Why did Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to voters on February 17, 2016 in Bluffton, South Carolina. Trump addressed the Sun City Republicans with three days remaining before the South Carolina Republican primary. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel dooms the Middle East to a new era of tensions and violence. It also brings humiliation to the Arab world, fear and hatred for the Israelis, and the collapse of hopes for peace and deliverance from the terrorist threat to all.

Why did Donald Trump recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? It is too easy to ascribe  everything to Donald Trump’s unpredictability, his inexperience or to domestic political reasons. Trump does need the support of the Israeli lobby in America, but we would like to believe the lives of the millions do not depend on such trifle reasons, considerations and calculations.

Trump himself stated that his decision protects the interests of the United States and was made in an effort to seek a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. He did not specify what interests he was talking about exactly. Recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will cause a storm of anger and outrage not only in Palestine, but in the whole Arab world. This is the ideal fuse for the new intifada. When Iraq and Syria have just managed to break the backbone of the strongest international terrorist organisation, Donald Trump has detonated a bomb that may lead to unpredictable consequences for the world.

Why move US Embassy to Jerusalem now?

Professional terrorists of the Islamic State* terrorist organisation (banned in Russia) have not merged with no less professional fighters of various Palestinian groups. A year ago, Pravda.Ru correspondents paid a visit to Palestine, where we could see that ISIL* ideology had not found followers there. Today, however, both Israel and Palestine are on the brink of another intifada.
If the new intifada occurs, it will be an intifada of a new type, with the active participation of surviving terrorists from Syria and Iraq. Neither Israel nor Palestine want such a development, but this is just the scenario that meets the interests of the United States.

The moment, when Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel also has a special significance. After all, the Congress made the principal decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem back in 1995. Since then, US presidents have only been able to postpone its implementation.

America could have done this before. In 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon caused an outburst of Palestinian anger after he demonstratively “ascended” the Temple Mount. Sharon, who was nicknamed the “Bulldozer” in the region, clearly wanted to trigger powerful unrest that could give him a reason to set the situation in motion. If the USA had moved its embassy to Jerusalem back then, it would not have triggered a catastrophe, because the region was already highly unstable.

In addition, there was no such phenomenon as Islamist terrorism, nor were there any color revolutions. Plus, there was no war in Syria in the immediate vicinity to the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation. Presently, however, this move will lead to huge losses, costs and casualties.

How will Muslim nations respond to the USA?

It is worthy of note that the first reaction to the news came from Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan warned that Turkey would break off diplomatic ties with Israel. King of Jordan Abdullah II joined Erdogan with a similar statement afterwards. Both of them spoke about the insult that Trump  inflicted on all Muslims, adding that the Organisation of Islamic Solidarity would respond to the USA.

Turkey has long been harbouring plans to regain the status of the defender of all Muslims of the world and become world’s major Islamic power instead of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis could not frown at Washington, because Saudi Arabia announced the reform of their own Wahhabi Islam. In addition, Riyadh has recently showed signs of cooperation with Israeli (sharing intelligence information) and was almost ready to open a Saudi diplomatic embassy in the Jewish State. In this situation, Saudi Arabia clearly loses to Turkey in the race for leadership in the Islamic world.

Against this background, the appearance of the King of Jordan is a landmark event. The Turkish-Jordanian duo does not look incidental. The Jordanian kingdom is called Hashemite: King Abdullah comes from the tribe of Banu Hashim – the tribe of Prophet Muhammad. His ancestors were expelled by the clan of Saud from the Hijaz – their kingdom on Arabian Coast. Two Islamic shrines are located on the territory of the Hijaz there are two shrines of Islam – the cities of Mecca and Medina. Jerusalem is the third shrine. It just so happens that its main defenders are the Turks and the Hashemites, rather than the Saudis who guard Mecca and Medina. This is a serious reason for a major split to occur in the Muslim and the Arab world.

Iran has been striving for the status of a defender of holy places of Islam, especially Jerusalem, as well. Iran does not hide its claims for the role of the leading empire in the Middle Eastern either. Iran intervened in the Syrian war for this particular reason. Prior to that, Tehran created Hezbollah in Lebanon and introduced the movement to the government.

The Americans forced all, the Saudis in the first place, to believe that the main source of threats to Arabs is Iran, but not Israel. What about now? Does Iran remain the prime enemy of all Arabs or has Israel regained its status? Is it the USA that appears as the enemy?

Donald Trump has given many more reasons for the Arab world to split further. Does it meet the interests of the United States? It probably does.

* Islamic State is a terrorist organisation, the activities of which are banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Nersesov

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  1. ‘Christian Zionists’ are NOT Christians!! The term Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron and a lie. Real Christians accept that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior while the Judeo part rejects Him. Not all Christians are like the con men Evangelists you listed!

  2. Pravda’s Dmitry Nersesov. seems to have it right. See my comment to this article which quotes a Naqshbandi Sufi shaikh. You are right about the Arabs not wanting a Turk to rule over them. However the proposed scenario would place the Hashemites in the Caliphate. Albeit with Turkish support. A Hashemite leadership would co-opt any claims by ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Weave in Erdogan’s recent visit to Greece, Tsirpas reaching out to Putin, thawing of Turkish-Iranian relations, Putin’s upcoming visit to Ankara; you have very interesting possibilities.

  3. so Far the USA Embassy Complex is the Largest Military Encampment on Earth , ” the Green Zone ” is About 500 Square Kilometers , it’s an Outpost For the Occupation , the USA NEVER EVER Withdrew from Any Land that IT Invaded since At-least A Hundred Years Starting from At least the Invasion of Philippines or the Invasion of Hawaii .
    USA has About 1000 Bases All Across the World , And Those Military Bases are Spread Across the Conquered Little Defenseless Nations , tell me WHY are YOU the EUROPEANS so Aggressive in Trying to Colonize THE WHOLE EARTH , IS IT Because YOU think that You’re WHITE & HENCE YOU INHERIT the EARTH . or is it that YOUR Countries Being Driven Crazy by the ” Jews ” since The Blessed ” Chosen Ones ” Arrived ?
    WHY are Stupid Humans Competing in Words Contests in Which they Argue Which White Ape Destroyed Asia & Africa in the European Genocide on All under the ” Jewish Zionists ” running YOUR Countries into Endless WARS because The ” Zionists ” OWN YOUR STUPID ASSES . Youre UnEducated & Hence UnImportant , Screw YOU > Bye

  4. If my brand includes names, locations and a historical sequence all compiled into a book and you believe it, then that is what you believe in. Mormons have their own book. Islam has their own book. Judaism has their own book. Different religions have their own books and historical beliefs along with locations. Protestants never did anything of the kind. They still hold to the historical timelines and locations and all the core principals outlined in the Catholic book. To say, “we do not eat fish on Friday” does not change your brand. If I see my candy bar with a different wrapper, it is fraud. I don’t understand why this is so appalling to protestants.
    How can someone embrace and copy 99.9% of the writing and yet claim, we are not Catholic ? The case would lose in court. Check a few copyright cases. The separation was all about minor changes in practices and money. Lots and lots of money and power. You bought a stolen book and did not bother to check where it came from. I did. And some of the founders knew as well. That is why separation of church and state is paramount to the future success of the US. The christians fold, and we have Israel running the show. Fail. Yours are the same people who would hang a woman till dead for gathering herbs. Forcing women into subjugation and public shaming. Yes, the early history of the US shows us what paranoid beliefs can do to a people. And here we are again. The proof of the product is self evident. Protestants have ruined what would have been a great country. Their greed, bias, and hypocrisy knows no bounds. And the lack of spiritual security and sovereignty of their persons endangers themselves and those around them. They do not chew, only swallow. They do not teach, but only preach. They do not investigate, only believe. They do not negotiate, but force and dominance is their way. All based on a false history put forth by a Catholic God. And then they say, “We are not Catholic!
    ” Ideas do not change like a suit. That is the act of a child.

  5. Gaddafi once said “if you nuke London all worldwide terrorism would stop in that instant”. And he was one of the fine students of that economic school and philosophy. I don’t think that surviving unindicted dictators like US or UK statesmen or those perished indicted dictators around the world have any difference concerning bringing about the will of God or do they weigh-in on God’s plans, they seek earthly things, they seek territory control and as such have no spiritual connection with the God’s realm of utilizing world affairs, not even dwell about it or meditate. Also I see there is debate about branches of Christianity, but one thing is sure, there can be no such thing as a Catholic god nor Protestant god nor Sunni god or Shia god, or Haredi god or Israeli god. God does not get lost in translation.

  6. Good catch by Dmitry Nersesov. It probably was in the planning since at least 2012.

    Read this article and was reminded of an instruction from my Naqshbandi Sufi master, Shaikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani (qs) of Lefke Cyprus. He had publicly instructed all the Arab tribes to follow the Jordanian king Abdullah as the next Caliph. Which they were loth to do since the Jordanian queen (of Palestinian origin) was pictured in short skirts, nor were the Hashemites looked upon favorably by many Palestinians. This action changes the picture completely.

    Interestingly, the spiritual advisor to the Hashemites (particularly Princess Sarwath) is also a Naqshbandi shaikh, who happens to be Shaikh Nazim’s (qs) spiritual brother. Perhaps coincidentally, yet another one of their spiritual brothers lives in Damascus and is viewed well by the Syrian government. Rendered all the more intriguing by the fact that Shaikh Nazim’s son and successor, Shaikh Mehmet has followers in the Russian Federation. Additionally, Erdogan had a lot of respect for Shaikh Nazim (qs). The symbol of passing of the Caliphate is the ring of the Prophet Mohammed (swt). It is in the possession of one of the Ottoman family in Istanbul, to be passed on to the next line of Caliphs.

  7. Let´s see what happens if I throw a burning torch into a powder ceg.
    Oh please sit down on the next cloud and treat your harp for glory of god.

  8. The ultimate piece of convincing to get men to die for the acquisition of new territory is the concept of sacrifice as divine. And so now we see this, in full view and right in front of our faces with millions dead and many more with limbs missing and all sorts of ‘sacrifice’. And yet here we are, doing it again and again and again. And you say you are not Catholic ! Ideas can not change uniforms and slip behind enemy lines. If you have German parents and are born in Germany, then you are German. If Catholics compile a book from an odd assortment of available text, and sell it as history and you support that, how can you not be a Catholic ? They say, “Oh I am not a Catholic, I am a protestant. Nonsense. Why hide from it ? A small variation does not change the animal. The origin of the text is the identifying trademark. The sacrifice and suffering is the calling card, and it always rings back to the source. You make an exception to “argue” with me, but we both know, you would throw anyone who does not share your beliefs into the volcano, without a second thought. And then shrug and say, “it was gods will”. I say, the future is not determined and while small things are easily predicted, larger things need help. I hope you can pick a nicer future to imagine and help with that. If you don’t want to be Catholic, get a different book, there are millions !

  9. Well Larry, my goal is to help stop people killing each other over beliefs. This reminds me of a piece of apochrypha. Mary asks Jesus the nature of the response from the disciples to learning the teachings, and he says, “They are like a small group of men standing in a farmers field” and they look at the farmer and say ‘It is our field, convey it to us”.
    When we investigate war, we see it takes a good bunch of convincing to get people to do it. Often this is done by subversive acts for the purpose of whipping the people up into a murderous frenzy. Whether you realize it or not, or believe it or not, you are helping them. Encouraging them, and assisting them. What are people “like me” to think of this,… Gods truth ?

  10. He chose gold over lead and those who know how that goes also know that just because he said it does not make it so.

  11. Larry, I am not an atheist or a deist or any ist. I have found christians to be intuitive at times even if they use a single book for all their prognostications, but this situation is hardly incidental. Once it was known how closely people could be herded into following the storyline, they exacerbated it by assisting to make it a reality. That is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. The big victory was when the Catholics adopted the Old Testament and then piled a bunch of books on top and called it Hebrew. The problem is, in order to believe this, you must also believe that the Bible predates the I-Ching and the Hindu writings that are currently held to be thousands of years older. The only difference is the names and a few extra lines. Every culture has a set of the decans and days. Every time something happens, people like you jump up and claim it is prophecy. This goes back to the 1500’s, 1600’s, 1700’s 1800’s 1900’s , and now. It is not prophecy when a clown bus pulls up and starts flinging feces out the windows to enflame the militant christians. It is so very much on purpose, and is the same as when he flings feces at Rosie O’Donnell or Angela Merkel. Anyone who believes the Bible is a devout Catholic, because that is where you put your faith. Pedophiles in dresses telling you this is true. And to go about confusing the people, and spouting gospel of the sort you peddle, gets people killed. It happens way too often. I question where you got your book, who put it together, and where did they get it. One question I do not have, is “Do you understand what the book is”. It is overwhelmingly obvious, you do not. Every republican president since long ago, has a stream of evangelicals proclaiming his ordination. They stir the pot of war, and pass uneducated judgement on others as if it was parade candy.

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