Zionism, is White Nationalism is Bolshevism, the real “Right”


Editor’s note With Trump now officially a Zionist puppet, here to push America into another phony war, it is time to reflect on the scum that backed him.  Those of us who predict events with some record of success know Trump and his Bolshie masters are planning a huge false flag attack on America to push for a new war.  We begin:

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Bolshevism is the real religion behind Zionism.  Bolshevism promotes mass human slavery at the hands of a select ruling class.  To achieve its ends, Bolshies work hand in hand with Wall Street, the City of London, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and their agents, the CIA, RAW, MI6, Mossad and others, to keep mankind in decline.

The press is just one of their many tools.  Governments are simply another.  Their greatest tool of all is “dumb folks.”

Even as a small child, growing up in Detroit, it was easy to see.  Those who know history or who take responsibility for their own lives, credit trade unions for things like decent public schools, fire departments, clean water and air, a minimum wage and nearly every other positive act government is involved in.

Those who oppose unions, generally the ignorant and the “outdoor toilet” folks, never paid into Social Security in the first place, field hands often don’t, and had no reason to want to protect it from the thieving GOP.

The mob used to work with their partners, the plant owners, supplying scabs or strike breakers, often American Legionaires.  The VFW fought alongside the Unions.  This is forgotten history, how the American Legion, known then as the “Black Legion” was considered a part of the resurgent KKK.

They called themselves Nazi’s but were everything but.  Like the ‘Stormers” of today, the mama’s boy ass kissers, the Legion of that day worked for Wall Street and the big banks, doing what they could to kick the “little guy” in the ass.  This is real history, not the kind you read in the books fed to you by, you guessed it, the Bolshies who run America.

Those with real backgrounds in history know that lobbying by unions, the AFL-CIO, UAW and such, are what made America just a bit free, for awhile, until it was all taken away, when America was stolen from her people because, without unions, nobody was left.

Those who don’t know this are not just part of the problem.  Their existence itself, as subhumans allowed to vote, certainly disproves Darwin.

It has always been dirt simple, one side wanted to legalize thievery, phony mortgages, looting of pension funds, air, ground and water pollution and keep wages down to nothing.

They love shoddy goods, poisoned food, medicine that makes people sick and keeping prisons, now privatized, full as possible of everyone but the rich mobsters that sit at the heart of the Republican Party.  We are talking names like Bush and Romney and their Rothschild bosses.

Backing them are the simple minded followers of Christian Zionism, to them it is Israel first, America second, to them all trust is in corporations, trust the rich, fight their wars, pay their bills, kiss their asses and keep buying “male enhancement formula,” part and parcel to the limp-membered right.

In an America rife with homelessness, new records this month while markets skyrocket from tax breaks for the rich, our standard of living, our life expectancy and America’s collective mental health plummet.

Adding to the mental deficiency of the officially uneducated are those subjected to the “politically correct” institutions of the 80s and onward, and we aren’t talking about “liberalism.”  We are talking the real religion of the right, of the neo-cons, of the Zionists, and that is bolshevisim.

Can anyone out there define it?  If I were braver, I would suggest that more read the “protocols” by those “learned elders,” documents long proven “phony” as Meliana Trump’s visa application.

The rules are simple.  There are sheep and there are those who shear them.  Bolsheviks are the folks that point here and there, a finger pointing at the Jews or at the “left” or Muslims when all the while it is the gangsters, centuries of them, lots of names, Kosher Nostra, the Mafia, the Illuminati, the Neo-cons, Wall Street, the City of London or a dozen or more secret societies.

Those who do their work are the stupid.  Top of the heap are “White Nationalists” followed by various Zionist organizations.  With them are the big banks, the think tanks, the TV networks like CNN and Fox, who sound different because they are told to sound different, different but exactly the same.

It is all “exactly the same” but different or not so different at all.  Those who think they understand, we can only hope they die in agony but there are no guarantees.  After all, that would take a god that pays attention and meets out vengeance against the sinful.

Let’s get some comments going here.  Let’s see if anyone gets it.  Those who do risk death by loneliness.


  1. lets talk about the unions and Hitler

    Hitler did not eliminate them he nationalized them.

    They were infested with Bolshevist Jews.

    Simple as that.

    Mr. Duff is so correct if you can not see this as the labor union movement created the middle class not the likes of the billionaire class but the working class organizing and sticking together.

    If you disagree go fock yourself

    go to another alt right site controlled by the billionaire class…


    • Nine,
      Your buddy Frank is spewing out anti Russian nonsense on Facebook. I’m attempting to put him on the program. If he’s gonna act like that he needs his card pulled. Jus sayin’

  2. In the 80‘s I took my evangelical faith so very seriously as our local church had a record burn so I brought all and any records to the bon fire at the church and so we burned them in the fire pit.

    The evil of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles of course as they burned in hell as they should.

    The black fire from the pit was strong there.

    But, decades later after renouncing my evangelical faith I emerged from my cultural lodge from 1900 to the twenty first century and was in shock from the time warp. And so I believe time travel is possible and the mind is a hard drive as mine was wiped clean as I see the world so differently form my former evangelical family and friends though I love them so.

    Love says I shall bring them along into the twenty first century too to be with me as Jesus did.
    Faith is love in action and giving oneself to the other as that destroyed me so as I worked myself insane to have the American dream whatever that is remains to be seen.

    And after waking up our world is in a dream that the evangelicals dreamed and so they created their own reality and I awoke in it and was dismayed.

    Hand made tales…beter southland tales

    The political people called it the southern strategy as they knew the country was controlled by the senate and the electoral college and so that is what they did and dam the majority of people in America only the most backwards of American provinces have a say now.

    And now the Senate shall get Roy Moore of Alabama.

    Trump says “we” shall need the seat as to who the “we” is it sure is not us he he….


    • Dear sweet god and the mercies. Thank you for sharing that, Nine. May the tender mercies and the wrath of Lucifer and His queen descend on this place for upheaval followed by still waters.

  3. “Bolsheviks are the folks that point here and there, a finger pointing at the Jews or at the “left” or Muslims when all the while it is the gangsters, centuries of them, lots of names, Kosher Nostra, the Mafia, the Illuminati, the Neo-cons, Wall Street, the City of London or a dozen or more secret societies.”

    Absolutely correct. The only thing I will add is that is is VERY difficult to tell which Jews are Religious Zealots, which are simply overpatriotic Israeli Nationalists who don’t quite comprehend the brutality done by their govt (sound familiar?). Which Jews are deliberately using the Protocols of Zion as an outline, and which are simple minded hedonists who swallow cultural Marxism whole? Which ones are honest, and which ones are spies for Zion? Which Jews believe in the KolNidre with all their heart and which ones just go through the motions of ceremony?
    These uncertainties, along with their PROUD history of infiltration, subterfuge and deceit, encourage “Jew hating” in general.

    •Christian Zionism is White Nationalism. The very reason they support Israel is because the (Ashkenazi) Jews are white.
    They believe that Adam was not the first man, he was the first White Man. The belief is that Adams name refers to “red complexioned” man.


    In their eyes white people are the true chosen people of God and rightful heirs to the promised land.

    If the Jews weren’t white, Christian Zionism wouldn’t exist. Christian Zios won’t admit it, but you can easily tell by the way JEWS are favored over dark skinned CHRISTIANS who are all but ignored. They are Zionists FIRST, White people NEXT, and Christians LAST. It is in fact White Nationalism.

    Right wing Jews are OPENLY racist. Whether the topic is America or Israel, they are White Supremacists.

    Even in Israel, Fair Skinned Ashkenazim self identify as distinct and superior to darker Mizrahim.

    •Unions were absolutely necessary to counteract predatory employment practices that treated workers as disposable. “Collective Bargaining” was FIRST done by scheming robber barons, NOT workers, to keep wages down, hours long, and benefits scarce.
    But as Unions grew, they became more of a Political “Organization”, with all the corruption, greed, bureaucracy, payola, fees, grift, and outright bribery and blackmail that comprise the foundation of “doing business” in America.

    They were ruined from the inside out by power-grabbing money-grubbers. It’s how the world works. Benevolent people avoid positions of power; this is the bane of civilization.

    Unions now tell lazy slobs they deserve high pay with full benefits and pensions for jobs you could train a chimp to perform.

    Look at the Police Unions for any town, village, city, county, or state. (btw These Thugs, I mean Union leaders, even scare the crap out of the cops they represent.) The Union always pushes for more police power and suggests new laws that violate citizens rights. The bill of rights is seen as a nuisance to them.

    In Chicago, the Union got the cops a 48 hrs grace period after they kill someone in the line of duty. They get to go home and NOT answer any questions for 48 hrs. It’s just too stressful for a cop to have to suffer through after taking someone’s life. It is obviously in place to give them time to manipulate evidence and conjure up an airtight story.

    They request newer and more powerful equipment and arms, always asking for higher fines, confiscator privileges, property seizure rights, and any way to take more finances from the taxpayers their members abuse.
    Lets not forget protecting abusive cops. When a settlement is paid, it comes out of the TAXPAYERS pocket, not the cops. The offending officer and the Union should pay out of the pension fund, instead.

    The pendulum swings to and fro on union vs. Corporate power. It momentarily passes by moderate compromises with each sweep. Union leaders like it this way. Job security.

    •There is clearly a concerted effort to horde REAL information and replace it with DISinformation by the media, including education. You cannot be angry at people for being taught lies all of their lives, then not IMMEDIATELY giving up their long held beliefs, or becoming confused, and not knowing who to trust.

    “Everything you ever learned was wrong. Everyone is either deceitful or ignorant and will lead you astray. But not me, and if you don’t believe and trust me right away, instead of sympathizing with your skepticism, I’ll write you off as too stupid to live.”

    Yell at people for being taught the wrong info.

    Give them new info that seems insanely contradictory to all they know.

    Yell at them for not immediately discarding their old, life-long belief system for your own.
    These tactics are somewhat condescending and abusive to the timid. Besides, would you even RESPECT people whose minds were so pliable?

    When confronted with the same radical new truths, people will come to accept them at different rates. Try to allow for that.

    Most people twist reality to create a safe habitat that exists only in their minds. (To some degree we all do.) They resist getting outside of their comfort zone, both physically and mentally.

    And you are dealing with varying degrees of intellect, a wide range of financial mobility, different exposures to foreign lands and cultures… Some people have been awake for years, some for only hours…

    We all know you have a tough and probably discouraging job, just don’t scare off today, those who could be a gigantic asset tomorrow.

    Of course we realize you cannot tell the public everything you know, it would cut you off from your contacts, and/or put a target on your back. So people have to piece together what you put out and use deductive reasoning to extrapolate the missing pieces AND the big picture. Not the easiest of tasks…

    “Uneasy lies the head that wears a Crown”…

    I also take into account combat experience and dealing with a disability. It lowers ones threshold for bullshit…

  4. I have had more than several comments erased and I wonder how this has been happening. Is the Five Eyes, which our country is part, of intercepting/erasing True But Controversial Comments? I was very interested to see another making these observations. Your article is another Tour de Force and I commend you to keep up the good work. I know that you are not that interested in the Catholic Church, but not all are Right Wing Falangists or Opus Dei. I have actually managed to track back and re-send some comments that might be controversial, but they still don’t go through. Is it time to start an International Class Action Suit to protect the Intellectual Property of the Natural Human Person? All the Corporates have been defined as “Persons” andhave Phalynxs of Lawyers to defend their “Rights”. How about us?

    • There are Trojans that allow one to see your LIVE keyboard strokes. Your messages can be sent to nowhere or erased before you hit send. You may be hacked upstream from this website, at your ISP server level or on your personal device. BTW They follow what you type after you power up and easily get your passwords. Nothing is totally safe, I PROMIS.(sic)

      Just be persistent. Copy and save text. Maybe write posts on your own app then copy & paste it here.

      Always enjoy your posts.

  5. who do the rethuglicans hate the worst

    the usps thats who

    and their unions to

    family supporting wages

    even for jews

    real estate owned

    priceless as private who loses

    we all do


  6. Knowledge is power. The ‘knowledge” of self is the most important power one can have. So there’s no “loneliness” with me. I distance myself naturally from the rest of the flock heading off to the slaughter house. The ones stumbling around in their daisy dukes in the paddock of this deeply disturbed state, for example, will never be able to solve the 2 + 2 equation. It’s just too complicated for them to process.
    Every element of reality has shifted since my youth. It has been done with intent and purpose — a divide and conquer. Which is the beauty of aging . . . I’ll turn 60 in April. I hope i’m doing it gracefully, rather than getting all frothy . . . but the older a person gets, the more time they have. The more time they have, they fill it, and the Devil has idle hands even for the “senior” members of society. And those are whom they are preying on now.
    Communism 101: Own the Means of Production
    Which is why the TV production is owned by . . . the elders of Zion. LMGAO.
    I’d rather play Mah Jong . . .

  7. The third book our caring Creator sent us had a message in it for those who know the difference between the Israelites and the Jews of Judia or the Levites, or Pharses or Talmudists of Spain or the Zionists of Poland. The message, 600 years after Jesus PBUH is this: You shall spread corruption in the Earth twice and you shall rise to great heights… Should you return (to Jerusalem) with corruption, We shall return with punishment.
    The Torah Israelites of today, know what I am saying, they have the same warnings to the Jews.
    The God that always cares to give us a choice to screw up, has issued a final warning to the Rothchilds the bankesters of the Baba, the Baba, Jewish Christians and the Israelis that a final solution is being prepared for them. We are living in the age of miracles and wonders, the age when the child’s hair will turn white from awe. You like star wars eh? You like fireworks? You got it mankind. You like to think you are in control and that all of this Creation was made by cosmic fart? You are about to find out if you are in control or never was.
    For what is yet to come it is said: the quils have been lifted and the pages have dried. Soon we, as failed, childish, unconscious, humanity, will go though the eye of the needle. Hopefully we will only have to put our heads between our knees but will not have to kiss anything goodbye.

    • I rather shed my head and knees and enjoy the “eye of the needle” throughout with confidence and love.
      A wedding or homecoming to be remembered for all eternity.

  8. https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/henry_ford_122323
    “There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” Henry Ford
    When growing up as a kid in Pasadena, California in the 1940’s-1950’s obtaining work for pay was not an easy task when you were about 9 or 10 years old. California had laws in place which may have protected adult workers and employers but the child labor laws worked against jobs for kids. I have done it all from weeding yards, watering flowers and yards when friends were on vacation, baby sitting younger kids of friends and neighbors, dishwasher in many institutions and restaurants, paper boy for the Pasadena Star News, gas station attendant, garage automobile mechanic. Selling avocados from our small grove of about a dozen trees in our yard, and on and on. But as the enlightening quote by Henry Ford above elucidates, no matter how menial or however trivial a task may seem, there is and can be joy at doing it well at the highest possible level of integrity. Henry Ford’s profound quote above was absolutely realized in my childhood work experience as I would bet it was in Gordon Duff’s as well in Michigan. I started out at about 25 cents per hour working up to 50 cents, 75 cents then $1.00 was about the top of my pay scale at that time. I worked as hard as I possible could to do the assigned job or task for any employer of the day. My first formal job for money was dishwasher at the Sierra Madre School Cafeteria in the 6th grade where I operated a commercial dishwasher . My neighbor recommended me for the job because of my responsible nature. Later I had a similar job at a high end restaurant where coffee sold for 25 cents per cup and bills could run $100. This was a lot of money then. The Bookkeeper found out I was only 14 years old at the time. He was very apologetic but told me he had to let me go due to child labor laws in California. He promised to call me back when I was 16 and he did. I also peeled potatoes if the job required it. While a student at UC Berkeley, I had a summer job at a gas station where the owner allowed me to work about 80 hours a week for $1.00/hour; I could gross about $80 per week for about 12 weeks so living at home save about $1,000 which would get me through Berkeley for the year with a little help from my parents. I lived in a Cooperative there where all students did 5 hours work per week to keep costs down. I came out of Berkeley mostly debt free owing about $500 which I paid off with my first check as a professor at the University of Georgia although I could have had it waived due to being in education. As Henry Ford elucidated, “There is joy in work.” I am sure Paul Enterline, my wonderful employer at the Union Oil Station was violating the child labor laws in California by permitting me to work 80 hours a week instead of hiring another employee. But I didn’t owe upwards of $100K in debt upon college or graduate graduation like some do today. Paul did me a favor I shall never forget. These comments are not intended to criticize Gordon’s good article, but only to point out there are two sides to this complex issue. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • That was a different age. In the early-mid 1990s in Madison, Wisconsin I worked two jobs for 75 hours a week or so (so no overtime pay, but a higher tax bracket), and the $20K after taxes barely paid for rent, food, transportation, and medical expenses – only if I had been living at home (not possible) and been able to save most of it could I have had enough to pay outright for attending a state run college for two semesters.

    • Sometimes the “all about me” comments should be edited down so as not to distract from the article. Unions were just a side-note to the many points being made. Destroying the Unions and the life and times of a child who wanted to do something and earn a little money . . . yeah I can see the connection {rolling eyes}.
      Child labor laws were enacted NOT to keep Winifred J. Abbe, Ph.D. unemployed at the age of 12. It was to prevent this:

      Or, the children in the New York city ghettos — many immigrants working in the garment industry.

      You sound as if you had a charmed childhood. Good for you. The child labor now invades the child-sex trade in our nation. Today, many little girls 9 or 10 years of age are pimped out by their meth-head moms, or their alcoholic fathers . . . or their foster care parents. There’s still little girls who work. Just not in the Pasadena area, circa 1950’s environment. That suburbia matrix has long since been destroyed.

  9. “Those who don’t know this are not just part of the problem. Their existence itself, as subhumans allowed to vote, certainly disproves Darwin.”

    Me thinks Mr. Duff mighty with the pen.

    As you always say sir “many just to stupid to live”!


  10. breitbart, drudge, fox, cernovich, alex jones, paul Joseph watson, ann coulter, hannity, fox news, beck, etc etc ALL ZIONIST STOOGES WITH THE DUMBASS REPUBLIKKLANS AND THEIR ALT RIGHT DALLIANCE WITH NAZISM. 90% of the cops all republikklans. in other words, the repubkikklans since the voting rights act keft the old populist democratic party forged in the great depression and sold out to the bolshevik wall street banksters, romney and bush bosses. but nooooooo… they don’t get it. they’re the real Americans according to their own half witted idiocy.

    yes, it is lonely here. the cure for what ails us is the truth, Mr Duff. But the truth – God being real and having chosen a warrior/leader priest of the true ZION for you- doesn’t sit well with you or your friends either, no? Don’t you dare criticize God. He literally showed you who to put in a position of moral authority. It’s not hard for me to have love for all americans, including the Republicans, if THE TRUTH was allowed to reign and some changes were enacted. There are many nuances i could explain and we would find harmony, peace and happiness without a need to break up the country among bkue and red, as tempting as that is. Bh the way, if that did happen, does that mean the repubkican cops would be kicked out of the blue states?

  11. Mr, Duff,

    Simply excellent!

    Could you give this a read? A talented writer by the name of Frank Shaeffer whose dad was Francis Shaeffer who was the founder of the religious right in America as Frank jr. had an epiphany as he awoke and left the movement at its ascendancy. Frank Shaeffer would have been higher up in the movement than Jerry Farwel jr.

    I know you are busy…


    To wake up America we must start with those demented evangelicals Mr. Duff….


    • No one “founded” the religious right. It’s always been there, under different names and persuasions. The Mormons, aka LDS, forbade black members into their membership. Or, when they included blacks, they could not go through their “Mason-esque” temple ceremony. And when they were allowed to go through that, they weren’t allowed to obtain the priesthood . . . now they have their tokens in positions of male authority, and was only done so they could get into Africa with their “missionary” That’s about as “fundamental” as ever.

    • Seriously. It looks like the only thing it had going for it was the separation of church and state. I know daddy Taft got the Bible out of the schools. Auto corrected that cap not me. I mistrusted him over that piece of work at one point. I know he was a boner. Still, school in its present form is part of the mind slave machine. Thanks Prussia. No wonder I was suicidal every day in high school. It wouldn’t take that much to free us. I could fix it myself with it with a few good men. I have my visions but like the rock Goddess, Nicks, I keep my visions to myself for the most part 😉 I’m in it to win it boys. I’ll miss plenty of it but I’ll turn my back to it and let it burn if necessary. Certainly, I don’t have more blood lust than Duff or do I? My experience has to do with my indignation yet when I consider the fact that I signed up for all of it it gives me pause. It makes me wonder. Does it all come down to the love of money? I thought so at one time but these days I have my doubts.

  12. I don’t think the history of Henry Ford having his striking factory workers machine gunned down in your home town pf Detroit is taught anymore. Or the true story of how Ronald Reagan stole the election from poor Jimmy Carter. Or how good old Ronnie fired the air traffic contollers, taught ’em a lesson, and broke their union. My good friend Buddy S. was one of the fired controllers. Up until then he was happy. He had a job the loved, a beautiful wife, a few kids, and a real nice house in the neighborhood. After he was fired he began to change, even his walk changed, his shoulders slumped, and always with his head down. Buddie no longer smiled or said hello, the whispers said he was drinking a lot. Before his wife took the kids and left, he lost the house. It wasn’t much after that when he killed himself. The day he was fired was the day buddie died, just the same as if they killed him. I can still his face, 30 years later. That’s when America died too, and like you said, it’s the dummies among us who let it happen. The dummies who won’t know until it’s too late that they aren’t in the club.
    I wonder how many other air traffic controllers suicide? any idea?

    • How many other air traffic controllers suicide? Good question. Most of the ATCs I knew – I was one of the fired PATCO members – moved on to other work. Some did better, some not. Some applied for re-hire when Bill Clinton gave us amnesty, but very few were re-hired. A class action case for age discrimination has been going on since 2006, and may finally be decided in 2017. My guess is that a lot more controllers have died than committed suicide, although stress – financial, social and familial – may have contributed to early deaths. I’m now in my sixties, and I was one of the youngest ATCs fired. Sorry to hear about your friend. Getting fired ended my marriage, too.

    • See above. I have not been abusive or untruthful and I have recognised academic credentials. Yet my comments do not always post. How can some algorithm get between us and the VT site. I will speak to the Human Rights Commissioner and the Crown Law Office, as well as the Ombudsman about this erasion of free expression, liberty and the Rights of The Human Person, especially if it is being carried out by some faceless individual or more likely by some Algorythmically Driven Machine. Shades of 1984 and Big Brother. Will we be Vapourised next?

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