Anakara says it will open embassy in al-Quds


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

Jerusalem holy sites almost on top of each other

[ Editor’s Note: This is a headlines grabbing PR move by Erdogan, as I doubt the Israelis are going to issue a building permit for a Turkish East Jerusalem embassy, as that would trigger a flood of embassy requests.

But an Israeli refusal would serve the cause of angering the public in the respective Muslim countries even more, and the game seems to be at this point to generate as much hostility toward the US and Israel as possible.

Russia is being quiet on the embassy issue, as its cup runneth over in Mideast controversy; and I doubt Putin wants to be in every fight.

His focus is in winding down the Syrian war; withdrawing his forces to put the US on the spot to do the same; and getting a political process going that will lead to a climate where the rebuilding of Syria can begin with a stable political foundation.

We do not even know at this point if that will be possible, as Israel, the US, and the Saudis want to torment Syria just for spite, playing the old “it ain’t over til we say its over” last word. The US has already tipped its hand that it will stay in Syria as long as it deems necessary.

Erdogan is not the best point man to lead the embassy charge, as his history of changing sides depending on how the wind is blowing is carved in stone. If the US, Israel and the Saudis can’t be trusted, then neither can Erdogan.

But in geopolitics, you can only play the cards you have, until you get new cards. The challenge faced here is that Israel has a long history of not caring what anyone thinks, and Trump evidently drank that same koolaid, on Israeli issues anyway.

Personally I think he should resign and run for the president of Israel. I am sure they would give him citizenship if he wrote a big enough check. Plenty of Russian mobsters got theirs for $1 million, and protection from financial record subpoenas and extraditions in many cases, something Trump might need somedayJD ]

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Even if Erdogan is blowing smoke this is a good flank move as Israel will resist it

– First published … December 17, 2017

The Turkish president says Ankara will open an embassy in East Jerusalem al-Quds representing the country’s diplomatic mission in the state of Palestine.

Rejep Tayyip Erdogan said the embassy should be built soon as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has already recognized East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

He said the city is now under the Israeli occupation, expressing hope that the construction of the building could soon start. Ankara called an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation days ago.

The organization’s members vehemently denounced the U-S decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital, calling on the Muslim world to stand up against the move unitedly.


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  1. Exodus 32 is day #12 , The wind, the cross and places that are high up and also not so good at spiritual teaching, The I-Ching simply says, “The great go and the little come” and that is a correlation with the story of Moses is gone, and so idiots take over and worship money. That is what Christianity is.
    Verse 9 is specifically referencing the verdict of the entire chapter and is a direct reference to what we know now as Christianity. The part of the collection of items to build the golden cow is Judaism or Imox as understood by correlating the text with other cultures. This has been a misnomer for millennia. The correlation of chapter 32 is precise from beginning to end. 35 verses in a row,… one missing

  2. “Same as it ever was”…clicked with me. So I put Talking Heads’ “Burning down the House” into the intro. The Zios are going after Roger Waters now, via the soft underbelly of Germany, that announced they are creating an “Anti-semitism” minister position, where I already thing they have tagged BDS support as anti-semetic, the Jewish Lobby huge mistake of trying to criminalize political opposition, which will boomerang on them someday.

    • It is a brilliant performance. During the same show, “Life During Wartime” is one of my favs. I hope Waters does not go the way of Lennon, he is a good warrior for the people and always has been.

    • Almost all of us who have been falsely accused of racism by Zionists will cheer loudly if the State of Israel vanishes into the sands of time.

      As for backlash against “Diaspora” Jews due to anti-Zionist sentiment – well, maybe more than a handful should have spoken up in defense of those being accused of racism by the Zionists.

  3. This is a brilliant proposal by Erdogan. All other Muslum and non Muslum countries must do the same. Let’s have a world war to decide if Israel has the rights to this land or not. They will lose hands down.

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