Esoteric Twin Peaks II – Doppelgänger and Orgasmic Energy

Tracy SHO

By Jack Heart and Orage

“I walked. I could do nothing but walk. And then, I saw me walking in front of myself. But it wasn’t really me…” – A Bloody Brown Paper Bag 1

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The word doppelgänger is derived from the German Doppelgänger; actually a compound of two words, Doppel meaning double and Gänger meaning walker or goer. In German, there is no plural for this word. Doppelgänger traces its roots back to the Norse Vardøger or Vardøgr which is defined as ‘‘premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives.’’2

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

In the collective consciousness of the West, a doppelgänger is one’s evil inversion, their dark double, the earliest instance being Ahriman, the malevolent double of god in Zarathustrianism.

The Toroidal Universe is divided into two worlds, three counting the space in between the worlds where equilibrium is achieved. One world sees the universe expanding as it is being expelled from the black hole and the other sees it as contracting into the black hole. Something like a reflection in a mirror, there is a reversed image, a reversed world. Every individual exists simultaneously in each world. That dual existence entails having a doppelgänger. Even god must have one.

The primary directive of NASA, as the entertainment division of Jet Propulsion Laboratories, is to ignore Quantum Entanglement, Bell’s Theorem and published experimental data.3 Their job is to continue, undaunted by facts, pontificating about nonsense like rockets to the moon and a space program that is seemingly under the direction of Wiley Coyote, blowing himself into outer space. Toward that end, they must never, ever be seen by their more than a little credulous audience as “advocating that faster than light speeds for material particles are possible.”4

Even though by 1937, Bell Labs had already proven the wave nature of matter and won the Nobel Prize for it, tenured professors and all those who make their living at NASA’s particle trough know better than to ever publish a paper that even insinuates Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity is wrong, let alone that there are no particles. Recently Robert J. Nemiroff of Michigan Technological University, Department of Physics, along with his coauthor David Russell, choosing their words very carefully, proposed a thought experiment for “closed-loop time travel within the context of special relativity.”5

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Outer Places, an internet science publication, concluded from Nemiroff and Russell’s thought experiment that “Traveling Back in Time Creates Doppelgängers That Annihilate Each Other.”6 In the experiment a spaceship leaves earth traveling five times the speed of light to a planet ten light years away and returns to its approximate departure point. “From the perspective of a person on Earth watching the launch pad, because the light emitted from the spaceship would travel five times slower than the spaceship, images of the spaceship on its way out and another doppelganger spaceship on its way back would appear out of thin air about five years after embarking. Eight years later, there would be one ship on the landing pad and two phantom ships further away, as if they were traveling backward in time. Then, ten years later, the two ghost ships would destroy each other, leaving the ship on the landing pad.”7

“”The only solutions we could find involved these strange pairs of travelers popping into and out of existence,” said Nemiroff. “We speculated that one member of this pair must have a strange type of negative mass, while the other has normal positive mass.””8

Twin Peaks 2017 opens with a conversation between the now twenty-five years older Special Agent Dale Cooper and a tall gaunt man very similar to the “Giant” of the first two seasons. They are in a room furnished from the early twentieth century and the scene is filmed in black and white. In the distorted vocals requiring subtitles that are characteristic of the disincarnate beings in Twin Peaks, the Giant says “Agent Cooper listen…to the sounds.” They both look at an old gramophone emitting a clicking noise then back at each other and the Giant continues; “It is in…our house now.” Cooper looks at him, saying in clear English “it is.” The Giant answers “it cannot…be said aloud now. Remember 430, Richard…and Linda, two birds…with one stone.” Cooper nods and resolutely says “I understand…” The Giant then says to Cooper “you are far away” and Cooper blinks out of the room like the image on a television that has just been turned off.9

Two crates of shovels are delivered by flatbed truck to Dr. Jacoby who now lives rough in a trailer deep in the woods outside of Twin Peaks. The driver helps him unpack the shovels and asks him if he’s going to need any help. Jacoby tells him “thanks but no thanks. I like to work alone.”10 

Twin Peaks glass box

From dizzying heights, the view pans over nighttime Manhattan settling on a dark and foreboding brick building with few windows. Overlooking the street, far below there is a portal-shaped window big enough for a man to fit through. The portal leads into a small glass box inside the building about the size of a large closet. The box is watched intently by a diminutive rodent of a college student named Sam Colby. It’s surrounded by cameras and is on a pedestal with an elaborate wiring system underneath. The box is in a large room strewn with empty cardboard boxes presumably from the electronic equipment. Aside from the portal, there are no other windows in it.

Sam sits on the room’s lone love seat on a raised platform facing the box. A buzzer sounds. Sam goes outside through the room’s only door and meets a very attractive young woman named Tracy by the service elevator. She has two take-out coffees and wants to come inside to drink them. Her intentions are overtly amorous. Sam, already folding like a cheap suit, flirtingly tells her she can’t and that what is inside is top secret. The sullen-looking gorilla of a guard whose desk is right in front of the door affirms that Tracy is not allowed in the room. She tells Sam she will bring him more coffee tomorrow and Sam goes back inside the room. He sits down on the loveseat and continues staring at the glass box. There is a faint electrical humming and the sound of computers running in the background.

The view moves in the headlights of a car down a dark and empty country road as the first song on the soundtrack of Twin peaks 2017 blares ‘Muddy Magnolias’ doing a slowed down Lynchian remix of ‘American Woman.’

“I know my worth and who I am Mister if you’re hard up, I can spare a few grand Hell will freeze over and I’ll be damned ‘Fore I take orders from any ol’ man
Do I look like…”11

Somewhere in the night, a Mercedes pulls up to a cabin and Cooper’s Doppelgänger gets out and starts walking. Unlike Cooper he wears his hair long, his dress is casual and his eyes are coal black. A man comes out of the front door pointing a shotgun at him and, with seeming superhuman speed and strength, the Doppelgänger knocks him unconscious with his own shotgun before the man can even pull the trigger. American Woman fades from the soundtrack.

He goes inside and sits down, greeting by name the cabin’s hillbilly proprietor who is sipping moonshine from a jar. Two inbred-looking people sit in the dark and a woman, also a hillbilly, comes in from the back rooms. The guard, by now on his feet again, comes through the door in a rage swinging his shotgun at the Doppelgänger, who unperturbed with a quick flick of his arm casually knocks him unconscious again with his own shotgun. He cordially asks the hillbilly woman to fetch his two accomplices from the back rooms; a man named Ray, and a woman he will soon brutally murder. He then walks out the front door with them.

When Tracy comes back the next night the guard is nowhere to be found. Sam even checks the bathroom for him. Tracy insists on coming in, and Sam wonders aloud how she is going to get out if the guard comes back. In a sultry voice, she tells him “not to overthink this opportunity” and Sam, overcome with lust, brings her inside the room.

Tracy is taken aback as they walk through the door and she sees the box with all the scientific equipment and asks Sam “what is that thing?” Sam replies a “glass box.” Laughing, Tracy says “yea, but what’s it for” Sam tells her “I really don’t know it’s just a job I got to help with school.” She asks “whose place is this” and Sam quickly volunteers “I heard a billionaire, some anonymous billionaire.”

Seemingly impressed she says “mysterious.” He then tells her in a confidential manner “I’m supposed to watch the box and see if anything appears inside.” Surprised she says “What? Do things appear?”

He tells her “I haven’t seen anything since I started. But the guy I replaced, he saw something once.” She asks “What?”Sam answers “he wouldn’t tell me, or couldn’t tell me. We’re not supposed to say anything about this place or that glass box.”

She looks around the room and says “that’s a lot of equipment. Is it some sought of science experiment or something like that?” Distracted, Sam agrees “I guess you could say that. Do you want to sit down?” She looks him unflinchingly in the eye and says “okay.”12

Twin Peaks, red room

They sit down on the love seat and Sam clumsily leans in and kisses her, asking her if she wants to make out. Tracy just can’t get her clothes off fast enough, and they begin having torrid sex on the love seat with Tracy on top. Suddenly the glass box darkens and a humanoid figure with breasts like a woman and a hideously misshapen head materializes in it. They both stop and watch frozen in fear as the creature begins hurling itself against the glass in a manner that makes it appear as a blurred image moving in and out of focus. The glass shatters and they clutch each other naked and afraid on the loveseat as the creature, maneuvering with blinding speed, turns them both into piles of bloody dead hamburger meat.

Madeline Zima is the attractive young actress who plays Tracy. After the premiere she was released from a Non Disclosure Act she signed, more suitable to an intelligence agent than a struggling actress. Zima was interviewed by Vulture, the culture and entertainment site of New York magazine. “With the death scene, it was a lot of blood. I don’t know how many gallons of blood it was, 8 or 9 or 10 or 20. Who even knows! There was a big hose.” 13 

Zima, best known for her role as Nanny in the CBS sitcom, talked about her reluctance to take a role necessitating that she die naked on camera, taking a back seat to having the experience of having worked with the iconic artist David Lynch. Zima, no Hollywood idiot, points out how “widespread Lynch’s influence is on all different artists and literature and on our landscape and society, and definitely all art forms besides filmmaking, music as well.” 14

Zima supposedly had no idea what she was auditioning for. Everything about the making of Twin Peaks 2017 was top secret. But she mentions that the rumor going around was that the auditions were for Twin Peaks. She claims she dismissed the rumors as Hollywood hot air. But she lets slip that in her audition, an unusual freestyle interview where she just talked about herself, her topics were intellectual novelist Kurt Vonnegut and God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, artistically probably Vonnegut’s best work. She even brought the book into the interview with her claiming she was reading it in the waiting room. Zima’s other topic of conversation was meditation. Lynch teaches transcendental meditation and he’s a safe bet to be a fan of Vonnegut.

Instead of hearing back immediately or almost so on the results of her interview as is the practice in Hollywood, Zima waited six or seven months. She described the ensuing process to Vulture. “I got the script pages hand-delivered to me, which I had to give back. It was like being a CIA agent, it was awesome. You get these clandestine materials, review them, and return them back to your contact in this amount of time. You have until midnight tonight to let them know if you’re going to move forward with the mission or not! I had a limited amount of time to decide if I was going to say yes.” 15 

According to Vulture “Lynch was notoriously tight-lipped with actors in the revival.” But it is not unthinkable that a beautiful woman as enterprising and self-aware as Zima might have caught Lynch’s attention. He may very well be the foremost connoisseur of beautiful women alive today, judging from the ones he casts in his movies. Everyone on the set was pumping him about the box. Zima admits “I was always trying to make jokes and try to get some more information about the box because I’m just as curious as everybody else. He would look at me and be like, “You know I can’t say a thing about the box.” And I’m like, what’s on the other side of the box? And he would go, “I still can’t say that.””16

Nevertheless. Zima has some very curious insights as to what came out of that box and killed her character, saying “It almost looked like it could’ve been a hologram…”17 

In the same interview with Vulture Zima had just said she never watched Firewalk With Me, let alone read the script where Agent Cooper says “The world is a hologram…”18

Of the box, Zima ostensibly conjectured that “there were aspects about it that were intriguing to me, and it reminded me of stuff that I read about. Like the conspiracy theories about the Philadelphia Project or the Montauk Project, where they manifest a monster out of thin air with psychic kids. It reminded me of that, and I was like, there must be some other thing going on.”19

Yes there is definitely something else going on. Zima, although I doubt she knew it, was playing a prostitute. That is how a guy who looks like Sam is practically raped by a girl that looks like Tracy in a high security area, with a guard who just conveniently leaves his post after just witnessing her try to weasel her way in the night before and promising to try again tomorow. Sex is the secret ingredient of the “anonymous billionaire’s” little “science experiment.” Zima mentions Netflix’s Stranger Things in connection to the creature. “Netflix’s hit sci-fi series was originally titled “Project Montauk”, after the covert government operation on Long Island.”20 

Orgone accumulator, healing device FDA

According to Preston Nichols, besides this author, the only one that really does know anything about The Montauk Project and ever talked about it, the project began as a “weather control project in the late 1940’s under the codename “Phoenix”. The information and technology for this came from Dr. Wilhelm Reich.”21 Reich was a proponent of Orgasmic Energy, as in the human orgasm and the energy produced thereof.

I have been writing about the Montauk Project since I first learned how to type in the beginning of this decade and wrote my as of yet unpublished book, the one that started this media feeding frenzy; unpublished does not mean unread. I am writing about the Montauk Project not because I am fascinated by it, on the contrary, for over twenty years I tried to forget it. “But all the while I was alone. The past was close behind” to quote Bob Dylan. At the end of March we published Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head in Veterans Today (VT). It was subsequently published all over the internet and appeared on the cover of the June/July issue of Nexus Magazine. It is the definitive piece on the Montauk Project.

Many of the sites that ran the piece were cyber attacked and crashed, including VT and Nexus. What we were saying was never supposed to be said. On parts two and three we explored some of my own connections to it on our blog. VT ran a link to part two titled Philadelphia Experiment in their April 16, 2017 edition. In part two, Preston Nichols “starts talking about some Orgone machine he had built based on the orgasmic energy concepts of Wilhelm Reich and looking at my wife and I like this is what he had been waiting for. Then he says “you two can close the portals with it but I will have to be in the room to operate it while you have sex.” She suddenly sprang out of her chair at him screaming in his face “you fat fucking pervert!” Then she bolted out the door, down three flights of stairs and out into the middle of traffic where I had to chase her and carry her back to the sidewalk…”22

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour Interview Jack Heart – David Lynch, Twin Peaks and the Toroidal Universe (Dec 2017) 

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Dixie Victorious

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  1. Mr. OConnor,
    I don’t have the capacity to debate you and I have no answers for you. I’ve been following along with Heart for a good while. My perception is that he doesn’t put out erroneous or undocumented information in order to be self serving. The Jack Heart blog is followed by some heavy hitters and people who I have the upmost respect for. Perhaps you’d find what you’re seeking by joining the conversation there. My experience as a commenter there has taught me not to discount any comment out of hand as I have learned the most when I took each one as something I could learn from. I’ve found the comment sections on the blog spot and here to be a valuable resource for my journey into enlightenment. I wish you the best on your own journey. Be advised that asking questions is good but treating writers like Heart with disrespect serves no good purpose. After all, it isn’t we who are willing to go out on this proverbial limb. As commenters we are always forgiven but it is the writers who own all of the responsibility.

  2. Mr. O’ Conner,
    Crowley was not a black Magician and anyone who listens to such nonsense is to be pitied. Kant never could do anything in my opinion because he wanted to control people. White Magicians like Crowley know that trying to force ones will on others is inherently evil. Do what you will shall be the whole of the law is a directive that shows faith in light over darkness. No one who says such things can be associated with dark forces which seek to extinguish human free will.

    • “White Magicians like Crowley know that trying to force ones will on others is inherently evil.”
      A Tara classic!!! But right now even Crowley is a bit off topic. For obvious reasons i could no longer resist quoting him here but in all truth he’s not even mentioned in this post, let alone a failed German would-be magi, who is only read by bored housewife’s and born male but hopelessly emasculated christian types who worship Jesus as a sick Sado Masochistic transgender fantasy. You know the type, woman hating eunuchs, like that John Cicey or Sissy or whatever he said his name was… That’s why on VT where I have no control over the trolls i will confine my commentary to what is Twin Peaks. The trolls purpose is divert. That is why we must stay the course and drive right over them; crushing them…

    • Are really as stupid as your comments? The link to it is right below the quote…
      “Rudolph Steiner, the man who was responsible for the defeat of Germany, was Grand Master of the O.T.O. in Austria, a semi-masonic order of which I was the Grand Master in England.
      Steiner broke away from the Order, because he was terrified at one of the ordeals he had to go through. He was thus cut off from the true magic, but he became secret advisor to Von Moltke.
      Steiner’s direction resulted in Von Moltke’s failing to take Paris when it was within his grasp, and that mistake cost Germany the whole war.
      Steiner had proved his inability to become a great magician and he was deceived by treacherous powers into defeating his country.
      Next week I shall expose the abominations of Black Magic and show how absurd are the allegations which connect my name with those practices.” – I Make Myself Invisible, Aleister Crowley “The Worst Man in the World,” The London Sunday Dispatch, Jun 25th, 1933

  3. Thank you for your response, Jack. “Its judgment day and the verdict has not yet been rendered…” I wonder. After the eclipse in August I believe you said that another prediction date had come and gone and that you said how it would end and not when. It makes me wonder what that judgement may look like. I have ideas/visions but I am not as in the know as you and many of your more astute followers.

  4. Peter. In the words of legendary UK artist Mike Skinner: “Sharp dart spitting master, spitting darts faster. Shut up I’m the driver you’re the passenger!” Except in Jack Heart’s case, his darts of esoteric science are in fact more akin to a Brahmastra. I’d suggest you stand down, sir. I’m just looking out for ya!

  5. I understand that doppelgänger is a singular word. The plural being the watered down version of the German language into English. I wonder though if we only have one copy. I understand the postulated double universe paradigm. Jack, could you speak to the idea of an infinite multiverse with infinite copies of individuals with experiences on the spectrum between wildly different manifestations of the individual reality constructs to mildly subtle representations. Could the mildly subtle show itself to us in the form of the Mandela Effect here in this reality.

    • As I said on the blog Tara someone has come in and locked the door behind them. Maybe it was Special Agent Cooper. What we have here now is the two worlds being joined together into a closed loop, and all the infinite number of universes contained within them, all spinning around together in a little figure 8. All of them can manifest themselves here; the four gates of Abraxus have been closed. “253 …time… and… time …again,” the number of completion. “The circles complete in the anointed Lord,” to quote myself. Time has stopped dead just like you see in Twin Peaks 2017 when Cooper and Diane are finally reunited. Effectively, now we are all between two worlds. Never mind the Mandela Effect anything and everything is possible here. Its judgment day and the verdict has not yet been rendered…

  6. Not to mention the fact that it was edited by a native German… In answer to the second question; I did. Please don’t waste space on our comment section with anymore “retarded” comments like this. Okay Petey?

  7. “The word doppelgänger is a loanword from the German Doppelgänger, consisting of the two substantives Doppel (double) Gänger (walker or goer).[3][4] The singular and plural forms are the same in German, but English usually prefers the plural “doppelgängers.”” – Wikipedia
    3- New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 2005.
    4 -Doppelgänger; Orthography, Meaning Synonyms []

  8. “Many of the sites that ran the piece were cyber attacked and crashed, including VT…” – Jack Heart

    Did those same people disable the “read more …” button??

  9. I’m not surprised at what is coming to TV land. A little bit of truth, or premonition programing gets us ready for the real deal like 9/11 and Sandy Hoax, et alia. Everything suddenly seems familiar, and acceptable. Hollywood blows scolpamine into our living room 24 7. Talk about home invasion, They are the optimal brain burglars. What’s worse is if we’re helpless to stop them. The morning news has turned into the QVC channel, selling toys and whatever, and those weather maps loaded with moving lines, and crazy colors just in case you turn the sound off. I was a teen in the early 60’s when one day I looked at the TV screen amd thought; if they can put info into our homes they can take it out. That was when I was still capable of logical thought. As Cal Worthington would say. “If I’m lieing I’ll eat a bug and I’ll die. Have a good one Jack. Whatever that one is, may it be good. By the way the read more ooption isn’t working.

    • Unfortunately I can’t get the read more to work anymore on VT Joe. I grew up in the sixties too, and for the life of me I just can’t remember this golden era of morality and family values in America that Christians keep harping about. Frankly, as we have said in Blood of Christ, I think their putting something in their communion wafers besides the body of plastic Jesus. Last I checked plastic was not a hallucinogen. I grew up figuring when I was 18 I was off to some Asian backwater to kill and quite possibly to die for no good reason, just like every other male member of my family post WW II.

    • I was taught to duck and cover under my desk at the sound of an alarm over the PA system at the same time I was being taught how to read. What do you call all those WW II movies depicting the evil Germans daring to interfere with Schlomos god given right to rape, pillage and plunder every goyim he comes in contact with? Read the Old Testament. That’s not a product of Hollywood. Don’t let these internet psy-op chimps confuse and divert you Joe there is good and bad coming out of Hollywood, and those producing the good know a hell of a lot more about the reality of your situation than say Alex Jones who began his show bizz career as Rowlf the singing dog on the Muppet Show.

  10. Just for the record Robert Bigelow; founder of Bigelow Aerospace, is the euphemistic mysterious billionaire Duncan Todd who is financing the glass box. There is nothing that does not bear close scrutiny about Bigelow. He is also the owner operator of the National Institute of Discovery Science which purchased MUFON in 2009 because they were getting in his way over at the Skinwalker Ranch, which he also purchased and is probably when he came to David Lynch’s attention. You now have a heads up about Mr. Bigelow from both Gordon Duff and David Lynch, the only two people I would ever even ask a question concerning these matters. Mr. Duff has just posted about him. Bigelow’s certainly not the type of guy I would trust to investigate any supernatural phenomenon. He was the first guy I ran into when I started writing what I write. You can read more about him in my first big piece; The Cross, the Rabbi and the Skinwalker. Or you can read about his latest escapades right here by Gordon Duff.

  11. Jack, Jeff Rense’s radio introduced me to Dr. Ruchard Alan Miller. I’m sure you are familiar with him. I don’t know why i mention him other than he sounds crazy as a shit house rat, but the more i listened the saner he became. Hollywood movies are a good place to view the future. They do a terrible job with the past.

    • You would be surprised Joe what you are reading here, and not only by us, that is now coming out on television and in the movies and is what people want to see. I get the New York Times entertainment mail out and they were actually telling people in the headline there are other things they can watch on television besides Stranger Things. The problem is Schlomo has a death grip on history because of all the money he makes with his holocaust stories. National Geographic who should have been indicted two years ago by the Justice Department for violations of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in relation to selling a snake oil salesman named Zahi Hawass, covered by Orage and I here and in Nexus Magazine, to the public as scientist. They are still running the long ago discredited “Ann Frank” fabrication as history. Blame the Justice Department for not doing their job.

    • Now your doing much better Petey, this is a comment worth making. Unfortunately I can’t answer it for you right now. You want to know about Crowley? I’m your guy but you will have to wait, unless you want to read Frosts erroneous account. It’s pretty good mind you, but Crowley succeeded in incarnating at least one Moonchild by his own admission; unfortunately it was Hecate the Crone and everyone reading this would know exactly who she is if I hadn’t promised not to say. Marjorie Cameroon was in all likelihood his creation too. That’s two one more; Hecate has three faces. You know what fishermen say? Where there’s one there’s more.

    • Goes double for two. Little aside too, just for you Petey, Crowley considered Rudolph Steiner his most promising student; but in the end an abject failure. Personally; I say Steiner was a populist. He wanted people to love him. Crowley had no such requirements, no real Master does.

    • First of all you were corrected on your German by 3 different reliable sources and all you did was yap about how much you knew about German Petey. Now you are yapping about how much you know about Crowley. You are the proverbial bullshit artist and troll Petey boy, and I think that’s pretty clear to anybody reading your comments. But for anybody who may be a little confused my credentials are on the table, read Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head part 2 and 3. You don’t want to learn anything or you would be listening instead of talking, no one wants to hear you Petey, particularly not me…
      You will excuse me if I don’t waste anymore time answering you, you are too stupid to live…

    • “Rudolph Steiner, the man who was responsible for the defeat of Germany, was Grand Master of the O.T.O. in Austria, a semi-masonic order of which I was the Grand Master in England.
      Steiner broke away from the Order, because he was terrified at one of the ordeals he had to go through. He was thus cut off from the true magic, but he became secret advisor to Von Moltke.
      Steiner’s direction resulted in Von Moltke’s failing to take Paris when it was within his grasp, and that mistake cost Germany the whole war.
      Steiner had proved his inability to become a great magician and he was deceived by treacherous powers into defeating his country.” – Aleister Crowley

    • This is for my readers I am not answering anymore to an obviously demented troll. Crowley was talking about initiation into the ninth degree which he has been quoted elsewhere in reference to Stieners departure from the OTO as saying “Rudolf Steiner discovered what the secret of the IX° did actually mean and took flight.”
      But the troll is right I don’t know anything about Steiner, nor do I know anything about the teachings of Shirley MacLaine. When I was taught about Crowley I was taught to never read anything about him unless it was written by him or Israel Regardi. Because as Crowley wrote in 1933 when he practically admitted being the hidden master behind the SS

    • “In a book I picked up recently the author told a tale of how I murdered cats with terrible ritual in Sicily.
      Certain irresponsible newspapers accused me of having murdered my secretary!
      The value of all this nonsense is somewhat discounted by the fact that I am back in England after wandering over most of the world, and go my way without interference.
      No charge of any sort has ever been preferred against me.
      Legend says that my dossier at Scotland Yard fills a whole room. There is a story that Lord Byng, when he took over, saw a wing of the building particularly vast and quite unusually guarded

    • Plagiary is the only way people like Woody Allen can “create” anything Harry, you should know that. If they can heap ridicule on what is anathema to their sponsors all the better. We will explore the science behind it in part 2.

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