign now this instant and start over. Give all these hoodlums the same medical care they give Veterans at the totally corrupt VA. Put them in the same rooms with suffering Vets for a change.

  12. Keep ’em coming Mr. Duff. I wish they would make you Mr. Dean president and Vice. You’d have this mess straightened out in a hot minute. Instead, they continue to orchestrate our collective undoing by selling our souls to Schlomo (not my word.)
    I know that there are plenty of Jewish people everywhere who do not agree with the desimation of this reality by these money hungry jackels…

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