Gossip: 9/11/01 Investigation Continued. . . 

Falling Man - I apologize to the 9/11 families for any sadness brought on by VT using this image. However, the man here is a symbol of America and what has happened both before and after that horrific event. He is hero in his courage and the symbolism should be clearly seen. Why was there no real thorough investigation of 9/11 involving all available evidence?

Working on getting to the bottom of the “master plan.”

You can use your own Intelligence abilities to identify who these individuals are and prosecute them, at least bring them in for formal questioning open to the public.

I have actively been working to solve 9/11/01 because back then peace was happening all over the world. I was able to use my telepathic abilities to communicate with leaders to create new ideas for opportunity and business, rather than conflict.

Certain individuals were upset with me back then, because world peace could have easily been established and the focus could have been on trade and diplomacy. This is why I became targeted and had to fight back hard against the terrorism. “They” wanted to alter the world, and did so. Luckily many other individuals fought back as well, so we are still here today.

There was a Quest launched by Paul Allen, and I suspect this may be related, or it may be Bill Gates alone with associated others.

I am also working on securing my “Idea Head” permanently. “They” may be using it with advanced artificial intelligence illegally.

Please contact me directly if you have any additional information regarding this investigation, Navy Criminal Investigative Services or other authorities, when ready to talk honestly and directly.

We need to see some concrete results from our investigation.


    NASA Media Resources
    Briefing Materials: Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star Discovered Using Artificial Intelligence – NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST Thursday, Dec. 14, to announce the latest discovery made by its planet-hunting Kepler space telescope. The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google. Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence, and demonstrates new ways of analyzing Kepler data.
    Teleconference audio and visuals will stream live at: https://www.nasa.gov/live
    The briefing participants are:

    Paul Hertz, Astrophysics Division director at NASA Headquarters in Washington
    Christopher Shallue, senior software engineer at Google AI in Mountain View, California
    Andrew Vanderburg, astronomer and NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Texas, Austin
    Jessie Dotson, Kepler project scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley
    NASA will host a Reddit Ask Me Anything at 3 p.m. EST today on this discovery.
    (or) https://tinyurl.com/ycg5nrvl

    NASA Media Advisory
    VIDEO:Artificial Intelligence and NASA Data Used to Discover Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star

  2. Phillip Haldane from Facebook, I know that if I were from Australia and could draw, I would be drawing Uluru – Ayers Rock.

  3. My father’s family believed in that ESP stuff. I’m quite argumentative, so I’ve concentrated on what is “provable” and I try to stick to an accepted Scientific Method. Having said that, my father described to me at least one incident that he said involvewd telepethic communication. He was a very straight shooter. Further, I did read one scientific paper that said people can feel eyes upon them when someone is looking at them – so I suppose certain people may have those gifts. The gift of Prophesy is in the New Testament. One can only cover so much ground, so this is in the watching brief along with UFOs, aliens, HAARP, Climate War and lots of hard-to-pin-down-easily things. I think the evidence for 9/11 and JFK is substantial according to my research, for example. Lots more too.

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