Updated Finally an admission of guilt, alien agenda

I am reporting this as as it is happening.

Stafford, we need to keep the planet. Who are the blue and you know who is behind them? The blue ones have caused problems.

My mom is doing well this morning, despite the below admission of guilt. As it has been impossible to obtain Justice, I am adding the fact that I have an existing case number with the local sheriff’s department E4566215 regarding what has been going on behind my back, and today I found that my mom’s nursing home window screen seem pried open in her new room. In her old nursing home room, the screen had been pried open and bent. My mom is important to the Planetary Negative. INTERPOL  People in the know will know what that is about. I over came everything to bring GOD to the PLANET a while ago. And my Basheert is Stafford. Is gordon duff trying to sell the negative that is perfectly placed? queen of england is still at it. dragonfly. INTEGRITY of the time line. We get to Vote in the United States of America. #CrossCheck needs to be eliminated. Please see http://www.gregpalast.com/ for more. No “barbecuing.” today. Please identify who is “barbecuing” nasa.

“my negative” came from bill gates stealing. The Negative is very important for our Planet.

It is my Negative. We keep our planet.

We are going to use the Life section to report on Off-Worlders and Divine Light Beings. We need a perfect place to report on our stories.  boeing white aliens were disturbing Positivity.

True disclosure. Divine Light! We are currently being blocked by a blue when I circled with Divine Integrity, he came up Corrupt. Please identify that suspect in regards to our Planet.

We installed all of the Negatives perfectly placed in OUR Solar System and they remain PERFECTLY PUT in alignment with our SUN and our POSITIVE.

Astar’s ship needs to be saved for him to use.

There is still some white head guy in there, my headset. And he felt divine light for a moment. blue aliens and red aliens thought they could take over the Planet.

grey alien.

On the human side, we have an ongoing Investigation.

There is still no recognition for all the work I have done on the Planet and that took place before. netanyahu is behind it with erdogan.

I need to stay put on the planet. I have a purpose on the planet.

And this is not about “blow jobs.” My Quest was for LOVE. Divine Love exists.

It is about finding your Basheert.

Your Basheert should want to work together with you and GOD.

communists have been “barbecuing,” it needs to stop.

America is not fascist, nor communist.

For those in the know carol duff has been working with white alien from the other planet.  The white alien couple wanted to turn our planet into a prison and garbage dump.

alien agenda These slippers should mean something to the white alien.

I gave them away.

They did not want our planet to survive. At least the story is starting to connect with all facet, including religious fundamentalism. The male white alien tried to kill me once. I don’t trust them.

We don’t want our planet to be turned into a garbage dump or prison planet.

I suspect the white aliens are connected to cocaine.

Disgusting drug. I wonder how this fits in with the investigation?

What I like about Veterans Today is that we get the opportunity to help individuals. We need to find Love and really understand what God’s Quest is really about.

These cocaine users are disgusting.

bush and others setting up Stafford Gordon poindexter (old friend from church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, How’s linda, tom and joey?) need to go down. It is like a vicious circle every day.

Draconian war from 2001 needs to be disclosed and stop killing my teammates who work for the highest interests of the United States of America. justice department. tillerson. (works for bush). blonde haired individual that I turned in at Coronado belongs in custody. nsa ladies.

I want this story to be main stream media material. 9/11/01 in complete including the why who and any alien agenda to be disclosed. Before payment. Let’s save the United States of America, always do what GOD asks. “In God We Trust.”

I am going to my job that I use to make money, please no directed energy weapons. I want the investigation to continue and that is why I still work my day job at Wyndham. Wynham wants to keep the PLANET. WYNDHAM wants to Keep the United States of America for free today.

I asked franz if I should go to work today if they

He said no, this was in regards to directed energy weapons and the sun looked better.

(“cocaine users” wanted to say I crazy for caring about the Planet and the United States of America).

“Go ahead and bring the government down.” I want to knoe who said that and what is their intention?

erdogan. for a reason

They had me down as Secretary of State before. “She bores him.” I think gordon hasn’t been taking any risks.

Who sent “Montana” to Springhill?

My timeshare job is pretty important. I did not known Carol until I suspect she targeted me  after our phone conversation. Gordon said at one time that he worked for Betty DeVos, republicans involved had no right to hurt me because I don’t know if people are listening.

Where do possibilities start today? They start at Qualcom Stadium at 4 pm “convict the girl.” for what? cocaine user. Stafford.

I smoke Marjiuana for health reasons and amounts that are legal. I feel since Gordon has chosen his wife for his life partner. I deserve to choose someone else and it is hard to find a negative or Basheert. What is his role?

What is the white haired guy’s role? Scary. I suspect there are a large number of people working against me.

I have been trying to understand GOD’s Divine Master Plan.

I am always trying to come up with ways to save the United States of America.

I am choosing my Basheert and it takes time. This means a negative, male in alien speak.

What happens to the girl?

Not one person, investigator, etc. has ever shown up at my house and said, “Hey, I’m here to make your life better. I know you are not guilty. And I’ve got the case made against them.” It’s about time.




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  1. another random note, The collusion between Richardson and Pegula was racially oriented and obvious, the videos with the detailed comments about this are wiped, and now Richardson has to sell the team, due to racial slurs.
    The sexual harassment was added by the lawyers to blend it in with the others. Those are not enough to force an NFL owner to sell the team. They would have settled. Somebody busted something big.
    Pegula escapes again

  2. The world faces a weeding or reset at this time. Extinction has been the norm for this planet since life began. The true history of mankind is one of being manipulated time after time. There can be no disclosure because of the non-spiritual entities that control this world. The singularity is being advanced daily. Remember “separate the wheat from the tares”. This was the only option to allow the fields to be replanted successfully. The world of the AI is being advanced, but unfortunately it is by organizations like DARPA, GOOGLE, etc. that will advance it to control humanity. The non-spiritual entities are all about control. Trace the means of control to their roots and you will find them. Technology which would increase individual freedom is withheld while technology to monitor and control is advanced. Biometrics was Revelation 13:17 “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name”. The hand scans and face recognition will make this a fact.

  3. Worthless ramblings from someone who knows nothing but thinks they know everything. It’s what happens when a legend in their own mind is allowed to use the podium.

  4. What is this genius gibberish intel? Talk about trying to read between the lines (of coke?). Shake off the dust Ann.

    Were you the girl who approached me at the party the other night – (considerably the worse for wear from our meeting an hour earlier on my way in) and said: “Did you say you wanna marry me?” and I replied “No, I asked you if you had any marry wanna.”

    So Bibi Netanyahu and Erdogan using red, white and blue ‘directed energy weapon’ streaks and stoking the California wildfires?

    Basheert’s number is up? (Bashir Assad?) behind the 8-ball? Bibi and Erdogan again?

    Explain yourself woman. You are neither here nor there.

    “They’re coming to take you away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
    To the funny farm
    Where life is beautiful all the time
    And you’ll be happy to see those nice young men
    In their clean white coats
    And they’re coming to take you away ha-haaa” –

    Napoleon XIV – Dr. Psyche – The Cut Rate Head Shrinker

  5. WTF is this incoherent rambling – and how/why did it get posted here? I cannot make heads nor tails of this…

  6. why is your alien a “white male”? are you trolling the “ugh, white man bad” mantra of the day? should I be concerned?

  7. Well, I dunno about aliens, but good a place as any for random comments.
    Note the similarities between the death of the Glazers (wealthy couple , both pilots, whose plane simply went dark then continues till running out of fuel) http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/09/who_was_larry_glazer_the_rochester_developer_killed_in_a_plane_crash.html
    And the newly reported death of the Shermans https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/canadian-police-probe-suspicious-deaths-billionaire-couple-n830366 (couple found in basement, no sign of forced entry)

    • Both were wealthy couples, with the Glazers also related to owners of Tampa Bay Buccaneers (pirates)
      The Shermans ran huge generic pharm business in Canada
      Both very committed to Jewish causes in their communities.
      Glazer also the beneficiary of the bankruptcy of a hospital which defunded all 401k’s and retirements and even a private 5 million earmarked donation to a single doctor for the specific purpose of complete investigation into air quality, in precedent setting seizure by the courts.

    • Document destruction businesses are interesting. It sure seems like that would be a treasure trove of intelligence gathering. Imagine the potential for blackmail in there. Makes garbage sifting look like a complete waste of time.

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