Melania “partially cleared” of Harlotry Claims, Thank Goodness



  1. They always make these women culprit as “fallen girls” but those who let them stumble and bring them to fall, those men are always innocent ? What a hypocrazy…

  2. “Partially” cleared . . . that’s a good one. What parts? Oh, I know . . . all the men that paid for her PRIOR to meeting Humpty Trumpty?
    Hey Donald, how’d you met Melania?
    I opened up my wallet, and there she was.
    And by the way . . . this script has been written already: “Pretty Woman”
    Although not the most intelligent female on the planet, I do admire her for one thing. She brought her Rosary with her when she traveled to Saudi Arabia and Israel this year. She asked the Pope to bless it, and that was a very smart thing for her to do.
    I also think she’s a good mother. I feel bad that her son was vaccinated with autism. The ONLY thing I agree with Humpty Trumpty on . . . and I mean the ONLY thing . . . is that about 10 years ago he spoke out about the poisons and toxins in the vaccines. I’m sure that was when his son’s life was damaged. Now, Dad Dearest has moved on . . . but Melanie cares for her son.
    Other than that . . . cue Sinatra: “That’s Why the (First) Lady is a Tramp”

  3. There’s models, and then there are models. None of it matters now. Once that official ordination from God came down in a gold envelope with pixie dust, all is forgiven. It’s all part of God’s extremely creative plan to exalt the evangelicals. Besides, it kinda helps Paula White blend in.

    • OMIGOSH — that’s funny. Yes, Paula “White” . . . I’m sure that’s her stage name.
      God is extremely creative to convince them all that they didn’t murder Jesus . . . AND that the atheistic land of the “chosen” is actually . . . Holy.
      The fake nails, the fake hair, the designer clothes, the affair with Palestinian turn-coat Benny “And the Jest” Hinn. As Bill Withers would sing:
      “Sunday morning here in Harlem
      Now every body’s all dressed up.
      The heathen folk just getting home from the party
      And the good folk just got up.
      Our crooked delegation
      Wants a donation
      To send the preacher to the holy land
      Hey hey lord honey don’t give your money
      To that lying, cheating man… “

    • it is simply the trap of nature like a sweet flower smell to get bees to inseminate them. Beautiful women are like roses, first they smell and look good, later they have only thornes left over after the roses leaves have fallen down. Same w men in women´s eyes.

  4. Melania, was swept off her feet by the dark debonair Donald and all his other manly attributes. Don’t think so!!!!!!

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