Japan, US, South Korea to hold anti missile drills


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

The longer this showdown goes on, the bigger the chance of a tragic mistake

[ Note: The US continues the North Korean charade by ducking going into talks with an end to war gaming in the area in return for N. Korea ending all missile and weapons testing. If the US had done so, we would not have had the continued testing by NK.

Frankly, I feel this is exactly what the US wanted – for the testing to continue so those in the region would become even more dependent on US military power to save them.

North Korea has stated over and over that it needs nuclear weapons as the only feasible deterrent to a US attack, and the US continued fueling the stand-off shows it prefers the gamesmanship route, where any misstep by either side could have terrible consequences.

The early US requesting the precondition that NK had to stop all of its testing first, with the US doing nothing but agreeing to then talk, was a poison pill that Trump knew the N. Koreans would never accept.

Keep your fingers crossed that the top brass keep cool heads, and they are all just huffing and puffing to kept the public supporting military spending in peacetime, which this North Korean “crisis” has all the signs of being a part of… JD ] 

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US continues refusing to stop war-gaming to enter talks with North Korea

  – First published … December 10, 2017

Japan says it will hold joint missile tracking drills with the U-S and South Korea amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force said the two-day drills are scheduled to begin on Monday.

They come after North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile last month that flew over Japan. Pyongyang says its missile tests are in response to the U-S provocations, including its joint military drills in the region.

Last week, Pyongyang condemned major war games by the U-S and South Korea as a step toward war. On Sunday, U-N under-secretary general Jeffrey Feltman called for dialog between North Korea and the international community to avert a miscalculation that could lead to a catastrophic conflict.



  1. Winston Peters, who is the Deputy prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister is intending to go to North Korea to mediate in this stupid war making series of provocations and tongue poking excercises. His Party the New Zealand First Party holds the undisputed Balance of Power in the NZ Parliament – he is The Kingmaker. A small, strategically strong and politically neutral country might be able to help.

    Pump and Dump Drumpf, The Golem Don, is getting way out of Court.

    If you wish to brief him for his mission, then his email is : [email protected]

    • I’ve got a James Dean photo on the wall.
      A) Because I got it for $2.
      B) Out of respect for the efforts all the VT Staff put in and as a reminder with JD as representative.
      C) As a reminder of how America used to be regarded and still might be in the future.
      D) Not all American Popular Culture was bad. I suppose Ann Fitgerald doesn’t even love Elvis. The King.

      Nobody is perfect, except perhaps John Eales the Australian Rugby Captain. So there are lots of Americans and even Australians who have made their way through life like the rest of us and learned lessons along the way. Now we need to put that Wisedom into Practice.

    • Maybe Peters is going to teach the rocket man how to do the Haka, and scare Trump away, you can watch the Haka performed by the mighty Allblacks Rugby team, whenever they play against an International team.(The best sporting team in the world, have won 75% of there games in the last 110 years)

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