Iraq Oil Ministry: Qatar Petroleum interested in investing in Iraq’s energy sector

This is amazing and wonderful because Qatar is moving forward successfully with Iraq and Iran.

From Reuters:

* Iraq’s Oil Ministry said on Wednesday Qatar Petroleum is interested in investing in the country’s energy projects

* Qatar Petroleum has shown interest in Iraq’s projects in gas, extraction, refining and petrochemicals infrastructures, , the ministry said in a statement

* Iraq invited foreign companies to bid for contracts to explore and develop oil and natural gas reserves in nine new blocks as the OPEC nation seeks to boost its output capacity.

Qatar is moving forward to where the country should be.

Qatar launches new investments worth QR4 billion

Doha: Investments worth more than QR4 billion in projects mainly in the health, education, logistical support, agricultural produce, industry and environmental sectors were announced by the Ministerial Group for Encouragement and Participation of Private Sector in Economic Development Projects of Qatar.

Read more at The Peninsula here.

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  1. The world has learned not to take America at its word. No one believes the lies, deceit and utter b.s. from any Washington, D.C. mouthpiece.
    Washington’s credibility no longer exists anywhere in the world and it is fast loosing it with the American people.

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