US absence at Paris summit a ‘disgrace’: Kerry


Former US secretary of state John Kerry blasted the absence of the American government at a major climate change summit in Paris Tuesday as a “disgrace”.

About 60 world leaders and hundreds of ministers, company bosses, and environmentalists gathered for the One Planet Summit called by French President Emmanuel Macron after Donald Trump’s decision to abandon the global climate accord.

Trump was not invited and the US federal government was represented by the second-highest diplomat in the American embassy in Paris, Brent Hardt, two years to the day since Kerry and then-president Barack Obama helped lead pain-staking diplomatic efforts to clinch the Paris accord.

“It’s very disappointing, it’s worse than disappointing, it’s actually a disgrace when you consider the facts, the science, the common sense, all the work that’s been done,” Kerry told AFP on the summit sidelines.

The Paris Agreement took “26 years of work that’s being dishonored by people who don’t even understand the science,” he added.

American summit participants included the campaigning governor of California, Jerry Brown, as well as former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who has put together a coalition of cities, companies and activists called “America’s Pledge” to help reduce US emissions.

Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw from the global pact, which the United States is the only nation to reject, has cast doubt on the viability of the deal which aims to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial levels.

Asked if the United States could meet its Paris accord pledge to reduce emissions by at least 26 percent by 2025, over 2005 levels, Kerry was upbeat because of efforts at the local level.

“I think it is possible, yes,” he told AFP.

Brown and Bloomberg both took aim at Trump’s climate stance.

“We have a climate denier in the White House who says climate change is a hoax,” Brown told a panel.

“We can’t wait for the White House to wake up. We in America are operating from the grassroots… Our work is incredibly difficult.

“We have mobilized to some extent, but we are not yet on track to reduce the rising greenhouse gases,” he added.

Bloomberg said the 1,700-member coalition of regional governments, cities, companies, and civil society groups that have formed America’s Pledge, represent more than half the US economy.

“If it was a country it would have the world’s third-largest economy and it continues to grow,” he said.

“Together we are going to meet the goal set by this country in Paris by reducing emissions by at least 26 percent and there isn’t anything that Washington can do to stop this,” he added.

“On the contrary, President Trump has helped rally people who understand the problem to join forces and to actually do something rather than wait for the federal government… In that sense we owe President Trump a measure of gratitude for helping us meet our goals,” he quipped.

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  1. It’s true what joetv says here, so many issues that didn’t need any jimmying the records to get the desired results. There’s too much cheap trickery involved with this fracas.So many of those who want huge sums of cash to deliver Earth from this awful fate are in the anti-human businesses. Bob Nichols presents glaring evidence of what they really do not wish to address.Pollution is something everyone can can work to reduce but climate has been changing since Earth has existed. Besides, carbon is plant food and we depend on the plants which this geo engineering seems to negatively effect while scamming the folks on climate change.

  2. Weather is very difficult to predict. Most weathermen are lucky to get it right 3 days out. Global weather involves many complicated variables. A computer output is only as good as the input and the mathematical model describing the physics of the situation. Long time intervals are involved, centuries not years. Frankly even if some advocates are right, aren’t there more pressing problems regarding our earth? What about the poison pollution of our earth due to constant wars now using nuclear weapons? How about the toxic consumer junk like poison circuit boards, found even in electric toothbrushes, to the earth when dumped into the nearest lake or river? We hear talk of converting to electric cars. Imagine the disposal problem of car batteries if cars are converted to electricity on a large scale. Steam power had many advantages because anything can be burned to produced steam. Big Boy, the largest steam locomotive before WWII could pull a fully loaded train 5 1/2 miles long on level track! A diesel electric engine is a Rube Goldberg monstrosity where a diesel engine runs an electric generator which runs an electric engine! How many diesel electrics equal one Big Boy? If Henry Ford had chosen steam power instead of gasoline power for the automobile we would have been energy independent long ago. Most wars unnecessary. Oil interests were largely responsible for abandonment of steam power. There are valid arguments for returning to steam power today with new technology. Steam has many advantages. It has enormous low end torque. This means no complicated transmission is required in most cases. Watch pictures of the old magnificent steam locomotives. Only a few cylinder steam engines run the wheels. NO transmission at all; direct drive. A two cylinder steam engine was often equivalent to an 8 cylinder internal combustion engine. With steam the combustion takes place outside of the engine itself; it is an external combustion engine. A steam powered car even won the world land speed record once. Bill Lear a genius level inventor with almost no formal education, with hundreds of patents, was fascinated with steam power. Most modern ships have steam turbine engines. A nuclear submarine has a number of steam engines where the steam is produced by burning nuclear fuel. If you tried to make a direct nuclear engine all you would do is melt the engine or blow it up. Frankly the pollution of earth by toxic chemicals is more significant than global warming. Jerry Brown is a hypocrite: He has failed to clean out the dry dead wood in California and allowed development on top of earthquake faults, but expects the rest of the country to pick up the tab when disaster strikes. He cares only about money, not public safety.

    • “If Henry Ford had chosen steam power instead of gasoline power for the automobile we would have been energy independent long ago”.

      Nailed it 🔨🔨.

  3. The science of climate change? Why did they have to pay Leo DiCaprio to sell climate change at the U.N.?

    Weren’t many of the scientists who spoke at the U.N. regarding this subject granted diplomatic immunity? If so, why?

    Much of the information and statistics surrounding climate change has been falsified. I admit, surely there are things we can do better when it comes to taking care of our planet, but many credible scientists have suggested that man’s contribution to carbon dioxide levels is relatively insignificant, roughly 3%. More than 30,000 scientists have signed a petition denying the rhetoric proposed by global warming/climate change activists.

    It’s one thing to suggest the climate is changing, but to suggest the problem can be fixed by transferring more money out of the working class and into the pockets of the controlling-mind, is ridiculous. No amount of carbon tax can fix the problem. Throwing money at problems hardly ever solves anything. Besides, our carbon emissions cannot possibly explain the simultaneous warming of other bodies within our solar system. To me, it makes sense that our solar system itself has an orbit, and it periodically travels through galactic dust clouds, or different belts of radiation, which could effect the sun and the climate of all planets.

    If they get their way, will we have to pay a carbon footprint tax for using what they consider to be too much energy? Will they use those smart meters to control our energy consumption? It seems they are attempting to oppose effective types of energy development, so how are we to trust that world leaders are not attempting to create an artificial energy shortage in order to increase the cost?

    Where I’m from, our provincial government over-charged us 37 billion for energy in one year. This caused many big companies to flee the area because they couldn’t afford to operate. My dad heats with wood in the winter, because if he had to use his furnace all winter, he couldn’t afford to keep the house. Our government nailed him with increased property tax to compensate for him heating with wood in the winter, instead of using their over priced power. It’s f’n disgusting. It might be cheaper for us to burry the tax collector somewhere on the back 200..

    Anyone familiar with my comments here knows what I think of Trump. Of all the things he can legitimately be criticized for, I’m not sure ditching this climate change crap is one of them.

    • “We have a ‘climate denier’ in the White House..”

      Wow, is that his “professional” opinion?

      Is a climate denier like a holocaust denier? Sounds like a weaponized buzzterm designed to slander those who don’t believe the conventional narrative. Slander tactics are typically used by intellectual midgets, who are not informed enough to put forth an objective argument to back their position. So, instead of intelligently discussing the subject, the slanderer hopes to drag the discussion away from the point and ruin the train of thought by injecting weaponized buzzterms in a desperate attempt to ridicule their opponent.

      I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who would deny that the climate is changing, but I’ve met many who deny that man is the cause of climate change. Is man’s carbon emissions responsible for the simultaneous warming of other bodies in our solar system, too? Or, is that the because the aliens are burning hydrocarbons on Mars and Pluto?

      Brown can take his bully tactics and go eat a plate of human $h!t.

    • You’re no idiot, Eduardo. In my opinion, living in nature is the best way to learn about it. That way you’re not blasted with conventional dogma that’s preached in science class. The earth does have a precessional wobble and that could be what’s causing changes in weather, however if the earth had shifted on its axis, we should see a change in the position of the stars. I haven’t been keeping track of star locations so I can’t say. Have you noticed a change in the positioning of the stars in your area?

  4. I guess it’s good that some are worried about the future of our planet. However, with perpetual war as the only engine being used to keep our country moving forward, uh backward, what’s the betting odds on the common man having a fruitful future? Something must change and in a big way. We’re being mauled by the banks, and taxed at every level beyond what’s proper while the ongoing crime of trillions looted from our treasury, which no one seems to mind, and our children are growing older with doubts about what is real and what is not the future looks rather bleak. Bit coin a computer created currency/crypto-widget, that can be erased with ease, soars to ridiculous crypto-heights tells me the dollar is worthless and were living in la la land. People no longer have faith in any type of future.
    We’re so f..n stupid we allow the clowns in Washington to rewrite the tax codes without mention of the missing, presume them stolen trillions of dollars. Trillions are to dollars what light years are to distance. People don’t understand it, so they ignore it. It is that huge. If anyone is still looking for the motive for 9/11 well this is it. Trillions. Based on our current morals every person in the pen should be released. They’re not any worse than what we have running around the living rooms of America everyday. Outlandis? Yes but there is some truth in what I am saying.

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