TradCatKnight Radio, “Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh”

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TradCatKnight Radio, “Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh”
Talk given 12-14-17 (aprx 1hr. 30 mins)

Join me for the next hour and a half as I discuss: the NWO control of the right and left, Zionism is heresy, Trump the new Saviour or Zionist puppet? Archbishop Lefebvre on the False Resistance, true CounterRevolution, Medjugorje hoax, the antisemitism farce, more third temple talk, Francis not a heretic? your comments and MUCH more!

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TradCatKnight Radio is a quality program bringing you all of the top quests from around the world who are experts in their own specific fields. This program is highly listened to, unique and insightful. In addition I give talks for other radio shows/programs and have been see all over alternative media.
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  1. Itchy ears. Is it not wise to inform people that if they hear their name called as if a little person is on their pillow, it is important for them to devote attention to this ? And if further this evolves to itching ears or a tickle when a particular thought is entertained by the mind, that it is a sign of the call ? Is it tradition to excite the people to fear while in the self professed “work” of saving souls ? And is it a tradition to condemn any and all people of a religion due to their affiliation ? And lastly, if one is to say, this apparition is valid, but this one is not, would this judgement be fairly questioned if coming from someone who does not inform the people of basic spiritual truths related to their soul ?.. And claims to have the knowledge…

  2. The opening prayer to the Lady sounded like a person trudging through obligation in a trance and a tired melody of exhausting repetition. Is it possible, that repetitive prayer loses it’s power after wearing down the person to such levels ? Is it the belief, that saying the words, regardless of the persons attention in the act, has some magical way of reaching an angels ears ? It sounds like obligatory appeasement without true belief.
    around 19 to 20 minutes in “There’s a reason God still has to punish”. Then ,.. ” a woman said I need counseling for talking about end times so much”…. “God is cutting off grace from men due to pride”… ” the madonna says”…”False apparitions” …”Trump is a zionist collaborator”…

    • I listened, and I have listened to many men like you for many years. You explicitly asked for commenters to not comment unless they do so. I stopped when you quoted Daboo7. I hope that qualifies.
      Now, you seem to have craftily aligned yourself with political truths and have a decent grasp of what is going on politically in the world. But when it comes to religion and religious tradition, there seems to be a blind traditionalist speaking without basic knowledge of spirituality. This has been my complaint and question to Catholics for many decades and it is never addressed. It is not my question alone. It is a question of millions.
      Why do you not inform people of basic spiritual truths ? To help them ?

    • There are many things to comment on, that pertain to politics, or world affairs and tradition and regimen, but their is nothing to comment on here that pertains to even a slight hint of spiritual truths at the basic elementary level. Nothing. This is the true sign of false religion. Many words and rules, but no food for the people. Lots of doctrine and recitation but no meat, no fish, no bread, and no milk. It is an empty table.

    • Instead, let me suggest what is on this table. Water. Flagrant claims to incite emotions and fear most among them. The lady is right. Perhaps the fear lives within you and you need a purge. I wouldn’t go as far to suggest counseling, but rather I would suggest a road trip to broaden the horizon of spiritual experience. Say a prayer and mean it, and walk down the road with no money or clothes or anything. And please let us know how you did when you get back . And don’t bring your cards or phone or money. Just go. And take the walk of faith as so many others have. It is obvious.

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