Most Americans say Trump should resign over sex allegations: Poll

Trump and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, that Trump continues to claim he never met


A majority of American voters believe US President Donald Trump should resign due to the allegations of sexual harassment against him, according to several new surveys.

The results of a Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday found that 53 percent of those surveyed said Trump should resign amid accusations from more than a dozen women who claim Trump sexually harassed them before he was elected president.

In contrast, only 42 percent believed Trump should remain president.

Concurrently, 53 percent of those surveyed said they believe the women accusing Trump, while 31 percent did not believe the accusers’ stories.

The results followed the resignation of several lawmakers in Congress in the past week over sexual harassment claims, including US Senator Al Franken, a Democratic from Minnesota.

“Voters want consistency in the way politicians respond to accusations of sexual harassment against them,” Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, said in a statement. “They agree with Al Franken’s decision to resign—but they also think Trump should be next.”

A Rasmussen Reports survey also released Thursday found that 58 percent of likely US voters believe the allegations of sexual misconduct made by several women against Trump are true and say the president should resign if the accusations are credible.

On Monday, three women who claim Trump sexually harassed them urged the US Congress to investigate the misconduct allegations.

Earlier this week, Dozens of Democratic and female lawmakers in Congress called for an ethics investigation into Trump over the sexual harassment claims.

More than a dozen women have accused Trump of unwanted sexual advances, including forcible kissing or groping.

The surveys come as the country grapples with snowballing allegations of harassment and assault in the worlds of politics, news media and Hollywood.

According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump has a 36 percent job approval rating as of December 14, a historic low for a first-term president at this point in the term.

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  1. I roll my eyes upward and to the side whenever I see a headline beginning with ‘Most Americans Say’ (or ‘Think’). I mean invoking the very phrase means we’re entering the brain-dead zone (as if these people actually ‘think’).

    Let’s say a woman is standing in front of a judge for sentencing and the judge offers her two options:

    a) get groped by the p***y (for live example, go to any US airport and not less than the government will show you how proper p***y-groping is done); or

    b) have a tomahawk missile come through the roof, mangling and mutilating everything in your life: smartphone, favorite lamp, expensive crystal, children, husband, brother, sister, mother, left arm, right leg, eyesight and .. almost forgot – the p***y too.

    Is it not a no-brainer that any sane woman would choose Option A as the lesser of the two evils? Yet, confirmation – not just accusation – of being the one who perpetrates Option B is elevated to sainthood by those same ‘thinkers’ who expect somebody to resign on the mere accusation of Option A.

    (Just keeping ish real.)

  2. Also, there is a big difference between Clinton, who obviously favors adult women and guys who favor very young women. Adultery is not against the law, but sex with a minor is. In sexual crimes against underage youth, the Catholic Church has no equal in the enormity of their sophistication and huge numbers. If we are to hunt pedo’s then that is the first place to bring warrants. Illegal prostitution among adults in Corporate Washington would rank 2nd, but the majority would be of age. Individual pedophiles scattered around operating independently would rank 3rd, and they are hard to catch without the victims coming forward. When we see schools, these headlines serve the Vatican to create an equal in the media. It is not close.

  3. There is no end to the people who do not understand why victims do not come forward, or why they come forward in groups. This is one article
    Simply use search phrases like , why victims do not come forward, or , how to get victims to come forward,..
    it is not that hard to understand,… do we not notice that during large civil suits of any kind the number of victims is off the charts such that the average payout per victim can be 100 bucks while the total number for the penalty is in the millions ? In one pedophile case against the Jesuits involving Gonzaga there were 440 victims.

    • One case of pedophilia against the Jesuits involving Gonzaga, involved 440 victims. I notice today, what used to be prolific results on Google for this case are now all but gone…but I did find a statement from the pope saying the pedophile cases against the church are a right wing conspiracy, they will shut the victims up any way they can,… hundreds of billions are at stake

  4. Most American’s shouldn’t be allowed out of the house. Those 20 – 35 for sure. Mob mentality with no balls. I firmly blame it on TV programing. This week a NPR radio program spent an hour educating us that it was the Romans not the Jews who killed Christ. But I’ll wash my hands of that. This week a Jewish Boxer will fight on HBO. That’s fine except he recently failed to VADA test for banned ‘roids. Yet Cuban heavyweight Ortiz, And Russian HW Povotkin, and the British Gypsy Tyson (not Mike) were suspended, fined millions, and bad mouthed by the HBO crew. Something is cooking, and it don’t smell good.

  5. An uninformed choice would not be a good choice. Use your head. Trump has been known as a plyboy in NYC for decades. He runs beauty pageants for underage girls. He visibly displays a lack of respect for women and does so unabashedly. If this is your choice, then stop complaining when your child is raped.

  6. The hardest part of catching pedophiles, is getting the victims to speak. If we cannot allow our women to speak, the children will never come forward. There has to be a process that allows victims to come forward.
    This is not a partisan issue. This is a culture wide transformation. Media, sports, politics, churches, and schools need to be provided with proper vetting procedures and protections for the victims. The core issue here, is power. The children who did not come forward against priests are intimidated. Women who do not come forward are intimidated by the Power of the perp. In this case Trump was a power figure in the arena of vulnerable girls and women for many years. It doesn’t matter what the job is. In fact, ousting Trump for this, would send a very loud message to everyone that this is unacceptable. If the men of power get away with it, like Ailes did for decades, then it continues.

    • I have known folks who work in children homes and dedicated their lives to helping abused children. My best friend does this. When he tells me a young boy cannot properly defecate at the age of 12 from abuse as a 6 year old, is not an isolated case in his industry, we have a problem. There is a climate of fear for the victims to come forward, because often the perps are trusted community people. That is the first thing a pedophile seeks. Public trust. They will spend years working to get the trust of the people, and then spend years picking their victims selectively so as to ensure they are not “talkers”. Victim blaming is the number 1 thing preventing victims from coming forward. They are ridiculed and called liars. This in spite of multiple interrogations by professionals usually over weeks and months before going public.

    • Likewise, it is not uncommon for childcare workers to be falsely accused. I have seen it go both ways. The false accusers are usually vetted and immediately discredited. They often have a history of it. I have also seen multiple credible terrified victims, screamed at and ridiculed while they protect and defend the perp. This is the most common and we see in the case of Roy Moore, his statements are inconsistent. That is the first sign of guilt. Remember also, with politicians, these allegations are not always chargeable crimes, but pertain to the persons honesty and character. On that note, would you like our country to continue promoting deviant behavior while defending the perpetrators ? Then learn discernment, because sexual predators are very adept at gaining public trust. The cops sure could use some help, and victim blaming is only helping the perps.

  7. Look at all the millions of dollars spent by Ken Starr investigating Slick Willie while nothing done to him. Our Injustice Dept. is obviously bought and paid for. Look at all his government paid secret service agents protecting this worthless piece of garbage. If Congress has a slush fund to settle claims all of the money paid out should be made public. Our country is a shameful disgrace. Look at what Bush and Cheney got away with on 9/11. Obviously some very lucky elitist people are above the law in the United States. All Secret Service protection for former presidents must be abolished immediately along with the secretarial budgets too. Let them go to the VA for medical care like the Veterans.

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