VT Paris: Three Great Exhibitions

NATEXPO 2015 Photo credit Faust-Favart

Three Great Exhibitions Featuring Bio Products

                                                      NATEXPO 2017  Paris


MADE IN FRANCE  Paris, 2017

by Jane Rosenstein

Based on the increasing interest and consumation of certified biological products in the European market, three interesting exhibitions were held in Paris. Natexpo and Salon Marjolaine featured only bio products while Made in France featured both bio and non-bio

NATEXPO 2015 Photo credit


NATEXPO, only for professionals is the reference for all professionals in the bio field.   Momar Ndaiye a consultant in bio diversity and I enjoyed attended this informative exhibition.

From October 22 to October 24, 2017 more than 12,000 visitors  including French and international visitors. With over 100 conferences to attend professionals could learn and  visit 850 exhibitors see numerous innovations in the market. Buyers came to meet producers they did not know and to see the new products that the producers they knew had this year.  There were 6 sectors

  • food and biological wine
  • diet and nutritional supplements
  • cosmetics,  beauty products  including skin care
  • products and services for the house

New in 2017

  • ingredients and raw materials
  • services and equipment for stores

All the regions of France were represented  having 650 exhibitions.

The largest section was food and biological wine. with approximately 500 French and international exhibitors  The market for bio food is in excess of 7 billion Euros including restaurants.

The categories of biological food were:

  • Drinks:  water, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and sodas
  • Butcher Products:meat and poulty
  • Bakery Products : crepes, breads and pasteries
  • Dairy Products: butter, cheese, milk, eggs and other dairy products
  • Spices including oils and cereals
  • Fish: shell fish and fish
  • Frush produce : fruit and vegetables
  • Breakfast items;  cake, confectioneries, coffee and tea
  • Frozen foods including ice cream

Foreign countries represented included  Germany the one which was most represented; New countries represented this year included Austria, Czech Republic, Greece and South Korea. Peru was represented  by the External Commerce Minister. The Canadian Organic Trade  Association was also present.


Marjolaine Le Salon Bio  Photo credit Faust-Favart

Since 1976  Marjolaine has been the largest bio market held in France. It was held this year from November 4 to November 12, 2017 at Parc Floral de Paris. Thousands of visitors go to see the bio products and buy at good prices. Who were the 80,000 visitors in 2016? They were  women in their 30s and 40s, seniors and young families who wanted bio products;  All the products had to come from biological agriculture and had to be certified by an organization;  In 2016 the average visitor spent  170 Euros and  74% had been to previous Marjolaine exhibitions.  In 2016  9 out of 10 French people consumed biological products. In 2016  38% of exhibitors were for food products and 33% for well being. The other sectors were artisinal works, home products and green tourism.

People came to enjoy and to learn at the many conferences.

Soccoro Ayllon Chavez a nutritonal consultant and  Momar Ndiaye a consultant in bio diversity and  I enjoyed visiting the exhibitors

We noticed that people seemed happy this year and that they seemed interested in th buying products. They were willing to pay more  for bio products than regular products  and enjoyed filling their shopping carts to the brim and lugging them to the free transportation shuttles to the subway and buses or to their cars.



Le Salon  Made in France  was held at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris from November 10-November 12,2017. It had 55,000 attendees who came to see products made in France froùm approximately 450 exhibitors.

Categories included:

  • Food
  • Children’s items including clothes and toys
  • Home and Garden
  • Sports and Hobbies including clothing and equipmetn
  • Fashion and Beauty including lingerie, jewelry, watches
  • Innovative Products
  • Health Products

Normandy was the guest of honor. We especially enjoyed sampling and buying cheese from Normandy at good prices. Crowds came to look and to buy.

Made in France will be in New York from December 11 – December 17, 2017 and in Singapore from March 8- March 11, 2018.

The three exhibitions featuring bio products were very interesting and informative. NATEXPO was for professionals and all items were bio. Marjolaine was another bio salon for both public and professionals. Made in France consisted of exhbitions of products made in France.

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Jane Rosenstein

Jane Rosenstein comes from U.S.A. and lived in many U. S. cities including Atlanta, GA. She received a B.S. degree in mathematics from University of Pittsburgh and a M.B.A. degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

She is a professional translator/interpretator and is the business owner of The International Connection which does international marketing consultation including sales of wine and interpretation and translation. She enjoys the cultural life that living in Paris offers and has talents in organizing events. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

Didier Lambert born in Bordeaux is a political activist and semi-professional cart racer. Didier is a Veterans Today correspondent and photojournalist working in Europe, Africa and the Far East. Didier served in the French Army as combat engineer.


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