Serious Humor: Notice Netanyahu’s hands on Texas

Hands off the United States of America
Too relevant today with what is going on internally within our government.

Will anyone address this situation, “Seriously”?

“Seriously” connects directly to Obama.

I suspect “they” are all there tonight.

One raid could accomplish it over night.

Few casualties and an end to a foreign national owned government.

Was there something coming from eastern sudan or somalia?

Cleaning out my office, hillary clinton

Post will be updated, God is working!

Did Gordon Duff frame me? Turkey?

erfogan, israel saudi arabia yunis.

Feliz Navidad!

poroshenko far-right fascists Ukraine

kissinger adelson

What happened to God’s money? revoked?

habsburg queen?

blue alien

(Veterans Today, the only place where off-world species can be addressed directly and possibly be interviewed if you are Positive).

Divine Light!

bill gates good eating. master builder.


demon that looks like count chocula

australia man

cobra fess up!

ashtar no need to pick me up, I colored my hair.

white alien

space program

blue alien with round face.





Pure fun!

jen psaki

john kirby

Also fun, yet painful and just down the block, nixon diebold vans close to my street for many, many days now. #CrossCheck Free and fair elections in the USA.

Revoke the vans!

nixon diebold vans
nixon diebold vans


  1. Kinky Friedman ran for Govenor of Texas; obvious conection from his music band the”Jewboys:. He could of sang They Don’t Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore from the top of Congress Avenue..

  2. The Obomber administration was one of the least transparent administrations ever. Nothing but one lie and deception after another. I’m surprised the noses on these two people didn’t grow 12″. The Obomber administration is one of the worst presidents ever. Glad he is no longer in the White House. Good riddance.
    It’s enough to make one sick.
    Nothing but lies, lies and more lies from Washington, the cess pool.

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