Finally, Syria on the Path to Winning the War on terror

Syria Orthodox Christmas

Veterans Today helped prevent the large deployment of US military to Syria that helped to create this victory. We had no need for war and sponsorship of controlled opposition back then which continues to this ongoing attempt. Let us focus on the beauty that can be created through Peace and move on to assist Syria to rebuild. Reconstruction of both Syria and Iraq with Water Energy Independent Housing has been my goal for a long time.

Opinion: America needs to stop attempting regime change and allow the Syrian people to succeed without external influences towards escalation. The people of Syria are so nice. I met a large group of wonderful Syrians similar to the people in this video. They did not believe in the rebels/terrorists and wanted to take back their country with Assad as a reliable leader who cares for them.

“We all want the same thing,” Peace.

For the record this was an important conference.

We should be still supporting, Tulsi Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act.

For those who question the destruction conducted in Syria by terrorists.

uk funded fsp trained in Turkey loyal to erdogan.

Supporting the Syrian rebels was the wrong thing to do.

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  1. Very nice.
    If only America would mind its own business and not go tramping around the world invading and destroying these nations.
    America is now the most loathed and despised nation on the planet because of this. Thanks to isrealhell and its zionist vermin who have sabotaged the government in Washington, America now has no credibility. Instead it only has hubris, and a massive standing army that is used by isrealhell to do its dirty work.
    Anybody who enlists in the U.S. military must realize you are doing the dirty work for isrealhell, not protecting freedom and democracy.
    To all America soldiers in the middle east: You are not protecting America, your actions are in truth creating more hatred and threats to America. You are only serving the interests of isrealhell; in short you are nothing more than a mercenary for zionism. and when you return, the government will turn its back on you and toss you away like old trash.
    There is no reason to enlist in the military. There is nothing good or decent about destroying nations and murdering innocent men, women and children. You are only creating more people who loath and despise America. You are not serving the interests of the American people. Only that of isrealhell. You are not defending America, indeed, you are actually making it worse for America. Protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan or ISIS commanders in Syria belie all that you claim to be or do.
    There is no honor in serving in the military, only a sign up bonus.

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