Police Shooting: Coward or Insane Drugged Out Cop?

Officer Brailsford was found not guilty of murder because this footage was kept from a jury.

Victim of terrorist murder

Brailsford was found not guilty on December 7, 2017.

Video below is from the Los Angeles Times, from the body camera of Officer Brailsford.

The department involved, Mesa, Arizona, is known to be one of the worst in the country.  Mesa officers have, according to informants, been involved in the killings of federal witnesses.

The Mesa department and local courts are, according to FBI sources, on the take of the Salinas cartel and have been for some time.

Experts who examined the footage are flabbergasted.  The victim is Daniel Shaver.  The event occurred January 18, 2916 in Arizona.

We believe this to be an act of terrorism.

VT is tired of these videos, the embarrassment of seeing terrified sounding police, nearly in tears, while pointing automatic weapons at unarmed helpless civilians.

We suggest SEAR type training for all police, not just psych profiling but grueling and intense confrontation including subjection to enhanced circumstances.

What we see in this video is an Israeli trained “muffin-turd” who thinks he is part of an occupation army.



  1. Insane, drugged out cop. More than 50% use steroids. How many have psychological problems? How many are just plain thugs with badges?
    Cities are paying out hundreds of millions in lawsuits due to wrongful deaths, brutality and other assorted crimes committed by cops. Everything from rape to forced colonoscopies, which is a form of rape. The city governments do nothing to change it. Most are just as corrupt.
    Last week a cop in Baltimore was shot to death. To date the shooter has still not been found. There are nine Baltimore City cops who have been indicted for corruption. It has been said the cops of Baltimore have gone completely rogue. The detective that was killed was due to testify the following day against some of these cops. Unfortunately he won’t. There is a reward amounting to $216,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the killer. There have been no takers as of yet. It is apparent to anyone with more than two functioning brain cells, who shot this detective.
    The thin blue line protects its own. No matter what. No matter how bad.
    Things need to change.

    • What needs to be done:
      1) weed out all the bad cops. the one who fail psych tests.
      2) Quarterly psych evaluations.
      3) Bi-weekly drug screening for anything including steroids.
      4) Alcohol treatment. Treat them the same as us. If they don’t go through AA or some other alcohol treatment program, they are fired.
      5) No qualified immunity. period.
      6) A full investigation of the FOP and police unions.
      7) Remove all military hardware from all police departments.
      8) Better testing of all recruits for fitness including background checks.
      9) End the practice of allowing cops to resign after they committed such acts of violence against people. This is the cowards way out. This is done to insulate police departments from bad press.
      10) Stop sending police to israel for training. This has to stop immediately.
      11) End civil asset forfeiture.
      12) End the war on drugs.

  2. Part of the blame has to go to those in society who perpetuate the belief that police have the right to give orders to citizens, rather than their powers being strictly limited to arresting those who have or are in the process of actively committing a crime.

    • These are the sort of dumbed down people who consider cops as heroes. Sorta like our heroes in Iraq, our heroes in Afghanistan.
      This is where liberty ends and tyranny begins: the worship of authority/ the most dangerous religion of all.

  3. What a pathetic coward. Why was the jury not allowed to see this indisputable video evidence which proves beyond any doubt that this pig is a cold blooded murderer? That is the legal system obstructing justice in a murder case. Look at those two little girls. They will now grow up without a father because of this murderous asshole. Merry Christmas girls, daddy’s never coming home again because he was murdered by the police. This psychopath didn’t just ruin one life by doing this, he ruined many. The jury wasn’t even allowed to see the evidence. If this happened to my family, I’d be going postal on everyone involved. Everyone. Not often do I wish pain on anyone, but I hope this murderer feels so guilty that he tries to kill himself and fails, so that he has to live the rest of his miserable life hideously disfigured.

    • Ok, now that I read the last part I wrote after calming down a bit, maybe that was a bit much. It’s just that $hit like this makes me furious. My bad.

  4. Chris Paul, I read online that that quote, that there is no such thing as society was originally a pearl of wisdom of none other than InAyn Rand, who made such a brilliantly profound philosophy from the Law of the Jungle, so admired by the nutty US greedheads, and the very fountainhead of US political psychopathy.

    Oscar Wilde may have been ‘exotically oriented’ sexually for most of bis life, but he sure came up with one of two absolute gems of dictums :
    ‘America went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization;’ and
    ‘To know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    Unfortunately, I think the fate of the S was sealed when the dregs of the European upper class and plutocrats, generally, saw rich pickings were to be had in a vast country where the lawlessness of the Wild West was considered an admirable template for commerce.

    The late Lang Hancock, a West Australian iron-ore magnate, pastoralist and general robber baron, lamented that the government would not permit the laws in the upper half of the country to be greatly watered down, turning it into another Wild West.

    But see how its relative lack of resources in comparison with the US deterred the most louche riff-raff of the monied European upper and upper-middle class from plundering it. By and large, it seems that only the ‘remittance men’ (because they were sent regular remittances from their families, of whom they were the ‘black sheep’) who were actually the good guys, but not sufficiently driven by worldly ambition(!), found their way to Oz. Perhaps the same with Canada.

  5. Why was this video withheld is my first question? This thuggish psychopath was obviously guilty. He escalated the problem by giving insane orders that had nothing to do with the safety of the situation, they were only meant to humiliate the suspect and confuse him in a tense situation. He murdered him because he was out of control, lost patience and wanted to murder him. He is the last person who needs to be a cop. It was his intent to kill him in the first place. The victim should have yelled that he was unarmed right from the beginning so the thug would not be able to murder him in cold blood.

  6. All those steroids it seems that cops have been taking the last 20 years are beginning to show the effects on their little used brains. Most of these “law enforcement professionals” are for the most part, ex-military veterans of all the illegal gung-ho wars brought on since the first Gulf War in ’91. They have been so pumped up on countless unknown vaccines laced with who knows what mind and body altering substances that their logical thinking abilities have been totally compromised. Add in the “training” carried out by the planet’s most coward army and you have the making for a ticking psycopathic timebomb. As Mr. Bukanov succintly stated, they are in essence cowards. The Russians know this, the Chinese know this, Iran knows this, many Europeans are waking up to this and Hezbollah knows this too and that is why that little coward country in the ME is feeling a lot of heat under their asses because they know that judgement day is right around the corner and they will not be able to escape from the fate they have in store.

    • Israeli Army is nothing once it looses the advantage. As long as they have the use of US satelite intel, US armory and the willingness of the US to bail them out of any defeat, Israel is the greatest little army that could. Can you say HizbAllah?
      They are training the police to set them on us when it is time for disarmament of the US public. Good luck with that.

    • There’s a video of Bill Maher asking Bibi Satanyahu:

      “Unlike America, Israel seems to be able to fight wars very quickly. What is your secret?, because we don’t seem to have the hang of that..”

      Bibi’s response:

      “The secret is that we have America, and America..America..America…See, th-th-the point is Israel…when it fights…”

      He knew he f’d up and started stumbling.

  7. This happened in Aridzona, I’m not surprised. The pigs in that s***hole of a state consider themselves to be some sort of occupying army.
    Obviously that pig wanted to kill someone and Shaver just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    All cops are blood thirsty, trigger happy pigs. They’re all swine. Chickenshit pussies who hide behind a badge and gun, pumped up on steroids and trained by the joos to murder Americans. When they’re not shooting Americans, they’re robbing them at gun point or raping women and children. They don’lt care about you. Understand. They only have that job because it affords them the power to do what they wish. If they want to kill you , then they will. If they want to rape your daughter or son, they will do that. If they want to rob you of your money, home or anything else and use it for themselves, they’ll do it. They are protected by the state. Most juries won’t convict cops for fear of retaliation…after all you don’t want to get pulled over for not using a turn signal and end up getting shot.
    America is now a police state. Obey the cops or die. You have no rights. The government will not protect you or your rights. It wants to take them away from you. The state wants you enslaved. The pigs are its enforcers. Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt , or worse. Besides, if you’re innocent you have nothing to worry about.
    Just remember that when you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation. The next few minutes can determine whether you live or die at the hands of a steroid ladened pig with an attitude.
    Juts remember, that any movement you make can be deliberately misinterpreted as a threat to that fine officer’s safety and he is entitled to shoot you and kill you.
    At the very least you will get away with being strip searched by the road side and all the money in you wallet stolen by these goon thugs with badges.
    Law and disorder.

    • He was trying to obey his “commands” but the thug was making his commands impossible to obey. It was a no-win situation and he was going to murder him right from the beginning.

  8. The problem is systemic it goes far beyond the cowards behind this camera, it goes to the cowards that pay them and to the cowards that tolerate the former twos existence in the same world as them. I have three groups here that are culpable for perhaps the cruelest murder ever caught on camera. All need to be dealt with…

    This piece of pig shit may have got acquitted by his local yokel pals in a rigged trail but maybe there’s a Fed somewhere who will see this, we can only hope they have the fortitude to make sure officer Jeffrey Dahmer up there gets retried for murder in a federal court, bypassing the double jeopardy laws, it’s been done before. Any takers? Why doesn’t somebody impress me? I’ll be waiting…

    • Jack, We can only hope this happens. Meanwhile the family has filed a lawsuit against the city.
      Hope they get millions.
      Last year 963 Americans were murder by these goon thugs with badges. How many of these pigs claim it was in “fear for their lives”?
      At least he didn’t shoot the children.
      We are no longer safe. The government has abandoned us. Justice in America is a laughable joke. Cops, lawyers, judges and D.A.s are all corrupt, lying POS.
      America is finished.
      Time to disarm these swine.

  9. Disgusting what the Police have been trained to do in America. I’ve lived in Russia for a 5 years and on and off for a few more and I’ve never ever seen a policeman draw his weapon. I’ve had to show my license, passport and registration a few occasions and they all have been very courteous and actually took the time to show me a few things I was unaware of. There is no logic left in America – or so it seems that way. Spacibo VT

    • In Russia the police is prohibited to take out and demonstrate the gun if there is no urgent need. For every shot (even first shot in the air as it is prescribed) the policemen will have to write a tons of papers almost during half a year to explain his actions and to prove the need to make a shot. The policemen always calls ambulance first if a person is injured and there is a danger for the bandit to die. Or helps to save bandits life. They are interested to bring the criminal person to the court alive. The policemen must never humiliate or even raise their voice on the civil person.
      As i recall my youth during USSR – the militia (as called that time) never had a gun in the holster. It was empty, ’cause there was no need even to have it. Everyday life in USSR was free of bandits in the streets.

  10. Oh, that is really sick…. Again and again i see how stupid and dangerous US police is. The man was on the carpet, hands seen, no move – why the Hell this stupid criminal cop was aiming the man for several minutes. If you arrest a person – be sure there is no arms, immediately come closer and arrest. Why this circus? US cops (not all, of course) act like cowards. They prefer to unload the gun and even after that they are afraid to come closer to a victim. Looks like they arrest people with shahid-belts… Very sad video. My condolences to the relatives of that poor man…

    • Andrew, one thing that I notice in videos coming from Russia are the cops are much more civilized than ours in America. They treat people with respect, they do not appear to escalate a situation where they shoot someone, and in general seem to act more professional.
      In America, you have to fear for your life even during a routine traffic stop.

    • JohnZ – yes, and this disturbs and can’t be settled in my mind. US cops act like Waffen SS – hende hoh! Auswaise! Schissen! What else you can do if your hands are up, no gun and the cop is still afraid of you? Finger shakes and pulls the trigger. Or angry like bison and shoots like in shooting-range. What do they smoke? Though it looks like Chinese synthetic spice drugs…. And this is a System that steals America from Americans.

  11. Those two little girls have no father left to see them grow. Was this poor man was shot for not keeping his hands up while crawling? This was murder pure and simple. It makes you really wanna Guantanomo the A hole.

  12. Brings the meaning of ‘pigs’ to a whole ‘nother level, doesn’t it.
    Something is seriously wrong with our country as as Gordon has said many times, it might even be to late to fix it. I hope the right people know where this guy and his friends live.

  13. And here I was going to ponce on VT for “race baiting” . . . being myself “programmed” with: only black males get made dead by the police. My bad.
    Well, I didn’t watch the video. I did read the article. WTF?!? The body cam wasn’t allowed to be used? Then WHY have body cams if what they RECORD can’t be used to defend or prosecute? What’s the point?
    Tell me that the Maricopa County police were NOT trained a’la Israhelli style. COME ON — they weren’t?!? I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat. EVERYTHING is trickle down. And here we have Joe Arpaio’s Copa, Copa Cabanana Republic . . . this “ruling” is exactly what one finds when you have the law and order based on Joe Arpaio, and the TRICKLE DOWN.
    Why was Philip Brailsford FIRED? He was fired for having the words “You’re FVcked” engraved on the dust jacked of this rifle. He wasn’t fired for making an unarmed male dead.
    Society is still wondering HOW the Bolsheviks were so successful in killing off Russia 100 years ago? All they had to have is crazy men in charge allowing them to kill with impunity . . . and the rest is history.
    Apparently, when Daniel Shaver was crawling on the ground toward the police man, he made the fatal mistake of putting his hand to his waistband . . . maybe his pants were riding up on him? And if anybody thinks that’s justifiable grounds to be shot dead, we deserve every last freedumb to be taken away.
    A sad tale, indeed.

    • I can think of at least two people that need to have their heads turned into pink mist. Guess who? I won’t say because surely there is some sort of fkd up violation of freedom of speech law that might cause me to become bankrupt defending myself in the corrupt system of “justice” that exists in the USSA these days. Or worse yet actually end up dead defending myself from enforcers of possible existing “law”. Of course if it came to that, I’d surely make sure some of them didn’t go home that night.

  14. Where did that douche bag receive training that left him so remorseless and bereft of humanity. He terrorized those two citizens and murdered one in cold blood. And his chickenshit coworkers are guilty covering up for that slob pos who is not going to face justice, if there is any, in that state as that constitutes double jeopardy.


  15. That is a sick society – that’ s right Thatcher says there is no such thing as society. It’s all the Policemans’s fault. No it isn’t even the Policeman’s fault – he was not guilty. Alipathic Medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause – but they aren’t even treating the symptoms. The cause is the breakdown of Culture in the USA. Was it Thomas Jefferson who said that The Constitution depends on a Moral Citizenry? USA is sick and the Whole World knows it. The answer is Logos and an Holistic view of Human Persons.

    • You say it isn’t the pig’s fault. B.S.!!
      This pig is obviously on steroids, just looking to shoot someone.
      So quit giving cops blow jobs and get a dose of reality.

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