FFWN: Two-State Solution is Dead: Israel and Its Occupied American Territories Now Officially One State

While the world unites in disgust


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Has Donald Trump inadvertently done the Palestinians a huge favor?

By voicing his belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and ordering the US embassy moved into occupied territory, Trump has:

*United the world’s nearly two billion Muslims in newfound dedication to liberating the holy land.

*United the entire world, Muslim and non-Muslim, in shared loathing for the US and Israeli governments, which are no longer separate entities.

*Killed the phony “two-state solution,” which was never anything but an Israeli ruse to steal more and more territory.

*Mandated that the only solution will be the one-state solution: Either we will see a peaceful establishment of one Palestine for all its people regardless of religion or ethnicity; or the world’s two billion Muslims and their billions of non-Muslim supporters on this issue will expel the Satanic Zionists from the Holy Land by force, no matter how long it takes, by whatever means necessary.

Trump is so personally unpopular around the world that his surrender to the Zionists on Jerusalem is a huge PR bonanza for the anti-Zionist movement.

The world is uniting in shared loathing of Trump and Netanyahu and their blasphemous degradation of the Holy Land. Even before Trump, polls showed that Europeans, America’s closest allies, say that the US and Israel are the biggest threats to world peace.

European Commission poll: Israel biggest threat to world peace

Gallup: World says US is biggest threat to world peace

Now those numbers are going to shoot through the roof.

How long can a collapsing US empire keep propping up an ideologically and morally bankrupt Zionism? We may find out soon enough.

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  1. Dr Barrett

    The corruption of your country by Israel is due to the US law allowing political contributions by individuals to be tax-deductible. After the highly publicised outcry about AIPAC funding politicians, it seems that the Israeli bribe money now launders through individuals. This allows Israel to pump in the cash, while the individuals who launder it get tax deductions — An American jew can have an Israeli passport for the asking, and can then open an offshore account in Israel. Israel can place funds in that account, and the US jew can contribute a like amount in the US on their behalf from his US account, and take the tax deduction. This is why Jews in America contribute so disproportionately to politicians (e.g. 50% of all donations to the Democrats). It’s not their own money they are donating and they can make a fortune doing it. Why else would Sheldon Adelson “donate” 150 million to Romney’s campaign? He would be acting against his own interest not to.

    No other explanation makes sense.

    We have less of a problem with Israel bribing politicians in the UK because political donations by individuals are not deductible here — bribes come out of taxed income instead or pre-tax income. Companies can still deduct bribes or political donations from before tax income, but it makes it less interesting because they may not necessarily want their capital tied up in an account in Israel.

    • People like Adelson — those who make their money from gambling and drinking and night women — Take money. They don’t give money.

      If he’s laundering donations by Israel, he’s making 40 million on every 100 million he launders.

      What? He wouldn’t do that?

  2. I bet we are one staged election away from UK doing exactly the same thing Trump did. Of course, I expect a cyclical reccurence of false flags on key and holiday dates in between the election dates in the countries of the West.

    • And all that mentioned goes as well for the whole Five Eyes – Five Lies Club. But NATO in such diplomatic manner might not be preserved. Turkey will leave NATO.

  3. The “two state solution” was a game that was played to allow the Israelis to create “facts on the ground” while negotiators blathered. Trump’s decision on Jerusalem finally made it clear that the USG has NEVER been an honest, unbiased mediator between Palestinians and Israelis. A one state solution seems unlikely given that people who consider themselves “chosen” aren’t about to grant equal rights to people who are not “chosen”.

  4. The Washington Swamp was one thing but it appears the Zionist Swamp in New York holds all the cards…in every sense of the word. AIPAC membership is centered on New York and Trump’s milieu of merry-men is right out of the Hood, the veritable who’s-who of Ash-Can-Nazis interspersed with a recent influx of slippery Russian oligarchs. Israel is the only game in town. The Jewish Promised Land is now the Com-Promised Land of Palestine – thanks to Trump’s stuttering double-speak about Jerusalem clouded in US diplomatic subterfuge of no legal binding. How many international countries will now be stiff-armed by Israel to move their embassies to Jerusalem in a roll call that began with the Czechs, paid off by cheque, no doubt. The Zionist presence in New York, it might as well be said, is far wider and pervasive than your average citizen of America (only) understands. Practically the entire Jewish business community is up to their necks in it too and have been for years. The Jewish take-over of America is all but complete – mulcting the political and moral soul of America and well as its financial assets abandoning the US to the opposite end of the spectrum to face a forlorn future while Israel prospers and expands. And who will begrudge them, much less stop them? Nobody at all, it appears, and the missing howl of indignation or vengeance will never rise above a wistful murmur. However, there is no avoiding the three billion Muslims on board this flight of fancy heading for moderate to severe turbulence.

  5. The two state solution is dead like Obamacare, which is kinda not really. Every blustering banshee reacting to Trumps feces slinging, is overreactive. He has all but assured he will not be around for a second term, and the odds of getting through the first do not look good either. I predict the embassy will not be built in Jerusalem.
    Phoenicia will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and the 3 Abrahamic religions will be neutered. Thus they will survive, but without the fangs.

    • Indeed. Trump is a one term president, unless he along with his israeli friends steal the next one too.
      Anyone who supports the groper in chief needs to check their moral compass.
      It’s no longer pointing north.

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