Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh

Trump is setting up the scene for the 3rd temple and arrival of Antichrist. Jerusalem was meant for Christianity not the faithless Jews or Islam. Masons, like Trump, have been hiding behind "Christianity" for quite some time. They are Jewish collaborators


Hold on to your seats you won’t find these truths on the Remnant, OnePeterfive or Church Militant! What is the significance behind the recent actions of Trump making Jerusalem the capital of “Israel”.

What have we seen already as a reactionary movement in the past 24 hours due to this declaration?

What is yet to come?

These are some of the questions answered in this article. We must keep in mind the Catholic Church (not Vatican II NewChurch) does not support the Zionists in their effort to create a homeland for supposed Jews. Pope St. Pius X explicitly rejected this idea of Theodore Herzl in the early 1900’s but the heretics of Vatican II are obviously aiding in this agenda.

This is why so many heretics would label me an anti-Semite (as they have). To point out this conspiracy and the atrocities of “Israel” is not anti-semitic but this is what the ignorant still say. In reality they are heretics not Catholics.

And they are found all over the pages of these false traditionalist sites already mentioned. Furthermore, who did the Church Fathers say was the Harlot or Babylon? And should we be concerned about the latest ISIS propaganda indicating attacks against the Vatican and the West in the not so distant future?

Why are protestant heretics and those in the Novus ordo praising Trump?

There are many who get so caught up in the Trump vs Hillary argument that they will actually try to rationalize Trump’s heretical Zionism in the process!
It is New World Order puppet “A” vs New World order puppet “B” just slightly different flavors which we call “conservative” and “liberal”. Yet, they work for the same Brotherhood of death in the end.

Didn’t the early church fathers warn us of this staging for the Antichrist? This is answered in the addendum section below.

How, do people, in general, not see that Trump is a Zionist who is apart of the New World Order swamp?

That is right he is in the same club as Hillary.

Furthermore, why are “Christians” praising these faithless rabbis who deny the true Christ?  It is because they do not hold the proper norm of Faith.

Sadly, in the past 24 hours, I, have been labeled, by these heretics, as anti- Semitic, but what does the Church teach?

The Church teaches the Jews are faithless and they ought wander with no true place to call home due to their sin of killing of Christ. (see inserted blogs at the end of this article). Please keep in mind most of these inhabitants of “Israel” are not even Jewish to begin with (synagogue of satan). Nevertheless Scripture tells us the truth about the Jews. “For you, brethren, are become followers of the churches of God which are in Judea, in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered the same things from your own coutrymen, even as they have from the Jews, [15] Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; [16] Prohibiting us to speak to the Gentiles, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God is come upon them to the end.” 1 Thess 2: 14-16



  1. On today’s news Netanyahu said that Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years. After having seen a whole series of programs on National Geographic TV, dealing with the ancient history of Palestine, as revealed by archaeology, I have come to doubt the Scriptures as a valid source for historical events. There are too many contradictions. ( They looked in vain for Solomon’s stables )

  2. Mr Odell has faith in some sort of Gnostic System that comes out of Emanation and not Creation. The Marist Order was founded in the aftermath of the French Revolution and seem to have got the gift of Prophecy. They founded Jerusalem in the direct Antipodes, way back in the 1800s. You can Gooogle Earth and find Jerusalem up the Whanganui River on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand/Aotearoa. Relax, Israel is the real New World and incorporates Universal Christianity including the Orthodox and Catholic Churces. This is a Great Power and people who attain Power are generally Bad Men according to Lord Acton. He was referring to when the Pope declared himself Infallible in about 1870 – and yes there have been plenty of Anti Christs as Pope over the Ages. Russian Orthodox say Moscow is the Third ROme and maybe there is an Nth Rome. God Knows. Indeed, the Vatican is a hot bed of Machievellian Intrigue. That does not stop me from keeping The Catholic Faith and the Doctrine shall be preserved – not one Iota shall be changed.

    • Did any one here read «The White Dominican» by Gustav Meyrink?
      At first I thought it strange that he had chosen a Dominican to represent this elevated mystical presence throughout the story. I thought it was strange, because I had read that the Dominicans were the people behind the Inquisition, and that nothing good could therefore ever come from Dominicans. But as I read the book, I forgot that, and just followed the author’s narrative. And after having finished the book, I realize that different points of view are always possible. Of course, I still dislike the Medieval Inquisition ( and who doesn’t ?) But I now take a wider view.

  3. Screw yourself . . . Jerusalem wasn’t meant for Christians only. What in the fvck are you even talking about? You do realize Jesus/Isa WASN’T Christian.
    And which “Christians” pray tell do you mean? The Holy Roman Catholic Church “Christians” who didn’t SAVE Jesus/Isa but rather usurped his ministry for fun and profit after he was allowed to be murdered?
    Do you mean the Zio-Christian Evangelicals that believe Catholicism is a cult?
    Once upon a time . . . Everyone was living their lives in Spain peacefully, until the retarded French Normans put a bug in highly neurotic, and very Catholic Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand ears, and they had to go off and genocide entire groups of people in South America. Do you mean those ‘Christians.’

  4. I will post my final comment on this authors articles with this. Bring your pope or your cardinals or your priest before the people and provide a demonstration. So often when I challenge the church, this is what they say to me. Oh you cannot challenge us, you must provide a demonstration. Well, I say bring the proof and here is the moment. Jerusalem is under siege and your claim is questioned and threatened. So, bring a demonstration. Show us your connection to the divine and show the people. Let God show us through you. This should be easy and quick to bring about after 1700 years of practice. 1700 years is a long time without a demonstration. Do it on camera. Is your lord camera shy ? Who do you serve and when does your service become rewarded ?

    • And here is my counter claim. You cannot do it. There is only lawyers and thieves among you. The weddings and funerals are according to state and not spirit. The baptisms and collections are to aggrandize yourselves. You do not have a connection to the divine, but have stolen a book and ride the fruits to your own pleasure. Look at the Vatican. Is this a house of a pious brotherhood ? It is a house of gay paradise. This is not to say Gay is bad. This is to say, you have cloaked yourself in a garment of hiding and the hiding is over. There is no need to be so subversive. There is also no need to proclaim that which is not yours. Release the book or prove it. Your personal security and provision is not the concern. This much should be very clear. Step forward and demonstrate. Or release the book and all claim to it. The only thing at stake is your own legacy. Which do you choose, the coward, or the forgivable ? I believe the phrase “for they know not what they do” applies.

    • We know you know, so we will explain Christ. October 2 – 12. Thats it. People born during this period have great potential ability to rectify the scales of justice. It is not a god. Also Day 12. Of the twenty days Christ is day 12. Iq. This is a day of the wind. Symbolized in glyph by the cross. It is relentless and unconcerned. The 12th day personifies the life and misery of christ and of the 12 patriarchs. Back to the decan. The symbolism of suffering and temptation of Falcon decan is the man who is personified as Job. Notice he has 3 friends. Notice the number of Books related to the life of christ in the New Testament as 4. This is because Falcon decan, (see egyptology) is one of the four warning decans or the four sons of Horus. Again, this is Oct 2- 12 approx. The four decans listed at the end is a critical point of correlation. It exists in all systems. Even the periodic table. In the book, he advocates for the poor. What are you doing,… really ? Are you prepared to demonstrate ? Step forward or be discounted.

    • In the order of the decans Falcon is number 33. In most systems. So, go to chapter 33 of Genesis and see if the 20 days are there. See, if you approve of the system of justice of the true heart when it is placed upon the scales. The first 32 are listed in order and then the first of the four listed at the end is Falcon. It is Falcon because the bird can fly fast and see far. And the birds divided he not.

  5. “Jerusalem was meant for Christianity not the faithless Jews or Islam”
    Is that right Mr Jewski? What to do with Islam? Kill them all? Trump and Co are working on it.
    Are YOU Christian Mr Jewski or if I allowed to go further – are you human?

    • I think Eric and Ann D. need to get together — two nuts in the same shell would be a VT first match made in Heaven . . .

    • MOAB, if the herd looks at us we all seem very odd or “gone off”. A diversity reaching to ALL aspects beyond ALL borders should be embraced and not judged especially as one does not participate in regions unknown to ones own laws of ridicule. Though being a crowd funded false prophet dwelling in the fear of confused Catholics and believers of Christ is a different matter.

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