Are People Becoming Dumber? Reasons Behind Low Human IQ


A new documentary broadcast by Arte TV Channel has revealed that the average human IQ is gradually decreasing. The authors explain this trend by the hazardous impact of the chemicals in our environment. Anthropologist Edward Dutton, however, is confident that the negative trend has been triggered by much more unwelcome factors.

The phenomenon of a lowering human IQ can be explained by genetic factors, rather than environmental ones, Edward Dutton said in an interview with Sputnik Germany.

“80% of our intellect is inherited,” the analyst said, adding that such human abilities as the speed of reaction, inventiveness, the ability to distinguish colors and remember the rows of numbers have deteriorated over time. “These changes have been observed for over hundreds of years. So we definitely have become less intellectually developed — because of genetics,” Dutton said.

According to the analyst, in the Middle Ages, there used to be strong natural selection in favor of intelligent people: those who had better intellectual abilities became more prosperous within a society, and therefore more successful, the analyst argued.

“Ahead of the industrial revolution, 50 percent of the population in every generation, namely its wealthier part, had by 40 percent more surviving children than the other 50 percent of poorer people. This means that the level of IQ increased in every generation. This was common for the period from the Middle Ages until about 1800. By 1800, the human IQ was so high that there was this massive breakthrough with many new inventions and the industrial revolution,” Dutton said.With the start of the industrial revolution, people’s way of life and the selection process have changed.

The expert noted that the average human IQ has been dropping since that time, as families with a higher level of intelligence started to use contraceptives and control birth rates.

“People who are smarter tend to use more contraceptives because they think more about their future, act less impulsively and tend to a more thorough planning,” Dutton said.

Moreover, things like vaccinations started to emerge and lowered the infant mortality rate, thus affecting the process of natural selection, Dutton explained.This has led to a situation where more and more children survived in poorer families.

In Dutton’s opinion, the trend has further intensified with the development of feminism when women started spending more time on education and gave birth to fewer children.

Brains in Danger?

The documentary broadcast by Arte was supposed to contain a genetic explanation of this phenomenon along with the environment-related one. But in the end this aspect was not covered at all.

Commenting on possible reasons behind this, Dutton said: “I don’t know, maybe they were just afraid to present my explanation to the public,” Dutton said.
Researchers interviewed by the authors of the documentary said that the main explanation behind the lowering IQ levels are chemical substances that are present in the mother’s womb and affect the development of the brain of an unborn child.

The anthropologist argued that the reason why the documentary did not present his point of view was possibly the fact that “there is nothing that we could change in this area.”

Positive changes are possible when one talks about environment, but any adjustments in the field of genetics are viewed by people as “monstrous and scary.”

The only way to stop the trend is to prevent people with a lower level of IQ from reproducing. But this is a move that no one, of course, would ever dare to make, the researcher concluded.

The views and opinions expressed by Edward Dutton are those of the expert and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


  1. The rise of the Industrial Revolution and modernized medicine created an environment where the former challenges of life no longer weeded out the lazy, stupid, and parasitic.

    A person no longer needs critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. One specialized skill can enable a person to thrive over someone with superior logic and reasoning.

    Environmental factors are a very real component to lower intelligence among the masses as well. Chemical and HORMONAL imbalances occur from various sources starting in the womb.

    Dont forget westernized brains being bombarded with radiation sources from cell phones, VDTs, power plant venting, lingering radiation from decades old tests, etc…

    There also seems to be a stabilizing of human genetics. The ends of the bell curve are less extreme.

    For example, there have been less than a dozen verified 8 ft tall humans in the past. With over 7 billion people alive TODAY, there are NO 8 footers.

    The hint of eugenics at the end would not even need to be mentioned, were it not for the societal systems that encourage the smarter to understand the need to have fewer children, while the importance of quality over quantity escapes the rest.

    Anyone ever see “Idiocracy”?

    • Idiocracy – the movie has become reality and is happening right now in USA and the world. Just a shame that Donnie Trump is orange and not black otherwise it would fit perfectly as a sad documentary of todays world and not as a comedy.

  2. The age old debate rages whether accomplishment has more to do with genes or environment. How could one have predicted Henry Ford, likely just another “farmer’s boy” from Michigan, would have become one of the greatest mechanical engineers and own the greatest industrial empire of his time? I say no one could have predicted this outcome. Ditto for many others like Thomas Edison who replied when asked about the reasons for his success: “90% perspiration, 10% inspiration”. I doubt very much if any of the accepted models for measuring success and accomplishment would come close in most of these cases. Our American system of government obviously had something to do with this success. How about the development of the steam engine the centerpiece of the first industrial revolution where all industrial plants were converted to steam power from water or animal power. At least that resulted in the partial end of tracking all that horse manure into bars and homes. But it took another century to remove all of it when the horse and buggy were replaced by the Model T of Henry Ford and others. Just think of how the stench of horse manure would have been everywhere then. No one knew what clean air smelled like. Today the only place you still smell it is if you visit Congress or a barnyard. Have you ever watched a Hollywood Western showing even one pile of Horse Sh..t in the squeaky clean road?

    • Remember when Ross Perot was running for president, he displayed great folksy humor with the dictum: “We need to clean out the barn in Washington, D.C.”. Today it still has not been cleaned out and stinks so bad it nearly kills humans just to breath. It is like a rotting meat locker with a power failure. He still only got about 20% of the vote.

  3. Is it intelligence when one can not feed himself or ones soul but is a splendid rocket scientist, politician or President with an IQ 190?
    Intellect acquired by “guided programming and education” is no intelligence – it is artificial intelligence for the herd but not for life itself. Divine intellect rules – not human intellect where truth has been left purposely out on a great scale.

  4. Very weak article. Two possible explanations is that this time the language barrier hindered the honest efforts of the VT staff (the original documentary is narrated in French or in German); the other explanation is that VT was forced to publish a mediocre article or that VT just did not want to make a complete and revealing one. For example, the Dutton theories could be just B.S. or could be profoundly relevant, but the article does not explore this enough to let us figure out the real situation.
    I happen to speak French, and I watched the documentary, and let me tell you: it’s mind blowing!. Basically, it says that chemicals that are present in usual stuff throughout our “modern” lives (e.g.: plastics within a cushion), can easily find their way into the brain of human fetuses, harming the neurons and causing a radical and measurable decrease in the intelligence of the future individuals.
    I was surprised to see that documentary in Arte, because it is a zioChannel, so everything related to news and opinion is controlled by ziopropagandists. But the documentaries that are related to geography, traveling, and to science (except when they deal with the usual suppressed knowledge) have the highest quality and are enjoyable. And yes, no rednecks to swap stuff, dumb down us and, allegedly, raise the ratings.

  5. I disagree that 80% of human intellect is inherited. Testing type should also be questioned. Repetitive learning being valued over problem solving and self directed study is also a factor that skews the testing.
    But the biggest thing to question here, is , is it smarter to consider adeptness at predatory business acumen over compassion or fair-mindedness ? Where we see people considered to be extremely smart, we also see a lack of compassion and disregard for the butterfly effect of the things they do. The wealthy schools who claim to produce the worlds best minds, are consistently found to be producing war. On the other hand, some of the poorest countries have harmonious happy villages that exhibit a completely superior level of equal treatment.
    Intelligence should be gauged by the product, as should religions also be gauged this way. What is the ultimate product ? I do not consider atomic bombs and chemical contamination to be very smart at all.

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