Trump apes Balfour away what isn't his to give


Here’s what an Early Day Motion, tabled by several prominent British MPs in the House of Commons, says about Trump’s statement on Jerusalem.

“That this House notes with dismay that Donald Trump, President of the USA, has declared that the US has formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the US Embassy in Israel will relocate from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem;

  • further notes that no other country currently has an embassy in Jerusalem, and the international community, including the US until now, does not recognize Israel’s jurisdiction over and ownership of the Eastern part of that city;
  • acknowledges Jerusalem’s status as an extremely sensitive aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which it considers will be antagonized by this move; further acknowledges that the final status of Jerusalem is to be determined by negotiation;
  • notes that East Jerusalem is intended to be the capital of a future Palestinian state, but that East Jerusalem is currently occupied by Israel;
  • considers that this decision was taken against the advice of a wide range of world leaders and breaks with years of precedent; further considers that the announcement itself may lead to unrest in the Middle East and that the longer term consequences are unpredictable;
  • condemns in the strongest possible terms what it considers to be a rash, unnecessary and deliberately inflammatory act, and one which destroys the US’s credibility as an honest broker in the Middle East Peace Process;
  • and calls on world leaders to put pressure on the President to reverse this ill-advised decision.”

    Revolver on a silver tray would be better….

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate and they must be squashed into a single sentence. The House seldom gets around to actually debating them but they are an effective way of attracting the attention of MPs and especially the media to matters of concern.

The wording of this EDM isn’t too bad. However East Jerusalem, including the Old City, is regarded by the world community and international law as Palestinian, and Israel has no business occupying or annexing it.

It’s worth recalling that the UN Partition of 1947 intended Jerusalem to be a corpus separatum under international administration, for the obvious reason that the Holy City cannot be said to belong to any single religious persuasion. None has exclusive claim.

I question the quaint idea that Jerusalem’s final status should be “determined by negotiation”. We’ve seen these lop-sided negotiations before, brokered by meddlers who are totally devoid of impartiality or goodwill. And besides, the issue has already been determined by international law and is waiting to be enforced. Again and again politicians overlook the simple fact that there can be no peace while one side’s boot is on the other’s neck and without first delivering justice.

Furthermore, it is not Trump who has destroyed the US’s credibility as an honest broker. If such credibility ever existed it evaporated decades ago. Trump has simply hammered the final nail into any prospect of the US being taken seriously ever again in a peacemaking role.

You may think that the EDM is just a bunch of British MPs sounding off. No. The EDM fairly represents the view of the whole world — barring Israel and its stooges in London, Washington and Paris.

As protesters here in the streets are saying, Jerusalem is not Trump’s to give away in 2017 any more than Palestine was Balfour’s to promise the Zionists in 1917. So hands off Jerusalem! We see where Balfour’s running sore has led one hundred years later.

America should know that Britain isn’t with them on this Jerusalem lunacy. And neither is anyone else.

Stuart Littlewood
7 December 2017

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After working on jet fighters in the RAF Stuart became an industrial marketing specialist with manufacturing companies and consultancy firms. He also “indulged himself” as a newspaper columnist. In politics he served as a Cambridgeshire county councillor and member of the Police Authority. Now retired he campaigns on various issues and contributes to several online news & opinion sites. With a lifelong passion for photography he has produced two photo-documentary books, one of which can be read online at

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  1. There is no room for antique obsessions in the 21st century. Jerusalem obsession and copycats now can be addressed in different means other than weapons, ultimatums or resolutions. If territorial fragility is a problem for certain country then they should study and cooperate with countries that have territorial fragility and not with war monsters. I always say if Riyadh could have been built in a country with absolute desolate conditions where there are Mecca and Medina as some of the holliest most traditional pilgrimage sites on earth, then there are no excuses for Israeli genocidal obsessions with Jerusalem. Riyadh has no cultural, traditional, religious or any sense or significance or architectural organizational neccessity whatsoever and yet it is a place where most of Saudis live and pray and where most of people in the region flock for cooperation and living. Jerusalem are people and not land, it is where you build it, not where you claim it or stamp on it.

  2. Now Trump is not a politician and to think of him as such, is wrong. He is a developer of real estate. And his whims will follow the money. Can this be more plain ? 3 card Monte,(variant on the shell game) is a card game and the object is to hide the queen. Trump is infamous in NY as this. In this examination we do not begrudge Trump his earnings. If he fools you it is his. But neither do we allow him to operate with complete freedom to hide the queen. Land does not bow to human whims. Humans bow to the desire of the land. In this, we find, home. Home is a symbiotic relationship based on history and togetherness and recognition. Thus the case is , who calls, as opposed to, who claims, this as their home.

    • Things christians should know, but don’t seek, the Haaretz regularly publishes articles that plainly dispute the history associated with the Old Testament, but these are not forwarded to the NY times nor are they picked up.
      So if history is part of your position, then think again. Let me plainly state, the 36 chapters of numbers are not a Hebrew document, nor is it history, but a set of stories depicting the 36 decans of the solar year. And all through the document you call the Bible, the 20 days and 36 decans are the foundation and entirety of the substance. This also pertains to the ‘New Testament”. Geographical decisions should not be based on this book.

  3. Ah, yea. Well I have been saying this. Britain has let loose a favoritism. Perhaps a noble and compassionate act on it’s face. But now we must examine the product. It is well and good to inform the people that Judaism claims no historic validity to the Old Testament. But they allow this to influence others without any expenditure to rectify the misnomer. This means that locations and names in these books held credible, have no merit.
    Now knowing Britain as famous for slickery words and deep cunning, we must also look to see how they benefit. It was not Britains to give. The US was not the Vaticans to give, and the turmoil is not a product of normal human territorial progression. It is abnormal. We see an alliance, hidden from view, connecting the city states with religious/ bloodline affiliations.

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