Why Politics Hits Your Pocketbook, Just One More Scam


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Editor’s note:  Within an hour of posting this, we were hit with a hack. In doing so, I learned that I drew blood.  Thanks, it might have taken me an entire day to have my suspicions confirmed.  

Today we are talking about Sams Club and Direct TV and a scam that will set you rolling in the floor or piss you off, depending on how much you’ve had to drink or smoke today.  We begin with my usual politics.

Sometimes when I talk about stock or pension fund scams, it goes right over some people’s heads.  In general, the “dems” are for busting scammers who pay off GOP candidates to look the other way.  I could talk on this for hours.

Today, however, I got hit with one myself.  It isn’t the only one, I get it all the time, sometimes I lose but quite often I do real damage to the thieves that prey on us all.

Anyway, my local cable company, Buckeye, is run by a family that runs this town, Toledo, Ohio, and has done so for generations.  They run the only newspaper and own so much, you wouldn’t believe it.  These aren’t evil folks, just greedy.

After using their internet service for years and having my bill triple to over $200 a month for a limited 50 meg internet line, I got suckered into doing Direct TV at Sams Club.  50 meg, unlimited and free TV to boot.

Within 6 weeks, 3 of their modems went down giving me outages for days and days.  That seemed less than random.  Then I got the full smell.

My TV went out tied to a “server problem 775.”  My background is engineering, I worked for Western Electric/Bell Labs, I work in Satellite crap and at one time I was chief lobbyist for, now wait for it, AT&T and their satellite partnership with GM/Hughes Aerospace.

I am a “wire picker” from way back and a “go to” guy for satellite tech, even for the US.

I admit At&T had one good suggestion.  They asked me to go up on my roof, in this case 40 feet off the ground, wind chill way below freezing, in the black of night “and dust off my satellite dish” in case there is snow on it.

You just can’t make stuff like that up.  As my Spiderman suit is at the cleaners, I declined.

Here is my guess, based on what I saw and heard.  I believe Direct TV simply turned me off and generated a phony outage.  I tried calling the local tech numbers they gave me, they weren’t returned.

Then I called the main number and went into a “black hole” customer service nightmare with a bizarre young lady from the Philippines.  This wasn’t customer service, this was a pure hustle, no bar stool, no renting a hotel room, none of that “no kissing” rule that the Philippines are famous for when hustling.

This was simply an hour of silly and meaningless repeated totally pretend “diagnostics.”  Following this came the hustle.  She was going to offer me a “discount” on a service contract to pay extra for services not delivered because of:

  1. They were cut off on purpose because of a consumer fraud or
  2. One of their techs, who were not unskilled, forgot how to crimp RG58

My guess is they simply pulled the plug.  The whole thing had an obvious smell about it,  I had seen corporations do this before, create outages in order to sell customer service contracts.

One famous appliance manufacturer in SouthWest Michigan purposefully engineered parts to break at intervals on dishwashers, washing machines, etc. for just that purpose.  I sat through the meetings on this as I designed the units their customer service reps used for satcom uplink for service contracts.

This, of course, was when I was doing honest work and not stealing candy from babies or abusing Middle Eastern tin pot apartheid dictatorships with illegal nukes.

And so it goes:


  1. Does what Johnny A wrote “Somewhere in the Mid 1990s, my ability to bitch my way to satisfactory customer service ended”, have any correlation with the fact that the majority of US Corporations have admitted Zionist CEOs?

  2. I also studied Competition Law with Doctor Low who was a member of the New york Bar and back in the 70s they still had Competition Law Regulating the Monopolies and Oligopolies in the USA, based on Market Share. Lack of service was one of the big faults of Monoplies and they now seem to have such untramelled control with the repeal or non enforcement of those Laws, which were originally passed in the early 1900s to stop the Robber Barons, that non service has now been turned into Predatory pricing. These are, or were, Technical Terms in Competition Law.

    • Politics pays well. But Mao Tse Tung and Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us “Political Power grows out of the barrell of a gun” and about the Military Industrial Congressional Complex respectively.

  3. You never told us that you worked for Ma Bell! Get a Short Wave 360 degree meridian map for New Zealand as a starting point and think about the possibilities – the Hemispheric Circle only really has the Antarctica and Australia. Low orbit interepts for relaunches, jamming, long wave low frequency antennae for signalling to Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, different frequency signalling for UAVs etc etc. I was just a dumb economist for the Broadcasting Corporation and got the boot for telling the truth. Come up with some ideas for “Rent A Base”. The Sepos (Yanks) wanted to fill in half of Wellington Harbour in exchange for a 99 year lease in 1945. Whoopee, Subic Bay comes to Town.

  4. Once upon a time the customer was king and the product bought was cared for with pride. These days the customer is the paying mule with no rights to a paid service or product bought wrapped in BS called customer service.
    Once upon a time only the government gave one a number for ones term to speak, these days every customer of any product hangs in a queue waiting to talk to an representative in a call center overseas.
    Once upon a time prisons where located behind barbwire fences and walls, these days addiction rules necessities for our daily life’s and freedom is stashed away behind walls and barbwire fences.
    America and their ruling Jews have worked very hard for that. Show some respect as you the customer are worthless after signing a lock in contract or after paying for a product.
    The only warranty one gets is that there will be NO CUSTOMER service or warranty but plenty of BS.

  5. Yea, the internet scam infantry has reached a “go”. Here they are testing the reactions by lowering speeds at critical high streaming times. I’ve been tracking the slow downs for about a week or so. It is obvious throttling.
    If I was a salesman, I’d be drooling if I knew 80% of the “leads” coming in are frustrated and just want better service because “Bob with a button”, is throttling their speed during the peak hours.
    This method may be temporary, because more folks are learning that your town or city can provide their own service, publicly owned. In the meantime, low hanging fruit for cable providers, encouraged and assisted by the current admin.

  6. Internet is the new cable TV and with it come the hacks and the corporate rip offs that send customers away.
    I worked in cable TV for several years, even managing a CATV system south of Grand Rapids, Mi. and I can tell you that back then the CATV business was essentially crooked. All the small systems were gobbled up and devoured by the big companies so now there is no competition only extortion.
    The big dust up came during the 1980s when home satellite TV came into its own and programmers were furious that Americans were getting their ESPN for literally free. How dare they! The attempt to scramble programing and make it nearly off limits was met head on by Al Gore and another congressman who I forget. In the end descramblers were then made available to those who wanted them. That however created a new market: the hackers. I won’t even get into that, I saw a lot, knew what was being done and how.
    Today, the consumer has very little in the way of protection thanks to the Supreme Court of Fools.
    Corporations now run Washington. Accept this fact. The people are being screwed over by both political parties and no one seems to notice, no one seems to care, as long as the masses can be hypnotized by TV sports and stupid sitcoms, mindless violent cop shows and other crapola .
    Corporations, not congress run America. It’s one of the reasons why cops are now militarized, given authority to murder at will and rob you at gunpoint. It’s one of the reasons why there are 2 million people in prison. It’s one of the reasons why marijuana is still considered a drug.
    It’s the reason why America is broke and bankrupt.

  7. I agree with your assessment and the cynical sarcasm made me smile. I post on my blog once or twice a month on debugger2.blogspot.com some vignettes captured from VT, WRH, RBN etc., or comments to the MSM and some of the emails on my computer were deleted prior to sending when I touched on sacred topics to the greedies. The speed at the house was practically stopped and I have the latest routers but then only 5 mbps and will take another one that goes over 100. I don’t know if that will change the problems, or maybe the old junk I use is practically obsolete, then then I have the new stuff too.

    • I’ve had some quite insightful stuff seemingly intercepted on the way to VT, or maybe the VT guys took it down, I don’t know. Surely there must be a Class Action Suite against stealing Intellectual property possible.

  8. This is very hilarious because of the way you have with words but this is a huge example how consumers are mistreated and that’s not so humorous.

  9. The usual shit we all love so much by breaking contracts and force a new one or extend it by unwanted services to suck us dry.

    • Somewhere in the Mid 1990s, my ability to bitch my way to satisfactory customer service ended. “The customer is always right.” died with a whimper.

      Corporations got real petty and cheap around that time. (That was MY job.) I witnessed the American business model go from enticement to entrapment.

      No longer would a corporation strive to offer a product or service for a fair price. It has degenerated into “take all you can get” and trapping the consumer instead of pampering them.

      The founders of this nation warned us about distribution of power. This is what consolidation of power gets us. And money is clearly power.

      Due to Globalization, and the Internationalization of the world consumer market, American consumers are NO LONGER respected. Our clout is gone.

      Also, for the same reasons, the US stock market has basically disconnected from the US economy. They get money elsewhere, now. We matter less and less as consumers, the honeymoon is over. Don’t guage Americas economy by Wall Streets success. That’s done.

      Globalization F’d Americans, but made International Corporations much wealthier. Their consumers are Worldwide.

      This goes along with the fact that if Corporations bribe politicians in Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, etc…who REALLY rules the world?

      Welcome to the Future.
      Welcome to Fascism.
      Welcome to Jail.

      Btw there are definitely extracurricular activities involved with navigating and posting on this site.

      As long as you are being honest with us, consider it a certification of authenticity.

      Your writing style is very engaging, bordering on infotainment.

      Well Done.

    • @johnny America I don´t feel touched the way you think by your answer and know to whom you adressed this , so NP

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